Alligator: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The alligator is a mysterious creature, lurking below the surface. They contain a huge amount of power, but you rarely see it. Until the moment an alligator strikes, and you can experience a true apex predator at work.

The alligator is an important symbol in many cultures, particularly those of North America. It is your ally, helping you to trust your instincts and connect with your surroundings. But they can also be a warning.


If you are intrigued by the alligator symbolism and spiritual meaning, this guide can help you learn what these incredible creatures can represent.

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Symbolism & Meaning

Alligators are symbols of power and strength, but there’s much more to them than that. Lurking beneath the surface is an ancient wisdom, a wealth of patience, and a fair amount of cunning. It may symbolize a change and a regeneration, but they can also be a sign of self-confidence and insight.

Spirit Animal

An alligator spirit animal can rise up slowly to catch your eye, gradually creeping into your life until you notice the signs. Or it might come snapping into your path suddenly, which can be quite a surprise. Spirit animals reveal themselves to you, and when it’s a lurking alligator, you might find yourself taken aback.

But don’t just ignore the universe when it sends you an alligator spirit animal. Although you might feel wary at first, it is here to help you. 

An alligator spirit animal could be asking you to slow down. To take stock of your life, and assess what might be causing you stress. With a slow, patient, and positive attitude, you can move forward.

As cold blood creatures, alligators tend to digest slowly. You might be being guided towards patient thought, and a reminder to reflect on your experiences.

Sometimes, it may appear to remind you of moments from a past life. Alligators have an old wisdom, and you may need to call on knowledge from your past.

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Totem Animal

Alligators have been on the Earth for millions of years, and are one of the oldest species. Because of this, they have ancient wisdom. This can be used to assess situations, and for quick decision-making.

When alligators hunt, they move slowly, and strike quickly. This is how an alligator totem can guide you through tough decisions, and encourage you to move forward. An alligator totem symbolizes patience, but also rejuvenation. 

An alligator totem is a sign that you have patience for other people, and can connect with them emotionally. You can act as a healer, by listening to genuine expressions of emotion, and using patient guidance and ancient wisdom.

Alligators are also fantastic mothers, raising and caring for their young. A mother alligator will stay with her young for at least their first year, and is a nurturing presence. An alligator totem is a symbol of this same care and protection.

When an alligator totem comes to you, you may be being told to move forward. As well as quick decision-making, you can use your intuition to find a new path for yourself. 

Alligators bridge the gap between water and land. When an alligator totem appears to you, it’s a sign that you need to cleanse and regenerate. Now is a time to make changes, and trust you have the wisdom to do so.

Power Animal

Alligators are apex predators, so it’s no surprise that as a power animal they are a sign of strength and confidence. With an alligator power animal by your side, you can move forward with confidence, and trust in your own decisions.

Remember, it is an ancient animal, with a great deal of Earth wisdom. You need to draw upon your own wisdom, and trust in yourself.

During a period of change, an alligator power animal may come to you. This could be a sign that you need to trust your gut instincts, especially if you’re struggling to make decisions.

If you’re finding change emotional, this power animal will guide you towards thicker skin. Have confidence in yourself, and your abilities.

Alligators rarely attack without reason or provocation. Listen to your gut when this power animal comes to you. You are probably reacting to the negative energy of someone around you.

Alligators are animals of survival. They have been on the Earth for millions of years, as a strong, apex predator. With an alligator by your side, you can be strong.

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Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans had a great number of stories and traditions surrounding the alligator. The alligator was seen as powerful, but slow. It could be outwitted by other creatures, who were quick-thinkers and tricky to deal with.

For example, in the legend of the Alligator and the Eagle, the alligator looked on in jealousy as a group of birds played with a ball. Upset that he wasn’t invited to play, he grabbed the ball in his mouth, and refused to let go.

The birds fluttered around, asking the alligator for the ball. He still refused. A watching eagle took note, swooped down, and used his talons to pinch the alligator.

Surprised and pained, the alligator opened his mouth to hiss at the eagle, dropping the ball. This is the reason why they hiss when provoked.

In this story, the alligator may be powerful, but it lacks wisdom.

However, other Native American stories look on it more favorably. For example, there’s the Choctaw legend of the Alligator and the Hunter.

This story begins with a hunter, who never had any success. Whenever he tried to hunt deer, they would run away before he made the shot.

One hot day, while hunting, he came across a pool that had dried in the heat. At the pool was an alligator. It was lying on the ground, begging for help. He asked the hunter to carry him to water.

The hunter sensed a trick, so stayed quiet. But the alligator promised to teach the huntsman how to become a great hunter. Fighting his fear, the hunter lifted the alligator, and carried him to water.

The alligator dived until it was refreshed, and then resurfaced to impart his wisdom to the huntsman. It instructed the huntsman to head deep into the swamps.

At first, he would encounter a fawn, but he must move past. Then he’d encounter a young doe, but he must still not kill. Then, he’d come across a young buck. Again, the hunter must not kill.

Finally, the huntsman would encounter an old buck. This one could be killed, and the hunter must thank the buck for his life.

The huntsman followed this advice, killed the buck, and his prowess grew immensely. He taught the Choctaw people, and they became skilled hunters.

In this story, we can see the wisdom and patience of the alligator. 

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When an alligator first slithers its way into your dreams, the natural reaction may be fear. These are intensely powerful predators, and it’s natural to feel fear when one starts to make itself known. But how should you react when they appear in your dreams?

If an alligator appears in your dreams in the water, then this can be a good sign. An alligator in the water is typically a symbol of good fortune, and a sign that blessings are on their way. It may also be an indication that you need to look within yourself for strength.

But an alligator can also be a symbol that you need to be wary. If it appears threatening, or is accompanied by a sense of dread, then there may be someone in your life who wishes you harm.

Dreams of alligator attacks are terrifying, and this is typically a symbol that there’s fear or upheaval in your life. You may be under pressure at work, or from people in your life. This is a warning that you need to watch your back.

But don’t forget that alligators represent change and regeneration. It may indicate negativity, but it’s also a sign that better things are coming. 

Whatever might be happening, alligators in dreams require patience and contemplation. Don’t just lash out in fear. Stop to consider what the alligator is trying to warn you of.

Far Eastern Symbolic Meanings

Alligators are only found in two places in the world: America, and China. The Chinese alligator is docile, rarely harming people, and often able to live in harmony with human settlements. 

The Chinese alligator is thought by many to have been the inspiration for the Chinese dragon. 

In China, the dragon is a symbol of strength and power, and has traditionally been associated with Imperial rule. 


Dragons were strongly linked to water, much like the alligator. In Chinese folklore, the dragon could control moving bodies of water, and even guide the rain. Ancient Chinese villages would regularly have a dragon temple, to make offerings to in times of drought.

A sign of good fortune, the Chinese dragon is a symbol to be welcomed.

Another alligator symbol from China is Jiaolong. Jiaolong was an aquatic dragon, thought to be derived from alligators. The Jialong could be a man-eater, and a river dweller, and was feared by the Yue people.

Tattoo Meaning

An alligator tattoo is often a symbol of power and confidence. Some may draw strength from the image of the alligator when they feel they can’t trust their own judgment.

The alligator is able to represent quick decisions, but also patient wisdom. An alligator tattoo can be a symbol to show you can think deeply, but decide rapidly.

The powerful alligator is an impressive symbol, and a tattoo can be a way of acknowledging your strength in making it through a difficult time. It can then also provide you with power should trouble come again. A symbol of rebirth and regeneration, an alligator tattoo can represent taking control of your fears.

Chinese dragon tattoos are also popular, and possibly inspired by the alligator. These are symbols of good fortune, and strength.

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Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the alligator is deeply layered, as you might expect from a creature this ancient. 

The ancient wisdom of the alligator is a big part of their spiritual meaning. It can be a spiritual sign that it’s time for discovery. These creatures lurk partway underwater, and that quiet depth is a huge part of their spirituality. Things might not always be as they seem on the surface, and you have to trust yourself.

Alligators are also about patience and timing. It can be a symbol of deep thought, but also of trusting your gut. They’re also a positive symbol of power. With patience, and the right outlook, you can trust your timing to work out. 

The alligator also has a spiritual meaning of connection. They’re deeply connected to history, as this ancient creature has been around for millions of years.

The alligator also bridges the gap between land and sea. With that, we can see rebirth, but also harmony with nature. Alligator mothers are also incredibly nurturing, and form strong bonds with their children. 

Alligator In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The dragon is a symbol of power and success in the Chinese Zodiac. Possibly inspired by the Chinese alligator, the Chinese Dragon is the fifth of the Chinese zodiac animals.

The Chinese dragon is said to represent good fortune, honor, and talent. Those born in the year of the dragon are said to exemplify these traits.

Symbolic Meanings 

  • Ancient wisdom
  • Patience
  • Instinct
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Rebirth
  • Connection 
  • Foresight
  • Relaxation

Final Thoughts

When an alligator starts to make itself known to you, the first reaction is often to panic. Alligators can be a scary sign, especially as they lurk. And it might be that you need to trust your instincts — it can be a sign that there’s negative energy, and a big change is coming.

Those who connect spiritually with the alligator often have very good instincts, and a knack for acting at the right moment.

Alligators symbolize trusting in yourself, and having confidence in your decisions. But they also indicate reflection and thought. When alligator symbols come to you, it’s time for some thinking.

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