Bear: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

You may find that the bear has been reoccurring throughout your life and wondering what this means then this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the bear’s symbolism and the spiritual and dream meanings and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to identify what role the bear plays in your life. 


Symbolism And Meaning

The bear is an animal that is rich in its symbolism and has been featured in many stories across folklore and mythology within cultures from across the globe. This is because the bear can be representative of many traits which people can draw from to make improvements in their life to better their enlightenment and forge stronger relationships with those around you. There are many traits that the bear symbolizes but some of the most common and well-known traits associated with bears are their curiosity, courage, patience, and strength, 

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Bear Spirit Animal

The bear is one of the most powerful spirit animals that you can draw from. You may a connection to bears and if so then you are incredibly lucky. This is because bears help you to channel your energy on a deeper level so that you figure out what traits you share with the animal.

Bears are incredibly courageous and protective creatures which means that if the bear is your spirit animal, then you are someone who takes their relationships with family and friends very seriously and will do anything to protect them if anything threatens the peace. Bears are seen as a hub of wisdom and a guide in difficult times meaning that those with the bear as their spirit animal tend to have a curious nature and are natural born leaders who can be counted on if something unexpected happens. 

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Bear Totem Animal

The bear totem animal can help to manifest even more strength, protection, and courage for those who channel it. In Native American culture, the bear totem animal symbolizes that you can be relied upon to provide compassion for those going through a tough time while also protective to ensure that you can give the support needed thanks to your resilient nature which ensures that you are resourceful and curious to get you and your community through hardships if needs be. 

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Bear Power Animal

The bear power animal is a great source of inspiration for those who want to work on their courage and resilience in their life. The bear is an animal that radiates a lot of power and energy which you can take and summon when needed. For example, the bear power animal can help you to build confidence in fighting for what you believe in. If you feel pressured by others to do something that goes against your own moral code or beliefs, then the bear power animal can provide you with the strength to fight back and protect yourself.

This doesn’t mean physical strength but mental and emotional strength to intelligently argue your case in order to protect yourself and those around you. The bear power animal can also help you to become more compassionate and loving towards others reflecting the bears protective nature towards their young. Bear power animals can also help you to draw strength if you need it for a particular situation such as a work presentation, job interview, or maybe something special like your wedding day. Whatever the reason, channeling the bear power animal will make you unstoppable. 

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Bear Dreams

You may be finding that bears are a reoccurring presence in your dreams and wondering what it means. When it comes to bears in dreams, there are many different meanings so it’s important to think about what kind of bear you are encountering, what the bear is doing in your dream, and what your reaction to the bear is. Because bears have a lot of energy, Native American tribes believe that dreaming of bears means that your ancestors are communicating with you.

They may be trying to provide you with guidance through tough times or providing advice on a situation you may be struggling with. No matter what, the bear is often seen as a comforting presence within a dream and should be viewed as a symbol of wisdom. If you are dreaming about bears, think about any dilemmas you have going on in your life and what you could do to solve it. 

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Bear Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos always have a personal meaning depending on the recipient of the tattoo but the bear has been a popular tattoo subject for a variety of reasons. This is because the bear is seen a positive symbol of courage and can be symbolic of fighting through a difficult situation, for example, through the loss of a loved one or fighting through an illness.

The bear has a long history associated with resilience, protectiveness, and courage which makes it a great tattoo idea while the different species of bears means that there is a variety of different styles and species of bear that you can choose from for your tattoo design. No matter what, your tattoo will be unique to you. 

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Spiritual Meaning

The bear holds a lot of spiritual meaning in many cultures due to the amount of power that they radiate. It makes them incredibly special around the globe. Their ability to adapt and resilience in the face of any situation is a trait that can be highly inspirational. Their courageous nature means that they will fight for what they believe in without bowing to peer pressure.

Humans have been fascinated with bears for thousands of years. Even now there is a fascination with them from a young age. They are seen as animals of wisdom and curiosity which makes them a great source for inspiration. 

Bear In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

The bear is the inspiration behind two of the most well-known constellations. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are also known as Big Bear and Little bear, respectively. This constellation was inspiration for the Greek myth about Callisto. But there is also a Roman myth that draws a similar story. In the Greek myth, Callisto is King Lycaon’s daughter and is one of Artemis’ companion.

Since she is a nymph, Callisto swears to remain a virgin. Her beauty catches the eye of Zeus who disguises himself as Artemis which results in Callisto’s pregnancy. The real Artemis subsequently banishes Callisto from the group and the latter gives birth to her son, Arcas. Zeus betrayal outraged his wife Hera. He took out her anger on Callisto and turned her into a bear. Years later, Arcas was hunting in the forest and almost killed the bear not knowing it was his mother. Later, Zeus turned both Callisto and Arcas into the Big Bear and Little Bear constellations. 

Symbolic Meanings

The bear holds a lot of symbolism. This makes it one of the most intriguing animals for a lot of people. Some of the most common symbols associated with the bear is curiosity, patience, protection, and strength. Here are more in depth descriptions of the symbolic meanings bears associates with:

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The first thing to learn about bears is that they are highly curious creatures. For those who are similar to bears, you may find that you are adventurous. You are always striving to try new things which attributes to the bear’s curious nature. One such instance that caters to the bear’s curiosity is their diet. As they are omnivores, they are willing to try anything and can make use of the environment around them.

Their curiosity helps them to develop an open mind. This means that they can adapt to any situation which is helpful if they are ever under threat. They always inspect anything new that enters their environment and are unafraid to explore new territory. 


One of the lesser known symbolic meanings of the bear is that they are extremely patient creatures. They will spend a lot of time hunting for food, especially in the run up to their hibernation period. They do have the ability to hunt down larger animals. But they actually prefer to hunt smaller creatures such as salmon and squirrels.

This means that they will have to spend hours gathering a substantial amount of food. However, bears have a lot of patience and resilience that they are able to do this on a daily basis. An example of this is that polar bears are able to swim for days on end hunting for food. This shows how determined they are. If you are wanting to hone the traits of the bear, then taking the time to develop your patience is a great place to start.


Bears are often the first animal that comes to mind when thinking about a protective animal. After all, the phrase “mama bear” comes from the bear’s fierce approach to protecting their young. Adult bears are incredibly courageous and protective in order to maintain their territory and keep what is theirs. If they feel as though their environment is under the slightest hint of threat, they are not afraid to attack with everything they have.

The bear should encourage you to be unafraid in fighting for what you believe in. It also makes you unafraid of protecting those who love in order to strengthen your relationships with family and friends. Bears do not fall under any peer pressure. They have brilliant instincts when it comes to fighting for the wellbeing of themselves and their young which can inspire you to resist any peer pressure that may come your way. 

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The last symbolic meaning often connected with the bear is their strength. Many often see the bear as a symbol of strength and power. Thanks to their agility and size. Bears have adapted themselves to become dominant forces within the forest and this puts them at the top of the food chain. Their strength paired with extreme intelligence ensures that they can preserve energy. So they are not wearing themselves out when they need to apply physical strength to situations.

The bear can inspire you to channel your own inner strength if you are going through tough times. Moreover, it teaches you that strength can be applied in many different ways besides physical as they have a lot of emotional and mental strength as well. 


The bear is an animal with a rich history within many cultures and mythologies that makes it a prominent presence in many people’s lives. Whether you share the protective nature of the bear or love to try new things, there are many traits that you can take from the bear to make positive changes to your life and the lives of others around for you.

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