Butterfly: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

You may not know anything about spirit animals, or you may not know which spirit animal you gravitate towards. A spirit animal is an animal that may help guide or protect you on a journey, whether that be life as a whole, or a specific experience for you. The idea of spirit animals stems from Native cultures, where a certain animal was sacred for every person, guiding them and protecting them. By the end of this article, you will be an expert on the symbolism of the butterfly. 


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Butterfly Symbolism And Meaning

When a butterfly shows up near you, it can mean that new change will come. Something new and great may change in your life. After all, butterflies have to go through change to become butterflies. 

Historically, the butterfly symbolizes a few different things. Those who believed in God saw it as ‘the soul’ and the journey of the soul. The butterfly encapsulates change and the beauty of how we develop as humans, and each butterfly goes through the same process.

Native American tribes thought the butterfly was sacred, and they saw the butterfly as the messenger of transformation, as well as health, happiness, and nature. The butterfly represents everything natural and beautiful about life. Additionally, in China, people often gives butterfly images or paintings to newly married couples. People believed such paintings and images as a symbol of good luck, happiness, and peace.

To add, there is a spiritual process called butterfly medicine. This process is a transformation that encourages self-transformation, reincarnation, and magic. It usually happens when you need support in a time of change or transition, and the butterfly is one of the best animals to call to help your spirit.

The whole idea of butterfly medicine is this idea of never-ending transformation, as well as practicing mental power.

The process heavily takes inspiration from the caterpillar to butterfly process, but in terms of spirituality. Butterfly medicine thrives on simple processes. Treat everyday with a sense of appreciation, and be mindful. The aim is to reach a stage of enlightenment and self-introspection, and this is when the butterfly will emerge from your soul and guide your next spiritual journey.


Butterfly Spirit Animal

The butterfly spirit animal is one of great power and beauty. As a spirit animal, the butterfly signifies transformation as well as hidden potential and abilities. It’s all about this idea of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and having no idea they hold the potential to become something amazing such as a butterfly.

As a spirit animal, it is one of the best ones to have, as it is so natural and spiritual. A caterpillar becomes a butterfly naturally, as you will thrive naturally when your spirit animal is a butterfly. 

If you are feeling like a monotonous caterpillar, you need to feed your soul. This way you become ready to be a butterfly, full of transformation and openness. The butterfly heavily symbolizes this journey of self-discovery as well as transformation.

People say spirit animal speaks of happiness and future visions. The butterfly is there to guide you when you are feeling down, as it gives you creative clarity and a drive to pursue what you want in life. 

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Butterfly Totem Animal

A totem animal is a spirit being, sacred object, or a symbol of a tribe or individual that sticks with you for life. It is similar to a spirit animal, but a totem animal provides a true kinship to you, in the spiritual world and physical world. The word derives from Native tribes in America, and the term totem often refers to their animal guide and extended family.

People who have the butterfly as their totem animal have curious and gleeful spirit, with a natural lightness to it. People who have a butterfly as their totem animal often love nature and the environment, and they are constantly trying to bring the best out of nature. In tough situations, those with a butterfly as a totem animal will often thrive.

You will be better equipped and able to look at situations from another perspective. The butterfly will help you see things from a different angle with her wings. 

Butterfly Power Animal

Having a butterfly as your power animal is amazing, and it means your life will be easier in times of translation. If an animal is your power animal, the animal is your guardian and protector, meaning it is one of the most powerful processes of them all.

The butterfly will help you in times of change and transition, as the butterfly eases the process with a gentle push and flight into a positive direction. Again, this is similar to the journey of the caterpillar to the butterfly. Butterflies are the best at signifying and helping with change and transition.

If you have a butterfly power animal, butterfly medicine may be even more powerful to practice. It is especially helpful when you feel like you are stuck, or you are struggling with mental health issues.  The butterfly is happy, vibrant, and colorful.

Practising butterfly medicine will open up your senses and allow you to lose the stress, depression, and pain, replacing it with creativity, love, and peace. 

As a power animal, butterflies are extremely powerful, as their whole journey of becoming who they are is about drive and vibrancy. When Monarch butterflies migrate, they will land in the exact same tree as their ancestors once did.

It is amazing, because butterflies have this innate sense of energy that connects to their old ancestors, picking up their wisdom along the way. As your power animal, the butterfly will ensure that you will spread your wings and feel happy again. 

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Native American Symbolism

The butterfly represents the idea of change, balance, beauty, and life. Native American tribes believed that butterflies were sacred and amazing animals, and there were actually laws against killing them. Certain Native American tribes also used butterflies as clan animals.

People see them as ethereal animals that hold such creativity and beauty, hence why they often danced around the butterflies. The Cherokeee had a butterfly dance, dedicated to the spirit animal. For Native American tribes, the butterfly brought great comfort.

The butterfly symbolizes the idea of change, beauty, and nature. The Native tribes believed that they were guided by the way that butterflies are always developing and changing.

Additionally, the Blackfoot people associated butterflies with rest and dreams. The butterfly represented the idea of sleeping, and they decorated children’s items as well as beds with butterfly designs. 


If you have been dreaming about butterflies recently, it may mean change is on the horizon, or you desire this change to be on the horizon. The butterfly brings great inventiveness and creativity to your dreams.

It also brings a sense of creativity within your relationships. Butterfly dreams are self-introspective, and they are telling you there needs to be change, which you need to pay attention to and let it happen. Butterflies are amazing at growth, and if a butterfly shows up in your dreams, it is likely you are craving a time of growth

Tattoo Meaning

Butterfly tattoos are super popular, and you may be wondering if they’re just pretty tattoos, if if they mean something deeper. Such tattoos typically represent femininity and beauty in all forms. They encapsulate this beauty of nature and the vibrancy of life.

Butterflies are often beautifully colored, and they represent femininity as a whole, and the natural process of being a woman. Butterfly tattoos may also represent those who have passed on.

The butterfly represents a flying spirit that moves on to a place of transition and reincarnation. Butterflies go through metamorphosis in their life (this is how caterpillars become a butterfly), and butterfly tattoos are often seen as this transformation from life to death.

Additionally, a butterfly tattoo could simply signify this life transformation, and the idea that people grow and develop continuously. Butterflies represent a great change, development, or passion in somebody’s life, and it can be beautifully captured in a tattoo. 

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Spiritual Meaning

Butterflies are some of the most powerful spiritual beings. Butterflies are beautiful and they hold a real energy of transformation and mystery. In spirituality, butterflies symbolize spiritual rebirth, as well as death.

Butterflies have to go through metamorphosis, and this process of becoming something so truly beautiful in comparison to what you were is encapsulated in the spirit of the butterfly.

The transformation to a beautiful butterfly is not just physical, but also spiritual. The butterfly infers this spiritual rebirth and growth. It also represents the idea of death, and in more spiritual terms, reincarnation.

Butterflies have gone through a process of change, and they often have a strong connection to their ancestors.

Butterflies symbolize rebirth and reincarnation through the way that they are so changed after they become butterflies from caterpillars. The butterfly also symbolizes spiritual transformation and openness, telling us that life is too short not to appreciate the beauty of everyday life. 

Butterfly In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In astrology, the butterfly symbolizes romance, transformation, celebration, vibrancy, individuality, spirituality, expansion, and gracefulness. It represents this idea of being open and willing to transform and develop as you keep on living.

Butterflies are all different, and they often have different colours and patterns. In astrology, this represents this desire to be unique, and the way we can all celebrate how different we are through our natural beauty. Further, it represents the vibrancy of living, and expansion of ourselves to become amazing people. 

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Symbolic Meanings


The butterfly represents transformation better than any other spiritual animal. This is because we as humans see butterflies go through their process of becoming butterflies from a caterpillars. Caterpillars are so visually different to a butterflies, and it is one of the only physical representations that we can see of transformation.

The butterfly will constantly transform and develop in its life, becoming the best and most beautiful version of itself. This is what it is supposed to symbolize for us humans, that the process of transformation is so beautiful, gradual, and will truly benefit our lives for the better. 


The butterfly also symbolizes rebirth, as well as the idea of reincarnation. In the ancient Greek times, they actually believed that the butterfly was a human soul that flew from a deceased body. It had become this beautiful colorful flying soul.

The Native Americans believed that it was also a symbol of rebirth and reincarnation. The rebirth is seen through the way the butterflies become these beautiful flying insects from small green caterpillars. This is the rebirth in itself, becoming something truly captivating and beautiful, from something so small.

It is completely unexpected, and one of the beautiful things about the butterfly. It represents this idea of reincarnation through the way it flies, becoming a soul. The fact that the butterfly goes through metamorphosis is a symbolism for death and reincarnation for many people.


The butterfly is simply one of the most beautiful insects, and arguably beings, in the world. It is not a mystery to see why they may represent beauty, and this idea of becoming beautiful. Further, it is so brightly colored, that it is amazing to think that it is natural.

The butterfly represents this natural and amazing beauty of life, and how things are simply just beautiful sometimes. It transforms from a small caterpillar to a beautiful, vibrant, flying butterfly. 


The butterfly also represents creativity, and this desire to change. A lot of people may feel unfilled in their lives, and longing to do something more creative. We, as humans, are passionate beings who enjoy having something creative to work on. Butterflies symbolize this desire for creativity, endless potential and change.

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