Camel: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

The camel is mainly found in harsh desert environments, places that they have adapted to survive (and thrive) in. They are often useful to take humans on long journeys, and their endurance is second to none.

Taking all of this into account, the camel provides a lot of significance to many cultures and people, and its symbolism is one of perseverance.

If you’d like to find out more about the camel’s spiritual role in the world, carry on reading!

Camel Spirit Animal

If the camel appears often in your life, it means that you are soon going to be facing a journey in your life. It doesn’t matter what form this will take – it can be an emotional or physical journey – but you will need a lot of support for it.

Getting tired when you are venturing out in the world is natural. So you have to learn how to lean on your close friends and family for support. It may be tempting to isolate yourself to prove your own strength, but there’s only so much you can carry by yourself!

Secondly, you have to consider what this journey you are facing means to you. What will you encounter on the way?

The camel is there to experience your adventure with you, so take some time to stop and see what is around you. Be patient. Don’t miss out on the fun along the way because you are desperate to reach the end goal.

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Camel Totem Animal

To have the camel as a totem animal means you have focus and drive. However, this can mean that you prefer doing things by yourself to make sure your tasks are completed to your standard. You don’t enjoy relying on others, because it reduces the amount of satisfaction you would get from completing the task!

However, the camel also enjoys taking time to graze and slow down. You may need to slow yourself down; there is no hurry to achieve things. Some things take a bit of time to work themselves out, but this isn’t a cause for concern. You are on the right track.

Ultimately, this totem animal will support your independence and perseverance, but you shouldn’t automatically reject any help offer. There can be a misinterpretation as being rude if others don’t know you well, and this help could also be the thing to help you realize your goal!

Camel Power Animal

The camel as a power animal is there to guide you through a difficult time. Whether this is on a long adventure, through an emotional adventure, or maybe just having no energy left – the camel will be there to share its secrets for persevering.

Essentially, the camel is there for you when you don’t feel comfortable accepting help from others. It lacks judgment and it only wants to help you succeed. Camels have all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to surviving difficult environments!

One thing to remember is the camel may not be in use to working at your speed. They are slow animals that like to ponder their surroundings, so you will have to adjust your own approach if you want their assistance. They will be an invaluable resource, and we can all learn a lot from the camel.

Image by mostafa meraji from Pixabay

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Camel Christianity Symbolism

Camels are featured frequently throughout the Bible, probably most notably in the Nativity story when the three kings rode on camels to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. However, they had many other roles in the Bible.

For example, they were often in use to represent wealth because of their durability and usefulness when it came to traveling through deserts. If they were given as gifts, this was a sign of extreme wealth and respect. It is still mentioned often that Pharaoh gave Abraham a camel as a gift, along with other animals.

Generally, however, the camel’s significance in the Bible is similar to that of all of the other meanings mentioned. It symbolizes patience, strength, and endurance.

Camel Dreams

If a camel appears in your dream, it may be telling you that some difficulties could be coming your way. However, this isn’t the sole message.

The camel’s main significance is its endurance, so your dream is telling you that whatever you are going to face, you will be able to handle it. It is reminding you that you have great potential, so don’t ever worry that you aren’t good enough to achieve your goals.

A second meaning is that you are currently being weighed down with some repressed emotions and thoughts. You might think that it is easier to carry them and keep them to yourself, but this will only end up draining you. The camel is there to remind you to let these things go, so you aren’t stuck traveling through life with heavy burdens.

Image by Stela Stela from Pixabay

To follow this, if a camel is carrying heavy luggage, this means that you are experiencing more than just repressed emotions, but that you are suffering from stress or anxiety.

If this goes untreated, it will slowly start to eat away at you. Don’t be afraid to share your stress.

As well as this, the camel can also symbolize that help is on the way. You may be close to giving up on something, but you are not alone. Something, or someone, will come to relieve you from your troubles.

If your dreams contain multiple camels, it can indicate that you may be rewarded at some point with money. This may be through your career, or through an inheritance.

Far Eastern Camel Symbolic Meanings

In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, camel objects are useful to bring good luck and wealth to homes. They believe that camels will be able to watch over wealth and keep your finances safe, not just bring wealth to a home.

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Camel Tattoo Meaning

Camels have a huge number of meanings when it comes to tattoos. While they are not in use very often in mainstream tattoo art, they hold a lot of significance for those that do choose to have one.

One of the most popular meanings behind camel tattoos is that of change. Camels are useful to take people to new places, and they help others transition through life.

Because of this, the camel tattoo may be able to provide inspiration if you are feeling lost in life, and you can’t work out which direction you should go. They remind people that no matter how long the journey you may take, you will always reach your goal in the end.

Another meaning of a camel tattoo is courage. Camels need a huge amount of courage and perseverance to make the treacherous journeys. Thus they evolved to develop this resilience.

This endurance is often in use in tales to inspire an act of similar courage in people, so this tattoo has a similar purpose.

Finally, camel tattoos represent wisdom. They are incredibly clever animals that have to navigate difficult routes, as well as learn commands and obedience skills for these journeys. Because of this intelligence, they are often symbolic of wisdom, which is why many people have them as tattoos.

Image by Simon from Pixabay

Camel Spiritual Meaning

Many people and cultures consider the camel to be a messenger or spirit guide. Their patience and quiet intelligence will guide so many people through difficult times, and they give humans hope for the future.

Throughout multiple cultures, people actually considered camels as a symbol of love. This is because they are so laidback and placid, and actually very friendly. This patient nature has solidified the view that they are a good symbol of affection – particularly in platonic relationships.

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Camel in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The Camel as a primitive Zodiac sign falls under the Sun Sign of a Sagittarius – between November and December.

People born under the Camel sign are determined, personable, and love to go on adventures. They are very good friends to have because they will travel any distance for you, and carry any of your burdens. They are solid, reliable, and friendly.

One thing to bear in mind with someone that has a camel Zodiac sign is that although they are kind and optimistic, they aren’t emotional. Some people may try and take advantage of this, particularly because camels don’t often stand up for themselves. But, they always bounce back even if they are hurt.

Another thing to consider with camels is that they actively avoid drama. You shouldn’t try and bring them into any difficult situations or encourage them to pick a side in an argument – they will just walk away. They need to be around other people who are fun and easygoing!

Camel in African Folklore

While African folklore doesn’t directly referenced camel itself, there is one mythical creature that is mentioned frequently – the Guiamala (Ghiamala).

If you take a look at pictures of the Guiamala, you will notice that it bears a striking resemblance to a camel.

It has the distinctive dromedary hump (or two, in some depictions) found in camels, and it also has a camel-shaped head. As well as these features, it also has the long legs and neck of a giraffe and seven pointy horns on its head.

People found the Guiamala in the African kingdoms of Giaca and Gadoua. For the most part, it was a harmless creature. The main things it would eat were thorns and bushes because it often lived in desert-like climates.

Mythology don’t mention them. Most likely because they weren’t vicious or carnivorous creatures, but they are still very much remembered in African folklore.

Australian Camel Symbolism

While camels aren’t originally native to Australia, they do currently have a massive influx of them. This is actually because people brought them over to the country when British colonists struggled to navigate the desert-like environment.

They brought over the camels, and their riders, from India and Afghanistan. This was to help them make trips through the dry desert, and the camels were soon the backbone of Australian settlement.

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Camel Symbolic Meanings

Stamina and Endurance:

In order to survive the long journeys they must take through water-less deserts, camels have to endure a lot. They have a huge amount of stamina, which symbolically can teach us how to carry on through difficult times.

Camels have adapted to thrive in tough environments and this physical and spiritual strength is inspirational. We should look up to this animal when we have a struggle coming up ahead – it’s okay to find something difficult, but as long as we persevere, we will eventually make it to our destination.


Camels are calm and slow beings. They do not enjoy being rushed, they have their own pace and they stick to it. This is often to preserve their energy stores, especially considering how hard they have to work, but they are also just incredibly easygoing.

From this, camels teach us the art of patience. Not everything can be completed straight away. Some things take time! It is important to remember that everyone works at a different pace and having patience when completing a task will only make the journey more meaningful.


One of the most important symbolic meanings from the camel is embracing journeys. Their ability to follow through on their adventures can be a huge source of inspiration for humans. And they teach us that we shouldn’t be afraid to travel. Going on a journey could bring us unexpected emotions, jobs, and relationships! We should nurture our need to travel.


Camels are incredibly wise beings. While they might seem uninterested in what’s happening around them, they are constantly watching and taking notice of their surroundings.

They have to, in order to learn lots of traveling routes. As well as this, their bodies have cleverly adapted to survive desert-like environments, and they know what they should do in order to survive. Ultimately, camels are one of the wisest animals to exist. People shouldn’t overlook this fact.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the camel is symbolic of persevering through long journeys. If the camel is your spirit guide, you can’t give up on your adventure. It will support you through anything, just as it has supported so many humans for thousands of years.

It is strong, determined, and has an incredible amount of endurance. This makes it a brilliant animal to look up to, and is why it has inspired so many teachings.

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