Cardinal: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The world would not be the same without songbirds. They fill our mornings and evenings with such beauty and joy through song that thinking of a world without them just makes me think of silence and though there will still be stunning sights, without the music of birds to back it up it just isn’t quite as awe-inspiring. In Europe, they have blackbirds, in Australia, they have birds-of-paradise, and in America, we have cardinals. These plucky little birds are spread all over North and South America and are so intimately linked to our lives that when people from other countries have never heard of them, it comes as quite a shock to the system.

Football teams, baseball teams, and Universities have cardinals as mascots and even 7 US states have the bird as the state bird.

They have been beloved by humanity for a long time, and not just modern people. People have thought about them for thousands of years while listening to their amazing songs, yet while most disregarded these thoughts, others kept digging.

They looked to find out more about what the cardinal was trying to say and what it meant to us.

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Cardinal: Symbolism And Meaning

It’s no surprise that this rambunctious bird has a lot of symbolism and meaning to us, they are ever present in our lives in almost every tree we pass and even if we can’t see them, we can definitely hear them.

Although there are a variety of these different meanings applied to cardinals, there are four that stick out more than others: energy, pride, joy, and love.

The cardinal conducts itself with electrifying energy from the moment it awakens to the moment it goes to sleep.

Throughout these waking moments, it does not stop nor does it slow down, instead it flies to and fro finding food, checking on its nest, and singing the song that marks its territory.

In spite of the danger’s cardinals face from predators, every day they will wake up and sing, highlighting their location.

Singing is a point of pride to a cardinal and no matter what their song will be heard, by others of their species or other animals entirely. These little birds know who they are and are proud to dictate that to the world.

Singing defines the cardinal, they sing to mark territory, they sing when the day is ending, they sing when the sun is rising.

They fill every moment of their lives with song, and their singing is joyous to hear. The cardinal is a creature that enjoys its life to the fullest, and nothing will stifle its song.

Cardinals are an incredibly supportive and caring bird. In nature, these small birds tend to remain loyal to their partner and there are few instances where cardinals “divorce”, instead having year-round partners until the day they die.

During courtship and at other times, cardinal pairs will sing together and reaffirm their devotion to this nest, remaining true to their partner in a way we hope that our relationships will happen.

Cardinal: Spirit Animal

If a cardinal spirit animal appears in your life, then prepare for new things occurring to you. It is especially important that you keep an eye out for new romantic relationships, as your new romance may be particularly intense and sensual.

This relationship is joyous. In addition, there will be a special focus on music and producing music with your partner.

There is also a possibility for new life in your current relationship when a cardinal appears. It may be coming because of a pregnancy and may be showing up to guide you through this new chapter of your life without the hiccups that normally come from such a strenuous endeavor.

When we are unsure of which path to take, a cardinal can show us the way without worrying about going astray, as they fly far but can always find their way back to the nest.

This path may be one of self-discovery, something a cardinal would be happy to help with, as their distinctive songs are all their own creation, and they may help you tap into your own uniqueness.

A cardinal is a proud bird, despite its small size and lack of power. It can help those with insecurities and anxieties recognize their own self-worth and power, showing them that no matter how you feel about yourself, you are better than that and should always believe so.

You shouldn’t stop, no matter what is weighing you down, and always strive for your goals.

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Cardinal: Totem Animal

For those born under the totem of the cardinal, pride in their appearance and pride in themselves is a given, no matter their circumstances in life. They will always stand out from the crowd, no matter what they wear or what they do, they are just very distinctive and uniquely their own person.

Cardinal people have a strong sense of justice and honor, they will not remain silent in the presence of strong injustice or corruption and will often fight losing battles for other people because it is the right thing to do.

Setbacks do not bother Cardinal people as much as others, they take it in their stride and recognize that today may be a loss, but tomorrow is a new day with new goals.

They are naturally determined people. Moreover, they incline towards innovation, as innovation requires never giving up in the face of defeat.

The people of the cardinal totem also love their home. They are homebodies who rarely leave the towns they grew up in, however this is not due to a lack of adventurous spirit, more an innate love of their home.

Cardinals are welcoming people, but do not tolerate others abusing their hospitality and take action against those they deem as dangerous or outstaying their welcome.

However, people should not confuse this with aggression. As cardinal people are generally happy and bubbly, they only take umbrage when someone is clearly abusing their position, as either a guest or an acquaintance.

Cardinal: Power Animal

The cardinal is a fantastic power animal to call upon for our life in the modern world. They are a great animal to turn to in a new environment, home or work, as they will show you where you fit into this new world and what territory is yours.

They promote confidence which is always good in new situations and will help you find your voice in your new home, relationship, or place of work.

A cardinal is a good power animal for emotional support as well, as they can calm you down and help you adjust to whatever is causing you to be emotionally burnout in life.

They know about the stresses of the ebb and flow of life and know how relationships should be, so helping you find your emotional footing is no stress to a cardinal. Cardinals can also help your love life, as they have unshakable confidence and know how to court others.

They have a lot of techniques and tricks in order for you to not only get dates but feel more confident while you do.

You may not meet the love of your life, but you will definitely find dates and dating easier, with the rejections that you may experience being less devastating as time goes on, and eventually you might meet someone who you truly care about.

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Cardinal: Native American Symbolism

In Native American cultures, birds tend to have a special significance compared to a lot of animals. They are generally animals that have strong connections to other realms, spiritual or otherwise. Further, they are messengers for powerful deities and spirits, such as the Great Spirit or the Ancestors of that tribe.

The cardinal deeply connects to the idea of relationships, both platonic and sexual, and devotion as a concept. This may be because of the monogamous relationships that cardinals mostly enjoy and the huge amount of time they spend with the same partner.

Cardinals also play a special role in the stories of tribes of the Southwestern United States. They have deep connections to the sun. If they are crossing your path, they may bring you good fortune or luck.

This idea of good luck can go further in some tribes, as they believe that cardinals may be the harbingers of rain, which in a place as hot and dry as the deserts of the southwestern US would be a godsend during the dry season.

Cardinal: Dreams

Cardinals appearing in your dreams are almost always positive. They will come and urge you to follow what passion pursuits that you have. Your dreams and hopes are important not only to your success but to your mental health as well, and engaging with them will help you get enjoyment and fulfillment out of life.

A cardinal will often appear when something is coming into your life, normally something positive for you. This could be a new friend, an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, a new job opportunity, but normally it is the potential for a new relationship.

You should heed the cardinals calls for confidence and take the lead in order to make progress.

There are some who believe the cardinal will appear in your dreams when we have lost a loved one. These people believe that a cardinal may fly through your dream if a loved one is saying goodbye, after they have passed from this world.

If you have a loved one who has passed, and you see a cardinal in your dream, it might also be worth speaking to other family members and friends to check that you are okay, as the cardinal might also be the deceased worrying about how you are coping after they are gone.

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Cardinal: Tattoo Meaning

The meaning behind cardinal tattoos may come as a shock to some people, as it is not something we necessarily think of when we think of the cardinal.

That thing is power. Even though they are small birds, that should not mean you underestimate the cardinal. They are highly territorial, defending their home from all manner of creatures and even rival cardinals.

Their song may be beautiful, but it is also a war drum beating a steady rhythm that tells others to keep out or face swift retribution.

The power from the cardinal is not innate, like that of a lion or tiger, it is earned through constant action and vigilance and many people have gotten a cardinal tattoo with the aim of becoming like these feisty creatures.

On the other hand, cardinal tattoos can be symbols of love and lasting relationships. The cardinal is well known for its continuous partnerships with other cardinals, something that we treasure and pine for as humans.

Getting a cardinal tattoo can be a gesture of love and promise of monogamy throughout the relationship, even during the most difficult moments.

Even though it is mostly couples who get these kinds of cardinal tattoos, many platonic friendships have attached meaning to the cardinal and as such get these tattoos together as well.

Cardinal: Spiritual Meaning

Its song and its home defines the cardinal. These two things are potentially the most precious to the cardinal, and it takes the most pride in them.

Its song is one that attracts mates, warns rivals, and announces its presence to the world. It never strays too far from its home, being always close by and ready to defend it from intruders.

This pride is present in all parts of their life, it lets the cardinal take action where others might not. It is the first thing people feel when they are touched by their aura.

Constantly having pride in itself and its works means that cardinals not only feel empowered, but also feel energetic. They have a constant energy that infects anything they fly past and gives a renewed vigor to everything around them. While they are flitting around, full of energy and pep, they are singing.

They sing to the plants, birds, insects, and people with a joy that seems upbeat and unable to be stopped all in one. Finally, the cardinal’s spiritual aura is one of love. They love their home, they love their community, and they love their partners.

The love of a cardinal is something that spreads along with their cheer. In addition, it gives people a deep sense of satisfaction in their love life.

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Cardinal: Symbolic Meanings

–        Energy and vigor.

–        Pride and passion.

–        Joy and happiness.

–        Love and support.

–        Home and community.

Final Thoughts

The cardinal is a very common bird for people in the US. It exists from Maine right down to Texas and even appears in the western states. If this was any other bird, it would probably be disregarded pretty quickly. However, the cardinal is not any old bird. It is a bird defined by uniqueness, despite it being quite common.

Further, it is a bird that is prey for many predators but refuses to remain silent and unseen. It is the bird that probably loves the most, but it is also the most protective and territorial of birds. All these factors are contradictory, and yet they all exist in this wonderful and strange little bird.

Cardinals are proud and happy to spread these messages to those who will listen. So if you find time in your busy day, maybe stop for a second. During that second, listen out for a cardinal and just listen. See if it has a message that is just for you.

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