Caribbean Calcite: Meanings and Crystal Properties

Calcite is named after the Greek word “chalix,” which means “lime. It is a very new combination mineral found in Pakistan in 2019. Also, It comprises a Caribbean blue calcite and light brown and white Aragonite.

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Caribbean Calcite Meaning 

Above all, the “Stone of Calm” is called Caribbean Calcite. This stone is a healing gem with calming energies that will help you relax and have a sense of calm. 

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Also, this gem brings inner awareness to the most excellent ways to live one’s life at its highest vibration. This also has a relaxing vibe, like a fresh wind on a beautiful day with clear blue skies. Also, It teaches us to live in the moment. 


Caribbean Calcite has a vibration number of three, which corresponds to the major chakras of the third eye chakra and throat chakra


Some of the hues available are yellow, clear, black, red, blue, white, pink, green, and orange. Also, It is one of the most prevalent minerals on the planet, and it’s the foundation of limestone and marble. 

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Also, it comes in various shapes and forms, and it forms in different geological conditions. Under UV light, some forms fluoresce blue or red. 

Caribbean Calcite Chakra 

Above all, the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakras are activated and healed by Caribbean Calcite. It brings you closer to your inner truth and spiritual enlightenment. The third eye chakra aids in the development of a healthy relationship with our own intuition as well as consciousness elevation. 

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Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical PropertiesOverview
MeaningCaribbean Blue Calcite is a very new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan.
ZodiacTaurus & Libra
SymbolismStone of emotional intelligence
BirthstoneSeptember- Enhance your communicative skills
ChakraThird Eye & Crown Chakra

Caribbean Calcite Zodiac sign

Cancer is also its astrological sign. Ocean Blue Calcite is a soothing crystal that assists with healing. 

Caribbean Calcite Mystical powers

Also, It helps release harmful emotions, relaxation, and physical healing. It relieves tension and anxiety while also encouraging restful sleep and lucid dreaming. Another, these crystals facilitate lucid dreaming in reconnecting with our higher selves.

Healing powers of Caribbean calcite

These stones are also considered a mind stone. Calcite also enhances mental analysis and judgment and memory, and own unique psychic abilities. Another, It is an excellent stone for academics and students. 

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Emotional Healing

Calcite is also beneficial for mental adjustments and arguments. 

Physical Healing

Above all, Calcite is a mineral found in bones and joints. It also keeps calcium levels in check. Also, Caribbean calcite helps in absorbing vital vitamins and minerals from the body. It’s an excellent choice since it reduces blood pressure and lessens nerve cells.

Spiritual Healing

Furthermore, Caribbean Calcite promotes inner-child joy, excitement, and harmony. Also, This crystal is excellent for boosting interaction with the individuals you are concerned about. It can also strengthens the relationships between soul family members and increases your awareness of harmful energy.

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Physical PropertiesOverview
HistoryCaribbean Blue Calcite is a very new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan. 
Names UsedBlue Calcite
Diaphaneity (Transparency)Transparent, Translucent
Cleavage1,3 – rhombohedral
Density (Weight)1.640 – 1.486
Diagnostic PropertiesRhombohedral cleavage
Chemical CompositionCalcium carbonate
Crystal StructureHexagonal
UsesBracelets, Construction aggregates, and in production of lime and cement.
OccurrenceOccurs in deposits from hot springs as a vein mineral
Hardness (Mohs Hardness) 

How does Caribbean Calcite work for disease? 

Moreover, Calcite is an excellent crystal for whole healing and restoration. Also, this stone is ideal for recovery after operations or lengthy disease. While, Gemstones tranquil, breezy vibe reduces pain levels and lowers blood pressure. 

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It can also relieve migraines, muscular pain, jaw pain, and any pain caused by high-stress levels by clearing blockages in your physical body.

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Caribbean Calcite Cleansing method

Moreover, These natural crystals are delicate and fragile. Also, handle the stone gently and keep it away from other crystals to avoid damaging the crystal surface. Also, Use a soft cloth to dry the crystal after cleaning it with a little water.Use a sage or palo santo stick to cleanse Caribbean Calcite. 


Also, To release absorbed energies, place them on a Selenite plate. Then, place your valuable crystal in direct or indirect moonlight during the full moon to charge it.


Finally, the stone of emotional intelligence, Blue Calcite, has the supernatural power to create a clear and pleasant connection of perception between your emotions and your mind and is said to deliver good sense energy to help one make timely judgments without feeling hurried.


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