Cat: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

You may find that the cat has been reoccurring throughout your life wondering what this means. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the cat’s symbolism. Also its spiritual and dream meanings and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to identify what role the cat plays in your life. 


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Cat Symbolism And Meaning

Cats are not just an excellent and popular pets. They also have deep spiritual meanings and can influence the way that we act and present ourselves in life. The cat is an extremely powerful and important animal and carry many messages thanks to the variety of connotations.

There are negative aspects related to cats in many cultures. They often link to demons and the occult as believed. In addition, many people believing that crossing paths with a cat will bring bad luck. But, this isn’t the case in other cultures. Egypt culture views cat as animals of independence, intelligence, enlightenment, and freedom as they link to deities.

However, it is important to know that there are no one answer to the cat’s spiritual meaning. You will need to look into the color of the cat. Also, the situation in which you have encountered the cat. And last, what your response is to the cat and the situation. Once you have thought about this, you will be able to channel the attributes of the cat into your life. Moreover, you can make the positive changes needed to improve your situations. 

Cat Spirit Animal

The cat spirit animal is one that is grounded in a close connection due to the cat’s association with spirituality. Cat spirit animals will act when you need to push yourself and make a change in your life. They will provide you with the balance and guidance needed to act correctly. The cat spirit animal helps you to reflect and analyze situations so you can listen to your instincts. It guides you to begin to trust yourself. It also guides you to learn when you will need to make the changes in your life.

Cat Totem Animal

The cat totem animal can help you to take risks in life. The nine lives of the cat represents the many opportunities that are available to you throughout your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not think logically before making decisions. Know that cats are also regarded as analytical animals because they think before they act.

Making sure that you give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover before embarking on a task means that you will be able to complete the task successfully and efficiently. The cat totem also has meanings grounded in its intelligence, independence, curiosity, and protection. Meanwhile, others think that it will provide them with plenty of enlightenment.

On the other hand, the cat totem animal can have negative traits. It can cause those who identify with the cat totem can be manipulative. 

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Cat Power Animal

If you identify with the cat and believe that it is your power animal then you probably share similar traits. Such traits are freedom, independence, and mystery among many more. However, depending on what kind of cat you have encountered and its color which can change its meaning. Here are just some of the meanings that are associated with the cat as a power animal:

Like black cats, gray cats have a strong connection to the occult in a lot of cultures. But, in others, it can be symbolic of one’s childhood and provide plenty of guidance during a period of transformation. They can help you to reflect on your past to provide plenty of hope and wisdom for the future.

Orange cats are representative of change. They are a great power animal for those embarking on a new beginning. They can provide you with the confidence needed to make decisions. Such is ideal for those transitioning into a leadership position. 

Lastly, white cats as a power animal are often regarded as a symbol of purity. It can help those who want to grow in their spirituality. Similar to the cat totem, it can be a sign of healing during difficult times. 

Cat Dreams

You may be finding that cats are a recurring presence in your dreams. Then, you may be wanting to wonder what it means. A lot of people believe that cats appearing in dreams means that something bad is going to happen but there are a lot of things you need to think about before jumping to conclusions.

The first thing you need to think about is what kind of cat you saw in your dream as the color of the cat can indicate different symbolic meanings. Black cats indicate an uncontrolled event is coming your way while a white cat is more likely to symbolize a harmless event.

Think about what the cat is doing in the dream as well as a black cat meowing can indicate that friends are gossiping about you without your knowledge. On the other hand, grey cats are representative of either flattery or betrayal and if appearing before a man, it is believed that this will mean that they are going to be seduced by a deceitful woman.

Orange cats can indicate a pregnancy in the future for women but others believe it means betrayal. 

Another thing that you should consider when it comes to dreaming about cats is that they can represent that a new relationship is about to begin as cats are often associated with new beginnings and releasing emotions. Even though people associate dreaming about cats as a negative thing, you should always look into the details of what the cat is doing, the color of the cat, and how you respond to the cat’s actions. 

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Cat Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos always have personal meanings but when it comes to receiving a cat tattoo, it is generally perceived as a symbol of emotion, sensuality, and femininity. Think about what aspect of the cat you are getting tattooed. If you want a cat tattoo that represents luck then receiving a cat paw tattoo indicates this as well as mystery and life after death.

Other reasons why people get a cat tattoo is that they may want a portrait of their cat after it has died or to develop a spiritual connection to their living pet. Culturally, there are people who receive Egyptian cat tattoos for those who want a tattoo that represents enlightenment or have an interest in the occult while others who get an Egyptian cat tattoo may be paying tribute to the loss of a loved one as the Egyptian cat represents the afterlife.

For those who want a tattoo that radiates grace and femininity, a cat face tattoo can be a great idea while the cat’s eye is a representation of the inner soul and ideal for those who always strive to seek the truth. 

Cat Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the cat can alter depending on the kind of cat that you are researching but it is commonly believed that seeing a black cat at night is a bad omen but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, seeing a black cat at night is often symbolic that you are going to be receiving plenty of healing energies into your life in the near future which makes it great for those who may be going through some difficult times.

Other spiritual meanings can include seeing a cat cleaning itself which is representative of the cleansing process and healing nature that cats have meaning that cats should be viewed as a good sign rather than a negative one. 

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Cat In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

The cat is one of the Celtic zodiac signs and is the animal for those born between 21st January and 17th February. It probably comes as no surprise that those born under the cat zodiac have a high level of intuition and intelligence while also proving to be analytical in their thinking. This means that those who have the cat as their zodiac sign are able to complete tasks efficiently and successfully. 

Cat Symbolic Meanings

When it comes the cat’s symbolic meanings, there is no one answer as the meanings change depending on the color of the cat as well as cultural meanings. This is because the cat is perceived differently all over the world.

The main attributes that cats can symbolize are good luck, an omen, and relationships and the deeper meanings vary from culture to culture but what is important is to think about the color of the cat and the situation that you are encountering the cat. 


The first thing that cats are representative of are curiosity. There is the common phrase “curiosity killed the cat” and this comes from the cat’s nature to be fearless when trying new things. Those who attribute themselves to the cat are likely to be highly adventurous and unafraid when it comes to spontaneity and wanting to try new activities and solutions.

When dealing with conflict, cats are more creative when it comes to finding solutions and are incredibly good at using the resources from the world around them to their advantage.

Good Luck

We’ll be discussing the common perception that black cats indicate bad luck but the first symbolic meaning that we will delve into is how cats bring good luck. This is especially believed in cultures such as Japan where crossing paths with a black cat is viewed as a positive sign and indicates that good luck and fortune is going to enter your life.

In Russia, it is believed that good luck is going to come your way if a cat shows up at your door. If you have recently purchased a new house, then make sure you let the cat inside the house first to ensure that you have good luck during your time there although be sure to let the cat back out to prevent any heartbreak for the cat’s owner!

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The first symbolic meaning that cat’s can represent is that they are viewed as a bad omen. This is believed in the majority of cultures for those who come across a black cat thanks to the superstitutions that are associated with them.

This is because there are those who believe that black cats are a symbol of demons and think that those who cross paths with a black cat are going to encounter bad luck in their lives. 


Cats are often symbolic of relationships and the deeper meanings can differ from culture culture. In Japan, seeing a cat licking its paw or washing its face is believed to symbolize that you will have visitors while in the Netherlands, this means that there are people gossiping about you behind your back. 


In conclusion, the spiritual meaning of cats is something that requires a lot of attention as there is no right answer. Always think about the color of the cat and the situation in which you have crossed paths with it. Use your experience in your interaction with the cat to encourage positivity and wisdom into your life.

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