The Many Colors And Meanings Of A Mood Necklace

The Many Colors And Meanings Of A Mood Necklace

Back in the mid 70s, Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds invented the mood ring: a piece of jewelry that could, allegedly, reveal your emotions while you were wearing it. It was an instant hit with teens everywhere, and for good reason! Of all the quintessential fashion trends of the 1970s, this one is probably the … Read more

Black Color Meaning: What Does It Really Symbolize?

black color meaning

Black is the color of mourning and death.  It is associated with villains who want to do harm to others. Black is also used by civil rights groups to protest injustices.  Black is a color of mystery and the unknown. It conjures elegance, sophistication, and sexual prowess.  It symbolizes strength, authority, and intelligence. Black lends … Read more

The Delicate Color Pink And It’s Meaning

Color psychology is an interesting concept, as it suggests that different colors can impact our moods, feelings, and even our behaviors. Take pink for example, this pretty color often evokes feelings of beauty, femininity, youthfulness, and romance.  Most people tend to associate pink with femininity, and it is often considered a “girly” color. That is … Read more