The Fascinating Color White And It’s Meaning

Color White Meaning

White is one of the most common colors and is used in a wide variety of contexts.  White symbolizes perfection because it is the purest and most complete color. As opposed to black, white usually has far more positive connotations; including hope, life, and resurrection. But like every other color, white also has its negative … Read more

The Power Of Color Magic (With Images)

Color Magic Meanings

Color magic is the practice by witches, where they use rituals to cast spells and help them to manifest certain things they want to happen in life. This practice uses the power of colors and energies to provoke a magical response. Overall, color magic is only use for positive reasons, with no intention of any … Read more

All The Beautiful Rainbow Colors

The Colors Of The Rainbow

No matter how many times we see one, it always feels pretty surreal, spotting an arch of perfectly-lined colors in the sky above us. A rainbow truly is a magical sight, no matter how old we get. They are beautiful and glorious, no matter how gloomy the weather may be. There is nothing quite like … Read more

A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Black As Their Favorite Color

A Guide To The Personality Of People With Black As Their Favorite Color

Let’s see how the color black will influence you. They say that our favorite color reflects a lot back on our personality. That those who share a favorite color also share similar traits. Of course, everyone is unique and different but understanding what your favorite color represents can possibly help you understand yourself on a … Read more

A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Blue As Their Favorite Color

The Personality Of People With The Favorite Color Blue

There are seven basic personality types, each associated with a particular color. Now, we will focus on color blue. These colors also correspond to certain traits. Depending on the favorite color of a person, you can get a glimpse into what you can expect from this person. For example, blue personalities tend to be friendly … Read more

The Joyous Meaning Of The Color Jade

The Joyous Meaning Of The Color Jade

Is jade your favorite color? Do you know what color ‘jade’ even is? In either instance, this article will help you learn more about this particular hue.  We will also look into the color psychology behind this color, as well as the history of which the name and meaning came from, and why brands and … Read more

The Incredible Meaning Of The Color Indigo

The Incredible Meaning Of The Color Indigo

Color indigo, a bluey-purple hue is the favorite color of many people, and for good reason. The color indigo has a typical association with the upper class, including noblemen and royalty. It is one of the seven colors in the rainbow and is a popular choice to dye clothes and other fabrics. In fact, it … Read more