Pink Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline crystals are extremely popular with collectors and crystal healers. The beauty of Tourmalines is that they come in a myriad of shades and hues, each one bringing beauty and versatility. RELATED: Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties One of the most prized as well as expensive members of the tourmaline family is the … Read more

Pink Amethyst Meanings, Properties and Benefits

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is famous gemstone of Amethyst family that represents a rare variant. It is characterized by its soft-hued, ‘feminine’ appearance. Pink Amethyst forms when Hematite infiltrates the crystalline structure of the stone during its formation beneath the Earth’s surface. This interaction bestows upon Pink Amethyst its distinguished color, setting it apart from the typical … Read more

Flower Agate: Meaning & Healing Properties

flower agate

Flower agate is a volcanic rock forms in the depths of Mother Earth through metamorphosis. Because of the beautiful formations, it refers to as a flower, even though it is a rock. On the body of the rock, there are illusions of white and pink colored flowers.  Moreover, the flower agate stone is Chalcedony. In … Read more

Red Calcite Meanings, Healing Properties and Facts

Red Calcite Meanings, Healing Properties, Growth Powers & Everyday Uses

Red calcite is a beautiful and rare calcium carbonate mineral often used in jewelry and gemstones. It is also called the “crystal for the soul” because it helps people with many emotional issues. It can help people deal with anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and more. You can use it to bring energy to a room, … Read more