Chakras Are Blocked? Signs And What To Expect

Chakras are Blocked

When your heart is blocked, you get a heart attack. But what can your emotional and spiritual blockages do to your body? So, how do you know if chakras are blocked? A blocked chakra can be detected based on its warning symptoms. These are typically based on their overactive and underactive nature. Pain, fear, low … Read more

Chakra Frequencies: 21 Simple Ways To Use Them For Healing

chakra frequencies

You may know that yoga, meditation, crystals, and aromatherapy can unblock chakras. Still, very few people know different frequencies can do so too. What are chakra frequencies? What’s a solfeggio scale? What’s the meaning of solfeggio frequencies in the chakra system? Healing tones of chakra frequencies rely on resonant vibrations of the seven chakras and … Read more

Throat Chakra: 25+ Metaphysical Traits No One Shares

throat chakra

All of us have a voice. It means sound physically, but this relates to how we express ourselves in metaphysics. This is the sum-total of what you believe in, your visions, aspirations, ideals, and principles in life.  Now, where does that voice come from? What does it mean? How to empower it?  The throat chakra … Read more

Chakra Cleansing AWESOME 28 Techniques For 7 Chakras

chakra cleansing

Do you know seven chakras are energy centers that outline the free-flowing positive energy of prana? That’s why it’s important to cleanse each chakra as regularly as you can.  If not, many problems occur in your physical, spiritual, and emotional space.  Today we’ll learn all about chakra healing in the human body for cleansing each … Read more