Centipede: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The symbolism behind the centipede is deep-rooted in spirituality and they have been used for centuries to represent individual life journeys and how they can overcome challenges, striving hard for success.

In this guide, we look at the centipede in more detail, and how they are viewed in different cultures, whilst also looking at the dream interpretation and what they might symbolize in astrology. Let’s jump in!

Symbolism and Meaning

The centipede lives in dark and damp places and they use their long bodies and segmented legs to move around. They are also known for their venomous bite, and this can cause a lot of pain and swelling.

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In some Eastern cultures, the animal is seen as a sign of good luck, yet people in the United States often associate them with bad luck and fear what might be around the corner.

The centipede is a crawling creature with up to 191 pairs of legs and this means it teaches you to stand firm during tough times in life. The centipede also symbolizes moving forward and urges you to search for greener pastures.

In the form of a spirit animal, the centipede tells you you should rely on your intuition a lot more and less on your senses.

The symbolism of the centipede comes in the form of a message, it tells you to make sacrifices to get what you most desire in life. When the creatures appear, you should be willing to give up things in life you enjoy, to achieve your goals.

The centipede also serves as a symbol of protection from evil as their many legs can be interpreted as scaring off anything that might harm you or cause pain.

As a creature with so much power and vigor, the centipede is also a symbol to represent warriors in some cultures and holds enough courage to inspire others. The centipede can increase your potential, allow you to embrace the Earth elements, and guide, educate and illuminate you!

The centipede has inspiring symbolism when it comes to personal growth and ideas of transformation.

Although the creatures seem scary, the animal can help get you through life. The association with something scary and positive attributes is also similar to what a lot of people think of when ghosts or ghouls come to mind. 

Spirit Animal

Seeing the centipede in the form of a spirit animal symbolizes how you should rid yourself of any toxic emotions you have been harboring and suggests to you, you perhaps worry too much.

As a spirit animal, it tells you everything will be ok and you should keep the faith. The arthropod urges you to never hide your true self from the outside world.

The centipede is also a great spirit animal if you are someone who struggles with self-confidence and appearance. The spirit is not pretty, but they hold an inner beauty. You should never demean yourself and always remember you have a purpose in life.

Their wisdom urges you to recognize your vibrancy and be aware of the sacredness in others around you.

A lot of the time, the centipede as a spirit animal will come to you to encourage you to take a time of solitude. If your life is chaotic and you can’t think straight, it might be time to refocus your mind and have some alone time. The centipede is going to remind you how you will benefit from this.

As a spirit animal, the centipede also has to do with how you manage resources. You need to make sure everything in your environment supports wholeness and make it your number one priority.

The centipede tells you how patience is a virtue and you need to watch for what is good and right. You should continue forward, always using your higher senses.

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Totem Animal 

If you were born with the centipede as your totem, you are very lucky. They seem to have a horseshoe in their back pocket, bringing luck with them wherever they might go.

You are a positive person, but sometimes can be firm or fierce. You do not care much if you are disheveled, and working toward Earth healing or helping others is much more important to you. 

People with a centipede totem are also very resilient, regardless of how heavy life feels. They bounce back and tend not to give up when things get tough. Moreover, they keep trying until eventually, they succeed in all their endeavors.  They are well-grounded, but also fearless and adventurous. 

Those with the centipede totem, like to help others but they lead solitary lives. They can also be very secretive and might be extraordinarily good at music and public speaking.

However, they might always walk away from the spotlight and fame is what prevents them from walking that path. They are usually sensitive souls and have clairsentient abilities.

Money always seems to appear when you most need it to someone with a centipede totem, and you have a keen mind to be successful. You try to be a perpetual student, yet sometimes your brain overflows and it can be distracting.

Power Animal

You should search for a centipede as your power animal when you feel broke, defeated, and battered. They act as a sacred guide to your center of power and you need to embrace it to heal. Your transformation manifests, even if the reason for your situation was self-created.

You should not allow any room for guilt and wallowing. You should dig deep, and then learn to move forward.

When you are introduced to an environmental cause, the centipede is a great power animal ally. The centipede improves your understanding of the magic of plants and any type of Earth-focused effort benefits from the support of the energy that is found in a centipede.

Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of centipedes signals you will accomplish your goals soon, and despite obstacles, you will be able to keep moving forward. Seeing the centipede in a dream tells you to take note of your feelings and face your problems, instead of running away from them.

Dreaming of a centipede also reflects your unwillingness in life to confront a situation. You might start to think of secret actions you can take and the dream can be related to suspicious deeds or business.

The dream can be considered a warning. If you are involved in an untrustworthy enterprise, you should step away.

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If you dream a centipede is inside your home, it signifies you will receive some good news about a family member, yet if you dream of a dead centipede, it warns you the end of an unpleasant relationship is coming.

If you see multiple centipedes in your sleep, this indicates an inability to defeat enemies and rivals. Killing the centipede can also indicate real-life enemies. However, if you dream of a fast-moving centipede, this can be seen as a good sign and symbolizes achievement and progression. 

Far Eastern Symbolic Meanings

The Chinese view the centipede as the enemy of snakes. Some stories remember how a centipede becomes a hero, by saving a person as a snake attacks. Sometimes the appearance of a centipede warns us that there is a snake nearby.

In Indonesia, they used to believe that the centipede pearls hold elements of magic. Famous medicine men have said they pray whilst entering dam caves every couple of months to look for 16-inch centipedes. They chant and request the centipedes’ spit their pearl out.

If they are successful, the pearl is treated as a valuable possession. The pearl is formed inside the animal and is fossilized mucus. The Giant Centipede places the bubbles of the mucus on top of its head or the tip of its tail. It crystallizes there and falls after a short while.

They are known to be lucky, and gamblers tend to carry them for luck. Owning one also acts as a charm for opportunities to appear to the owner.

Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo of a centipede can be an intriguing design for many artists. The different body shapes and lengths make it a great choice tattoo to completely personalize and wear as your own. The tattoo comes with a range of different meanings.

It means solitude and is, therefore, a popular choice tattoo for introverts or people who like to work on themselves instead of spending time with others.

The creature is known as the ‘Great Digger’, who digs in hidden places, where no other creature can. The tattoo also symbolizes hard work and if you work without worrying about what others think of you, you will achieve perfect results. 

The tattoo also symbolizes wisdom and spirituality. The centipede is a spiritual creature and it is a strong symbol in many different cultures. As it brings news from the underworld, the centipede can also be seen as a tattoo that is surrounded by skulls.

Finally, the centipede also symbolizes good luck and fortune. In Asian cultures, if the creature walks into your home, it symbolizes good luck, and therefore inking a centipede on your skin brings good luck through life.

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Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a centipede is related to the loss of spiritual energy and the weakening of a person.

Seeing a centipede, either in the house, in your dream, or any other place means you are receiving a spiritual message and you should pay attention, to something special in your life, making it possible to seek changes.

As the centipede is venomous, the presence of the animal does not always bring a positive representation. In the spirit world, seeing the centipede means you are facing a parasite. The centipede appears to represent something bad in your life, and something which has the potential to harm you.

However, when your connection with the centipede is present in the spiritual life, this indicates there are parasites all around you. This then translates to someone or something is trying to steal your energy. 

Seeing a centipede might also be a representation of your mood. You might be feeling tired, or you might not have as much energy to carry out basic tasks anymore, yet you can’t understand why this is happening.

The centipede indicates that these feelings are related to the loss of spiritual energy and you should turn more to your spiritual side, to try and seek solutions to work on what the centipede represents in your life.

Moreover, the centipede represents an unhealthy relationship with sex. The creature presents itself as a link to uncontrolled, easy, and vulgar sex. Your sex life is seen as a different perspective where you do not have a balance.

You are not interested in connecting with your partner, but more interested in intensity and vulgarity. Through these acts, your spiritual energy is being used and wasted. 

Astrology and Zodiac Signs

In primal astrology, centipedes are known as being sweet, caring, and always knowing what to say at the right time. Those with the centipede sign can point others in the direction of positives in life, despite how they are prone to depression and anxiety themselves.

They also hate to look weak or afflicted, or as if they are not living the perfect life in front of others. They always try to be there for others, yet when they need help, they rarely ask.

Members of the sign are also not great when it comes to money, despite it coming to them when they need it. Those under the centipede sign like to own nice clothes, cars, and homes, and so they do not mind spending the money to do so.

They are also smart, focused and although they go far in the world of education, they can still be a little scatter-brained sometimes. 

Those with the centipede sign are caring and sociable. They like to keep in contact with friends and family, but they can become resentful when others simply expect them to be over-caring. They enjoy gifting others, but they don’t enjoy having others rely on them.

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Symbolic Meanings

  • Water Element
  • Balance
  • Decision
  • Coordination
  • Movement
  • Luck
  • Self-Respect
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Stability
  • Speed

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have gained a better understanding of what the centipede represents in terms of its symbolization, spiritual meaning, dream interpretation, tattoo design, and more.

Remember, the centipede is a strong indicator and symbol you should move forward. The spirit animal supports you along the way, but you may need to sacrifice things you enjoy, to achieve success in the long run.

As a power animal, they can be a sacred guide to your center of power and they can help you heal and be strong again. A centipede might be scary at first, but we promise they are wonderful creatures that can help you get far in life.


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