Cheetah: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

A cheetah is a majestic animal, with great speed and power. When a cheetah enters your life, you’ll know about it.

This is because of the power it possesses. It doesn’t matter if you have encountered the animal in real life or not, just know its presence will be unmistakable.

They can help you find motivation, find that solution, and teach you to remain focused on one goal.

This article explores the cheetah as a spirit animal, looking at the dream interpretation and symbolic meanings, and focuses on how a cheetah can guide you to success and continue to encourage and educate you through life.

Symbolism And Meaning

The speed of the cheetah is recognized all over the world.

No other similar land animal can move as fast. Cheetahs can reach a speedy 75 miles per hour and their paws and tail suit their breakneck velocity perfectly.

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Bearing this in mind, one of the symbolic meanings of a cheetah is prompt and proficient action.

Despite its speed and power, the cheetah is not reckless and undertakes each movement with care to conserve energy.

It knows how to pace themselves and will always leave the sprint to the end.

The cheetah is quiet and watches in the shadows until the time is right to pounce from the bushes and attack its prey. It paints a portrait of how patience is practiced.

The cheetah realizes the risk in using their energy in one burst, but humans also face choices with an element of speculation, uncertainty, and chance.

The spirit of the cheetah also advises you to seize opportunities you have been eyeing up and once this endeavor ends, sit in power and recharge before your next adventure.

The female cheetah is solitary and independent, whereas males gather in groups to protect their territory and prepare to go hunting.

This suggests to us that we should be working together in a unit, for greater success.

During times we need to be alone, we should also use this to our advantage and use it to gather thoughts and align our life purpose.

Using the African terrain, the backdrop of the cheetah provides a certain level of camouflage.

This creates an advantage whilst hunting, and also a sense of safety. The cheetah can be inconspicuous when they are close to prey, but they stay safe from animals that would hunt them.

Spirit Animal

The cheetah, as we mentioned, is one of the fastest animals on the planet. With short bursts of speed, they can outrun prey and get places fast.

Therefore, the spirit animal stands for fast action, speed, and achievement. It also signals flexibility, patience, and determination.

Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay

Due to its camouflage and ability to adapt, the cheetah as a spirit animal represents adaptability and high levels of intelligence.

The cheetah encourages you to use these traits and helps you awaken the hidden potential inside you.

With the cheetah as your spirit animal, you should have the courage and confidence to pursue your life goals and dreams.

You need to be able to react fast and grab any opportunity that arises. You should always seize the moment, and never hold yourself back.

Those with a cheetah spirit animal are alert to the chances given to them by the divine realm and they tend to succeed in every endeavor.

It’s also common for a cheetah to appear as a spirit animal if you need a guide or support.

If you are empathetic, the cheetah reminds you that it is ok and encourages you to let your feelings out. It tells you how crying is healthy and it releases all of the excess input that is moving around your aura, whilst also cleansing and taking the stress off your shoulders.

Don’t be afraid to pause life for a moment, cry, and then treat yourself with something magical afterward.

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Totem Animal

Those blessed with a cheetah totem trust their gut. They always listen to the voice within them, whether they are directing action or inaction.

People with a cheetah totem make decisions and act on these decisions to put them into action, whilst others haven’t even realized what their choices were.

The cheetah totem represents a smart individual who can always find the solution.

If the cheetah is your birth totem, you have bundles of energy. If obstacles come up in your life, you can move with grace. You set goals and you know how to achieve these goals.

Image by DrZoltan from Pixabay

If your path is disrupted, the cheetah totem can guide you to find another approach. And in your territory, no one slides your attention.

You have a soft way of speaking to others and know how to present your ideas. You hate loud noises and you dislike shouting.

A cup of tea and a good book is how you relax and this means if you know someone with a cheetah totem, you should always respect their private time.

Power Animal

If the cheetah is your power animal, you are a force of nature. You have quick reaction times and when there’s a situation that needs confident action, you are usually the one they call.

The creature is good at helping you adapt to situations and therefore you know how to handle change with ease.

If there is a scenario with which you need high energy, the cheetah is your go-to power animal.

For example, if you are a student, worrying and cramming for exams, this is when the cheetah should send high vibrations to help you focus and rest again afterward.

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Dream Interpretation

If you ever find yourself dreaming of a cheetah, it signals you are graceful, yet quick with your actions. You are never viewed as someone who procrastinates or takes too long to complete a task.

Instead, you are a person of action and you go and get things done, without even being asked to. Peers love to have you on their team as a result, as they know business always comes before pleasure.

A cheetah dream also symbolizes movement.

It suggests you might be moving through life a little too quickly to try and escape, or it means you should pay attention and move faster than you are already moving.

A cheetah dream also represents how you respond to certain situations.

Whether the situation is threatening you and you need to respond with self-defense, or situations that are promising and you need to respond by grabbing the opportunity.

Some cheetah dreams also represent some extremes of your personality.

For example, are you too lenient? Or are you too quick? It reminds you to stay focused and pursue all your goals with as much determination as possible.

If you dream of a cheetah hiding in your bushes, this implies there is danger in your life.

This might be a person, a situation, or a group of people, and you must take note that things are not as they appear.

If a cheetah is sprinting in your dream, try and see where it is headed. Wherever the cheetah is aiming for, this should give you a more significant symbolic value to your dream.

For example, if you were uncertain about an upcoming holiday such as a cruise and the cheetah is headed to the water, this is a sign everything will be ok.

If the cheetah is walking in circles in your dream or keeps following you, this signifies you are in a rut.

You keep making the same mistakes and you need to break this cycle so you can engage in fulfilling your soul’s destiny in life.

Finally, if you are battling a cheetah, you are up against a daunting foe, who can see signs of weakness.

If you win the fight in the dream, you should overcome the odds you face when up against whatever condition is worrying you.

Tattoo Meaning

The cheetah tattoo primarily means focus.

The symbol of a cheetah on the body reminds you to stay focused on your goals through life, as if you lose focus, you might miss an important opportunity.

It also highlights the adaptability of a cheetah and that you need to always try to adapt to any changing situations that arise.

A cheetah pattern on the skin can also symbolize uniqueness. The reason that cheetahs are so fast, is that their body structure is designed especially for running.

Their lungs are enlarged, as well as their heart, and this allows them to breathe in more oxygen as they sprint fast to catch their prey.

This unique body structure and incredible ability to run can symbolize uniqueness.

The tattoo can also symbolize agility due to its speed. If you see a runner with this tattoo, they want some credit for the speeds they can reach.

A tattoo of this animal running to catch its prey reflects agility and quickness.

Finally, a cheetah tattoo might also signal power.

A cheetah uses every muscle in its body to achieve great speeds, they grasp its prey with sharp teeth and this means they have no chance of escaping.

Because of their sheer power, they can catch animals much bigger than themselves, and therefore, a tattoo suggests the wearer is as powerful and as strong.

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Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of the cheetah, they are a fortunate omen and signify you to move fast.

You should accelerate your action, without throwing away time and agree on your goals to reach your destiny. You should start simulating to accomplish your desire.

Spiritually, the cheetah also blesses you with adaptability and allows you to blend into different scenarios and circumstances.

The cheetah also teaches us that there are two paths to success. You must carefully plan your execution or you must act fast.

The cheetah’s time of relaxation signals the rigorous work that should go along with rest and meditation.

Image by Carole Henderson from Pixabay

Astrology And Zodiac Signs

Those that are born under the primal zodiac sign of the cheetah are rare.

They are intelligent, curious, and creative, and have a high capacity for high levels of artistic and mathematical skill.

Therefore, they are interested in esoteric and unexplained mysteries of the world. They are curious beings and question everything.

As a result of this, they have an early learning curve, and most adults see them as gifted.

As children, they find themselves preferring the company of adults, rather than playing and hanging around with other children.

Those born under the cheetah sign are also quick at getting going in life and quick at getting things done.

However, they have a hard time staying ahead throughout life. They sometimes might end up solitary as a result of being too territorial and working on only what interests them.

Like other cats, they believe in luxury and pleasure and possess a fight or flight reaction when it comes to tough challenges.

They also sometimes isolate themselves to try and pursue individual interests yet their lack of socialization can end up altering their entire personality.

Egyptian Symbolic Meanings

In Egyptian lore, one of the earliest cat-headed Goddesses in history was Madfet.

She bore the likeness of a cheetah and she presided over matters of rebirth, death, and fair treatment. She also presided over wise decision making and the name, Madfet means ‘The Great Cat’.

When she transformed into a cheetah, she did so to get back at any wrongdoing. Madfet is fierce and she is unforgiving. Her claw bought the final penalty.

The Egyptians loved and revered the cheetah.

People in power used to keep cheetahs as pets and as hunting companions. Images of the animal appear in tombs and as guardians and guides throughout the afterlife in their culture.

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African Folklore

A lot of cheetah symbolism makes an appearance in African folklore. One story shows how the cheetah spirit is kind-hearted and illustrates good sportsmanship.

In this story, the cheetah was racing an antelope, to work out which, out of the two were the fastest. When the antelope was ahead of the cheetah, the antelope fell.

The cheetah, instead of racing ahead, stopped and helped the creature back to its feet.

The Divine took note of this gesture and rewarded the cheetah with incredible speed for future generations. It teaches children that kindness always has a reward.

Image by Gareth Webb from Pixabay

Symbolic Meanings

  • Vigilance
  • Speed
  • Persistence
  • Confidence
  • Discernment
  • Choices
  • Camouflage
  • Adaptability
  • Awareness
  • Composure
  • Survival

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have learned the symbolic and spiritual meanings of a cheetah, as well as what they can do for you if they are either your spirit animal, your totem, or your power animal.

We’ve also highlighted what they mean if you ever stumble across someone with a tattoo of the animal and what they mean in astrology.

Remember, the cheetah is an animal of speed and power and will always encourage you to grab opportunities as they arise.

They inspire confidence and they help you adapt to any new situation. The cheetah should never be underestimated and we know if you ever encounter one, you are on your way to success.

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