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soulpreneurs the fifth element life collaboration soulpreneurs ring pendant
In collaboration with Yvette Luciano - Soulpreneurs® for Sarah Wilder - The Fifth Element Life
“live your purpose, lift your platform and leap into prosperity”
This sacred symbol represents connection, clarity, courage, communication in your heart-lead career and life. Referencing symbolism from the sword and strength of Archangel Michael (leader of the angels); a shield-like mandala design as a nod to Wonder Woman - shielding and protecting sensitivity and softness; referencing the horn of a Unicorn to represent miracles, magic and healing powers and drawing on the resilience and transmutational energy of the Phoenix.
So what exactly is a Soulpreneur®?
A Soulpreneur is someone who chooses to take their soul’s lead in their career or business. Someone who believes in a deeper meaning for their work and reason for being on this planet at this time. You are here because you are one of them.
We are all born with a purpose. An agreement our soul made before we were born: a soul contract.
Everyone has a personal soul lesson and mission: perhaps to learn love, compassion, forgiveness or resilience.
So, who are we as Soulpreneurs®?
We are a global community of aspiring authors, artists, speakers, creatives, coaches, bloggers, musicians, healers, activists and all sorts of lightworkers in various forms. From natural beauty businesses to soulful jewellery designers, and professionals from virtual assistants to lawyers and bookkeepers. From the creative or healing arts, to the culinary or martial arts!
Call on this talisman when you need to be reminded of where your soul has been leading you and to allow it to guide you back from fearful thinking and redirect that energy into moving back towards the light. Call on the energies of Archangel Michael and Wonder Woman and our mythical guides, The Unicorn and Phoenix; and use the ring/pendant as a fierce and feminine shield and talisman of strength, protecting and honouring your sensitivity and softness, on your path to your soul purpose and mission.

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