Cosmic Ordering

If you’ve done any research into manifestation or the laws of the universe, you’ve probably heard of the law of attraction. However, you may not have heard of cosmic ordering.

Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic ordering as a concept has a lot of overlaps with the theory of the law of attraction. In fact, cosmic ordering relies on the law of attraction in order to work.

People who have used cosmic ordering have reported increased success, more fulfillment, and incredible changes in their lives. So, what exactly is cosmic ordering, and how does it work? Let’s find out together.

Cosmic Ordering: What Is It?

Cosmic ordering sounds very similar to the law of attraction, and that’s because the law of attraction is accepted in cosmic ordering as the force behind the latter’s effectiveness.

Essentially, cosmic ordering is a specific way of utilizing the power of the law of attraction to bring your dreams and desires into reality.

The idea of cosmic ordering can be traced back to the writing of Barbel Mohr. She initially emphasized the importance of writing down what you want from your life in a clear and easily-definable way.

Having published her theory in Sonnenwind magazine, she went on to write a book titled The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams.

While Barbel Mohr’s concept of cosmic ordering has some unique differentiations from the basic principle of the law of attraction (such as physically writing your desires down), many aspects of cosmic ordering overlap with the law of attraction.

For example, both encourage positive thinking in order to make your manifestation more powerful and promote visualization as a key technique.

Why You Should Try Cosmic Ordering

When you practice cosmic ordering consistently and effectively, you will find that positive experiences and opportunities come to you, and even before that happens, you will see that you’re a more optimistic and driven person as a result of your new mindset.

Additionally, just the practice of visualization and positive thinking can improve your health, confidence, and cognitive abilities.

Studies have been conducted into the practice of writing down goals, which is key to the effectiveness of cosmic ordering.

Recent research has demonstrated that people who write down their goals are not only more likely to achieve them, but are also generally more focused.

People who use cosmic ordering also report that it makes them feel more confident, regardless of whether they have already received what they asked for or not.

Simply putting your faith in the universe can help you to have more confidence in yourself because you know the universe has your back, and the increased positivity will make you feel better about yourself in general.

When the universe does bring you what you asked for, this self-confidence and positive self-image will skyrocket.

And it’s not only your mental health that can benefit from cosmic ordering. Your physical health can also improve when you start putting your trust in the universe.

You will probably find that once you believe the universe is working in your best interest, your stress levels will reduce.

Since stress can have such a detrimental effect on the immune system, you may notice that you feel less run down and catch fewer colds and viruses.

Additionally, unhealthy habits such as over or under-eating, smoking or drinking to excess may be easier to cut down on.

How To Use Cosmic Ordering In Your Life

Cosmic Ordering

If you’ve read the above section and decided that you want to experience the benefits of cosmic ordering for yourself, you’ll need to know how to use this practice effectively.

As with the law of attraction, many people mistakenly believe that cosmic ordering is simply a case of asking the universe for what you want, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

There are several layers to using cosmic ordering, and all are necessary if you want it to work.

Firstly, you need to believe that cosmic ordering will work. You must trust in the universe, otherwise your feelings of doubt will counteract your efforts to think positively and cloud your ability to visualize effectively.

Sit and really think about what it is that you want. Maybe you want to find the perfect romantic partner, make a lot of money or buy a new house. Whatever it is, write it down clearly.

Once you have written down your desire, take a few moments to meditate so that your mind is clear and calm.

Then, it’s time to visualize. Make an image in your mind’s eye of what you have asked for in writing, and really feel it.

When you imagine it, don’t just imagine a picture, but also add as many sensory details as possible and allow yourself to feel how you will feel when it becomes reality.

At this point, write a letter to the universe. The letter should include your simple sentence about what it is you wish to receive, but also all the details from your visualization.

Use the letter-writing practice to visualize all over again. Then, either literally (posting or emailing the letter to yourself) or symbolically, send the letter to the universe.

From this point on, repeat your visualization often and in as much detail as you can. Maintain a positive attitude and don’t worry or wonder why you haven’t received your wish.

Just trust that the universe will answer your letter – just not always in the way you might expect!

Final Thoughts

Cosmic ordering is a powerful tool for communication with the universe, and it’s one of the most effective ways of bringing your desires to fruition while becoming a more positive, focused and healthy person.

Remember, writing to the universe is the main component of cosmic ordering, but you will also need to employ many aspects of manifestation and the law of attraction, such as positive thinking and visualization.

Also, remember to keep an open mind and stay positive. No matter how long or what form it takes, the universe will bring you what you have asked for.


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