Crab: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Associated spiritual, dream, and symbolic meanings to animals is nothing new but are still incredibly popular. The crab is perhaps one of the more overlooked animals to this, although it still has a lot to offer.

Its symbolism and spiritual meaning are very strong. It’s a highly reclusive creature with lots of mystery and intrigue. We are going to explore everything about the crab’s symbolic, spiritual, and dream meaning – along with a whole lot more.

Symbolism Of The Crab

Although small, the crab has a huge amount of resilience on both land and in the sea. It’s highly resourceful and can adapt to most situations.

Simply by observing it, we notice its hard shell showing protection to people who are not ready to yet open up and observe new self-discoveries.

This could suggest a person’s weaknesses and inability to move forward with things. Speaking of its shell, this is also the crab’s home. It symbolizes a happy home life.

The crab represents the moon with a Yin energy alignment to the ocean and seas. If someone has imagery of a crab frequently in a short space of time, it may indicate the spirit animal requires attention.

The crab naturally moves sideways, unlike most creatures that walk on land. Not only might this symbolize difference and not following the crowd by going your own way – but also the requirement to side-step from problems to ensure safety.

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The claws of the crab are tough and when it latches onto something, it is incredibly difficult to remove. This symbolizes its resilience and willingness not to give up – more so when it is something earned or achieved by right.

When a crab ages, its shells are shed linking to a meaning of new life or rebirth. However, during this time – a crab is vulnerable and during change, its value of symbolism is the cautious approach to new situations.

China looks upon the crab as a symbol of good luck. It is also portrayed with its arms outstretched as a mirroring of the sun. When it is depicted like this in art, the crab symbolizes a new day and the defeating of darkness – showing the protective nature of the crab.

It is also used as an aphrodisiac for men who are struggling with virility – providing a sense of new love and new hope. Mythologically speaking, the crab is portrayed as a seeker of new lands or an adventurer. Symbolizing here the inquisitive and brave characteristics of it.

The Crab Spirit Animal

Many people have asked for years what their spirit animal is and how they would know. One theory is that you see an animal you wouldn’t normally see much more frequently.

You may also see them at times of trouble or when you need guidance, The crab might be one such animal. If you’re seeing a crab more often – perhaps the world is telling you to go in a new direction.

A crab is often found naturally in peaceful beached areas or in calm seas – it could be telling you to take time away for yourself, calm down and meditate on your problems.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The spirit animal may be indicating that you go out and seek the unknown. Crabs may travel around the unfamiliar territories of the seas, floating around and unsure of where it will arrive – yet it survives.

It is telling you to face up to your fears and take risks, then begin your journey to shine a light on darker areas. A crab does not live within its shell for eternity, it must move.

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The Crab Totem Animal

People with a crab totem animal often have a massively sensitive nature, but it is this nature that sends them to a life of isolation.

This person’s safety zone can be a place to achieve their goals and develop an explorative journey for relationships and for fresh challenges.

Under its own terms, these challenges and relationships can be taken one step at a time. Dipping only slowly into potentially dangerous situations but remaining in control.

The totem guides you to safety, allowing an opportunity for rest when completely exhausted. Your aura and energy will be revamped and make you feel recharged.

Those who cower in the corners of their minds and battles may never come out of it – but people that allow themselves that moment to start again will exhibit the power and courage they are capable of.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Crab Power Animal

Calling upon your crab power animal can help you move more freely. Crabs ride the power of the waves to the unknown but do so easily and calmly.

They are equally as confident on land and do so in their own way. The crab as your animal is letting you remain both unique and confident. You do what you have to do and remain true to your inner self.

Crab medicine can arrive in our lives when we feel heaps of stress or we continue to bottle our emotions up. Feeling crabby is fine and at times is completely natural, but it’s crucial that we do not continue holding onto these feelings.

Drawing on the crab’s psychic powers can help you when you are wary of your own fresh spirituality. The crab will use its powers to draw the elements together and let you declare your own control over yourself. The virtue is patience.

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Native American Symbolism

Native American traditions portray the crab as a symbol of new life as it was their belief that humans were reborn as crabs or another entity of the sea.

The Native Americans also connected the crab to the moon and the sea – our love, our life, and our emotions are all on the same wavelength.

Native American Shamans are said to have believed that seeing a crab in your life was a sign that you need to explore and assess your feelings – see what is logged within seaweed but also what has disappeared with the tides of the seas.

Some also used crabs as a token of their appreciation, admiration, or overall respect. Many Native American communities still participate in this belief, where younger members of the tribe will present a crab to their elders.

Crab Dreams

Those whose dreams contain a crab may be feeling overdependent on a person, group, or place. The crab may be indicating that you’re exposed or feeling fearful. You must explore these feelings and reassess them.

The nature of the dream might symbolize different things. Dreaming about being bitten or snapped by by their claws can indicate that you need to be more careful around people – maybe you’re getting too close to somebody and need to rethink your strategy.

If the crab is in water, the behavior of the water can suggest your life’s tempo. Maybe it’s out of control shown through high waves crashing into the cliffs.

Crab Tattoo Meaning

Types of crab tattoos can suggest different things. Mostly, the crab symbolizes harmony with the water element. They can offer protection to people, particularly travelers on their path.

Many cultures have the crab as a symbol of rebirth and renewal whereas others look upon the crab as good luck. However, the types of crab that are being inked onto the person will make the biggest difference in their meaning.

The King crab for example is famous for its size and popularity. People who get this tattoo may be indicating their dominance or duality with their size but also their kind-heartedness.

Hermit crabs on the other hand are much smaller and often hide. These crabs symbolize more about a person’s happy home life, but also the bravery to move onto new surroundings and a new world.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Those who choose the Cancer crab as a tattoo may be exhibiting their motherly love or nurture. Femininity, creativity, and loving nature are shown along with a person’s family ties, roots, and care.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of A Crab

Seeing crabs is much more than just a crustacean in front of you. It can express a life of much turmoil that needs resolving – someone with a lot of pain and baggage that must be addressed. A person must seek a newer direction in their life and seek their destiny.

Crabs In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

The crab is the symbol of Cancer in the Zodiac. Cancerians are among the warmest of people who generally don’t exhibit this. Although Cancerians are very friendly and cautious with conflict, they often keep to themselves.

Cancerians show little in the way of emotion but often are conflicted within themselves, fighting personal battles.

Cancerians are ruled by the moon’s maternal energy and power. They see no problem that they cannot resolve and many other signs will seek out the help of Cancerians for guidance.

According to some, Cancerians often resemble that of a crab physically. Sometimes, they gain weight as they store stress fat and use indulgence as a coping mechanism. Due to emotional burial, Cancerians may have ulcers or boils.

They may also live with anxiety disorders as they continue to bottle up their true feelings. Although strong on the outside, they are often soft underneath and may have weaknesses that they do not want others to see.

African & Greek Myth & Symbolic Meanings

According to Greek mythology, the crab came out from Heracles after fighting the Hydra. Hera had sent the creature to bite Heracles and make his victory hollow – but Heracles stepped on the crab and crushed it. Nonetheless, the crab was rewarded with a place in Heaven for its brave effort.

In Zambian folklore, a familiar from witchcraft that manifests itself as a crab known as Nkala is an extremely strong and difficult to defeat being. It is known for eating shadows and the remains of a previous Nkala can be used for both bait and medicine.

The Greek myth symbolizes a creature of unquestionable bravery and loyalty, whereas the Zambian myth shows a being that is both feared but also used for its goodness.

This duality is shown through the Zodiac and the shadows being eaten is another such theory shared by the Chinese.

Australian Symbolism

The crab is a native symbol in Australia. There are two main stores attributed to the crab.

One story talks of a cannibal that was buried alive by her tribe as punishment. As a spirit crow waited for the crab to re-emerge from her pit, the crab grew a hard shell for protection. She was also able to solve her blindness from being attacked.

This story showed a being that was able to shape-shift at whatever whim she so wished. The second story, however, talks of a man who loved to hear a possum-man playing the didgeridoo. When the man says he must leave to play to others, the crab begs for another song.

During the final song, the man went closer and closer to the sea sideways hearing the music – until eventually becoming a crab as the sea covered him.

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Symbolic Meaning Of The Crab

Crabs can be symbols of defense. Their nature has them with two pincers that can harm if threatened. They’re incredibly fearless and have no problems in battle or fights.

They’re incredibly resilient creatures who will usually stick with their own decisions, like clinging onto someone or something. Some crabs are adaptable to change whereas some aren’t so much but all will seek the opportunity to advance.

Image by ligiera from Pixabay

Overall, the symbolic traits of a crab include:

  • Defensiveness
  • Fearlessness
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-reliance
  • Growth
  • Personal journey
  • Individual
  • Psychic
  • Relentless
  • Sensitive
  • Unique

Final Thoughts

Finding meaning and purpose can be difficult, and some people look to the skies for guidance. The crab as a symbol shows huge potential and promise and can be helpful to those who need help.

People who are dreaming of or have experienced the crab in their lives recently might be living at a time of great change or pain – the spirit animal might be trying to tell you something.

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