Self Help and Healing: 22 Helpful Crystals For Menstrual Cramps

All women have that same day penciled into their calendar, and all are familiar with that sense of dread because of menstrual cramps as the day creeps closer and closer. 

While some are lucky with short, light periods that don’t cause much pain, others are on the complete other side of the scale, experiencing cramps that are like nothing else they have ever experienced. 

If the sharp pain resembling a knife poking at your insides isn’t enough, periods also come with erratic mood swings. 

Depending on the severity, many victims of this cursed time end up being able to get on with their everyday life, after popping an ibuprofen or two.

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However, for some, this does not help, and there are also some individuals who prefer not to medicate during this time, preferring the natural side of things. This brings us to our next point…crystals!

It seems as though there’s a crystal for just about anything. There are crystals for depression, anxiety, fertility, and much more! 

What if we told you there are some crystals out there that can help with your period pains?

This article is going to be providing you with a list of different crystals that have glorious vibrations that could maybe help you when you are going through your menstrual cycle… Thank us later! 

Self Help and Healing: 22 Helpful Crystals For Menstrual Cramps

1. Amethyst

This deep-purple stone carries some serious soothing vibrations and relieves tension from the neck and shoulder muscles.

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It can also reduce migraine pain, something that can be common when women are on their period. 

It also promotes a night of restful sleep, something that needs when women are menstruating. 

2. Black tourmaline

You should not be intimidated by the volcanic dark color of this stone.

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This gem works its power by removing any toxic energy that may be surrounding you, ridding you of any ill health you may be experiencing.

This stone also helps accelerate tissue and organ repair during menstruation.

3. Bloodstone

Known as the warrior stone, this gemstone cleanses the blood, stimulates circulation, dissolves blockages, and releases negative energy sent out by other people.

Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

This stone will target your root chakra, helping you heal from any pain you are experiencing in your body. 

4. Clear quartz

This beautifully clear stone refocuses energy into the body where it is needed most.

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Clear quartz has some strong vibrations that will align your chakras, ensuring that all pain you are experiencing escapes your body. 

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This is another stone that works well at reducing migraine pain. 

5. Heliotrope

This stone will really support any women who are experiencing discomfort during menopause as well as menstruation.

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It carries a strong purifying energy that will really help anyone who uses it with any passivity or fatigue. 

Heliotrope is also great at boosting the immune system

6. Diamond

The diamond crystal supports healthy liver function and hormonal balance. It detoxifies and purifies the body, ridding it of anything causing ill health or pain. 

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Diamonds also clear any emotional stress or mental pain, helping those on their menstrual cycles manage their moods and emotions better. 

7. Garnets

Garnets are gems that stimulates the body’s metabolism and healthy cell production. There are many types of garnet, including almandine, pyrope, and others. 

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Garnets are often worn as jewelry because they are pretty and regal. Garnets can bring positive energy to their wearers, also aiding in any pain they may be experiencing 

8. Moonstone

This stone has feminine nurturing energy, making it the ideal crystal to have close by when you are menstruating.

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It is a gemstone that calms lower abdominal pain and eases tension in the hips and thighs during menstruation.

When experiencing any mood swings, this stone will help you feel centered and calm, as Moonstone is all about stability and balance. 

9. Smoky quartz

This is a wonderful grounding stone. It detoxifies the body, and promotes emotional calmness, alleviating any stress, depression, anxiety, and negativity. 

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It also calms the digestive system, neutralizing any negativity in the physical body.  

10. Tiger Eye

The Tiger eye crystal can help reduce mood swings and fatigue during menstruation. It can also dispel fear and anxiety, providing the user with mental clarity

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11. Chrysocolla 

This beautiful blue crystal helps relieve muscle spasms and headaches. It also brings a sense of peace and tranquility, which is perfect for those who are having their periods. 

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12. Citrine

This is a lovely yellow crystal that helps promote good digestion and overall wellness.

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Citrine is also known as the sunshine stone, bringing warmth and light to the body, especially helpful when you’re feeling cold or tired. 

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13. Sapphire

Sapphires are one of the most popular stones for relieving menstrual pain. They are very powerful and effective at easing pain caused by endometriosis and fibroids. 

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They are also an excellent choice for women who experience bloating and water retention during their periods. 

14. Aquamarine

Moreover, Aquamarine is a beautiful greenish-blue crystal, and is considered to be a healing stone. Aquamarine is said to ease menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, while promoting fertility

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15. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that is known to soothe the mind and body.

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Rose Quartz is a gentle healer and is an amazing stone to use if you’re suffering from PMS symptoms like irritability, anger, sadness, and other negative feelings. 

16. Turquoise

Turquoise is a calming stone; it helps to relieve stress and anxiety and provides relief from menstrual cramps. It is also known to aid in the release of toxins.

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17. Jadeite

Moreover, Jadeite is a beautiful purple stone that is believed to be able to cleanse the blood and increase circulation. Jadeite is great for relieving menstrual cramps and migraines

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18. Agate

Agates are a type of rock crystal, and are usually gray-green in color. Agate is a stone that is believed to improve memory, concentration, and creativity. It is also thought to clear the mind and promote self-love. 

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19. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a pale green, bluish-gray mineral that is used to treat infertility. It is also known to alleviate menstrual cramps and discomfort.

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20. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a serious healer, known for alleviating all kinds of aches and pains, especially PMS symptoms.

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Its bright blue hues also work to lift your spirit whenever you may be feeling down, something very common during menstruation. 

21. Obsidian

This stone has a black-colored appearance with white spots around it. Its main intention is to encourage the body to heal.

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It is known for its abilities to alleviate menstrual cramps, and it also promotes better circulation around the body. 

22. Selenite 

This stone has the highest frequency a crystal can have, making it the best crystal for removing any blockages in the body. It is these blockages that can be contributing to pain. 

Selenite promotes strong bones and makes sure all nerves and tendons are filled with positive energy. 

How To Clean And Recharge Your Crystals 

It’s important to keep your crystals clean and charged. You should only ever charge your crystals using natural sources, such as sunlight. 

If you do not know how to recharge your crystals, then keep on reading! Here are some tips on how to clean and recharge your crystals:

1) Start off by cleaning your crystals. You can either soak them in warm water or rub them gently with a soft cloth.

The goal here is to get rid of any dirt and grime that might be stuck to the surface. This will make it easier for you to re-energize your crystals later.

2) Once you’ve cleaned your crystals, place them in direct sunlight, or moonlight for about 30 minutes.

This will allow the bright rays to penetrate into the crystals’ depths, where they will begin to absorb the light. You can also bury them in the soil for a few hours to recharge them. 

3) After this process, rinse your crystals under running water. This will help to remove any excess minerals that were absorbed by the stones.

How To Use Crystals For Menstrual Pain

There are many ways to use crystals to ease menstrual cramps. Some people prefer to wear their crystals, while others choose to carry them with them at all times.

Either way, there are plenty of benefits to having crystals close by when you’re menstruating. 

Crystals can be worn directly on the skin or placed inside jewelry. They can also be placed in a bowl of water to create an aura around you. This aura protects against negative energies. 

When you are experiencing painful periods, try placing one or more crystals near you. Place them on your bedside table, next to your pillow, or even on top of your desk. You can use any of the crystals mentioned in this article! 

Final Thoughts 

Experiencing a menstrual cycle can really cause many women a lot of pain and distress. Luckily, we live in a time when modern medicine offers us so much relief from our monthly discomfort. 

However, if you still want to experience the healing powers of crystals, then you needn’t worry. There are many types of crystals out there that can help you feel better during those difficult days.

Although they may not be as effective as modern medicine, those who would like to try using more natural forms of healing may notice a difference when having these crystals in close proximity to them.


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