20 Awesome Crystals For Relaxation (With Pictures)

Are crystals effective for stress relief? There are many types of crystals out there, each with its unique properties. Which ones should you choose?

Crystals are natural gemstones that come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. They are often used to enhance energy, promote healing, or improve mood. Some people even believe they can affect our consciousness.

Crystals are believed to have special powers that can help us relax and relieve stress. Some people swear by them.

If you want to try crystal therapy, we have written this article and included some of the most common types of crystals and their benefits when it comes to relaxation and easing stress. Let’s jump in.

Crystals Used For Relaxation

1. Aquamarine


This blue-green stone has been known to bring peace and tranquility. It’s also thought to aid in balancing hormones and improving fertility.

The blue beauty of the stone keeps the heart beating, and this crystal can pull you back to safety when you feel like your mind is being rushed away.

2. Citrine


A yellowish-orange stone, citrine is said to stimulate the mind and increase mental clarity. It’s especially beneficial when it comes to dealing with grief and loss.

It is recommended to keep celestite in the bedroom, as this can help create a tranquil and harmonious place of rest.

Citrine is said to help you find your true purpose in life. It is believed to improve memory and concentration. Citrine is also said to help you release negative thoughts and feelings.

3. Fluorite


Also called “fluoro-calcium phosphate”, fluorite is a green mineral that’s commonly found in nature.

People who wear fluorite jewelry claim it makes them feel happy and relaxed. This stone is said to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue.

It is believed to protect against electromagnetic radiation and other environmental toxins. Fluorite is also said to help ease insomnia and nervous tension.

4. Jasper

Red Jasper

The name means “hearthstone” in Latin. This pinky-red colored stone is made up of feldspars (minerals) and quartz.

It’s believed to clear negative thoughts from your head. Jasper is said to help you develop positive thinking and confidence.

Jasper is considered to be an excellent grounding stone, helping you stay focused and grounded during times of stress.

5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli 

This deep blue stone is said to help you connect with your higher self. It’s a powerful tool that will help you achieve goals and manifest what you desire.

Lapis is believed to help you gain insight into your subconscious patterns and habits.

Lapis is said to promote harmony between body, mind, and spirit. It is also said to help alleviate pain and heal wounds.

6. Malachite


This green gemstone is often used to treat emotional imbalances. Malachite is believed to help you get rid of anger and resentment. It is said to give you courage and fortitude.

Malachite is also thought to help you let go of past hurts and disappointments. It is therefore believed to relieve stress and anxiety.

7. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This pinkish-white stone is used to promote emotional healing. It’s often referred to as the “love stone.” Rose quartz is said to promote harmony and happiness.

Rose quartz is a stone that helps you feel peaceful and happy. It is also believed to help balance emotions and relieve stress.

Rose quartz is often associated with love, friendship, and compassion, so use this stone when you want to strengthen that friendship you feel helps you succeed and feel happy in life.

8. Morganite


Morganite is filled with loving energy and brings you nothing but magic. It is useful for those suffering from heart palpitations and can inspire a zen-like nature in your soul.

It is supposed to have calming effects like no other and can fill you with positivity to move forward in life.

9. Sapphire


This vivid blue gemstone is highly sought after for its beautiful color. Sapphire is said to help you overcome fear and negativity.

It is believed to offer protection against evil spirits and psychic attacks.

Sapphire is said to help bring out your inner strength and wisdom.

It is believed to help you become more intuitive. It is a great stone to have around if you are experiencing any kind of trauma or abuse.

10. Amethyst


This is a purple-colored stone that helps balance emotions and brings calmness. It’s said to be good for relieving anxiety and depression.

It is one of the most popular stones that is known for soothing powers and works wonders when it comes to calming nerves.

Amethyst is a crystal that promotes inner strength and self-confidence. It is thought to enhance creativity and intuition. Amethyst is said to help you overcome fears and anxieties.

11. Turquoise


Blue is one of the most popular colors found in nature.

Turquoise has been prized by many cultures since ancient times. The Aztecs even made turquoise their official gemstone.

Turquoise is a stone of inspiration and motivation. It is believed to encourage positive thinking and keep you focused on achieving your dreams.

The positive thinking in this gemstone can help keep you calm in tough situations and inspire you to keep going.

12. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a vibrant gemstone that stimulates the mind. It is believed to increase mental clarity and focus while encouraging feelings of joy and peace.

Pink tourmaline is a stone of hope and faith. It is believed to boost confidence and make you feel happier. It is also said to give you courage and relax you during difficult situations.

13. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurines

Green aventurine is a bright green stone that is very rare. It is believed to be a protective stone that allows you to see things with clarity.

Green aventurine is said to help you achieve success through hard work and determination. It is also believed as a stone of healing and relaxation.

14. Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger eye is a powerful stone that encourages bravery, honesty, and truthfulness. It is believed to protect you from negative influences and bad luck.

It is a stone of abundance and prosperity.

It is said to attract money and happiness and is believed to give you courage and help you face challenges head-on.

It also helps you with avoiding becoming clouded by emotions. It is often associated with battling anxiety.

15. Jade


Jade is another exotic gemstone that is becoming increasingly popular. This greenish-blue stone is considered to be an excellent remedy for stress and anxiety.

Jade is a stone of transformation and enlightenment. It is believed to open up new possibilities and help you grow spiritually. It is a stone that will help you find yourself again.

16. Moonstone


The moonstone is a lovely pale blue-white stone that is full of energy. It is believed to improve psychic abilities and strengthen relationships.

Moonstone is a stone of love and compassion. It is said to promote harmony and tranquility. It is a wonderful stone to have if you are looking for true love and happiness.

17. Amazonite


Amazonite is a perfect stone to help those with a tense body or burned-out mind.

It can turn all your negative emotions positive and can help you make decisions that are no longer based on fear, but, instead, based on love.

18. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a perfect stone for those looking for protection. It is believed to bring good fortune and protection against evil spirits.

It is also a stone that is used to cleanse the mind and get rid of negative thought patterns. It eliminates stress, anxiety, and tension and can bring a sense of stability and constant pattern.

19. Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz 

Blue topaz is a beautiful gemstone that is believed to enhance creativity. It is a great stone to use when you need to think outside the box.

Blue topaz is said to help you overcome obstacles and become more confident in your life choices. It is a stone of optimism and inspiration.

It is believed to help you overcome depression and negative thoughts, which in turn can help you feel more relaxed.

20. Rhodochrosite


Rhodochrosite is a stunning green stone that is believed to increase self-confidence.

It is a wonderful crystal to wear when you want to feel happy and optimistic about everything in your life.

When you feel happy and confident, you often relax and worry less about the stresses in your life.

How To Use Crystals For Relaxation

To use crystals for relaxation, they must be placed evenly throughout the home. You can also wear or carry them and incorporate them into meditation practices. Here are some tips:

1. Place one crystal in each room of your house. Put them on your bedside table, dresser, desk, kitchen countertop, bathroom mirror, etc. You can even pop one in your pillowcase to help with sleep and good dreams.

2. Wear a piece of jewelry that has at least one crystal on it as a reminder to keep your intentions clear.

3. Carry a small pouch filled with crystals with you everywhere you go.

4. Create gem elixirs or use crystals in your self-care rituals

5. If you like, you can create a special space where you can meditate and/or do yoga. Create a sacred space by placing candles around the area and decorating it with flowers, incense, and other items that give off a relaxing scent. Incorporate your crystals into these practices.

6. Keep crystals next to your laptop or computer and this can help with electromagnetic field exposure.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this article you have learned all about the crystals that are most commonly used for relaxation and that by incorporating them in your daily rituals, popping them around your house, and carrying them on you in the form of jewelry or a little pouch can help relieve stress, promote calmness, help with anxiety and most of all, help you stay grounded and relaxed.


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