13 Supportive Healing Crystals For The Immune System (With Pictures)

Recent years have seen a significant rise in Americans looking for alternative solutions and medicines when it comes to improving their overall health and wellbeing.

This includes almost everything from yoga and tai chi to healing crystals.

Today, in this blog post, we’ll be looking at how healing crystals can help.

Crystals are believed to have a wide range of benefits that boost immunity and address key mental, physical, and emotional issues within the human body.

Crystals For Immune System

As our immune system is often affected by emotions and mental factors, it makes sense that healing crystals could help as they take care of our holistic health.

To help you understand which crystals could help and why, we’ve compiled a useful list.

In this list, you will find all the crystals known to benefit our immune systems.

If you want to try something different or simply consider yourself a crystal enthusiast, make sure you stick around!

1. Amber

Crystals For Immune System

The first crystal on our list is Amber. Amber is effective in healing and purifying our bodies by absorbing any negative energy or pain we may be experiencing.

It also promotes the healing of any wounds we may have, giving our body’s the chance to heal and balance themselves.

Used as an elixir most commonly applied to the wrists, neck, and solar plexus, the amber crystal also offers psychological benefits.

Many crystal enthusiasts and shamans believe that Amber is capable of imparting self-confidence and joy. It is also known to reduce emotional distress and relieve any stresses we have.

2. Pink Smithsonite

Crystals For Immune System

The best way to use the Pink Smithsonite crystal is to place it near the base of your throat or on your chest.

The Pink Smithsonite crystal is believed to assist in the stimulation of the thymus gland, which happens to strongly link to the immune system.

Many also believe that the Smithsonite crystal possesses properties that help it counteract the effects of infertility.

To tackle infertility, shamans and crystal enthusiasts recommend placing the crystal at the four corners of your bed. This should help you reap the rewards of the crystal and its supposed benefits.

3. Black Obsidian

Crystals For Immune System

One of the most widely used crystals is Black Obsidian. A beautifully deep black color, many use this crystal due to its impressive healing benefits.

Black Obsidian is known to help reduce negative feelings, shield the body from both emotional and physical negativity, and promote key qualities like compassion, strength, and clarity.

Using this crystal is thought to help one unlock their true potential, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Aside from leaving us free of any negative blockages, it is also believed that the Black Obsidian crystal can improve digestive health and boost our immune systems.

4. Blood Stone

Crystals For Immune System

If you’re coming off the back of a nasty illness or the flu, the Blood Stone crystal could be a massive help.

Typically used to ward off disease and illness before we fall ill, the Blood Stone is always great at re-energizing and revitalizing the body.

Whether it be an injury, illness, inflammation, or physical exhaustion, the Blood Stone will help you feel like yourself again.

Aside from being programmed to cleanse and purify our blood to strengthen immunity, this crystal is also believed to enhance our creative thinking, empathy, focus, and compassion.

These improvements help us lead a better life mentally and emotionally, in turn boosting the effectiveness of our immune system.

For maximum results, keep the crystal over your thymus area. Wearing it in a pendant is your best option.

5. Emerald

Crystals For Immune System

This well-recognized crystal isn’t only one of the most beautiful crystals known to man, but also one of the best when it comes to helping our immune system.

The quite stunning Emerald crystal is a strong ally of our immune systems, helping us stay in good health when our natural defense systems are running low on fuel.

The crystal has properties that regenerate the physical body and assist in the rapid recovery from infectious diseases.

The stone also provides a well-balanced improvement of emotional, physical, and mental factors, ensuring any negativity is removed and instead replaced with positive energies.

These positive energies help us to look at life with a much more positive attitude.

6. Amethyst

Crystals For Immune System

The Amethyst is an extremely powerful healing crystal that protects and heals the body.

When worn by an individual, the amethyst is known to cleanse our organs and eliminate any negativity.

It also helps to regulate intestinal flora. Surprisingly considered to be a natural tranquilizer, the Amethyst has the ability to relieve stress and counteract the effects of nervousness and anxiety.

It does this by promoting tranquility and peace from within.

A lot of crystal enthusiasts also believe that this crystal can combat sleeping disorders such as insomnia and nightmares by balancing emotional highs and lows whilst also offering valuable aid during times of extreme anger, anxiety, and fear.

Promoting restful sleep, the Amethyst could be the perfect solution if you find yourself fatigued due to a lack of sleep.

7. Ametrine

Crystals For Immune System

Ametrine is actually a crystal made from amethyst and citrine crystals. It is believed that this strong crystal can help improve and strengthen the immune system whilst also aiding the nervous system.

If you suffer from emotional and mental exhaustion, you could benefit massively from this crystal.

Ametrine crystals are also beneficial for those who suffer from digestive disorders or severe allergies.

The crystal works by taking the qualities of the Amethyst and Citrine to effectively dissolve fatigue, bodily toxins, and negativity.

Placing the crystal at your solar plexus or Crown chakra will help you benefit from the crystal most. Some like to place the crystal under their pillow too.

8. Selenite

Crystals For Immune System

Placing the Selenite crystal on the affected part of your body could help remove any unwanted energies.

One way people use the crystal is by placing a Selenite stone or wand under their bare feet. They then breathe in and out deeply, absorbing all the positive energy into their body.

The Selenite crystal can also be programmed to act as a cleansing aura that helps remove any negative energy blockages on a physical and emotional level.

To improve general health and positive energy levels around your home, place the crystal on a window sill. This will ensure that air coming into the home is filled with Selenite energy.

9. Black Tourmaline

Crystals For Immune System

Black Tourmaline is another hugely popular crystal believed to contain properties that strengthen and boost the immune system.

Capable of detoxifying the body by balancing the right and left sides of the brain, Black Tourmaline comes in useful when coping with illnesses.

Particularly good at dealing with lung problems, this crystal is also an amazing grounding crystal that can harmonize and balance every single Chakra.

Some people interestingly use the crystal to protect themselves from electromagnetic smog.

Place Black Tourmaline in the four corners of your bedroom, in a pendant, or simply in your pocket for the best results.

10. Calcite

Crystals For Immune System

Calcite crystals come in a variety of colors but the most powerful tend to be yellow or green. Yellow and green Calcite helps fortify the immune system and absorb calcium.

The absorption of calcium is particularly important when it comes to stimulating growth in younger children.

As well as supporting the immune system and promoting growth, the Calcite crystal also relieves stress and promotes peace of mind.

As if that wasn’t enough, it is also believed that this crystal boosts self-confidence to help us overcome any obstacles we may be facing, which in turn helps bring stability to our lives.

11. Lepidolite

Crystals For Immune System

While Lepidolite may not directly impact our immune system, its ability to calm our minds and dispel all negative energy helps to promote a happier, more peaceful way of life.

In turn, this gives our immune system the lift it needs to stay healthy and fight illnesses.

Thanks to the crystal’s calming properties, those with sleeping disorders could really benefit from placing this crystal under their pillow.

Improving mainly emotional and mental issues, the Lepidolite crystal also offers great benefits to those suffering from stress, regular mood swings, and depression.

12. Aquamarine

Crystals For Immune System

If you find yourself suffering from immune reactions like asthma, the Aquamarine crystal could be a good choice for you.

Also known as the stone of courage, the Aquamarine crystal is excellent at transmitting energies that give us the strength to rise to any challenge.

It also soothes our mind, assisting in the diminishing of stress which in turn calms the mind.

You can enhance the power of the Aquamarine crystal by using it in conjunction with the Emerald crystal.

By using these two stones together your body could easily fight against sinus and throat infections to help you tackle colds quickly.

13. Moonstone

Crystals For Immune System

The final crystal on our list is the Moonstone. The Moonstone is another powerful crystal that encourages positive thoughts and a clear mind.

It also improves inner growth and strength, ensuring we have the desire to fight anything we may face.

While its energies don’t directly impact our immune system’s ability to fight, the increase in calmness, positivity, and drive to succeed gives our immune system the belief and boost it needs to stay healthy and fight back against illnesses.

Final Thoughts

It is believed that crystals promote positive energy and healing properties that affect our mind, body, and soul. In our list, we took you on a journey looking at the different crystals out there that are known to help our immune systems.

While we can’t make any guarantees, many crystal enthusiasts and shamans believe that the crystals on our list can help improve our body’s health in a variety of ways whether it be through a positive thought process or the removal of negative energies.

Whether you want to try an alternative or simply love everything crystal-related, there is a crystal for you on our list.

All you have to do now is pick the crystal or crystals you think suit your personality and situation best.

Gloria White

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