Dolphin: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Dolphins are lovable, funny, intelligent, and playful creatures almost everyone loves. But what do they symbolize, and what do they mean in a spiritual context?

As a general rule, dolphins are symbolic of willpower, humor, teamwork, happiness, playfulness and so much more. In this article, we are going to explore the different meanings the dolphin can have for you in both a symbolic and spiritual sense. 

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Dolphin Spirit Animal Meaning

The dolphin will appear in your life when you need to get your voice back. They show us how to communicate more effectively and to be honest. This spirit animal teaches us that we need to get back to nature and pay attention to her messages and rhythms. 

They also teach us that we must love ourselves, you are worth the appreciation no matter what you are going through and how you are feeling. 

The dolphin also makes an appearance when we are in need of reconnection with our inner child. Playing and laughing while you do something you once loved or something that brings you joy is important to our health, and the dolphin shows us that. 

While the dolphin is in your life, you may find that your heart and your head strive for balance, and the dolphin shows us how to do that. With the dolphin by your side, you will find happiness and balance in your life as this intelligent creature guides you. 

Dolphin Totem Animal Meaning

Your totem animal is one particular animal spirit that is present throughout your life, they guide you and show you how to get through life even when you are not sure what to do next. 

The dolphin shows us that we need to enjoy life, embrace the things that make us happy. Those with this totem are family-oriented and that love has no limits. 

The dolphin totem means that you are likely to be an empathetic person who is especially caring for those weaker than yourself. This totem brings out a selfless nature in you, which makes you willing to go very far for the greater good. 

People that have a dolphin totem are strong-willed and work hard to get what they want out of life. The dolphin brings out the best in you and will help you to become a  happier and more helpful person. 

Dolphin Power Animal Meaning

A power animal is a creature you call upon to lend you strength when you are unable to confront or conquer something in your own life. The dolphin is most helpful when you are in need of happiness and energy. If you are unable to escape this cloud of negativity, the dolphin’s energy will help uplift you and bring the joy you deserve. 

When you have lost your voice and require a way to communicate with others, the dolphin can help you to improve your communication. They are helpful in showing you how you can show your emotions and convey your thoughts with ease. 

The dolphin shows us the power of breath, and how different breathing rhythms can allow you to achieve total relaxation. These techniques can aid in healing and show you sparks of joy even when life seems bleak.

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The Meaning Of Dolphins In Dreams

The most common interpretation of seeing dolphins in dreams is a social connection or impending joy. Positivity usually surrounds these beautiful sea creatures, if dolphins fill your dreams it is likely a sign that you tend to be a more empathetic, positive, and happy person. 

Amidst all the positive symbolism that surrounds the dolphin, there are also negative meanings that can be associated with these animals in the dream world. 

As a rule, it is always important to pay attention to your own circumstances when you dream. A general interpretation of a dream can change depending on your personal circumstances. But, you can get a general answer to your questions if you pay attention to the situations and details you see in your dream. So, when a noble dolphin visits you, make sure to note the details. What color is the dolphin in your dreams, what is it doing, or how are you interacting with it? 

Below, you can see the general interpretation of the most common dolphin dreams:

You see a  Dolphin:

If you dream about a dolphin but do not remember any other details, it is likely that you will have good luck in the near future. If you remember seeing your dolphin in the water, it is also a good sign. It is an indicator that your ability to communicate well will improve soon. It might also be a sign that you need to get out there to meet some new people. 

A White Dolphin:

If you dream that you see a while dolphin in your dreams can be symbolic of the need to pay more attention to your spiritual journey and implement more time and energy into improving your relationship with the spiritual realm. 

A Pink Dolphin:

If you dream that you see a pink dolphin is very symbolic of positive emotions, but in particular love, passion and affection. Because of this, it can be a sign that you have these things in your life or that you need it to truly be at peace. 

A Dolphin Jumping in the Sea:

A dolphin that is jumping in the water is a sign of good health. A dolphin that is jumping when the moon is full, it is typically a sign for women. It is symbolic of femininity and the attractiveness that they possess and can mean that you are very aware of these things 

You are Playing with a Dolphin:

If you play with a dolphin in your dreams, it might be a sign that you are in a stressful environment in your waking life. This might be something in your work or even your family that is causing you stress. In addition to that, this dream might be a sign that your current relationship makes you feel negative to some degree and that it might be time to search for something new. 

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You are Touching a Dolphin:

If you dream that you are petting or touching a dolphin in your dream, this can be a sign that you are emotionally tethered to someone in your life. You may have seen someone that you are interested in but are not brave enough to admit it to yourself or them. If you have made eye contact with a dolphin, it can mean the same thing as touching a dolphin

You are Feeding a Dolphin:

The symbolism of this dream is usually positive. It means you should use the skills you possess soon. Your talents will help those who sound you and impress them, so you can make connections with people or further your career. 

You Talk to a Dolphin:

If you talk to a dolphin in your dreams, it is very important that you try to remember what you were talking about. The topic or conversion could be a message that will reveal the connection between the dream and your life. 

You are Riding a Dolphin:

A dream that involves you riding a dolphin is typically a good sign and can mean that you are looking to improve the situation that you are in. Not only that, but you are ready to utilize your talents and gifts to make yourself successful in whatever endeavors you are involved in or want to get started on. 

A Dolphin Carries You:

If you dream about a dolphin choosing to carry you, it can mean that someone in the near future will help you with something unexpected. It is likely that this person will be a stranger or someone that you do not know very well. 

A Dolphin Flying:

This can be a sign that you need to get in contact with your childish side. Because this dream is a manifestation of that childish nature that you have kept hidden for a long time. Do not be afraid to embrace this side of yourself and enjoy those things in your life again. 

You are Chasing a Dolphin:

If you are being chased by a dolphin in your dreams, it can be a sign that you are on the hunt for a job that will fulfill your life and make you happy. Another meaning to this dream can be that you are attempting to improve your communications skill and that you desire more socialization. 

A Pair of Playing Dolphins:

A pair or a couple of dolphins that are playing is a sign that you are in a relationship that is loving. You understand each other and complement each other really well. 

A Pod of Dolphins:

If dream that there is a pod of dolphins in your dreams is a good omen and usually means that you will have excellent luck in the next phase of your life. 

You are Swimming with Dolphins:

Swimming with dolphins is symbolic of a bright future and one that will be full of good things. There will be opportunities coming your way that will help you achieve this joy. It can also be symbolic of the need to try something new, the risks may or may not pay off, so make sure to pay attention to what you get yourself into. 

A Dolphin Attacks You:

A dolphin attacking you in your dream can be your subconscious’ way of telling you that you are ready to fight for what you want. You need to fight to achieve your dreams and achieve what you set out to do. 

You are Saving a Dolphin:

If you dream about trying to save a dolphin, it might be a sign that your relationship is at risk. You may not feel the romance or excitement that you once did, and life seems more routine than you thought it would be. It may be time that you tried to spice things up a little and reignite that spark that you have lost. Try doing something nice for your partner, or try to address the issue by openly conversing with your significant other. 

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A Dying Dolphin:

If you dream that there is a dolphin that is dying in your dream, it is often symbolic of the loss of a connection with someone close to you or that you are beginning to feel distant from a loved one. You may want to try and remedy this before the connection is lost forever. On the other hand, a dying dolphin can symbolize a feeling that you are not understood. The connotations of this dream are almost always negative. But, do not fear. With a little work, you can bring your ‘dying dolphin’ back from the brink. 

A Dolphin with Whales:

This dream is trying to show you that you have the protection of someone that is close to you. This may be a spouse, partner, father, mother, or anyone you see as strong and confident in your life that you are close to. 

A Dolphin with Sharks:

This dream can be a warning that you are in anger. It can also be a sign that you are just feeling that way and need to find out why so that you can exist with peace of mind. But, as a general rule, a dolphin amongst sharks can be symbolic of the need to be mindful of danger in the near future. 

There are many dreams you can have about dolphins, and each one can be interpreted differently. Not only will your message vary depending on who is interpreting the dream, but each message may differ from person to person, even if they have the same dream. It is important to pay attention to your own life circumstances and take them into account so that you can get a more accurate reading.

The Meaning Of Dolphins In Tattoos

Dolphin tattoos can mean any number of things depending on your personal reasons for getting it, your culture, or what symbolism you want it to represent. But as a general rule, dolphins tend to symbolize happiness, teamwork, virtue, intelligence, humor, willpower, and courtesy. There are of course many more things a dolphin might be symbolic of, but these are the main ones. The energy a dolphin gives tends to be positive, which is why you can expect most of these tattoos to give off these kinds of things. 

On top of the symbolic meaning, you can imply cultural significance by getting different styles or designs of this tattoo. 

A Yin and Yang dolphin tattoo for example can be symbolic of the balance and harmony of life, while channeling the Chinese thought dolphins were carriers of magical power. 

There are so many meanings you can put into a dolphin tattoo, but the most important thing to do if you are considering it is to make it your own. Get a dolphin that has meaning for you in your life or resonates with your experiences. 

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The Meaning Of Dolphins In Astrology And The Zodiac

Those who believe in primal astrology might know that there is a dolphin zodiac. Those under this sign are adaptable, lovable, playful, and active. They are curious and sociable people who are loved by most people. Some of the worst traits of the dolphin are their nervousness and can easily get overwhelmed by extension making them nervous. 

They can find it tough to balance life, but when they are focused, they have the potential to be amazing as well as balanced. The issue comes when they second guess themselves and their own intelligence, this doubting nature, can cause certain things in their life to crumble. Dolphins can get too focused and burn out easily, which can make them resentful. Once again, the main issue with this sign is their difficulty finding balance. 

On the flip side, the dolphin is very energetic and adapts to their surroundings easily. This helps them to feel confident even when they are having a tough time with something. Dolphins tend to have many projects going at the same time, this is because they get bored quite quickly and have something to move onto when they tire of one project in particular. 

Those under this sign need fun in their lives, and cannot be truly happy if they are with someone that does not support this part of them. They are sociable people and are always looking for someone to hang out with, sometimes in larger groups and sometimes in smaller, more intimate groups. 

Finding true love is tough for the dolphin, their attractive personalities mean that they have a lot of potential partners interested in them. Which is why they have a tendency to be quite promiscuous when they are young. Finding their soulmate can come later in life, this is because they try to hold onto their youth longer than many of their friends. 

The Symbolic And Spiritual Meaning Of The Dolphin

The dolphin is a creature we have all grown up loving at some point in our lives. They are intelligent, beautiful, and fun-loving creatures. But, what do they actually symbolize, both spiritually and symbolically? 

The general symbolism of the dolphin is as follows: 

  • Freedom – These animals have the whole ocean to live in and explore. They are quite literally one of the freest creatures on the planet, which is why they are symbolic of freedom and living your life out, in a way that makes you happiest. 
  • Intelligence – It is no secret that dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world. This is an obvious reason that they represent intelligence a lot in symbolism. 
  • Messages – Often in spiritual symbolism, the dolphin is trying to convey a message to you. This may have come from the idea that they are such communicative creatures. Using echolocation to send messages to their brethren may be one reason for this. 
  • Teamwork – Dolphins are well known for working in teams to hunt and even live together in large groups to socialize. This is one reason they are commonly symbolic of teamwork and familial bonds. 
  • Psychic Abilities – This idea comes from the way that dolphins communicate. Their echolocation gives you a sense of psychic ability, even though you know that they are using sound. This special ability allows them to speak to their family over large distances, which can be symbolic of the idea of psychic abilities. 
  • Fun and Joy – Dolphins love to play and interact with humans. You can always tell when they are enjoying themselves, and it is for this very reason that they are often symbolic of fun and joy, even in the spiritual world. 
  • Help and Guidance – There are many stories of dolphins helping and guiding sailors, none of which we can prove are true. But from pretty early on we have known that these sea creatures are inquisitive and helpful even to humans. 

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Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, we hope that you have learned a lot about the dolphin and better understand the impact of these creatures on your spiritual journey. The joyful and social dolphin is a fantastic guide who can help you through tough times and show you the best way to communicate when you are at a loss. They show you the importance of family and so much more. 

Learn from these beautiful sea creatures and grow as a person.

Gloria White