Dragonfly: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism And More

The dragonfly has many different meanings across the world.

In Vietnam, people believed that dragonflies predict the weather. If they are flying low then it is going to rain. If they fly high it is going to be sunny and bright. But, if they fly neither high nor low then it is going to be overcast.

On the other hand, Scandinavia and Portugal believe that dragonflies represent the darker elements of the spiritual realm. This is perhaps because dragonflies turn transparent after death after being so brightly colored during life.

Sweden in particular believes that dragonflies get close to people to weigh their souls. Early Christian folklore held that sinners’ souls were heavier than those of the virtuous.

This myth probably started because dragonflies were often seen with horses as they attract insects for the dragonfly to eat. This, eventually resulted in an association with the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse who carried weighing scales.

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In Europe, the dragonfly is called an ‘eye poker’ or the ‘devil’s needle’ as a result of these negative connotations. The beliefs of the Celts were similar to these early Christian myths. Celtic tradition teaches that dragonflies protect venomous snakes and tend to their wounds.

European myths on dragonflies, however, are not shared around the world. Japan in particular holds the dragonfly central to many cultural traditions. They believe that they represent the end of summer and the beginning of winter. They feature in many haikus as the ‘victory insect’ or kachimushi. This is to recognize their hunting prowess and their inability to retreat. 

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Dragonfly Spirit Animal

The dragonfly as a spirit animal represents the connection between change and light. Having this spirit animal appear in your life will allow you to engage more with the lightness in the world.

You may also find dragonfly is your spirit animal when you need to evolve or adapt to a new environment. Represented by the dragonfly’s own life cycle from eggs in water to flying through the air. When a dragonfly calls to you spiritually, you may need to change yourself to live your experiences differently. If not to evolve your personal journey wherever it takes you.

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Dragonfly Totem Animal

Dragonfly totems belong to those who are able to adapt like a dragonfly. Adopting quickly and easily change directions and patterns in the air for success. Totem dragonflies represent an evolution of self as it mirrors the metamorphosis of the dragonfly’s life cycle. 

For the dragonfly totem to be successful, the human self must remember that change is essential to the soul’s journey and it must be embraced. Dragonflies are iridescent – let the change in your soul be the same iridescent shades and glimmer in the light. 

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Dragonfly Power Animal

Power animals hold a supernatural ability to attach some of the animals’ abilities to their person, empowering them with some characteristics or acting as a guide.

Dragonflies are characterized by their incredible flight patterns and ability to fly with a success rate that is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. As such, this lightness and swiftness inspire those who hold the dragonfly as their power animal to be highly adaptable and to navigate the difficulties of life with ease.

Dragonfly Native American Symbolism

The dragonfly is a prominent symbol in many Native American cultures. Hopi and Pueblo tribes viewed the dragonfly as a medicinal animal which healers use to help aid recovery and transformation. As such, killing a dragonfly was practically forbidden.

The Navajo people saw the dragonfly as a symbol for water – dragonfly eggs are laid and hatch in water – and preserved sacred sand paintings use the dragonfly to denote the water element in the Earth. 

Other tribes saw the dragonfly as a source of protection and invincibility, with paintings of these creatures often used on war regalia and even tepee covers to ward off potential dangers and to protect from injury. Dragonflies are not uncommon on totem poles for these tribes and some, namely the Yaqui people, use dance to manifest the goodness of the dragonfly.

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Dragonfly Dreams

Many people write off their dreams without pausing to realize that dreams are the manifestation of the subconscious mind solving problems. The dragonfly is a powerful totem and spirit animal so you should not ignore dreams that feature these magnificent creatures.

Analysis of your subconscious’ interaction with dragonflies may help shape decisions, making them easier and more successful.

If you dream of dragonflies regularly, this is likely a reflection of an upcoming change in your life. It could also be a reflection of your development and self-transformation, as well as increased self-realization as you change and adapt to your new self.

If you dream that you caught a dragonfly then it is an indication that you want to be in control. If it gets away after you caught it then you are afraid to lose control but you are ready to move on if you let it go willingly.

Dreaming about dragonfly wings specifically then you are probably feeling sensitive and delicate, much like the wings of the dragonfly. Remember that change is inevitable and a necessary step in the process of change, but it is also one of the hardest.

Pause and work on acceptance to ease your anxieties if you dream of broken dragonfly wings. This suggests that you feel disrupted or disjointed as a result of sudden change. 

More pleasant dreams about dragonflies, such as petting one or seeing one in a state of rest, suggest that you feel safe or may suggest that you are going to come out of upcoming turbulence unscathed. Such dreams act as a reminder to keep trust in the universe to complete your spiritual journey.

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

Those who get a tattoo of a dragonfly may believe that their spirit animal is a dragonfly and that they can guide them when inked to their skin.

Other tattoo meanings include the symbolization of freedom, and reminders of positivity, good fortune, courage, and prosperity.

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

The dragonfly has many spiritual meanings that center on one’s ability to express emotions. Spiritually, the dragonfly reflects prosperity, harmony, and profound thinking or wisdom. This personal philosophy is an indication of the revelation of your true self and a call to deeply analyze all aspects of your being. 

The dragonfly may also represent ethereal new opportunities or connecting with angels. Many believe that the dragonfly allows them to express their emotions easily and represents the ability of their spirit to adapt to new environments. 

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Dragonfly in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The appearance of a dragonfly in your life, be it physically or as a spirit or totem animal, will have different meanings depending on your Zodiac sign.

Aries: You are about to embark on a new adventure so be aware but take full advantage of any opportunities that come your way. Remember that you don’t always need to say that you are right and allow others to make decisions for you – relinquishing control can result in prosperity.

Taurus: Dragonflies mean that you need to make the most of your patience and warmth to stop something pulling you down to jealousy, the weakness of any Taurus. Dragonflies are a sign of prosperity and a suggestion that things are about to change for the better so focus on your own successes for now.

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Gemini: Try to let go of your tendency to be nervous and let the dragonfly guide you through your difficult decision. Keep track of where your mind is when you see a dragonfly as they are going to help you find the true answer, be it good or bad.

Cancer: Pause and take stock of your love life. The dragonfly will fly in as a reminder that we all need space to grow and be free. Perhaps you are being too clingy, overprotective, or cautious as you fear it will disappear. Remember that dragonflies represent an evolution of self so perhaps it is time for some changes on your part.

Leo: All-powerful Leos need to be reminded from time to time to look at a situation from someone else’s perspective – the dragonfly is a reminder to do that. You may think you know what is best for everyone, but is it actually what is best or just what you think? Remember this next time you notice a dragonfly in your life.

Virgo: The appearance of dragonflies is a symbol for practical Virgos to loosen up and let go a little. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and go with the flow so pause and take in the scenery next time you see a dragonfly flit by.

Libra: The totem animal for Libras is the dragonfly so its appearance is particularly significant. Seeing a dragonfly could be a reminder to follow your heart when making a big decision or life choice – the heart knows what is best for you. Make your choices easier by thinking about what was occupying your mind when the dragonfly appeared and using this to shape your decision.

Scorpio: This powerfully emotional sign needs to remember to keep moving and breathing when navigating the next steps. Scorpios are passionate about all they do. So when dragonflies follow you, this is likely a message that whatever is coming next is ready to happen. Use the dragonfly’s evolution metaphor to keep calm and collected.

Sagittarius: Dragonflies are coming to celebrate your optimism but also to remind you that you cannot make decisions with rose-tinted glasses. Next time you see a dragonfly, pause for a moment to truly think about the decision you are about to make and think about what you truly want.

Capricorn: A dragonfly for a Capricorn is a message from the universe to look for the good and stop being so focused and disciplined, injected with some humor. Take a deep breath and have a laugh – stop being so serious!

Aquarius: Aquarius people naturally attracts dragonflies because of their friendly and humanitarian nature. Seeing many dragonflies or clusters of them could be an indicator that there is something unpredictable on the horizon and you should accept it, then go in, with no inhibitions.

Pisces: When a dragonfly appears to a Pisces, it means they are going through a tough time. This may be an attempt to inject some joy or to remind you that your sensitivity and compassion are some of your finest qualities. If those around you don’t understand that then they aren’t your people. Adapt like the dragonfly and find your tribe.

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Dragonfly Symbolic Meanings

Though their symbolism does change from culture to culture, there are some common themes that remain constant.

Dragonflies most frequently symbolize:

  • Change
  • Transformation
  • Self-realization
  • Adaptability

This often comes with personal development that brings with it maturity – both mental and emotional – that helps develop a greater and more deeply understood the meaning of life. 

Other symbolisation include:

  • Elegance and grace 
  • Looking beyond the surface to the deeper implications of your actions
  • Iridescence reflects developing maturity
  • Unmasking of abilities
  • Removal of insecurities

As the dragonfly is only capable of flight for a relatively short period of its life, it is often understood that this is a reminder to:

  •  Live life in the present moment and live this moment to its fullest extent
  • Be mindful of who you are, where you are, and what you want to make informed choices to get to where you want to be.
  • Take inspiration from the eyes of the dragonfly to see beyond your own limitations.

Use this maturity in your new self to continue evolving and discovering your new abilities. Keeping the dragonfly in mind as you move through life will help develop your uninhibited self, taking your spiritual journey to new levels across the spiritual plane.

With this in mind, it is possible that the dragonfly’s most significant symbolic meanings are:

  • Change
  • Hope
  • Love

If these thoughts are close to your soul you cannot go wrong.

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