Elephant: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

You may find that the elephant has been reoccurring throughout your life. You may be wondering what this means. Then, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the elephant. Its symbolism and the spiritual and dream meanings and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to identify what role the elephant plays in your life. 

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Elephant Symbolism And Meaning

The elephant is one of the most spiritual animals that you can come across. They convey high levels of emotional intelligence and connections with various religions, faiths, and the deep spirituality.

Drawing on the power of the elephant can help to provide further enlightenment. Also, it allows you to work on bettering your life and the life of others around you. That way, you can forge meaningful connections that are going to last a long time. The elephant is an extremely powerful symbol in both Eastern and Western cultures. It holds a lot of significance within religions, faiths, and spiritualities. Thus, making it one of the most powerful animals thanks to its large amount of energy and importance. 

Spirit Animal

The elephant spirit animal is incredibly powerful to draw energy from. It can provide you with close familial bonds, loyalty, patience, and wisdom. Those who find themselves connecting with the elephant most likely lead a fulfilling life that is filled with meaningful relationships.

The elephant is a peaceful animal unless provoked. It’s capable of resolving any conflicts amicably and in a way that is beneficial to themselves and both parties. In addition, it strengthens the relationships of the conflicting parties. It is all about developing close bonds and providing peace and harmony to the world around them.

You maybe through a difficult time such as losing a loved one or struggling to find balance in your life. Then, the elephant can help you. It allows you to get in touch with your inner self. This can begin to heal the trauma that you have felt. Meanwhile, it ensures that you leave space in your consciousness to store positive memories. In addition, it helps you try to minimize the amount of negativity happening in your life. 

Totem Animal

The elephant totem animal is always trying to communicate with you that you need to connect with your inner self. You can find further enlightenment and work on building important relationships and protecting yourself and the people you love.

The elephant is known as the King of the Animals thanks to its incredible size. It is important to apply this level of abundance and exuberance to your own spirituality. Also, make sure that you are taking enough time to take care of yourself. Elephants are known for being extremely generous creatures. But, this can result in a physical or mental burnout so making sure that you provide your life with balance.

One such example is the elephant God Lord Ganesha who is renowned for the deep levels of intelligence and wisdom. This means you can invoke the elephant totem in order to promote a deeper connection with a Higher Realm. Whether you are seeking to invoke the power of the elephant totem animal on a spiritual, religious, or emotional level, you’ll be able to use the elephant’s energy in order to fill your life with balance and prosperity. 

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Power Animal

The elephant power animal helps to promote kindness, compassion, and patience. It can be a great inspiration if you are looking to invoke positive changes in your life. The Hindu elephant God, Ganesha, is a symbol of this loyalty and kindness. He helps to provide for the poor and needy.

Those who identify with the elephant power animal tend to be extremely generous in this regard. They strive to ensure that the needs of others are fulfilled before turning the gaze inwards. This means that those who invoke the elephant power animal can sometimes forget to take care of oneself. So, it’s important to ensure that you are just as generous with yourself as you are with other people.

This will ensure that you have rested and recovered in order to continue building those relationships with others. Meditating on your elephant power animal each day will help to provide you with the courage and strength needed to get through difficult times that require a lot of emotional intelligence. The elephant power animal can help you to develop analytical solutions. Solutions which are beneficial to conflicting parties without damaging any relationships. 

Elephant Dreams

You may be finding that elephants are a recurring presence in your dreams and wondering what it all means. Elephants are often associated with memory and wisdom. They could be trying to impart advice and guidance if you are going through a difficult time in your life. The introverted nature of the elephant means that they can be defensive when it comes to being vulnerable. Thus, it can be difficult to interpret the true meaning sometimes.

The meaning of the elephant can differ depending on what culture you are drawing the energy from. Eastern cultures believe that dreaming of elephants is good luck. While in Western cultures, dreaming of elephants can indicate that something good is going to happen in the future.

This is because the elephant can also be a sign of resolution. If you are going through conflict in your life, then the elephant is representative that a positive change is going to happen that will reduce the conflict while finding your conclusion in a way that is going to be beneficial to you and others. 

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Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos always have a person meaning depending on the recipient. But, for those who want a tattoo that is rich in its symbolism then the elephant is perfect for you. The elephant tattoo meaning can differ depending on where you are and what the elephant symbolizes in different cultures.

On a general level, the elephant is seen as a symbol of wisdom, divinity, loyalty, and power. Making it a wonderful choice for those who want to pay tribute to someone that means everything to them. In Eastern cultures, the elephant has a sacred meaning. It is regarded as a deeply spiritual animal. While in the West, the elephant is seen as a sign of obesity. Further, it has more negative connotations to some cultures.

In Hinduism, the Elephant God, Lord Ganesha, is one of the deities. It is a well-known and popular symbol that provides plenty of inspiration for those wanting to get a tattoo. A tattoo that is routed in religion and history while also providing the recipient with good luck and prosperity. 

Spiritual Meaning

The elephant has a lot of spiritual meanings in many cultures which usually links to its wisdom and its intelligent nature. There is a story of the Three Blind Men who touch various parts of the elephant and they all have different conclusions.

This story highlights how vast God can be and that he cannot be defined by one specific faith or religion meaning that he encompasses the love of the world that stretches further than any culture and can provide you with strength when needed.

No matter what creed or faith you follow, the elephant’s spiritual meaning is grounded in its inclusivity for all and allows you to create your own meanings and interpretations. 

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Elephant In Astrology and Zodiac Signs

The elephant is one of the signs within the Primal zodiac and those who are born under the sign of the elephant are deeply romantic and have a hard-working nature with a high level of intelligence. People who have the elephant as their zodiac sign are known to have strong bonds with their family and friends and pride themselves on their relationships while also displaying generosity and diplomacy in the face of conflict that makes them a hub of wisdom. 

Symbolic Meanings

The elephant’s symbolic meanings stem from their deeply spiritual presence that has made them a source of inspiration for people for thousands of years. Whether you are drawing from the elephant’s energy on a spiritual level or wanting to draw the wisdom as a totem, elephants can be assured to provide you with plenty of loyalty, prosperity, strength, and wisdom. 


The first thing to learn about elephants is that they are incredibly loyal creatures that adhere to their own moral code. They do anything they can to protect themselves and their herd. People know elephants for their memories and never forget which makes them one of the most loyal and intelligent animals in the world.

This trait can be extremely powerful to draw upon and those who invoke the loyalty of the elephant will find that their life will become richer and filled with more meaningful relationships. 


In many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of good luck, specifically when it comes to financial wealth and prosperity meaning that those looking for a richer life can invoke the power of the elephant’s prosperous qualities.

Thanks to their generous nature, the elephant not only makes life prosperous for themselves, but also enriches the lives of those around them in order to benefit the lives of others as well as their own lives. 

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The elephant is an incredibly strong animal and is known for its outer and inner strength thanks to its physical strength as well as its high level of emotional intelligence that means that the elephant can adapt to any situation.

If you are dealing with a difficult time, then the elephant’s strength can help you to get through any situation whether you have recently lost a loved one or are preparing for an important presentation, the elephant’s strength can be extremely powerful. 


Lastly, the elephant is known for its deep levels of wisdom. This is probably the most associate attribute that is connected to the elephant. The elephant has levels of intelligence that match and even exceed the smartest creatures on the planet and drawing on this intelligence can ensure that you find solutions to any conflicts you are dealing with in order to heighten your own emotional intelligence and provide further enlightenment in your life. 


Overall, the elephant is an incredibly powerful animal and has much spirituality grounded in its symbolism that provides plenty of energy for those who wish to draw on its wisdom. Whether you are invoking the elephant as a power animal, spirit animal, and totem, you are sure to find your way through any conflict with good luck. 

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