Finch: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

The quick and spirited movements of the finch are one of the defining characteristics of this exceptional bird. It is found across the globe, from sunny mountaintops to windy coastlines, and they’ve had to adapt to some unusual environments. Because of this, there are many types of finches.

Despite the range of features, the finch is overwhelmingly seen as a symbol of joy. They represent hope and happiness, as well as an expression of creativity. Those who feel a connection with them will always be looking for the silver lining.

If the symbol of the finch starts to resonate with you, embrace the happiness that it brings. A finch power animal can be a great support, and those with the finch totem will love experiencing the world around them. To learn more about what it symbolizes, read this guide. 

Symbolism & Meaning

Finches, particularly goldfinches, are birds rich with symbolic history. Just by looking at them, it’s easy to see why.

There are so many types of finches across the world, with no end to their fascinating charms. And when you watch them dance through the sky, you can quickly get captivated by the elegant movements.

Because of this, they often symbolize joy. They represent optimism, hope, and freedom. The image of the finch shows good things to come. 

It is also deeply connected to evolution, and adaptation. They’re a symbol of moving forward, and greeting challenges with a smile. 

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Spirit Animal

The finch spirit animal may come to you flying overhead. You may notice it because of the quick and dancing movements that characterize the flight of the finch. 

Watching it move will make you happy, and those with a finch spirit animal are cheerful, optimistic, and creative. You love to celebrate even the smallest achievements, and greet the world with a smile. But the finch spirit animal can guide you when energy is low, and you feel happiness is lacking.

Those with the finch spirit animal are adaptable, but deeply connected to their environment. If you have a finch spirit animal, you may find your surroundings influence you more than they do others. It is found in many places around the world, and has had to adapt to fit in.

The finch spirit animal can help you to adapt and move forward, leaving negativity behind. 

Totem Animal

The finch is all about freedom. Although they can be raised in captivity, they’re much happier soaring through the open air. Those with the finch totem animal hate to feel trapped, and long for freedom. 

If the finch is your totem, then you love to see the world. You aren’t necessarily seeking adventure, you just want to soak up your surroundings. Just as it spirals and swoops through the air, you hate to take the straight path to your destination. Instead, you take the long way around, and carry your joy with you.

Those with the finch totem animal are creative, and rarely worry. Others might see you as a bit odd, but you don’t take it personally. You’re just happy to be you.

Because of this longing for freedom, and the incredible optimism, those with the finch totem can be impulsive. Sometimes you act without thinking, or without really considering the consequences. But you tend to find things work out anyway!

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Power Animal

Finches are expressive, and you can call on your finch power animal when you’re struggling to find the right things to say. They can guide your creativity and unique vision, and help you to express what you’re thinking. With the finch power animal by your side, you can inspire others to do great things.

Finch people love to help others, but they can sometimes hurt themselves in the process. A finch knows sacrifice, and will do what they can in tough circumstances. The finch power animal can help you to turn this compassion inwards, and look out for yourself.

When you’re struggling through difficult times, a finch power animal can be by your side to bring joy back into your life. Look to it for optimism, and a fearless approach to rough circumstances.

When you have its support, you can move forward with a smile.

Native American Symbolism

To many Native American tribes, the finch is a symbol of hope and joy. 

The Iroquois tribe tells the story of how the goldfinch got its golden feathers. One day, the fox fell asleep under a pine tree, having chased a raccoon amongst the branches. When the fox fell asleep waiting, the raccoon rubbed pine gum into the fox’ eyes.

The fox woke up to find his eyes glued shut, and the raccoon gone. In the distance, the fox could hear the call of songbirds. He asked the birds if they would help peck away the pine gum. The birds agreed to help, and soon the fox could see again.

He asked the birds how he could repay their help, and the birds, who had dull gray feathers, asked to be the color of the sun. Using bright yellow flowers and his tail as a paintbrush, the fox began to paint the birds. They were so happy that they flew into the air before the fox could finish painting their feathers.

This is why the goldfinch has a yellow body and black wings, and flies so happily. They’re a symbol of optimism, and the good that can come from kindness. 

Celtic Symbolism

Finches were prevalent in Celtic culture, and often seen as a symbol of good luck. In Irish, the goldfinch is known as the “Lasair Choille”, which can be roughly translated as “flame of the forest”. 

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Christianity Symbolism

The European goldfinch appears regularly in Christian art, and has become a symbol associated with Christ’s Passion.

The goldfinch typically eats thistle seeds, and was said to have tried to remove a thorn from the crown placed on the head of Christ. A drop of blood landed on the goldfinch, which is why they have a red face.


The goldfinch is often depicted in paintings of the Madonna and Child. The goldfinch represents the knowledge Christ had of his sacrifice, and his endurance and persistence. It’s also sometimes depicted as a savior bird. 


A finch happily fluttering into your dreams is typically a good sign. Finches are optimistic and cheerful birds, and when they appear to us, it can simply be a recognition of a feeling of contentment. 

It may also appear to tell you of good things to come. When a cheerful finch greets you in your dreams, it might be indicating that your hard work has been worth it. If you feel you’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices lately, it can be there to reassure you it was worth it.

But if a caged finch appears in your dreams, it can be a sign that you need your freedom. This may occur if there are negative energies in the home.

Finches are known as communicative and chatty birds. A quiet finch in a dream may be a sign that you need to speak up. 

When a finch appears in your dreams, consider the emotions surrounding it. Does it seem happy and free? Or is it quiet or trapped? This can help you to understand what the finch symbolizes.

Far Eastern Symbolism

In China, images of the finch tried to capture the playful and joyful energy of the bird. 

Tattoo Meaning

Finches are wonderfully diverse birds, with beautiful coloring and interesting characteristics. By choosing a certain type of finch for your tattoo, you can express your own unique connection to this bird.

The finch tattoo can also be a symbol of freedom. Finches symbolize moving forward and doing so joyfully. You may want a finch tattoo to symbolize your ability to leave a bad situation. Or it can simply represent how much you love to discover the world around you.

Finches are seen as good communicators, thanks to their cheerful song and tendency to group together. A finch tattoo can show your connection to your family, or to your friends.

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Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the finch is happiness. Seeing a finch will frequently bring you joy. From their lovely coloring, to the dancing way they move through the air. A finch is a bird that comes alive with positive movement.

The finch can also be seen to represent the good things that are coming your way. Those with a spiritual connection to the finch will bring optimism wherever they go, and this is reflected back on them.

In Christianity, the goldfinch is seen as a symbol of perseverance of spirit. If the finch comes to you in difficult times, it may be guiding your spirit forward through difficulties. It can help you to stay strong and true to your path.

Finch in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Those with a connection to the finch are typically hard-working and deeply linked to their surroundings.

Although adaptable and positive, the finch can sometimes get caught up in negative energies and unsuitable surroundings.

The finch isn’t connected to any particular zodiac sign, but those with an affinity for the finch are typically creative. You may find it brings out the artistic side of your sign.

Hawaiian, African & Greek Myths & Symbolic Meaning

The finch plays a role in a slightly gruesome Greek myth: the story of Anthus. Anthus was the son of Autonous and Hippodamia, who had brothers called Erodius, Schoeneus, and Acanthus, and a sister named Acanthis.

Autonous had allowed the families fields to turn to thistles, which Erodius let the horses graze on. Anthus tried to drive the horses away, which made them angry. The horses began to eat Anthus, who called for help from the gods.

Apollo and Zeus took pity on Anthus and his wailing family, and turned them all to birds. Acanthis, known for her beauty, became a thistle finch. 


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The Hawaiian Honeycreeper is an unusual type of finch that evolved in Hawaii. Brightly colored and with curved beaks, they feature heavily in the myths of Hawaii.

The bright red plumage of the ‘I’iwi was said to be painted by the god Maui himself. The “Apapane was thought to be one of the species created in the “dawn-of-time”, and deities sometimes took the form of the honeycreeper.

Finch in Cuban & African Folklore

South African folklore told the story of the Tink-Tinkje, a small songbird thought to be a finch. During the competition to find the king of the birds, the birds decided that whoever flew the highest would win.

The vulture flew upwards, and believed himself to be the winner. But the Tink-Tinkje appeared above the vulture, mocking him with his song. The vulture flew higher again, but still, the Tink-Tinkje was higher.

Every time the vulture flew higher, the Tink-Tinkje held onto the wings of the vulture, and hid within the feathers. Eventually, the vulture grew tired of competition, and flew back to earth. The other birds were angry, and chased after the Tink-Tinkje for taking advantage of the vulture.

In this story, we still see the cheerful and creative finch, but he acts much more as a trickster.

Symbolic Meaning

Final Thoughts

A cheerful finch should bring a smile to your face, even if you only see them going back and forth between bird feeders. Finches are incredible birds, with a population in many areas across the globe. They’ve had to adapt to numerous circumstances, and they’ve done so with joy.

When a finch appears to you, this is often a good omen. The happy finch can guide you forward, and help you to greet the world with a smile. Look to the finch for good humor and communication, but also beauty and adaptability.

The human relationship with the finch is long and storied. Let the finch into your life and receive the enthusiasm of this special bird.

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