Fly: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The fly is a pertinent symbol in the spiritual community despite the fact that people view it as dirty creature. These creatures often symbolize the need to pay attention to anything that can cause you potential harm.

Flies often indicate being surrounded by malice, hatred, jealousy, or blame. If they surround you persistently then it means you are spending too much time around something harmful to you. However, this creature can also hold positive connotations.

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The fly can be directly related to adaptability. You may be required to become increasingly flexible in order to thrive to your fullest potential.

This is because it can often symbolize a heightened level of motivation. Therefore, its appearance can motivate you further towards achieving your goals.

It also associates with abundance as it can overcome even the harshest of conditions. Whilst still managing to breed and feed effectively.

With this regard, you should also note the type of fly that you have seen. A fruit fly, for instance, is closely related to rebirth and inner transformation. Whereas a gnat is associated with the qualities of endurance and perseverance as well as sharpened intuition.

Spirit Animal

A fly is an insect that many people overlook with regard to its spiritual significance. Fly spirit symbolizes vision, adaptability, transformation, and perseverance. These may be qualities that you innately possess if you relate to the fly spirit.

A fly is also a warning that things in your life may be about to change drastically. You may feel this transition in your spirit.

A fly spirit animal can also help you to identify what is causing you inner distress and unhappiness.

The fly spirit also teaches the lesson of humility. This may be is the quality that you naturally embody or need to embody.

A fly can present itself as a spirit guide. Especially whenever you are required to exhibit tougher qualities despite your feelings of helplessness.

In this sense, the fly spirit can help you to adapt more easily. It helps you identify areas of your life that may pose a new challenge. In addition it allows you to meet them with the clarity of vision that is required to overcome.

Totem Animal

A fly totem animal can help people to increase their abundance and prosperity without any limitations. Those who possess this will have the power required to obtain what they need to achieve their heart’s desires.

People who possess a totem can be quicker to act. So, they’re less likely to miss opportunities that present themselves. They may also be able to see beauty in unique places that others may often overlook.

These individuals are usually fast and active. As such, they can teach us how to move on swiftly from one environment to another to obtain everything that we need.

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Power Animal 

Having the fly as your power animal will remind you of your wrongdoings. Whilst helping to guide you towards fixing things in your life that you may need to heal.

The deeper meaning of the fly is that you will always reap what you sow. The power of these creatures lies in the way that it can encourage you to adapt from rigidity. And, also to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

The fly totem will appear in your life to inform you of any changes that are occurring. So, you should always be ready to quickly adapt irrespective of the conditions that surround you.

Expect the unexpected with this power animal. Be ready to embrace anything that arises with a willingness to adapt and fix the problem with a clear resolve.

Fly In Dreams

If you see a fly in your dreams, this represents people in your life who are unfavorable or irritating you.

Whilst the biblical meaning of flies is that they are dark entities, this is not always the case. However, dreaming of flies does usually mean that you are neglecting a matter of importance in your life.

It can also indicate that you are grasping onto something that you should ideally let go of. Let it go without panicking about doing so.

Again, adaptability is a key theme here. Therefore, you should allow new things to occur and incorporate the power of flexibility into your life decisions.

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Fly in Tattoos

When you choose to have a tattoo of a fly, many people may doubt your decision to do so. This is because fly is often a dirty creature that has dark connotations.

However, many people do choose to have a fly tattoo. This symbol typically associates with exercising good judgment in all situations.

The specific meaning of a fly tattoo will vary depending on the context in which the fly is used. For instance, a fly is tattooed alongside a frog that is eating it. Then, this is symbolic of the fly’s ability to nourish and provide sustenance.

The fly can also symbolize the process of decay and it can be depicted as bursting out of the skin to showcase transformation and rebirth.

Whether the fly is considered to be a good or bad omen, it definitely holds significance within nature, these traits should be embraced and its lessons should be learned without placing stereotypical judgments on the insect itself.


Fly In Astrology

Similar to the spiritual meanings outlined above, the fly can be symbolic of those unfavorable people who may surround you with the intention of causing you harm.

It can also symbolize a renewal of your vision and the ability to have a clear and multifaceted vision when it comes to a particular goal or vision.

Fly In Christianity

As mentioned, the biblical interpretation of flies is not a positive one. These insects are often representative of negative demonic forces and are often representative of evil.

These insects are also renowned for being scavengers and parasitically feeding on the rotting flesh of other people or decaying animals.

They also tend to choose places where foul odors tend to emerge and decay occurs.

Therefore, flies directly links to impurity. The bible explicitly links flies to an evil presence. Both the old and new testament depicts a number of scenes where evil use flies to torment people.

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Fly In Celtic Symbolism

Flies scarcely appear in Celtic mythology and as such, it is difficult to determine what these creatures mean on a spiritual level. However, maggots can often occur in old druid legends.

Flies can thrive in the harshest of habitats as these creatures are symbols of perseverance and evolution.

Ancient healers believed that maggots caused particular diseases. This further pervades the notion that flies are a source of degradation and evil. Although, Celtic symbolism did not explicitly professed this.

Fly African Symbolism

When it comes to African interpretations of the fly, the Egyptians were the first civilization to place an emphasis on the fly.

Although flies have typically associates with disruptive plagues, the Egyptians could see past any negative connotations and saw the fly as being symbolic of perseverance.

A necklace containing three fly totems was given to the queen of Egypt to symbolize appreciation for her dedicated support during the fight for liberation against the Hyksos.

Similar golden fly medals were endowed to her soldiers in order to acknowledge their bravery during the midst of battle.


Fly As A Omen

A fly that persistently surrounds you is often indicative of a bad omen and forewarns you of an unpleasant situation that is about to occur.

A swarm of flies is a notably bad omen. These creatures often heralds death. Seeing a swarm of flies might also indicate the need to destroy any harmful annoyances that are currently presenting themselves in your life.

Flies also associates with stagnation and dullness within your life and this lack of movement may lead to your death.

A swarm of flies that enters your house may also be a warning that an abundance of chaos is approaching your life.

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Fly In Mythology and Folklore

Understanding the mythology of the fly is essential when directing the spiritual symbolism of this insect. Whilst the fly can appear in a variety of mythologies and cultures, it doesn’t always denote a positive meaning.

Greek and Roman mythologies often talked about flies tormenting the innocent for instance.

Whilst Hera, the wife of Zeus, sent a fly to attack her husband’s mistress and the insect caused continual grievance and pain by stinging her repeatedly.

Norse mythology also includes the fly and the Vikings chose the fly as being symbolic of trickster energy as the deity, Loki, chose a fly as one of the shapes he morphed into in order to play tricks on others.

Whilst In traditional Indian folklore, a swarm of flies is seen as predicting an oncoming torrent of rain.

Key Qualities

  • Determination
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Chaos
  • Decay
  • Rebirth

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the fly is associated with a variety of bad omens that are related to its perception as a dirty creature that is intrinsically tied to decay and destruction.

Whilst it is commonly associated with negativity, it can also be symbolic of a renewed sense of vision and the ability to see things from a different perspective providing the recipient of the fly open is able to implement adaptability in their life.

Therefore it is not always a negative thing for a fly to appear in your life. The spiritual significance of this insect is far-reaching and there are therefore a plethora of meanings that can apply depending on the context in which a fly appears to you.

If a fly persistently attacks you, this can be indicative of something harmful that is surrounding you or someone who is attempting to cause you harm, this is similar to if a swarm of flies enters your house as this can act as a forewarning that something chaotic may soon occur in your life.

However, it is important not to become too heavily involved with these interpretations as a fly can also symbolize your ability to capitalize on any opportunities that may present themselves to you with the clarity of vision that is required to maintain steadfast perseverance alongside a vibrant level of quickened energy.

The fly also indicates that you are required to use a sharpened and renewed vision in order to see the path ahead of you and never give up on your heart’s desires.

It is a symbol of determination and when it is separated from religious contexts, it is typically viewed as a positive omen that you will achieve success irrespective of whether others become agitated and annoyed in the process.

In this sense, you should view the fly as a positive totem that can encourage you as opposed to casting any paranoia or fear into your life but, of course, you should study the symbolism extensively and apply the meaning that best suits your personal circumstances whilst disregarding anything that may not be applicable as this may cause confusion.

Knowing what type of fly is presented to you can also greatly help you to identify the spiritual significance of your visitation and make the appropriate changes that are necessary to reap spiritual abundance in your own life.

If you intuitively feel like you are surrounded by those who have bad intentions towards you then now is the time to swat these people away and allow for self-preservation and, conversely.

If you feel like you have a recently renewed sense of determination in your life then this is likely the spiritual interpretation that is suitable for your situation.

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