Forget-Me-Not Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The forget-me-not flower holds great significance and meaning to many. This beautiful and delicate little flower has been used for centuries, as a symbol of love, faith, and hope.

forget me not

The forget-me-not’s official name is the myostosis sylvatica flower. This means, ‘mouse’s ear.’ It is given this name due to the fact that it looks a bit similar to a mouse’s ear. 

This flower refers to a vast variety of  small flowering plants in the boraginaceae group. The flower’s other name is scorpion grass. The Surprisingly, there are over 60 varieties of the flower, which many can find all over the world. 

This article shares useful information and history about this flower. We explain the various meanings of the forget-me-not, as well as its significance and symbolic value across the world.

We delve into what this dainty flower represents and why, as well as its cultural significance. Don’t forget to read our conclusion.

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Flower Facts

The forget-me-not flower is a true beauty to behold. Found growing freely in wooded areas and marshland, the myosotis flower’s awes-inspiring colors transform any country walk into a picture of wonder. They are found flourishing in Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. 

This little flower also grows in most gardens. Alas, many homeowners prefer to remove them, considering them a disruptive weed. This is due to the fact that they grow in these clumps and readily reseed, with minimal effort. When left, these pretty little plants can overtake a garden.


The forget-me-not is tiny. However, each separate foliage blossoms into many little flowers. They can appear in brilliant colors of blue, white, pink, and purple, with eye-catching yellow centers and necks. 

The scorpion reference comes from their clustered appearance, that appear to bend into the shape of a scorpion tail. The size of this flower can vary. However, it is usually between 4 – 16-inches in height. They are annual or biennial flowers, and when they blossom, they are a joy to behold.

Cultural Significance

You may wonder where the interesting name comes from. This flower brings with it much significance for many countries, which dates back to the early 1900s. 

Germans first gave the forget-me-not its name. Legend has it that a couple in love were walking by the bank of the Danube River. The lovers noticed this flower, and whilst trying to pick a bunch, the man fell and was swept downstream. As he was swept away, the story says he called out to his lover, ‘forget-me-not,’ 

The story stuck, and the flower became a representation for remembering those lost, ever since. In fact, before the poppy became the flower of remembrance for the first world war, it was the forget-me-not that was worn for remembrance.

Alaska’s Emblem and State Flower

The Alaskan territory took on this flower as their emblem in 1917. When Alaska became a state they decided to have the forget-me-not as their emblem.

forget me not

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Meanings And Symbolism

This sweet little flower carries much symbolism and a variety of meanings. The main meaning behind the forget-me-not, is its symbol of remembrance. Not just for war veterans and lost soldiers, but also in daily life. When a person passes, people pick this flower, to show they will never be forgotten.

Additionally, it is used to symbolize an unbreakable bond. When given to a friend or loved one, it symbolizes a union that can withstand the test of time.

This flower is a symbol of feeling true love for another. When given to a lover, it is a symbol of your fidelity to your partner.

Furthermore, it is a popular flower given to show love, hope, and affection to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Depending on the color, the forget-me-not flower can symbolize different meanings. Let’s take a look at some key meanings.

Christian Meaning Of The Forget-Me-Not

Based on Christian teachings, the forget-me-not was the flower God noticed in the Garden of Eden. The story told of God walking in the Garden of Eden and, seeing the blue forget-me-not, asked for its name.

The flower (being shy), softly, answered that he had forgotten his name. To which, God announce He would rename the flower, ‘Forget-Me-Not,’ so He would never again forget this flower’s name.

Victorian Meaning

The Victorian’s cherished the forget-me-not flower. They viewed as the ultimate symbol of love. When people became morbidly ill, their loved ones would pick the forget-me-not flowers and lay them by the bedside of the sick.

After their passing, the forget-me-not would be kept close as a reminder of their missed relative or loved one. 

They also considered the forget-me-not to represent respect, and good memories.

Old Superstitions

An old superstition, that was widely believed, was that by wearing the forget-me-not flower as a hair decoration would keep a love between the wearer and her betrothed strong and faithful.


The characteristics associated with this flower are love and joy. In numerology, the number 3 depicts this.

Forget-Me-Not And Herbalism

This flower has links to herbalism that dates back centuries. People believed it effectively treat nose bleeds and other disorders. There is no evidence to prove this to be true. In fact, ingesting this plant will likely be very bad for your health. 

forget me not

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Color Varieties And Meanings

The White Flower

The color white is a symbol of fidelity, purity, unity, and love. As such, this color of forget-me-not is popular for use in wedding bouquets or as a gift from one lover to another.  Sometimes many give it to represent eternal friendship.

The Blue Flower

The blue forget-me-not is hugely symbolic of remembrance. It is commonly given or worn to remember a loved one who has passed away. This color of forget-me-not also carries huge symbolic value when remembering those who lost their lives in war.

The blue flower can also be a symbol of trust.

The Purple Flower

The purple forget-me-not is also a flower of remembrance. It is commonly used to recognize all those lost in American genocide. However, like the white version, people widely used it to show respect and recognition for all historic events involving loss.

The Pink Flower

The color symbol of love, this forget-me-not is a good choice of gift from one lover to another.  The forget-me-not is a flower gift people choose to gift, if they want to declare undying love and their commitment to their partner.

The symbol of the forget-me-not demonstrates commitment, true love, and fidelity. 

forget me not

Tattoo Art

Due to the huge symbolic value attached to the beautiful forget-me-not, it is a popular choice for tattoo art. People often choose to have the forget-me-not tattoo as a way to show everlasting love and remembering a loved one who passed.

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The main forget-me-not varieties include:

1. The Field Forget-Me-Not

Officially known as myosotis arvensis, this flower grows mainly in Europe, and some parts of America. The flower grows up to 16-inches. The color of this flower type is predominantly blue. The field forget-me-not can grow in most soils and conditions.

2. Strict Forget-Me-Not

The strict forget-me-not (or myosotis stricta) is also called the blue forget-me-not. It grows in America and Eurasia. This annually blooming flower grows a little shorter, between 2-8-inches in height. This variety of forget-me-not commonly represents love.

3. Alpine

The myosotis alpestris (or scorpion grass) is a common feature in most British woods and parks. The brilliant blue flower has a yellow middle and blossoms in springtime.

4. Early Forget-Me-Not

The myosotis ramosissima will only grow to about 5 cm in height, at most. Found in Britain and Finland during April and May, the flower’s ability to reseed results in wow-factor visions of entire fields covered in a beautiful blue hue.

5. Changing Forget-Me-Not

The myosotis discolor grows throughout America and Europe. It can grow between 10 – 50 cm, and it leaves can appear in various shapes. The reason for its name, is the flower’s almost magical-like ability to change color. This kind of forget-me-not starts off either cream or yellow in color. Then it transforms into shades of the prettiest pink, and then incredible blues.

6. Tufted Forget-Me-Not

The myosotis laxa grows all over the Northern hemisphere. Due to the fact that it thrives in damp and wet soil, it is often an aquatic plant. This kind of forget-me-not boasts an array of color variety. This flower can appear purple, red, and blue.

7. Water Forget-Me-Not

The myosotis scorpiode is a perennial that grows across wetlands and lakes, predominantly in North America. The average growth is between 2 – 10-inches high, and they can be colors of blue or light purple. 

8. Broadleaf

This beautiful flower, known as the myosotis latifolia, is found growing in West America and some regions in Africa. These plants enjoy growing in a variety of conditions, and particularly like shaded areas. The color of this forget-me-not can be either blue or pink.

9. The Lapland

The myosotis decumbens grows in Finland and can reach heights of 16-inches.The brilliant blue colored flower grows in wet areas, and blossoms during the months of July and August.

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How To Look After The Garden Variety

Although some people don’t like to see these beautiful flowers in their garden, others rejoice at their oh-so-pretty presence. Should you wish to keep and look after forget-me-not in your garden, follow these instructions:

1. Damp Or Moist Areas

Given the fact that most forget-me-not varieties enjoy growing in moist soil or environments, this is where you should plant them. If you have a pond in your garden, this would be an ideal spot. Alternatively, let them grow in damp mud or containers. 

2. Partly Shaded

These flowers don’t thrive in high heat environments. As such, it is best to keep them where they can be partly shaded at times when the sun is high.

3. Avoid Slugs

Slugs are partial to the forget-me-not. Take precautions by regularly supervising your plants, removing any pesky slugs that may have the flower in their sights.

4. Minimal Care

Luckily, these flowers do not need much to thrive. They reseed with ease, and can quickly spread. As long as you take the above measures onboard, you can expect to see beautifully colored forget-me-not growing in the garden.

How Long Does the Flower Last?

The forget-me-not may only bloom for a couple of months each year, but they have super staying powers. These plants die, but will return year in, year out, to bring joy and beauty wherever they grow.

Other Facts

Most types of forget-me-not are safe for dogs. However, the Chinese forget-me-not is toxic for dogs. If you have a dog, you may wish to reconsider growing these plants in your garden. Should your dog eat the Chinese version of these flowers, they can cause severe stomach upsets, and nausea.

What Scent Does The Flower Evoke?

Alas, these delicate flowers do not give off any scent during daytime hours. They do produce a scent, but only at night (when we are all asleep).


The forget-me-not flower is truly special to many. Surrounded by century-old myths, and symbolism, this pretty little flower offers a wealth of deep meanings. A flower that raises awareness of issues such as missing children, Alzheimer’s, and to remember fallen soldiers, it continues to carry massive significance.

Some people wear a forget-me-not to remember their loved one on the anniversary of their passing. Others choose to place a vase of the pretty flowers in their houses as a reminder of those no longer with them.

Some people also pick this awesome flower to represent their emotions through tattoo designs on their arms, ankles, or wrists. One thing is certain, this flower is one of the most cherished and honored.

You may subscribe to any of the hidden symbolism this flower represents, or simply love to see the beauty of its colors. Whatever significance this flower presents, it should be recognized for its delicate, unique, and natural beauty.

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