Freesia Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The freesia originates from South Africa, and they’ve become one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. With an abundance of colors to choose from, it has come to represent a number of emotions and sentiments. 

The freesia is more than just a pretty face. It has a vibrant history, with cultural significance and symbolism. Learn more about this flower here. 

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What Does The Freesia Flower Mean?

The freesia blooms in a variety of colors, including red, white, orange, brown, lilac, purple, cream, and yellow. Each color has a distinctive scent, but the orange and white species tend to be the most fragrant. 

The color of each freesia often determines its symbolism. Each hue has its own connotations; however, most freesias symbolize feelings such as: 

  • Obligation
  • Selflessness
  • Platonic and Romantic love
  • Innocence
  • Renewal

Etymological Meaning Of The Freesia Flower

Have you heard the phrase “they’re just words”? It’s not always true. Words carry meaning, and they shape how we interpret feelings and emotions. To understand the symbolism of the freesia flower, let’s start by examining its etymological meaning. 

The freesia flower got its name from Christian P. Ecklon, who named the flower after another botanist Friedrich H.T. Freese. He gave the name to pay tribute to their friendship; this is what makes it one of the most powerful symbols of platonic love in the world. 

Symbolism Of The Flower

Each flower carries its own symbolic weight, and the freesia is no different. So let’s take a close look at some of the most impactful symbolic meanings of this flower. 

Platonic Love

The most profound symbolic meaning of the flower is platonic love. This stems from the origins of the plant’s name, which people used as a tribute of platonic love between two renowned botanists. People can gift any color freesia to represent platonic love. However, pink and yellow are the most common. 


Innocence is another symbol of the flower. Because of these associations, it is one of the most popular wedding flowers in the world and can symbolize the bride’s purity. 


It can also symbolize trust. This symbolism originates from the Victorian era, where they sent bouquets of freesias as a gift to loved ones who you trusted completely. 

Faith And Fidelity

This flower is also a symbol of faith and fidelity. The freesia is a popular gift to send to a love interest, partner, or fiancé to signify your commitment and faith in each other. 

Joy And Happiness

You can also use the freesia flower to represent joy and happiness, particularly yellow freesias, because yellow is closely associated with merriment and jubilation.

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Flower Color Meanings

Like most other flowers, the freesia has multiple meanings. However, each interpretation can vary, depending on the color of the flower. So let’s take a look at the colors of this flower and how these can alter its interpretations. 


Yellow represents positivity and abundance, and the yellow freesia used to signify joy and new opportunities. 


Like most other purple flowers, the purple freesia represent strength, royalty, and success. This could be a financial success, new career opportunities, and more.  


The white freesia is symbolic of purity and innocence, making the it a popular feature at weddings and baptisms. 


The red freesia is the most fragrant of them all. This color also most closely associated with romantic love and passion. This makes this the perfect flower to send a love interest or partner on valentines day or an anniversary. 


Pink is symbolic of platonic love, femininity, and romance. Many usually sent this pink freesia to close female relations, whether they be familial, platonic, or romantic. 


The multi-color freesia is arguably the most beautiful of them all. This variant uses various colors and most often used to symbolize friendship. It can be the perfect gift to send coworkers or close friends. 

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics Of The Flower

This flower originally comes from South Africa. But most species is in the Cape Provinces. It grows best in zones 9 to 10. If grown indoors, people can plant them anytime between mid-August to late October.

If you’re growing freesias in a garden, you should plant it in Spring for Summer flowers or fall for Spring blooms. 

Its trumpet-shaped flowers characterizes this flower. Their blooms always face upwards, and each stem can produce as many as twelve flowers. There are also several hybrids available, which you can find in white, scarlet, blue, pink, yellow, and more. 

Freesias grow best in well-drained, fertile soil. Ideally, it should be neutral to alkaline. If you want your freesias to thrive, you should plant them in the sun or light shade. They also do well when planted in greenhouses, but only when they’re in warm climates.

However, if you’re in colder weather, the freesia may grow well in a greenhouse, as long as it has regular sunlight. It has a unique, radiant scent. Freesias smell sweet and airy, and some come with a hint of citrus. The scent closely resembles jasmine but not as heavy. 


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Special Occasions For The Flower

The freesia’s fragrant scent and long-lasting bloom make it an excellent flower for many gifting occasions. With so many colors to choose from, the freesia gift can suit many occasions.

Are you wondering whether the freesia is the right gift for you? Let’s take a look at the most common gifting occasions of this flower below. 

Wedding And Engagements 

Many can incorporate this flower into a bouquet or floral display at any wedding. Their beautiful scent and an assortment of colors mean there’s something to suit every theme, from vintage and chic to vibrant outdoor displays.


Yellow and pink freesias usually associated with joy and friendship, making it a wonderful flower to give as a birthday gift. 

Mothers Day

If you’re about to give your mom roses and chocolates for the fifth year in a row, think again. Sure, flowers are a fantastic display of affection, but why not shake things up with a freesia display?

The pink freesia is symbolic of love and femininity, making it an excellent gift for your mom or another solid female role model in your life. 

Freesia Flower Cultural Significance

As we’ve discovered, the freesia has a wide selection of symbolic meanings and interpretations. However, this symbolism can vary depending on the color of the flower and its cultural significance. 

To understand the freesia better, let’s look at its significance to different cultures and periods in history. 


In Australia, the freesia symbolizes the spring season. They also used it to celebrate significant moments and events, such as birthdays and engagements. The freesia can also offer condolences or celebrate professional achievements in some instances. 

Victorian Era

In the Victorian Era, they sent freesias to symbolize a secret message. This is just one reason why the freesia has such close associations with trust. The Victorians also used the fragrance of the freesia as perfumes and to freshen up laundry. 


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Freesia Flower Facts

Are you eager to learn more about the Freesia? Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the freesia flower. 

  • Freesia flowers grow wild in South Africa. 
  • Freesias are zygomorphic, meaning they only have one plane of symmetry. 
  • These flowers are cool weather plants, so they’re dormant in the summer, and flourish in mild winters.
  • Most freesias grow in sandy or stony soils. 
  • The freesia has an erect and slightly branched stem, growing up to four to sixteen inches tall. 
  • The freesia requires temperatures below 21 degrees to form flowers successfully. 
  • Freesia can be used in the cosmetic industry to create shampoos, perfumes, oils, lotions, and more. 
  • Freesia is a perennial plant, meaning it has a lifespan of no more than two years. 
  • Daffodils can affect how long cut freesias last. If your freesias are in a bunch with daffodils, you may find they wilt faster than usual. Although they look beautiful, you should avoid mixing them together. 

Freesia Flower Uses

The freesia flower can do more than just look pretty in your garden border. You can also use the freesia for other practical purposes. So, let’s explore some of the most popular uses of the freesia flower below. 


The freesia may not have many medicinal purposes, but its scent is highly valued. The freesia essential oil can be used in aromatherapy for massage oils, bath oils, and freshening potpourri. 


Freesia is also used in cosmetics. Fragrance oils are created out of the fragrance and can be used for skin care products like soap, moisturizer, and more. 

Culinary Purposes

Unlike other plants, the freesia isn’t poisonous. This means it can be used for a variety of culinary purposes. In most cases, the freesia can be eaten raw, used to garnish salads, and even to flavor sorbets. 

What Is The Symbolism Of A Freesia Flower Tattoo? 

The reasons for getting a tattoo are numerous and varied. For some, a tattoo is symbolic of religion and love. For others, a tattoo represents status and power, and for others, it’s simply a way to reflect our personality. 

Whatever the reason, you may be on the lookout for a new tattoo design. Flower tattoos are a popular choice for both women and men. Their versatility, colors, and spectacular blooms look beautiful in almost any design and color.

The freesia is one of the most versatile designs you can choose from, and it looks gorgeous in any style. But what does it mean, and should you get one? Let’s look at the symbolism behind a freesia flower tattoo below. 


Freesias can be used to represent wisdom and even intelligence. A wisdom tattoo can be used to express your own wisdom or the wise nature of someone close to you. 


The freesia is also associated with perseverance and tenacity. The freesia is a hardy plant that can cope well in challenging conditions. If you continue to thrive in challenging situations like the freesia flower, this tattoo may be the perfect design for you. 


Like other flowers, the freesia is also symbolic of friendship and platonic love. Why not consider a matching freesia tattoo? The freesia flower can be tattooed in many styles and designs, so there’s something for almost every taste. 

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Love And Adoration

Finally, the freesia is symbolic of romantic love and adoration. If getting your partner’s name tattooed across your chest feels a little too personal, but you want some new ink to pay tribute to your love, why not design a freesia tattoo together? 

Suppose you don’t have a romantic partner, but you want to commemorate or pay tribute to an important person in your life. In that case, the freesia tattoo design can be an incredible way to convey your adoration. 

Final Thoughts 

Although the freesia was first discovered in the 1700s, it didn’t become popular until the 1950s. Since then, the freesia flower has become a staple addition in wedding bouquets, florist shop windows, and garden borders across the world. It’s loved for its striking appearance and floral scent.

Sometimes, words aren’t enough. Sure, they can be profound and impactful, but sometimes, you need a gift that can speak for you. If you’re lost for words and looking for a gift to do the talking, why not give your loved one a freesia? 

Whether you’re professing your romantic love, platonic love, or adoration for a close family member, the freesia can be the perfect gift. We hope you’ve seen that its rich history, symbolism, and cultural significance make this flower the perfect present for almost any occasion. 

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