Giraffe: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The giraffe, one of the most peaceful and graceful animals on earth, has many features that make it a brilliant guide for life. It can be easy to dismiss their kind nature as being weak, but they are actually incredibly thoughtful and resourceful.

Following on from the giraffe’s lead, we are taught to look at the problems in our life from every angle. We should use a broader perspective to come up with solutions that others may not think of, helping us to succeed.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, carry on reading to find out about what it means to have the giraffe as your spirit animal, power animal, totem animal, and so much more!

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Giraffe Spirit Animal

To have the giraffe as a spirit animal means that you will need to establish a clear vision of what lies ahead of you. You may be experiencing a crisis in yourself and your choices. In order to achieve the things you want in life, visualize them.

Just as the giraffe would use its long neck to get a good view of the land and find food, you need to look at your goals as if you are at a higher angle, staring down at what is completely attainable in your life. Some distance will give you a clear perspective.

However, they also teach you to not be complacent about your achievements if you succeed. You have to be thankful for what you have done and keep striving for your goals in a selfless manner.

Image by Wolfgang_Hasselmann from Pixabay

Again, if you veer off this path to your goals, take a step back. You need to look at where your life is heading from a broader perspective!

If you notice that there are any obstacles blocking your way, don’t ignore them – acknowledge them. Embrace them. Work at removing them, and use your broader view to help you do this.

If your giraffe is running, this could be a sign that you are avoiding the truth or running from a problem. You have to fight this urge!

Giraffe Totem Animal

The giraffe as a Totem animal signifies that you need to see the bigger picture in life. Open your eyes and take in everything around you, rather than focusing on the narrow view.

This can take time to learn, however, so be patient with yourself. This Totem animal stays away from stressful situations, so don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Following on from this, the Giraffe reminds you that patience is the key to a happy life. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to achieve your success, although having a clear goal to succeed is a positive thing.

The Totem giraffe is also a symbol of protection and intuition. Giraffes are incredibly self-aware, and their third horn between their eyes is believed to be a symbol of advanced vision.

This powerful ability of recognition and telepathy can help guide you through conflicts in relationships. This is because you will be able to sense when there is a problem.

However, this gift comes with a drawback – it brings isolation. While you may see the big picture, others won’t. They won’t be able to understand your motives behind the choices you make.

The thing to remember is that you know what you are doing, you are surefooted, and you must remain grounded.

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Giraffe Power Animal

You should invoke the Giraffe as your power animal when you need help moving through the world with your head held high. The giraffe is great for when you want others to look up to you and respect you.

While you will need to stand strong, remember to be true to yourself! Don’t let the attention you receive from others change who you are.

The giraffe is a lucky animal to invoke. It brings blessings and encouragement – it is a brilliant power animal for support and luck. The giraffe will aid you in manifesting your desires, all you have to do is continue to work hard and keep your eyes on the price.

The giraffe has a strong connection to Mother Earth. Because they are taller, they are closer to the stars and the sky, while also remaining very grounded and in tune with the earth. If you have great aspirations, don’t be afraid to aim high!

Image by Herbert Bieser from Pixabay

Giraffe Native American and Celtic Symbolism

Giraffes were not mentioned in Native American history and they have no symbolism because the animals weren’t native to the areas where early Natives resided. There is also no Celtic symbolism as Celtic people would not have come across giraffes either.

Giraffe Christianity Symbolism

Giraffes are highly respected in Christianity. It is believed that the Children of God should respect giraffes, and they should admire the qualities the animal has to offer.

They are an animal of peace and kindness. They stand taller than most other animals, and they do it with grace. It is said that Christians should follow in the giraffe’s footsteps, and rise above everything that has the potential to corrupt them.

Christians are taught to ignore any earthly desires and focus all of their attention on the heaven above them since this is the true gift. They can learn this from the giraffe because the animal’s height brings them closer to heaven and God. They don’t bother themselves with what is on the ground.

Giraffes are mentioned in both the Book of Genesis and the first book of the Hebrew Bible. They are specifically described as being on Noah’s Ark, which shows that they are of importance.

Finally, the giraffe’s advanced foresight is admired in Christianity. Their awareness is something that Christians believe humans can achieve too – by evolving their own foresight and knowledge, humans can look out for the welfare of others.

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Far Eastern Giraffe Symbolic Meanings

There are references to a ‘giraffe’ in Chinese mythology, which has been incorporated into symbols in Chinese culture.

It was first mentioned in the 5th Century, BC. The reference was to a ‘Qilin’, which was a hooved, chimerical (made up of parts from different animals) beast.

However, the depictions of the Qilin are incredibly similar to that of the giraffe, and this is what Chinese culture now associates with the Qilin.

The giraffe is considered to be a good omen. However, it is a double-sided coin. It can be associated with a rise to power, but it can also symbolize the death of a monarch. The latter one is less used when in reference to the giraffe.

In Chinese Feng Shui, people will place giraffe figurines in their homes as a sign of friendship and respect!

Hawaiian, African & Greek Myth & Symbolic Meanings

While Giraffes do not typically appear in Hawaiian and Greek mythology, they are particularly apparent in African myths. They are a cherished creation of God in Africa, and they are the perfect example of God’s power in creating something that is diverse and unique.

Depictions of giraffes have been found from cavemen times in Africa. They were often being drawn on cave walls, which shows how in awe people have been of this magnificent creature since the near-beginning of humanity!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

People have always seen them as magical creatures because they have grown to overcome so many obstacles through evolving their long necks. They are still revered for their achievement, which is why they are worshipped.

African Shamans tend to believe that these animals are actually God’s messengers. They say that giraffes carry a message of restoration and hope because they have ‘restored’ their ‘original form’ into one that gives them greater insight and understanding of the world around them.

Giraffes in African Folklore

African Folklore states that giraffes didn’t always have their unique, long necks. It has been said that they used to have short, stunted necks and legs, so they were the same size as most other animals.

However, there are stories of the African grasslands being hit with a bad drought. This made the rivers dry up, and the animals were without food and water. At this point, giraffes (as herbivores) were struggling to compete with other animals.

So, it is said that the giraffe species were blessed by an African Witchdoctor. With this blessing, the animal was granted a longer neck that allowed them to reach the taller leaves of trees that other animals were too short for. This in turn allowed them to survive, and thrive.

Of course, this is a folk tale. However, the basis of this story could very well be true. Animals did have to evolve their features in order to survive and find food. It is highly likely that giraffes developed their necks to help them reach more foliage than other animals.

Giraffe Dreams

When a giraffe appears in your dreams, it can mean so many things. The first thing you should do is reflect on your life as it is now. Are you happy with your current situation? If there are things that you feel like you could be doing but aren’t doing them currently, don’t hold yourself back! You have to be true to your desires.

African Bushmen say that if your dreams contain giraffes, you have supernatural powers. As to whether this is true, we can’t say, but giraffes do have the special ability of advanced insight and seeing more than others.

This could mean that you may have a special ability of your own, and you just need to recognize your own potential.

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If you are riding a giraffe in your dream, it can supposedly mean that you are selfish/inconsiderate, or that some of your actions are representing the best version of yourself.

This could be because you are not aiming high enough in life, or maybe you should be working harder/setting more achievable goals for yourself.

If a giraffe is running in your dream, it can suggest that you may be avoiding the truth in your life. You are in denial about something you have witnessed or something you are feeling.

However, if a giraffe is just wandering around or roaming, this is considered a bad omen.

This is more related to relationships, so it could suggest that you and a partner aren’t on the same page about something, or there may be hidden secrets that need to be uncovered.

There are some positives to having a giraffe in your dreams too! It can signal that you are experiencing a time of peace and clarity in your life. Your well-being is sound, and you are progressing at a steady pace to where you are supposed to be. You are content.

If you have a child, seeing a baby giraffe in your dream may also symbolize that they are going to achieve highly in their own lives and do great things.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Giraffe Tattoo Meaning

The basic meaning behind a giraffe tattoo is ‘adaptability’. If you believe that you can adapt to situations easily, whether that’s because you have been forced to adapt in your life or choose to make big life changes, then this will be a brilliant choice for you.

This is because the giraffe is the epitome of evolution and changing to match their environment. They are a testament to an animal’s ability to adapt to their situations, particularly in the vast plains of Africa.

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Giraffe Spiritual Meaning

In terms of spirituality, the giraffe is a symbol of heightened psychic awareness. They are incredibly intuitive animals, and their foresight is something that we can all learn from.

They are aware of everything that surrounds them – the physical objects, and the spiritual presence. This can often make them quite protective, as they will be able to sense danger before others.

The giraffe also stands for self-acceptance and love, particularly for yourself. They are distinctive and unique, just as people are, and they do not shy away from this. Further, they recognize that they are different, and this elevates them from other animals. They can rise above earthly matters, and so can you.

Giraffes in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

While the giraffe does not have a Zodiac sign, it is best represented by an Aquarius. Full of lofty thoughts and future-oriented actions, the giraffe fits into this sign well. They have previously been compared to Aquarians, in that they both have their head in the clouds – literally and figuratively.

Aquarians are known for being incredibly knowledgeable and logical thinkers, as well as being considerate and philosophical people. These traits match the giraffe spirit animal because they are both concerned with looking out for other people, as well as being all-knowing and much more aware than others.

Similar to the air-sign traits, Uranus matches the giraffe spirit animal well. They are known for their special spiritual gifts, telepathy, originality, and intellect. They are incredibly aware people and considering that Uranus is a ruling planet for an Aquarian, these match up perfectly.

Giraffe Symbolic Meanings

  • Vision: If you keep your head held high, nothing can you hold back in life! Use your brilliant vision, foresight, and spiritual reach, to further your ambitions and give you a clear idea of what you want from your life. Giraffes teach us to be resourceful and use our powers of observation for good, not evil.
  • Perception: Giraffes teach us that we should use advanced perception and insight to treat people well, as well as make our own lives better. They teach us that most of the problems we face can be solved with kindness because we will use our knowledge and insight to treat people well. This encourages others to treat us with the same respect. As well as this, they encourage us to see beyond initial impressions and appearances. We have to use our ‘sixth sense’ to fully understand others, as well as understand ourselves.
  • Elevation of the spirit: As is said by multiple cultures and religions, giraffes have a connection with higher spirits and the sky. They are closer to the stars and planets, and the earth’s atmosphere that keeps us safe. Moreover, they provide us with a union between the skies and the earth. They teach us that we shouldn’t be brought down by problems on the ground, but that we should be lifted up by everything else in the world!
  • Self-acceptance: Sometimes the things that make us different can make us feel unwanted and left out. We can also feel like we have nothing to offer others, or that our differences may limit us in some way. However, giraffes use their differences to survive! They thrive because they have very long necks to help them get food, something that other animals don’t have. The giraffe helps us understand that our quirks make us special and that we should accept all parts of ourselves.
  • Peace: Giraffes are incredibly peaceful animals. It is in their nature to be gentle and supportive, which makes them a brilliant symbol of harmony and peace. From them, we can learn how to use the gifts that make us different from others to help each other, instead of competing with others and putting them down.

Final Thoughts

Giraffes are a symbol of patience, knowledge, and advanced insight. They signify adaptability, and they are worshipped by many groups of people for their unique, long necks.

They also stand for self-acceptance, letting you know that it is okay to stand out from the crowd. This thing that may make you different from others may be the thing that helps you succeed in life.

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