Go For Gold – A Guide To Gorgeous Gold Crystals

The healing properties of gold are well known. It has been used since ancient times for its many uses.

It is believed that gold helps the body heal itself by stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, improving digestion, and reducing inflammation.

Whether it’s actual gold, or gold colored crystals and gems, this guide will show you how useful this beautiful color can be for you!

Go For Gold - A Guide To Gorgeous Gold Crystals

About Gold And Gold Crystals

Gold is an element that is very precious to people. People love to see gold because it brings them happiness. It also reminds them of nature’s beauty.

Gold is an extremely valuable mineral. It is mined from many places around the world and is used in many ways. People are drawn to it because it is beautiful and pure. It has a unique energy that amplifies positive feelings. It is a great stone for crystal healing.

Gold is the color of the sun. It brings joy and happiness to people who wear gold jewelry or use gold as an accent.

Golden gems are very useful because they help you get rid of bad luck and increase your prosperity. They are also helpful for those who suffer from depression.


Gold stones give people energy when they’re tired. They make the body stronger. They encourage healing.

The Mind

Yellow is the color of the heart chakra (3rd) and is associated with self-confidence and optimism. Gold is the color of the crown chakra (7th), and is associated with spiritual awakening and wisdom. These two colors together represent the highest level of consciousness.


Gold is a powerful color that helps people feel more confident about themselves. People who wear gold jewelry often feel more self-assured. Gold-colored gems also attract wealth and prosperity.

Gold Crystals

Most people think that the name ‘gold’ comes from its color. But this isn’t true. The word ‘gold’ comes from the Latin word ‘aurum’, meaning ‘yellow’. So, when you see a yellow stone, you’re seeing gold!



Gold is a very precious metal. It has been valued since ancient times. It was first discovered in South Africa around 300 BC.

It is the color of royalty. It represents power, authority, and respect. It is a symbol of wealth and glory.

Gold is a very vision of purification. Pure gold does not just help the body build itself up, but it also helps to clear out any negative energies.

Gold is considered one of the most powerful stones on Earth. It is said to be able to heal all types of spiritual maladies. It helps to eliminate rogue aura toxins and celestial impurities from the body.



Pyrite is a shiny, lustrous, golden yellow mineral. It is very hard and brittle. Pyrite is named after the Greek word for fire because it looks like burning coals.

Pyrite helps lift your spirits by giving you confidence and helping you stand up for yourself.

It’s a favorite among mystics and meditators. It promotes peace and tranquility. Pyrite helps us to overcome fear.

This stone will bring you good luck and protection. It’s a valuable aid during times of transition.

Golden Yellow Topaz

Golden Yellow Topaz

Golden yellow topaz is here to help you raise your confidence and move forward in a positive direction. It clears away stagnant energy and keeps you warm.

It helps you to feel confident and clear your mind of negative thinking. It helps you to make decisions and to bathe in bliss.

Topaz is a stone of transformation. It helps you to become more aware of what you want in life. It teaches you how to let go of old habits and beliefs. It helps you to see things clearly and to open your heart.

Yellow Andalusite

Andalusite is a stone of inspiration and creativity. It is a great stone to meditate with. It is a stone that will help you to connect with your higher self.

Andalusite is said to be a stone of truth. It helps you to manifest your dreams. It helps you to focus your attention. It helps you to think positively.

It is a stone of communication. It helps you to express your ideas and feelings. It helps you to share your knowledge.

It is a stone of faith. It helps you to believe in yourself and your abilities. It helps you to trust in the universe.



Citrine is a cheerful yellowish green stone. It brings optimism, confidence, and cheerfulness. It helps people who need help solving problems.

Yellow citrine gems are bright and colorful. They’re easy to find and affordable. You can buy them in different shapes and cuts.

Citrines are ideal for jewelry because they are hardy stones that bring positivity into your life. They’re also spiritual stones that chase away negativity. You can buy them online or in stores.

Gold Quartz

Gold Quartz

Gold quartz is pure crystal sunlight. It is a great healer and helps to cleanse the body and mind. It helps to bring high frequencies to the party. It also helps to clear out stagnant energy and puts you back into a state of peace and balance.

The gold quartz is a stone of balance. It brings harmony into your life. It can help you to get along with others. It can help you achieve success in business.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a soft, delicate shade of yellowish gold. It is sometimes called “golden” or “rose” because of its color. It is used in jewelry, especially earrings.

The name “rose gold” comes from the fact that it looks like the petals of a flower when it is polished. It is also known as “yellow gold”.

It is a healing stone that helps to calm emotions and relieve stress. Rose gold has a calming color. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. It is a universal color. It represents truth, justice, and freedom.

Golden Tourmaline

Golden Tourmaline

Golden tourmaline is an amazing gemstone that helps you connect with your inner light and shine as brightly as possible.

It helps you move away from negative emotions and gives you a positive outlook on life. It clears away energy blockages and makes you feel happy and healthy.

Tourmalines are probably the most colorful gemstone varieties on Earth. They are a durable stone that can be cut and polished into almost any shape and they are suitable for all types of jewelry. However, they are usually just around a carat in size.

Golden tourmalines usually have a high price tag. Their hardness ranges from 7-7.5. They are also known as ‘October birthstones’ because they are believed to bring good luck during this month. They encourage creativity and inventiveness.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Sapphires are usually thought to be blue, but in fact, they come in just about every color of the rainbow! The yellow versions are amongst the most attractive of this ‘fancy sapphire’ and make excellent jewelry items.

The yellow ones share the prestige, spiritual powers, durability, and versatility of their famous blue brothers but can often be bought for considerably less than them.

Some extraordinary star sapphires are found in yellow which not just look spectacular but are very powerful spiritually.

Sapphires are often associated with love and romance. They are believed to attract true love and happiness. Sapphires are a stone of wisdom and intuition. They help you to understand and communicate with others.

They are a stone of protection. They keep you safe from harm and bad luck. They protect you from illness and emotional distress.

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl

Beryl is an opaque blue-green variety of corundum (Aluminum Oxide) found in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Zambia. It occurs as massive crystals or tabular masses up to several meters long.

Golden beryls are a protective stone. They help to shield you from negativity and evil forces. They help to ward off physical attacks.

They are a grounding stone. They help to ground you, keeping you calm and centered. They help you to feel grounded when you need it most.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite

Yellow apatite is an interesting gemstone with a brilliant yellow color. It comes in large sizes and is often found in the form of earrings and pendants. Its bright color makes it a great choice for jewelry.

Yellow apatite is great for motivation. Motivational gems such as apatite are very important because they help us be more positive and optimistic about life.

They make us feel better when we wear them. This stone helps protect us from negative energy.

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz

Choose yellow quartz gems if you want bright, bold colors. You can get them in many different shapes and sizes. They’re relatively cheap and easy to make your own jewelry.

Yellow quartz is the gem of wisdom, warmth, creativity, and happiness. It helps you develop self-confidence.

This means that it is a great stone for creative types. It helps us to express our innermost desires.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond Stone

Diamond is the hardest of all gemstones. Yellow diamonds are usually entirely natural unlike the blue or purple diamonds that can be found at an extraordinary price across the globe.

This makes the sparkling yellow diamond possibly the best bargain diamond around.

Known as the master healer, it was worn by kings into battles.

Diamonds are a stone of cleansing and healing. They help to rid yourself of unwanted feelings and thoughts. They help you to release negative emotions and bring about change.

Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite

Orange kyanite is a beautiful mineral that’s also known as “the stone of golden truth”. It’s a wonderful stone for dreamers who want to manifest their dreams. It brings clarity to our thoughts and feelings. It helps us to understand ourselves and others.

It has been used for thousands of years to heal emotional wounds.

Kyanite is a strong protective stone. It’s used to protect against negativity.

It’s a great stone for those seeking spiritual guidance. It strengthens our intuition.

Orange Topaz

Orange Topaz

Topaz is one of the most versatile gemstones out there. It’s available in almost any color imaginable. Orange topaz is one of the rarest varieties of topaz. It’s a fantastic golden stone for those looking to improve their relationships.

This stone helps us to become more open-minded and compassionate. It encourages us to take risks and try new things. It can help us find love.

Yellow Agate

Yellow Agate

Yellow agate is a popular choice for jewelry because of its unique beauty. These gems are ideal for making jewelry as they are affordable and easy to work with.

This stone is very protective and increases your ability to concentrate. You’re better off wearing this stone at night

Yellow agate is a popular gemstone among shamans and witches worldwide. It’s a powerful stone for meditation.

It helps us to focus on what matters most, and gives us courage.

Yellow Sphene

Yellow Sphene

Yellow sphene gemstones are bright gems with an intense fire and high lusters. They are softer than diamonds, and they are usually used in jewelry. Their deep yellow or green colors flash when they change angles.

They are usually used as pendants or earrings. They protect you from negative energies. You should wear them when you feel stressed out.

Yellow Grossular Garnet

Yellow Grossular Garnet

Yellow grossular garnets are very valuable gemstones. They are also very rare, and difficult to mine. They are found in the Himalayas, and are named after the town of Grossular in India. They are often used in jewelry, but also in spiritual medicine.

Yellow grossular garnet is an extremely useful gemstone. It is very hard and can be found in almost any shape or form.

It is also considered a birthstone because it brings happiness and success. It helps you gain clarity. It helps you understand what is important in life.

Star Lemon Quartz

Star Lemon Quartz

Star lemon quartz gemstones are a transparent yellow quartz that displays a star effect. This star effect is created by treating the gemstone with a special process to give it a lemony color.

These gems are very rare because they are created by treating the gemstones with a special process.

This crystal brings energy, enthusiasm and excitement into your life. You’ll feel more energetic and enthusiastic when you wear this stone. It helps you see things more clearly. It helps you learn about yourself.

Yellow Mali Garnet

Yellow Mali Garnet

Yellow Mali garnets are very rare gems that come from Africa. They are known for their fire and brilliance, as well as their usefulness in spiritual rituals. Their hardness ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 Mohs.

Garnets are a birthstone for January. This stone encourages romance, love and passionate relationships. It also helps you see your true feelings about someone.

It is also an excellent stone for those who want to achieve success. It helps us to see clearly and stay focused.

Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is a very beautiful gemstone that is usually found as translucent or transparent stones with popular colors such as yellow and orange. It is not often used in Jewelry because of its relative softness. However, it does polish up nicely.

It helps you understand how to deal with situations. It helps you be more positive and optimistic in your outlook, as well as helping you to make wise decisions. It helps you become more creative, and helps you achieve success.

Yellow Cat’s Eye Opal

Yellow cat’s eye opals are very unusual gems that do not exhibit the play-of-colors of most opals. Instead, with the proper cabochon cut, they exhibit a chatoyant effect where a bright line floats across the surface of a gemstone. Their hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5.

Cat’s eyes are said to protect you from evil spirits. You should wear them when you’re feeling vulnerable or need spiritual protection.

Yellow Cat’s Eye Apatite

Yellow Cat's Eye Apatite

A gemstone that displays an eye that seems to glide over the surface of the stone, giving it an exotic look. The strong yellow color makes this gemstone seem to perfectly capture the cat’s eye.

This gem is one of the few cats’ eyes that are available in large carats for a reasonable price. It is too soft to be used in rings, but it can make nice pendants or brooches.

This stone is used as a spiritual symbol. It represents a stone of wisdom and knowledge. It is also used as a symbol of spirituality. It is a stone of inspiration and learning. It is a stone that helps you focus your energy. It helps you get rid of negative energies. 

Yellow Moss Opal

Yellow Moss Opal

Like common opal and cat’s eye opal, moss opal does not display the dazzling play-of-color on its surface like many other types of opal. Instead, the milky opaque gemstone has inclusions that resemble moss or leaves.

Opal can help relieve depression and to aid its wearer find true love. It’s a lovely stone for anyone wanting to attract love and romance.

Yellow moss opal is also a great stone for meditation. It helps us to connect with nature and relax.

Yellow Chrysoberyl

8 - Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyls are beautiful gems that are strong and versatile. They come in many different shapes and colors. They are naturally colored stones that aren’t usually treated in any way to improve their appearance.

Chrysoberyls are available in many different shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for any jewelry item.

This stone is very hard, therefore it gives you confidence and brings peace of mind, making you feel more secure. Wear this ring when you need to be strong and confident.

Yellow Diaspore

Yellow Diaspore
Source: Flickr.com

Diaspore is an attractive yellow gemstone that changes color dramatically when exposed to light. It is a very rare type of gemstone.

Diaspore helps with spiritual emptiness. This gemstone is used by many collectors as an accent stone for necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. It helps you overcome obstacles, and helps you improve relationships. 

Yellow Pearl

Yellow Pearl

These pearls are found in shells of mollusks. They are often called organic gems because they come from living organisms.

Natural pearls are incredibly rare. People around the world have developed many different methods to culture them in a more economic and organized way. Pearls are worn as a necklace or earring. Their hardness ranges from 2.5-4.5 Mohs.

A necklace or other jewelry item made of yellow pearls represents purity, integrity and loyalty, and should be worn by someone who wants these qualities.

Yellow Rutile Quartz

Yellow Rutile Quartz

Rutile gemstones are beautiful stones that add a lot of character and charm to your jewelry. They come in many different colors including yellow, red, brown, green, purple, blue, orange, pink, white, black, gray, etc.

When the hair-like inclusion is a yellow or fair color, it is called Angel Hair or Venus Hair.

Rutile quartz gems can be found in very big sizes, and as the cutter tries to catch the best of the rutile inclusions, they can be found in odd shapes. These are ideal for one off jewelry items.

Yellow rutile quartz is a hard stone that gives energy and strength. It is used as jewelry or pendants.

Yellow Sillimanite

Yellow Sillimanite

Sillimanite may share the same chemical composition as Kyanite and Andalusite but is found lighter in tone and is often mistaken for them. It is also very hard and bright. This makes it an excellent choice for rings or pendants.

Yellow Cat’s Eye Gemstones are subtle gems that influence the solar plexus. Jewelry items are most often used. Rings may require protective settings.

Yellow gems are the most popular ones on the market today. They’re also the easiest to find.

Combination Stones

Gold crystals are very useful when used together with rose quartz or amethyst. These crystals can help you feel more positive and happy. Together, they help you ground yourself and stay focused.


Gold and gold crystals are definitely worth exploring. They glow with good grace and richness. They are here to wake up dormant dreams, refuel empty energies, and generally remind you of a pure heart and positive mind set.

With the knowledge you’ve gained from this guide, you’ll be able to pick the right golden colored gem for you!

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