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Symbolism & Meaning

The goldfinch is a sociable, colorful bird most commonly found in Europe, North Africa, and Western and Central Asia.

Their notable appearance and melodic birdsong have earned these little birds an incredible reputation, and where they appear in abundance, joy always follows.

The goldfinch is symbolic of liveliness, enthusiasm, hope, and an expression of our inner selves.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the most common spiritual and symbolic meanings of the goldfinch.

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Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the goldfinch expresses the need for more diversity and fresh perspective in your life.

If the goldfinch is your spirit animal, you may be being called on to spice up your everyday routine, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and say ‘yes’ to more experiences.

Embracing change and opportunity will open up plenty of doors in your life.

This fearless bird can encourage you to spread your own wings and soar to new heights. Occasionally, the goldfinch can also appear to you before a significant change happens in your life.

This may be something you’re aware of, such as a change of location or the start of a new project, or it may be something you haven’t yet foreseen.

This period is often referred to as the ‘nesting period’; if the goldfinch appears in your life during this time, it may be asking you to take care in your future endeavors and build your metaphorical ‘nest’ carefully.

If you’ve heard the goldfinches song for yourself, you will have felt the sheer joy and happiness its birdsong brings.

Sometimes, the goldfinch can appear to simply remind you that there is happiness around you, even if you can’t see it. The goldfinch will encourage you to seek beauty in the little things.

Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the goldfinch is representative of health, relationships, beauty, and communication.

If the goldfinch is your totem animal, you’ll likely be a loyal, family-orientated person.

You’ll hold your loved ones in high esteem and be a loyal protector of your loved ones, your reputation, and your family name.

Those around you may also describe as emotionally mature, open, and a great communicator.

You don’t shy away from difficult conversations, and you’re probably very in touch with your feelings and emotions, maybe even to your own detriment.

You won’t be afraid to speak your mind and stay true to what you believe in.

Of course, following our hearts can be hard, but you understand the importance of putting yourself first, and you’re not afraid to speak your mind.

You’re probably a very calm person, too, even in the face of chaos.

Those around you will often lean on you for support in trying times and seek comfort in your attitude and calm nature. Your rationality and good judgment rub off on everyone around you, and it never goes unnoticed.

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Power Animal

If you have the goldfinch as your power animal, you’ll probably hate silence and be known as a chatty, carefree individual.

But, like the melodic humming of the goldfinch, your voice may be calming and sweet-natured, and others won’t care if you’re loud or outspoken.


The goldfinch power animal could also be reminding you that it’s time to express yourself and speak your mind. If this is the case, you’ll need to express yourself and be honest with your intentions.

With the goldfinch as your power animal, you will feel confident and self-assured and have your own positive outlook on life.

You’ll often find that you can handle even the most challenging situations with certainty and confidence that will calm you and others around you.

Native American Symbolism

To the native Americans, Goldfinches symbolize prosperity, motivation, and positivity.

To some tribes, this bird is also symbolic of self-expression and freedom.

Many Native Americans believe that the spirit of a Goldfinch can teach us how to live independently while staying true to ourselves.

Celtic Symbolism

According to Irish folklore, the Goldfinch has a close association with fairies. The celts also call the Goldfinch the “lasair choille”, which means the “flame of the forest”.

The celts share a similar view to other cultures and perceive the goldfinch as symbolic of happiness, good luck, and also healing.

This is due to the Goldfinch’s strength and tenacity; many will fly straight back into the sky after an injury.

Christianity Symbolism

In Christianity, the Goldfinch has some powerful connotations.

The goldfinch loves to eat berries, thistles, and thorns. This is seen as an allusion to the crown of thorns worn by Christ for many Christians.

The European Goldfinch often appears in pictures of the Madonna and Christ child, representing Jesus and Mary’s knowledge of the crucifixion.

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Has the goldfinch been making frequent appearances in your dreams? This bird may be trying to give you an important message.

If the goldfinch appears in your dreams, it could be trying to alert you to some significant events happening in your waking life either now or in the near future.

Thankfully, seeing a goldfinch in your dreams is usually a good sign, so you can rest assured that these events or changes will be meaningful or positive.

Like most dreams, the meaning will depend on the context. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most common goldfinch dreams you might experience and what they mean.

A Goldfinch Flying

If you see a goldfinch flying in the sky, this usually means that you’ll soon experience harmony, love, and pleasure in the coming days and weeks.

Your experience will be easy and carefree and may even make you feel youthful again.

These experiences may also offer you clarity on certain situations or your life in general, contributing to the sense of harmony the goldfinch symbolizes.

Dead Or Dying Goldfinch

If you dream of a dead or dying goldfinch, this may symbolize a feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction in your life.

This could be to do with a career, relationship, or friendship, or even depression or other mental health issues. If you’re feeling weighed down by your burdens, a dream of a dead or dying goldfinch will symbolize this.

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A Goldfinch Nest

A dream of a goldfinches nest can represent a number of things, including protection, security, independence, or shelter.

Firstly, if you’re feeling secure and content with life, a dream of a nest can be representative of this feeling.

Secondly, you’re may be experiencing financial difficulty, or an unstable living situation. Then, dreaming of a nest may represent your desire for security or the prospect of achieving security soon.

Thirdly, if you’re seeing it in positive context in your dreams, you can be certain that someone is watching over. Alternatively, a positive message for the future is being delivered to you.

Lastly, even if you’re experiencing some challenging times, the goldfinch will appear. Such appearance remind you that there is happiness. In addition, it also indicates prosperity everywhere and that your hardships will soon be over.

Tattoo Meaning

Some of us just love to get inked, and all of us have different reasons for getting a tattoo.

For some of us, our tattoos are an expression of our personalities. Our ink may simply be a collection of symbols or images that we like or represent ourselves.

For others, tattoos have a deeper meaning; they could be done in remembrance of a lost loved one or even a pet.

Have you ever considered getting a goldfinch tattoo? Or maybe you’d like to know the meanings behind a goldfinch tattoo. Then, let us walk you through the symbolism behind these tattoos.

  • Positivity and Good Energy: Goldfinches are lively and positive birds. Some people may get a goldfinch tattoo to represent their own positive energy or their journey towards a more positive lifestyle and mindset.
  • New Beginnings: American goldfinches are known for shedding their feathers twice a year; once in the late summer and once again in late winter. This is unusual for goldfinches, but some people see this shedding as symbolic of new beginnings.
  • Persistence: The British goldfinch is hardy and capable of dealing with consistent temperature changes.
  • However, if it has a constant food and water supply, it will have no reason to leave and avoid migration. The goldfinches’ tenacity has made it a great symbol of persistence, common reasoning behind a goldfinch tattoo.
  • A Love for Nature: The goldfinches song is one of nature’s most peaceful and pleasing sounds. These birds are also usually found in bushes, trees, heathland, and orchards. For this reason, goldfinch lovers may get this tattoo to simply represent their love for the bird, and for nature in general.

Spiritual Meaning

Now it’s time to explore some of the spiritual meanings of the goldfinch.

  • Protection: In ancient Egypt, the goldfinch was said to represent prosperity, happiness, and the human soul. It’s said that the presence of a goldfinch in your life suggests that a higher being is protecting you.
  • Good Omens: Goldfinches are usually considered a good omen and illustrative of beauty, love, and harmony. Seeing a goldfinch in your dreams or in waking life is seen as a spiritual message that indicates nothing but abundance and prosperity.
  • The Need for Internal Cleanliness: The goldfinch can represent the need for internal cleanliness. This means a pure heart and soul that’s selfless and separate from the ego. The flight patterns of the finch are representative of this – their smooth, swift journeys are always taken in a dance-like flight full of joy and purity.

Not every goldfinch tattoo will look the same.

Although most will try to include the most striking characteristics of this bird, different tattoo styles such as traditional or watercolor may alter the appearance of the goldfinch.

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Goldfinch In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

To understand the goldfinch’s role in astrology, we need to take a closer look at primal astrology.

Primal astrology is a level of astrology that aims to understand and map out an individual’s life plan based on their birth date.

The primal zodiac sign, also known as your animal spirit, represents your instinctive animal nature and shows you what animal you would most closely represent, based on your birth date.

Goldfinches have the Aries sun sign and are born during the year of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac.

In primal astrology, members of the goldfinch family are usually oozing with self-confidence and self-assurance.

This level of confidence can be mysterious and bewildering to others who don’t possess it. Their level of self-belief is awe-inspiring and will see them through whatever challenges life throws at them.

Goldfinches are also notoriously social birds.

If you relate to the goldfinch in primal astrology, you may find yourself highly energetic. Further, you may appear active and may even be a social butterfly.

Moreover, you may also be incredibly organized and clean. In addition, you have a desire to create and maintain order in your life.

Symbolic Meanings

Want to know more about the Goldfinch? Let’s explore some of its most common symbolic meanings.

  • Freedom
  • Celebration
  • Joy
  • Prosperity
  • Opportunity
  • Emotional and spiritual growth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Opportunity
  • A sign to trust the process

The symbolic meanings of the goldfinch can appear to you in several scenarios.

These may be through your dreams, through regular encounters with the bird, or with a close relationship to your primal zodiac sign.

These meanings can be reassuring to you in trying times and make you feel more secure in your life.

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Final Thoughts

The goldfinch is a colorful, social bird that’s fairly common in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

These little birds are striking, exciting, and full of life, and seeing them in your dream state or waking life can have some powerful symbolic meanings.

You may also relate to the goldfinch in primal astrology and find that you share many common characteristics with these little birds.

You may be confident, vibrant, communicative, and full of life. The goldfinch is an incredible animal to have in your life, and spiritually, it can guide you safely through troubled waters.

With the goldfinch by your side in your dream state, waking life, or the spiritual realm, you can rest assured that the divine protects you.

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