Grasshopper: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Regardless of whether you have ever seen a grasshopper, you all know the sound that they make. The little chirping noise that echoes throughout the wet spring mornings and the sweltering summer nights.

As a child, I used to sit on the porch of our house. For hours, I listen as the chorus of grasshoppers sang to one another. It made me feel like the only audience to a secret orchestra that only I could listen to.

Humanity’s awareness of grasshoppers is not limited to one person. All of us have stopped and listened even if just for a moment as the insect plays. We have been doing that for a long time as a species.

Despite being heavily armored insects, many different culture looked upon these intrepid herbivores favorably. Most of the time, people considered these insects, and invertebrates in general, pests. People also considered them even alien monsters who just happen to live on the same planet as us. But, that is not the case for grasshoppers.

There are many reasons this could be. But the most common is that the grasshopper appears as a voracious insect. Despite that, their music shows us that they are more than meets the eye.

Grasshopper: Symbolism and Meaning

Ancient times and the modern-day both used grasshopper as a symbol. But, surprisingly the variation in meaning has changed little between the two. Although there are several significant meanings to the grasshoppers, the most significant are: good fortune, morality, joy, and intuition.

Luck is incredibly influential in our lives. We love to tell ourselves that our success and our failures are our own. But, a lot of the time they are down to luck.

Enter the grasshopper, a creature that appears in your life as a symbol of good luck and good fortune. When they appear in your life, you should expect good things to follow, even if only briefly.

However, it is a mistake harming a grasshopper. As a reversal of the fortune happens when you harm a grasshopper. Aside from that, you’ll only receive bad luck from its appearance.

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People thought grasshoppers roots in reality. They do not worry about their actions being negative knowing their place in life. They act with morality and rarely do things that could hurt others. This take on the grasshoppers is both ancient and modern. Many stories and films are written about grasshoppers’ steadfast conscience deterring evil deeds.

Music is one of life’s pure joys, and the grasshopper’s ability to create music from its own body is incredible. A grasshopper’s song is not only a wonder for our ears but a song for our soul. It helps us see the world in all its beauty and speak clearly about our wants.

A grasshopper will stop playing when there is danger around as well. This reinforces their connection to good luck in a lot of people’s eyes.

The dangerous world a grasshopper lives in makes it a wary and cautious creature. It relies on its antenna to feel out the environment and long legs to escape if need be.

A grasshopper’s intuition about a potentially dangerous situation must be spot on, or death could follow soon after. It needs to know when to rest and when to run if it is to avoid becoming dinner.

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Grasshopper: Spirit Animal

Grasshoppers will come bounding into your life if they choose to be your spirit animal. Many messages from the grasshopper will be about trusting your gut and keeping your instincts sharp.

If there are signs in your life that something is coming, but they feel unreal or silly, don’t ignore them. The grasshopper has come to convince you to look harder at these messages and trust that they are real.

Yet, a grasshopper will still caution you against rash decisions and remind you to keep yourself grounded. Things may be looking up for you. But, that is no reason to give yourself over to daydreaming or wishful thinking. Even if the signs seem more metaphysical than you are used to.

It might be best to consult someone who is used to dealing with psychic phenomena. That is, if you cannot figure out the message yourself.

The grasshopper’s singing is the creature bearing its soul to the world. Its spirit will teach you how to bear yours too.

Your truth is as important as other people’s, and you must remain true to yourself in life. The grasshopper can teach you how to sing your own truth without feeling anxious or afraid.

Grasshopper: Totem Animal

People under the totem of the grasshopper are people who move forward in life with ease, going leaps and bounds in front of others and never plodding along in the back. They tend to be quite successful in whatever field they enter and tend to get promoted faster than their colleagues.

Nonetheless, this success can come at a cost, and sometimes their pursuit of success may lead them to cause more harm than good, especially in relationships. This damage can for the most part be easily fixed, but sometimes it can be irreparable and lead to schisms in that person’s life.

Grasshoppers can be very insightful people well aware of their surroundings and the situations occurring around them, they are sensitive to others’ feelings and very vocal in their views and opinions of life and of others.

This insight means that they do not tolerate those who act boorishly or foolishly, and will often call them out if their behavior affects others.

They are honest to a fault and frequently tell it how it is, which is a great trait but can have some negative consequences, especially in delicate situations.

Grasshopper: Power Animal

Invoking the power of the grasshopper will turn you from a meek outsider to a strong presence in the room.

They are great for clarity and can help other people understand what you are doing or saying, even when you can’t find the words to describe it yourself. Grasshoppers are very in tune with the earth and can be great for grounding yourself when everything feels like it is spinning out of control.

Although they are small, the grasshopper’s impact on the environment it lives in can be vast, which can be good and bad in terms of a power animal. It can mean you walk into a room and sweep everyone off their feet with your honesty and charm, or it can mean you come in like a hurricane and ruin the party.

Always take a moment before speaking when the grasshopper is your power animal to check whether what you say isn’t either brutally honest.

The grasshopper is great working as a collective unit, and it can help you form a unified group of people for whatever task is ahead of you, no matter how hard and arduous it is.

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Grasshopper: Native American Symbolism

In Native American cultures, grasshoppers had a mixed reputation.

For those that relied on agriculture and farms, then the grasshopper was little more than a pest that could reduce a field of corn or maize to barren wasteland in a day, they were seen as voracious and greedy.

Yet, among the hunter-gatherer and nomadic tribes of the great plains, grasshoppers were either not a bother or their movement foretold the coming of herds of huntable animals and therefore were seen more positively.

In southern Mexico, they are even seen as a delicacy that is toasted on a griddle before being served on a tortilla or with a chili sauce.

Far Eastern Grasshopper Symbolic Meaning

In China, grasshoppers are seasonal creatures that give people clear indications about when something should be done.

When the grasshoppers come out of hiding and appear in great numbers, it is time to sow their fields and begin the growth cycle of their crops. When the grasshoppers begin disappearing and the field gets quiet, it is time to harvest the crops.

For this reason, Chinese people see grasshoppers as deeply tied to the earth and as symbols of instinct and timing. Grasshoppers have also been seen as symbols of good luck in ancient China, with their songs being worth a listen, so the luck would rub off on you.

There are records of many people from various dynasties of Chinese history giving live grasshoppers to one another as presents and symbols of good fortune.

Grasshopper: Dreams

Having a grasshopper come forward in your dream is a big confidence boost. They are there to tell you to trust yourself and your decisions, no matter what others may think.

The problems you will face in the future are not going to be an issue if you follow your intuition and ignore naysayers who may try to get in your way.

A grasshopper moving in your dream is normally a good sign, if it is jumping forward confidently, then it is time for you to move confidently forward as well. Don’t hesitate, or the opportunity might slip by.

If a grasshopper is moving hesitantly forward, you should act with caution as well. A good opportunity is still there, it is just that one wrong step may make it disappear, therefore move but move warily.

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Grasshopper: Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of a grasshopper tattoo is integrally tied to a meaning of luck and good fortune.

For those who have got the tattoo, then they have probably experienced extraordinarily good luck recently and wish to commemorate it, something like a gravely injured family member getting better or being able to pay off debt earlier than expected are some examples of the kind of luck that comes with the tattoo.

The grasshopper tattoo can also be used to symbolize patience and wisdom even in the face of adversity. It may be used as a constant reminder of how far someone has come or how good things come to those who wait and how it is wise to do so.

People may get this tattoo when battling addiction or disease and are facing relapse or further poor health, as a reminder of how far they have come and not to give up. It shows us that even the smallest creature can keep moving forward, and we should too.

Grasshopper: Spiritual Meaning

The grasshopper’s aura exudes potent good luck that can be caught by anyone near it. Its unique connection to the earth and its stellar intuition guide it along the right path and lead down roads that allow good fortune to rain down upon this little creature.

The grasshopper instinctively knows what should be done and what shouldn’t be done in action, thought, or expression, and will judge others who based their decisions on personal gain.

The grasshopper is a voracious eater, but its moral compass means that it will not fight for food or personal gain, instead working in large groups to feed.

These groups can become a string orchestra by nightfall as the grasshoppers play to one another and spread joy throughout their ecosystem, filling it with a euphony that is heard from no other creature.

This joy isn’t just felt by other grasshoppers, but by people listening as well. Yet, a grasshopper knows when to be silent and unseen, both in the physical world and in the spirit world, for it knows the world is a dangerous place and that making yourself known without a plan is a sure-fire way to get hurt.

It trusts its intuition and if you are touched by its aura, it will caution you to do the same.

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Grasshopper: Symbolic Meanings

  • Good fortune and luck.
  • Morality and consciousness.
  • Joy and music.
  • Intuition and instinct.
  • Connection to nature.

Final Thoughts

Grasshoppers are small creatures that rely on instinct and powerful legs to get away from the many predatory creatures.

However, they are also animals that create amazing soul music and bring joy and luck wherever they go.

So, next time you are in a field at night and hear the grasshoppers begin to play their solos, maybe stop and listen for a while. Perhaps some of that good luck will rub off on you.

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