Hare: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Being similar to rabbits in a plethora of ways, hares are often mistaken for them. Not just in physical appearance, but in symbolism and spiritual significance, as well.

And whilst they do share many traits, the hare has plenty of symbolism and characteristics. Such set it apart from its more domestic cousin.

For one, Hares are frequently considered examples, both in nature and in spirit, of physical prowess.

Perhaps that shouldn’t be so surprising, given that they can jump over 10 feet in the air,. They can also run at over 40 miles per hour.

For a species as relatively small as the hare, those are incredible feats of athleticism.

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Image by Zoran Dakovic from Pixabay

Hares are also considered symbols of androgyny across Europe. Given that there is relatively little dimorphism between the males and females.

In early modern Britain, it was thought that the hare could change its gender. Their likeness to rabbits also has some interesting connotations.

Because they resemble rabbits in virtually every way, with only a few details that can easily be missed in certain situations, hares are regularly seen to be deceivers and tricksters.

Following on from this, some people in the past have associated hare’s with selfish intent because of this.

Hare – Spirit Animal

The hare is an excellent spirit guide for those who wish to get in touch with their instinctual side more. Hare are naturally, as a prey animal, hyper-aware of their surroundings.

They need to be, given that they are often food for so many other animals!

This need to be aware of your environment can feel like a taxing aspect of this spirit animal. But, it is a vital skill for many of us. However, we should not disparage it, just because we find it draining, or a dark reflection of ourselves.

If you feel that you are in an environment that you think isn’t totally safe, then the hare’s guidance will allow you to be aware of potential danger, if or when it emerges.

Alternatively, if you feel that the pace of life around you has slowed down, or ground to a halt, then you should consult the spiritual guidance of the hare if you want to add energy back into your life.

Hare’s are always on the trigger, ready to move with the snap of a finger, or the sign of bad vibes approaching.

If you feel this urgency in your life, that you can sense a change in the surrounding energy, and it’s not for the better, the hare will be your guide through this possible period of frustration for you.

Hare – Totem Animal

Having a hare as your totem animal brings up some similar traits that people may share with those with the rabbit as their totem.

However, some important differences should be made aware of when getting in touch with your totem animal.

Firstly, whilst those with the rabbit totem are generally more sociable, and enjoy being a part of big group events in their everyday life, this isn’t necessarily the case for those with the hare totem.

Hares themselves aren’t nearly as socials as their distant cousins. This can sometimes be reflected in a person with these animals as their totem.

This isn’t to say that the hare totem is a loner and dislikes people, however. Far from it, in fact!

A person with a hare totem still enjoys the companionship of others. He is more than happy to get stuck in a big group and their plans from time to time.

But on the whole, hare totem people are more comfortable by themselves than they are in large groups.

If you know someone who you know and love well, but isn’t necessarily the happiest in large crowds, consider that it simply isn’t how they spend most of their time.

Their totem might be a good indicator of this.

Like rabbit totems, however, those born with the totem of the hare have a keen mind, especially when it comes to reading others and their surroundings, and their instincts are usually to be trusted.

If you ask someone with these totem animals for their opinion on a subject, like a big decision or a person in your life, make sure to listen to what they have to say.

Their gut instinct might surprise you with how close it hits home.

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Hare – Power Animal

As a symbol of fertility, the hare is a symbol of power that should be drawn on if you are looking to grow in some capacity.

Looking for a new way to expand your horizons, perhaps through emotional intelligence or physical prowess? Then you should turn to the hare for strength.

If you are looking to perhaps grow something a little more material, you should also draw from the hare.

Is it a business venture? Are you planting a great garden? Do you want to start a family on the right foot?

All these situations and more are plenty enough reason to want to listen to the hare for spiritual power.

Image by Sven Ziegler from Pixabay

The hare’s awareness is also an excellent guide if you feel that you need to seek the truth on a subject. Their skills of intuition are valuable in a pinch, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Wondering if a person you are interviewing is right for a particular role? You’ll need intuition to make that call.

Even on the flip side of that situation, if you’re trying to figure out a position or job within an organization, your gut instinct is what will ultimately make the final call. You need to be able to trust your gut.

Hare – Dream

A hare being in your dreams can be interpreted similarly to the appearance of a rabbit.

You might notice the presence of hares in your dreams if you’re hoping to start a new family.

As both hares and rabbits are symbols of fertility in many parts of the world, they may appear to those who are looking or hoping to have children.

If this is the case, pay attention to your emotional state whilst you were seeing the hare appear in your dreams.

Was it joy? Excitement? Then the prospect of being a parent is something that is a welcome change for you.

Was it a feeling of frustration? Perhaps you have been trying to have kids for a long time, but have found little to no success.

Or, alternatively, you are torn on the decision to have kids, and that confusion is manifesting within your subconscious.

Make sure that you resolve those feeling before you ultimately decide on being a parent.

If the hare that appears in your dreams is white, then that may be a symbol of good fortune coming your way.

It could be a successful business venture, or it might be a piece of good news from within the family.

These fast four-footed good luck charms are often a sign of good change in your life or someone close to you.

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Hare – Tattoo

Hares in tattoos carry plenty of symbolic meaning with them, which will vary depending on the tattoo wearer.

A picture of hare placed on a human body might be a symbol of great joy in that person’s life.

Perhaps they have met a great friend or significant other. Maybe they have had, or are about to have, a new child.

The hare is a symbol of that joyous occasion, immortally remembered on their body.

Likewise, they can as much be a symbol of love for another person, and devotion to the people in their lives.

Being prey animals, they can also be seen as a symbol of defenselessness. Or, to be more specific, innocence.

A person may choose to have a tattoo of a rabbit or hare if they have learned a great revelation that has changed their outlook on the world in some way.

Perhaps the death of a loved one has shattered some sense of continuity in their life, and a loss of an older way of thinking in some way.

The hare is a tattoo to remind that person of a lesson that they must never forget, for better or for worse.

Hare – Spiritual Meaning

As we’ve already stated occasionally in this guide, hares are, like rabbits, often associated with themes of fertility and growth, being tied to a range of goddesses of nature, love, and family across the world, wherever they appear.

They are also closely associated with the moon, with plenty of examples from history and myth of them being a symbol of mysticism and lunar energy.

Perhaps an element of that is derived, again, from their likeness to rabbits, and how elusive they can be when they wish it so.

When avoiding predation, rabbits and hares have a natural ability to avoid danger, and how difficult they are to catch without the use of traps and tools.

Hares are also tied to new beginnings and rebirth, perhaps due to their activeness during and around the time dawn breaks.

Image by Artur Pawlak from Pixabay

They are there to signal the arrival of a new day and the new opportunities that come with it.

That also ties into their significance as tricksters and mischievous nature spirits.

Needing to out-trick the trickster is a recurring theme in many pieces of folklore, with the catcher often being rewarded for their skill in this field.

For a trapper, they get a tasty stew and fur coat. For someone more spiritually minded, they may receive a boon of good luck in their life in some way.

Hare – Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Zodiac year of the rabbit also happens to include many of its relatives, including the hare. As such, they share many similar characteristics.

Those born in the year of the hare and rabbit are some of the kindest people in your life.

They are friendly to almost anyone, whilst also being cautious enough to not be considered naive by others.

They know that others may not understand this optimism, but that’s a part of your charm for others.

Men who are born in this zodiac year are very much family-driven. In addition, they are dedicated to those closest to them. Whenever they see an opportunity, they are happy to help them out.

Women born in this year are also very insightful. They are very much sensitive and perceptive of those around them, especially those close to them.

If they sense there is emotional strife with those around them, they will often try to help heal those feeling that pain.

Following on from that idea of conflict resolution, those born in this year try to avoid conflict and violence.

They strongly dislike fighting, and try to prevent it from happening when possible, finding compromise and understanding whenever they can.

An admirable trait to have for a person who might consider themselves a peacekeeper.

However, do not let this need to avoid conflict turn into avoidance of tension. This discreetness can turn into an avoidance of all things negative, which is a tiresome way to have to live.

You might also find that those born in this year are also somewhat stubbornly persistent. This might rub some folk the wrong way if not kept in check by your ego.

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Hare – Celtic/Anglo-Saxon Mythology

Being native to the British Isles as well as mainland Europe, there are plenty of local myths and tales in the United Kingdom and beyond that surround the hare.

Their appearance in stories such as The Tortoise and the Hare are some of the best-known tales that include this animal.

As mentioned, their relative lack of sexual dimorphism meant that Britain and Europe folks thought they were androgynous creatures. They also believed hares were able to change their gender through some unknown means.

In Celtic folklore, they are often associated with the unseen world of spirits and fey creatures.

Plenty of stories include people following rabbits and hares into bushes and forests. Such people only end up in some great court of these otherworldly powers.

One such tale includes the warrior Oisin. He followed a hare that had been wounded through a patch of shrubbery. Only to be brought to the foot of a throne, with a wounded woman sitting on it.

Astute readers might already be able to see the lasting impact many of these tales have had on the literary conscience of British stories.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has many of these old mythological fingerprints all over its story.

Hare – Native American Mythology

Hares are also found all across North America and have found their way into plenty of indigenous people’s stories.

In almost all of its appearances, the hare is a creature with good intentions, and an ally to humans and spiritualists.

In fact, the Algonquin people viewed the hare with particular reverence, as it was believed that it helped shape the formation of the world itself as we know it!

As you can imagine, it is a creature that should be highly respected for this reason.

Not only that, but the Great Hare, also gave humans the knowledge to communicate with it and the natural world through their rites and rituals, as well as our ability to use fire as a tool.

Needless to say, hares are also considered great teachers because of these fables, whilst also maintaining their status as tricksy little mischief-makers.

Perhaps because of their somewhat cartoonish proportions, they also appear as clowns and jesters in many folktales of many Native American tribes, though it is a little unclear.

Alternatively, they are also seen as able to call out and summon the things that they fear as a way to draw them out into the open, perhaps as a test to face their fears.

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Hare – Symbolic Meanings

So, as we’ve seen, hares have come to mean a lot when it comes to understanding their and our spirituality.

Here are just some of the things they are known for:

  • Athleticism
  • Knowledge & Wisdom
  • Family & Togetherness
  • Lunar energy
  • The coming of Dawn
  • Fertility
  • Innocence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intuition
  • Androgyny


The hare is a widespread creature and has impacted the lives of countless people throughout time.

Whether as a playful nature spirit, a guide to those who fear the loss of their gut instincts, as icons of innocence, yet great swiftness and power, and those that see it as a great teacher and creator.

We hope we have at least shed some light on this elusive animal’s spiritual power, and that you will take that knowledge and share it with others!

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