Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Horses are most commonly known to be symbolic of freedom, beauty, spirit, determination, majesty, beauty, and endurance. They are important figures in our lives because they have grown with mankind and been helpers and friends since almost the beginning. 

These creatures hold a special place in our hearts and our souls. But what is the spiritual meaning of these majestic animals, and what can we do to tap into the power that they offer us? In this article, we are going to learn about the spiritual meaning of the horse. So, without further ado, let us begin the journey. 

Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

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Horse Spirit Animal Meaning

A spirit animal might be a specific creature that you have always loved or felt a deep kinship to. They might also be appearing in your life where you least expect them. This may be your spirit animal’s way of contacting you and trying to guide you through something. 

When your horse spirit animal makes itself known, you can be sure that it will bring good tidings. They are symbolic of freedom, valor, beauty, and spirit. By nature, a horse is determined and shows you that you have the capacity to get rid of anything you are not happy with. Like a horse would buck off an unwanted rider, so you can channel this energy and gain strength to do the same in your life. 

The horse encourages you to run toward your dreams, break away from what is holding you back, and go where you need to be in order to be happy. 

Horse Totem Animal Meaning

A totem represents an animal and allows them to use its abilities to protect you.

A horse totem, for example, will be a symbol that allows you to feel that freedom you crave or deepen your spiritual connection to the universe. They are also lucky talismans and help you find courage and determination where you otherwise might not. Finally, a horse totem will guide you in finding other good-natured spirits in those around you and help you appreciate the beauty of what is all around you. 

Horse Power Animal Meaning

A power animal can imbue you with its dynamic traits. So, an animal that you feel a kinship toward might beagle to help you get through rough patches of life by allowing you to borrow their traits. 

The horse allows you to summon the following powers:

  • If you need more willpower and determination to complete a task or get through a rough patch, you can call upon the horse to give you the determination to get through it. 
  • When you are feeling unmotivated to get in shape, you can call on the horse to give you the desire to work out or improve your look. 
  • When you are feeling flat or not yourself, you can call on the horse to reignite that part of yourself and bring you back from a place of despair that was crushing your soul. 
  • If you are stuck in a monotonous lifestyle and need to break free, you could call on the horse to end these cycles so that you can get your life back to a place where you can be much happier. 
  • When you are working too hard and need to spend more time on yourself and making your life better. You can call on the horse to bring you that confidence to work on yourself for your own benefit. 

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The Meaning Of Horses In Dreams

There have been many interpretations of horses in dreams over the years. They are quite common, especially in females. Horses are a symbol of freedom, power, personal drive, passion, and even sex drive. There are countless meanings you can glean from your dreams about horses. 

Did you know that dreaming about specific colored horses or seeing horses behaving in different ways can have a different meaning? In this section, we will be looking at a few of these reasons and exploring what encountering them might mean for your life.  

Black Horse:

Just because a black horse appears in your dreams does not mean that they are negative signs as you might think. They are symbolic of secrets, mystery, and even changing negative things into positive ones. So, while they help us realize that we must move forward, they are also indicative of someone that is overly ambitious or perhaps a little too sexually driven. 

White Horse:

If you see a white horse in your dreams, it is usually a good sign. White horses represent peace, purity, and good luck. They can also highlight happy and healthy relationships with those around you. In addition to that, they are often indicators that you have a happy and healthy relationship with sex and are spiritually aware.  White horses can show that you are at peace and that you are happy going with the flow in your life. 

Brown Horse:

If you see a brown horse in your dreams, it can be a symbol of control or strength over those around you. It can also be indicative of changes happening in our lives. In a spiritual sense, a brown horse is typically thought to symbolize the earth and grounding us. So if you see a brown horse in your dreams, it could represent a need to ground yourself so that you can better achieve the freedom or success that will bring us joy that we need in order to be at our happiest. 

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Tame Horses:

A tame horse that is restrained or stabled can show us that we are feeling restricted by those around us. The people in your life may be putting you in a box and not allowing you to be yourself. This can extend to the idea that we are hiding something, if you are seeing a stabled horse it might be a sign that you have a hidden agenda that needs to come out into the open. 

Riding a Horse:

If you are riding a horse in your dreams, it might be representative of your sexuality, or it might be showing that you are in a position of power. On the other hand, it might show that you have been manipulative, and it is your subconsciousness’ way of telling you that you need to stop. If your horse is misbehaving and is out of your control, it might mean that you have lost control, or it may be that your sexual urges or ambition are out of control. 

Falling off a Horse:

If you fall from the horse you are riding, it can mean that your life has gotten to the point you have lost control completely, and you need to regain it so that you can live your life to the fullest. Another translation of this dream might be that you are experiencing something new and unfamiliar that is scaring you. 

Controlled a Horse:

If you see a horse that is being controlled by way of reigns or whips in your dreams, it might be a sign that you are under pressure and need to get out of a restricted situation. The horse is trying to tell you that you need to escape and get to a place where you can be yourself and are able to behave more freely and openly. 

Horse Pulling a Cart:

If you see a cart-horse pulling a carriage or coach, it might be your dream, showing you that hard work and challenging times are ahead. It might also be a sign that you are carrying things around with you that you need to drop, so you can move forward. 

Wild Horses:

If you see wild horses in your dreams, it can be a sign that you need to break free of the restraints in your life. You may feel a need to be free to do what you want, and because of this repression, you are unable to be truly happy. Wild horses can also be a sign of a creative person Finally, wild horses may be a sign that there are sexual urges that are out of control and may be hindering your life.

Sick or Dying Horse:

If you see a dying horse in your dreams, it might be symbolic of the tough times you are going through that can help you grow as a person if you take on what is ahead of you.

Killing a Horse:

If you are killing a horse in your dreams, you may be acting selfishly and hurting people. You need to take a long look at your relations with people and see if what you are doing is negatively affecting those around you. 

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Dead Horse:

If you see a dead horse in your dreams, it might be symbolic of the end of a relationship. Another meaning might be that you have lost your way and need to open doors to get yourself on the right path again. A dead horse may be telling you that you need to let go of something because it is no longer serving your best interests. 

The Meaning Of Horse In Tattoos

Horses have a long relationship with humans, we have grown to love these majestic and beautiful creatures. Over the centuries, we have built a connection with these animals and gleaned many different meanings from them, some of which include: 

  • Nobility
  • Liberty
  • Freedom
  • Strength
  • Beauty
  • Grace

Even within that, we have associated different colored horses with different meanings. For example, a black horse is often associated with the following: dark, enigmatic, esoteric knowledge, death, and night. A white horse is typically associated with new life, rebirth, day, serenity, birth, and light. 

Different cultures associated a variety of meanings to these noble creatures, for example, the Greco-Roman people associated courage, domination, victory, and strength with horse tattoos. The Hindu people felt that the horse was associated with the cosmos. In fact, a white horse is associated with Vishnu’s incarnation.

Regardless of your reasons for getting a  horse tattoo. Make sure you get one for your own reasons, something that means a lot to you personally is more important than making sure that you get one that is representative of someone else’s culture. 

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The Meaning Of Horses In Astrology And The Zodiac

In the Chinese Zodiac, the horse is the seventh of all the animals. Those under this sign are often full of energy, this can be for either athletics or for studies. These people chase after their dreams and believe that you should go after what you want with everything you have. 

Those under the horse sign usually find that happiness motivates them over wealth. But they can be impatient and can get annoyed when people do not keep up to their fast pace. 

Those under the horse sign are often quick to change emotions and are just as quick to become angry. They do however forget quickly and move on with their lives after a brief outburst. 

The horse is most compatible with people that are under the goat, tiger, or dog signs. The goat is the most compatible of those three, and that is because those under the goat sign are tender, while the horse helps the goat to feel content. The tiger puts effort into the relationship with the horse, and this makes their relationship genuine for both horse and tiger. The dog is an all-around great partner and will be a great friend or lover for the horse. 

The horse sign does not get along with those under the rat, horse, or ox signs. Rats and horses clash in terms of personality and if these two marry it can mean that it will be a painful experience. The ox will not communicate to the horse’s standards, and relationships between these two can be quite cold. Finally, horses are not compatible with themselves. This is because they are too similar to maintain a relationship that will last. 

Horse: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The Symbolic And Spiritual Meaning Of The Horse

Horses are symbolic of many things in our lives, both spiritual and physical. Our long history with these animals has created a deep bond with them, one we cannot bear to undo. But, what does it symbolize spiritually for us? 

  • Bravery – While horses are gentle by nature, they learn to overcome their fears in times of need. When the time calls for the horse to charge forward, they do not back down and face their fears in order to survive. 
  • Travel – The horse is always on the go, they travel here they need to. Whether that is for food or because they require a new home. The horse is our constant traveling companion and really shows us the importance of moving forward. 
  • Determination – Horses are determined creatures that people take advantage of. They work hard and get things done. Whether that is pulling a plow or learning to accept a rider. We can learn a lot from the determined spirit of these noble creatures.
  • Freedom – Horses remind us that we must run free, they are the embodiment of freedom. Spiritually, a wild horse indicates a need for openness and unrestrained ability to be yourself. 
  • Beauty – The horse is a reminder of beauty, especially in a world that is full of so much ugliness. The peace and beauty they offer our souls can really bring new meaning to your life. 
  • Endurance – The horse’s natural endurance shows us that we are able to go further than we think. We have the capacity within to be able to achieve a goal or see something through right to the end. 
  • Spirit – The horse has been a symbol of spirit and faith for centuries. They inspire us to believe and hold onto our happiness. 
  • Majesty – Horses are noble, proud creatures. They teach us that no matter what happens in our lives, we must face it head-on and keep our heads held high. 

Horses can symbolize many more things than what is mentioned here. For example, a black horse is symbolic of the passion and strength that we must have in ourselves. While a white horse shows us the importance of spiritual enlightenment and purity. 

But, there is a lot we can learn about the spiritual and symbolic nature of horses. The most important thing is to glean your own meaning for your personal journey. 

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, we hope that you have learned a lot about the spiritual significance of the horse. As well as the potential meaning behind this noble creature showing up to guide you through your life. 

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