Hummingbird: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The spiritual meaning behind the hummingbird is rich and largely positive. This is owing to the fact that this bird is a highly fascinating little thing. 

The Hummingbird is a bright and colorful little wondrous creature.  

It is rare to see one, and even rarer to befriend one. It is a small bird with big colors. 

They are shy and reserved. However, they are widely regarded as somewhat magical, and if you see one you are enchanted. 

They are, in their own right, an interesting species of bird. They can fly backward and even upside down, have long and thin, pointed beaks, and can even hover in the air. Aslo, they have a big resilience and can fly and wander large distances and many miles. 

Perhaps these are some of the reasons why hummingbirds represent resilience and fortitude, alongside good luck and peace

We are going to explore the spiritual meaning behind the hummingbird, what it means symbolically and what it represents in different cultures. 

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Image by Yan Cabrera from Pixabay

Symbolism & Meaning

The hummingbird has many representations spiritually. It also has many different branches of meaning. 

The hummingbird is said to represent happiness, good luck, and healing both spiritual and physical. These are all positive characteristics. They radiate optimism and goodwill. 

If you see a hummingbird, it is typically an indication that good things are imminent in your future and life. 

The hummingbird is said to bring love to the person who sees them. This is just one of the tales of the hummingbird. If you see one, you will soon be blessed with love and even good fortune

It is also said to bring messages from loved ones that we may have lost. These are positive, happy message encounters and nothing sinister from beyond the grave. 

Spiritually, hummingbirds appearing are a sign of a compulsion for the beholder to be more present in their own life. This can mean anything from engaging with a tricky situation to being enlightened to the answer to a tricky question. 

Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is your animal protector. They are with you physically or spiritually on the path of life. Additionally, they guide you in the right direction, hold your hand and help you in all of your major decisions and choices. Also, they are there when you need them the most, for example in times of great need. 

If the hummingbird chooses you as your spirit animal, you are a lucky soul. Your spiritual path will be lit up by one of the best spirit animals. 

The hummingbird as a spirit animal represents many things. 

Firstly, they embody all there is to enjoy about life and a light hearted soul. 

If the hummingbird is your spirit animal, you will often be blessed with good luck and fortune. With this bird by your side spiritually or physically, the path you walk will be a light one filled with joy and love and laughter. 

Secondly, this tiny flittery gem may be a representation of a lost loved one. Grieving is a very spiritual process for many people. There are many times we wish we could speak to those who we have lost. 

The hummingbird is said to bring messages from loved ones that we no longer have present. If they are your spirit guide, it may mean the person you miss is guiding your way through them. This may be with messages or pushes in the right direction. 

Thirdly, and lastly, for now, they represent adventure. With this spirit animal by your side, your path will be full of new beginnings, new corners to turn, new places to see, and new explorations to uncover

There will not be a moment of dullness, only peace, and tranquility. This may be because the hummingbird itself can travel long distances in one go. They are steadfast and steady, strong and durable. 

They represent this within your own personality and push you to strive for such characteristics. 

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Totem Animal

Similar to a spirit animal, the totem animal is a representation of yourself. 

A totem is a symbol, often physical, that one wears or carries around. It can belong to your family, yourself, or your wider community. It is a spiritual representation of the animal that guides you and walks through life by your side. 

If the hummingbird is your totem symbol, it can mean a few different things. 

A Search For Energy

This may seem open ended, but the thought process is a simple one. The hummingbird can withstand many a thing. They fly in all weathers, for great distances, for endless hours. 

Further, they are full of energy and vibrance.  

They instill these values into you, your family, or your tribe. In addition, they inspire you to find energy where you may not have had energy before. They push you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Not only that, they also guide you to use your energy positively and effectively. This may mean you’ve been in a depression or a down patch in your life. The hummingbird totem guides you to direct that energy in a more positive direction. 

Intelligence And Enlightenment

Again, this is quite broad for a topic. 

Firstly, your untapped potential. This is a big theme. Think about all of the things you’ve wanted to do, try or achieve. This is what the hummingbird represents. They are full of potential, inquisitive, and energetic.

Secondly, they also represent an internal enlightenment. This can be described as the lightbulb moment. The moment of realization. You get the picture. 

Power Animal

Power animals are similar to spirit animals. However, power animals tend to be an apparition as opposed to a life-long guide. This can be in a dream, or any unconscious and or subconscious state.

A power animal is normally a specific situational entity. 

They are with you for a purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled they move on to different things. 
The hummingbird as a power animal is similar to its spirit animal qualities.  It represents a need for knowledge and a need for freedom 

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Native American Symbolism

In the Native American culture, symbolically a hummingbird is a representation of healing, love, luck, and happiness.

They are used as good luck totems. If a person needs a spiritual boost or guide in a bad situation, the hummingbird is the way forward.

They are also a sign of healing. Traditionally they represent good, strong healing. The hummingbird will be called upon in times of sickness in order to have a strong, spirit healer by your side. 

We have seen a major theme with the hummingbird as happiness and contentment. This is represented in the Native American culture also. 

The hummingbird is a totem gifted to bestow happiness and good will. 

Christianity Symbolism

In Christianity, the hummingbird is a representation of lost messengers from the other side of the veil. 

They are positive things. They are shown through Christian literature and stories to be messengers of lost loved ones. 

The messages are those of encouragement and love. Which, overall, is a sweet and nice sentiment.

 Death is final. The hummingbird represents a way to reconnect and feel like you still have your loved one present with you.


If a hummingbird appears in your dream, it is not an omen. In fact, dreaming of a hummingbird can be a sign of brilliant things to come

If you see this little creature when you are in your dream cycle, do not fear it. Embrace it. 

Why? Well, the answer is easy. Hummingbirds represent a deep, intellectualism inside you. They are a sign that you have knowledge bursting to be released.

 Maybe, you’ve been trying to figure something out but are puzzled at the pieces and how they fit? The hummingbird is a sign that it will soon all come together. 

Going with this theme, the hummingbird is also a sign of brand new visions and purposes. Perhaps you have a plan in the works that has not quite come to fruition yet.

If a hummingbird appears to you subconsciously, it is said that soon everything will be well. Your plan, your new thought, whatever it may be, it is going to rear its head soon. 

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Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo is generally intended as a lifelong commitment. It is something permanent that exists in its own right on your skin, wherever you choose to place it. 

There is often a sentimental meaning behind a person’s chosen design. This will be bespoke to them, and something special with a deeper significance. 

Choosing a hummingbird as your tattoo design can be interpreted in a selection of ways.

There is often a sentimental meaning behind a person’s chosen design. This will be bespoke to them, and something special with a deeper significance. 

Choosing a hummingbird as your tattoo design can be interpreted in a selection of ways. 

You are a free spirit.

If you are a free spirit, you may travel the world with few commitments. You live life fluidly, escaping an alternative mundane day to day monotony.

The hummingbird, owing to how it flies and how far it can go, is the perfect representation of free spiritedness.

You are a happy soul.

You may consider yourself to find happiness in the things that you do. Happy souls tend to look for the best in any situation, putting a lighter spin on the darker times.

The hummingbird represents this happiness, owing to their general vibrancy.

You have or strive for a positive mindset.

A positive mindset is slightly different from being a happy soul. A positive mindset is an attitude choice made every day.

It is a decision to see the good in a bad time despite all the controversies. The hummingbird represents positivity because they are themselves quite an A to B little creature. They find their peace in the small things.

You feel liberated.

Maybe you have come through a rough patch in your life. Maybe you have been trapped in a place and you’ve broken the metaphorical chains and found freedom.

The hummingbird is a freedom symbol simply because it is free. It goes wherever it wants whenever it wants. 

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In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Astrology and zodiac are spiritual interpretations of personality and life. If you follow your zodiac sign, you will get advice and guidance based on the supposed characteristics of your time of birth.

If the hummingbird is your zodiac sign there are some characteristics that you will surely inherit.

Fast paced existence

People under the hummingbird astrology sign tend to lead fast paced lives, much like the hummingbird themselves.

They may move from one place to another, take a new job regularly, find new friends frequently, and even make new romantic relationships.

Free spiritedness

Much like the hummingbird, the sense of free spirit lives in the hummingbird zodiacs.

Their zest for life is incomparable. They do not feel bound down by external factors and live life through their own choices, often leaning towards what would make them the happiest.


As we’ve discovered, the hummingbird has tremendous amounts of energy. They can fly for many hours, in all directions and can travel for days at a time.

They have a special type of energy that is represented in the people who have the hummingbird astrology symbol.

Self Assuredness

The hummingbird is a very literal representation of self assuredness. They know what they want and they know how to get it. There is little deliberation in the way that they live their life.

That is what they represent in your character. You will be certain of yourself and your actions.  

Strong Will

A strong will and self assuredness seem to complement each other as attributes. 

Strong will is more than just stubbornness. It is the embodiment of a strong personality. If you are strong willed, you fight for what you believe in and you don’t surrender or quit. 

Just like the hummingbird, who never quits or falters. 

Symbolic Meanings

  • Joy
  • Healing
  • Good Luck
  • Resilience
  • Spirits
  • Independence
  • Durability
  • Intelligence
  • Longevity
  • Uniqueness

Wrap Up

So, there you have it. 

The hummingbird is a positive symbol. They represent strength, endurance, intelligence, wisdom, love, and luck. 

The hummingbird is a strong choice for a spirit guide or a good choice for a spirit influence on how to live your life. 

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