Jellyfish: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The jellyfish is an elegant and beautiful creature of the sea. Some live in the ocean depths while others live on the surface, but they are each unique. They symbolize many important things in our lives – survival, strength, and protection.

These are things that each of us must have to get through our lives, and the jellyfish embodies it perfectly. This creature may help you realize that you have little power over your own life, as the currents are constantly changing and pushing you towards your fate.

There are many things to learn from the jellyfish, and these things may help you learn more about yourself and the depths of your unconsciousness.

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Symbolism and Meaning of the Jellyfish

There are a number of things that the jellyfish may symbolize. These beliefs and ideas will change with cultures and religions, but all have truth to them if you know where to look within yourself.

If you want to learn about what the jellyfish symbolizes in various cultures, beliefs and religions, make sure to keep reading and enlighten yourself.

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The Jellyfish as a Spirit Animal

The jellyfish may appear as your spirit animal as a sign that you need to take steps to simplify your life. You may be attached to too much or entangled in too many things that do not contribute to your own personal growth.

Releasing these needless wants and desires will help you grow, and become a better person.

Additionally, you must learn to go with the flow and trust in the universe instead of rushing from getting from one place to another. The right things will happen at the right time and nothing can change that.

You may also need to take a step back and be more sensitive to the emotions of other people. Words are powerful. You must treat words like the weapon they are. You need to be aware of the words you use, the weight they may carry, and the harm they could do without meaning to.

There is a healing power to the jellyfish, and you must allow yourself to heal from the traumas of your past. You need to accept the past and know that it cannot be changed before you can move forward.

Moving forward after accepting your life will help you feel balanced, and also more able to show love and compassion to those around you as you go forward.

The jellyfish will help remind you that you need to have faith in what you believe in – like the creature, all it needs is provided, and you will be provided for, too.

This trust does not mean that you do nothing, though. You still need to work hard. As you work hard, the universe will guide you in the right direction, you will see your destiny.

To summarize, the jellyfish spirit animal may symbolize that you need to:

  • Simplify your life
  • Let go of things that do not improve your own growth and journey
  • Learn to go with the flow
  • Be more sensitive to others’ emotions and the words you use
  • Allow yourself to heal from past trauma
  • Accept the past
  • Have faith in the future
  • Trust in the universe

The Jellyfish as a Totem Animal

Those with the jellyfish animal totem are known to be laid back and calm. They will follow the signs of the universe cautiously, aware that their thin skin means that they are more susceptible to harm, whether that is physical, emotional, or spiritual.

People with the jellyfish totem are sensitive to everything in the world, so it is important to learn how you can protect and shield yourself. You may need to shield yourself from an overload of input, or from specific events or things, or else you will carry the burden of the world.

The jellyfish totem means that you are probably an empath. This means that you have amazing intuition and will always know when someone is lying or hiding things from you. Having this ability has many benefits, but can also negatively impact your life.

Some people may never feel comfortable and relaxed around you because of your intuition, so your relationship could be affected.

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You will have a strong link to the spiritual world. There are paths that may call to you, and you will not be able to escape them and the power they are connected to.

Your abilities may mean that the people around you need to be careful and take a sensitive approach to you and the connections you may feel. Your path is different from most people’s, and you should be excited about it if you can.

Like you can read others, others can most likely read you, too. You wear your heart on your sleeve and your emotions are on show for the world to see.

Sadness, happiness, and all things in between will show on your body and your face, so you cannot hide who you are and how you feel. This means that the people around you will know that when you speak, you speak of the truth.

To summarize, the traits of a jellyfish totem animal are:

  • Calm and laid back personality
  • Follow the signs given by the universe
  • Susceptible to harm
  • Sensitive to the world around them
  • Must learn to shield themselves
  • Likely an Empath
  • Incredible intuition
  • Strong link to the spiritual world
  • Open with emotions
  • Truthful

The Jellyfish as a Power Animal

You may call upon your inner jellyfish when you feel like you are straying from your path. Although the currents and tides will take you where you need to be, your emotional wellbeing and authentic self must stay true.

Your jellyfish power animal can help you get back on track and work your way back to being your genuine self. The jellyfish will help to move you into a place where you can step back and look at yourself, your life, and your relationships.

Anything that may be distracting you from your genuine self must be let go, so you can continue on your path unburdened.

Call upon your jellyfish power animal to give you the strength and courage to be yourself unapologetically. You need to express yourself, even if there may be consequences. You have opinions that must be voiced, and you cannot just forget about them.

If you find yourself being stubborn and rigid, and cannot seem to break out of the cycle, call upon the jellyfish.

There are times when you need to be the jellyfish, or the reed in the wind, since the things that of with the flow and the surrounding forces will not break, but grow stronger than ever.

To summarize, you may call upon the jellyfish power animal if you need to:

  • Get back on the right path
  • Find your genuine self
  • Step back and evaluate your life
  • Let go of burdens
  • Have the strength to be your authentic self
  • Break the cycle of stubbornness
  • Go with the flow

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What Do Jellyfish Mean in Dreams?

The dreams you have can speak truths that your consciousness may not even consider. For the jellyfish, there are many possible meanings in dreams.

If the jellyfish in your dream is calmly floating through the waters, it can be taken as an indication of a time of peace in your life. You need to make the most of the calm and silence and rest before the waters begin to get rough again, as it will always happen in life.

If you dream of a jellyfish that is struggling in the water, you may need to take a step back from the problems in your life and reconsider your perspective on things.

You may be trying to fight an uphill battle or even a battle that you may need to reconsider altogether. Re-evaluate the things and the world around you, and ask yourself ‘why?’.

The jellyfish could also be an omen of approaching aggression if it stings another creature in your dreams. If this happens, you may find yourself in a fight or in another aggressive situation. You need to remember that you have your defenses, and you must use them when it is necessary.

If you dream of a jellyfish that is caught in tall grass in the sea, you need to ask yourself and figure out what has captured you in life. You cannot move forward if you are captured in the past or in needless things that do not serve a purpose.

Finally, when you dream of a jellyfish at the water’s surface, it may be a sign of repressed memories coming to the surface of your consciousness.

You need to prepare to receive them, and not push them away. These memories may give you a chance to purify yourself, and perhaps learn something about yourself that you may have long forgotten.

The Jellyfish in Tattoos, Astrology and Spiritual Meanings

The jellyfish has many meanings across tattoos and astrology. Learn about them, and you might learn something new about yourself.


Jellyfish tattoos often symbolize protection, survival, strength, and the ability to defend your friends and family. This beautiful creature may seem tranquil and calm, but it does have the ability to deliver painful or even deadly blows to its enemies with its tentacles if threatened.

The jellyfish has more meanings, however. While everyone may have their own meaning for this creature, there are some that are recognized by many. Some may get a jellyfish tattoo to symbolize their old soul, of their mysteriousness, as little is known about this animal.

Because of the jellyfish’s limited, and at times, non-existent eyesight, a jellyfish tattoo could also mean that the wearer is a night-owl, or that they are more active and functioning during the night, or darker hours.

Having a tattoo of a jellyfish may symbolize that you are not a talker, and instead prefers the tranquility of silence. This creature can show that many have two sides of themselves since the jellyfish is a predator.

You may be quiet in day-to-day life, but have an exciting or exhilarating hobby or career. Additionally, the jellyfish tattoo represents ancient wisdom and ultimately the acceptance of fate, since you will go where the currents take you.

People who need to rely heavily on their instincts in daily life may want a jellyfish tattoo. The jellyfish has few senses at its disposal to live its life, but it succeeds.

These people may feel like they are different from others, much like this creature is like no other. These differences need to be celebrated, and the perfect way to do that is by getting a jellyfish tattoo.

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Those born under the sign of the jellyfish are likely to be quiet, keeping to themselves for the most part, but occasionally striking out when the situation demands it. These people are intellectual and spend a lot of time navigating their own minds.

They may warn strangers to keep their distance and give them their space, their sting is a warning for those around them that they could get hurt.

While the jellyfish survives on its instincts and lives an independent life, they are also discrete and elegant. Sometimes you may not be aware of a jellyfish’s presence until you are too close, and despite its sting, its beauty will lure you in.

People with this sign will have a strong ‘sixth sense’, and the ability to examine and logically break down the troubles of the world around them. They might have a deeper understanding of what drives people to do what they do, and they can see the masked truth of many.

Their logical minds do not hinder their creativity, though. Those born under this sign are dedicated to their loves in life and value their personal and unique approach to their lives.

Someone born under the jellyfish sign may have sensitive digestive systems and stomachs, and so need to pay attention to what they drink and eat in their lives. This could lead them to have keen interests in food nutrition and diets, possibly more than most people do.

Because of this sensitivity to the world around them, these people are also perceptive to the weather and the changes that occur.

Career-wise, those with the jellyfish sign need to follow their heart and do what they are good at, whatever that may be. However, their analytical and observation skills set them apart, and they are great investigators.

Of course, these skills can be used in different ways, but good career paths might include being an auditor, psychologist, dietician, police detective, or sociologist. Each of these careers will test you and help improve your already astounding skills.

No matter what you do, you need to trust your instincts, and you will ultimately get where you need to be.


The jellyfish encompasses and symbolizes entanglement, Reiki, and energetic flow. These creatures live their lives following the flow of the ocean and the surrounding currents. They have no power over the world and trust completely in the universe.

These creatures can help you understand you are and will always be entangled in the world around you, no matter where you are or what you do. You can let go of certain things without letting go of your entire life, as there will always be something there.

Additionally, they can teach you how to live in your own life, constantly affected by the currents. You may learn that you have the ability to be there for others and charge them but will never drain yourself.

This also means that you will have the ability to reach out to others, no matter where they are, and make a difference. The bioluminescence that many jellyfish have can symbolize that light will ways be shed even in the darkest of places, and the unknown will be known in the end.

This light also means that it can be used to help navigate the darkness and puzzles within your own mind, too.

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An Overview of the Jellyfish Symbolism and Meanings

Below are the most important characteristics and symbolism of Jellyfish:

  • An Empath
  • Caring for those around you
  • Dedicated
  • Deep understanding of meanings
  • Discreet
  • Dislike conflict
  • Easily burdened
  • Elegant
  • Elusive person
  • Have strong instincts
  • Independent
  • Intuitive
  • Laid back
  • Make the same mistakes
  • Manipulative
  • Opinionated
  • Poised
  • Possessive
  • Sensitive
  • Sixth Sense
  • Stick to your truth
  • Strong
  • Strong link to the spiritual realm
  • Stubborn
  • Take care of others
  • Thin-skinned
  • Transparent with emotions
  • Wise

Final Thoughts

The jellyfish can have many meanings, and each of them may be unique to you. Only you can know for sure what meaning the jellyfish intends to convey to you, and you can make sense of this by evaluating your life.

You must know who you are and what you have, as well as the things you wish to have and achieve. You may need to call upon the jellyfish many times in your life, as life will always have stormy moments, but you must, in the end, find your true self again and float along the currents of the sea.

There is beauty in being at the mercy of the elements, but it makes you that much stronger for finding your path and achieving all you do in your time.

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