Koi Fish: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Koi fish are beautiful carp. They are ever-present in Far Eastern cultures such as Japan and have grown in popularity over the years.

These tranquil fish are often the subject of tattoos and are kept as a symbol of wealth, and as a way to bring in luck. They can come in a number of colors and patterns, each with a unique meaning.

If you are interested in finding out more about the stunning Koi fish, keep reading to learn all you can about these creatures.

koi fish

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Symbolism and Meaning of the Koi Fish

Koi fish symbolize a great deal of things, and they are all positive for the most part. Depending on the color of the fish, or even the pattern they have, they may symbolize different things.

As a general rule, however, these fish are a symbol of luck and wealth. Below, we will go through the various meanings of the Koi fish in different parts of life and what they may entail.

The Koi Fish as a Spirit Animal

If the Koi comes to you as your Spirit Animal, you are going to get some good news. This good news is likely to come in the form of improved finances, and you will soon get an opportunity to do something you never even dreamed of. However, you may need to make changes in order to take on this opportunity.

You may need to release yourself from the burdens of your life, open your mind and start healing to make these changes happen. The Koi will come to you to remind you to never give up, even if life seems impossible. The unfinished projects you have in your life need to be finished and will ultimately be of value to you.

The color of your Koi Spirit Animal is important, too. If it is white with red markings around its mouth like lipstick, it is a sign to focus more on the relationships in your life.

You need to put in more effort and ensure that they are strong and healthy for the future. If the Koi is white with a red marking on this head, it is telling you that it is time to advance your career. All you need to do is make the right choice for yourself.

If the Koi is golden, you are being told that you will soon receive wealth, but you need to use it carefully and be wise as it may not happen again.

To summarize, the Koi Fish may appear as your Spirit Animal if you:

  • Are about to receive money
  • Need to focus on your relationships
  • Need to start healing
  • Are about to be given an unforeseen opportunity
  • Finish projects and work hard

The Koi Fish as a Totem Animal

If the Koi fish is your Totem Animal, you can consider yourself lucky. Chances are, you have never really had to worry about making ends meet and living a comfortable life.

All your needs are taken care of at the right time and in the right way. This is because you work hard and make smart decisions, so every choice you make builds a strong future for you and your family.

You can probably stay calm when big changes are happening in your life, too. You might feel like you can trust your heart more than a lot of people around you, but you do not always take your intuition seriously.

With the Koi fish as your Totem Animal, you likely have a bubbly personality, and love to be positive even in the midst of misfortune. You love being around people and talking to them, and they love being around you, too. The friends you have are your ‘forever’ friends, and you work hard to see them achieve and be the best they can be.

Sometimes, though, you do like to take some time away and live independently for a while. Maybe you go somewhere that no one else knows about to get some fresh air and gather your thoughts, but you always come back.

When life is getting tough, that is when you like to step away and get your bearings. You do not like to feel pressured, and like to be able to think everything through properly before making a decision.

Chances are, you like being around water, too, which is no surprise. Perhaps you love going swimming or taking long baths, it is just part of your nature. No matter what, though, you always manage to find the silver lining in difficult times, even if you do need to step away to fully see it.

To summarize, if the Koi Fish is your Totem Animal, you:

  • Love to be positive
  • Enjoy being around water
  • Have a bubbly personality
  • Are always calm
  • Trust your heart
  • Love being around people
  • Like to get away sometimes to gather your thoughts
  • Do not like being pressures to do things and make decisions
  • Always see the silver lining

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The Koi Fish as a Power Animal

You may need to call upon Koi Power Animal if you feel like you are stuck in a rut or repeating unhealthy patterns. This creature will help you get back into the flow of life and show you that you cannot achieve anything if you stay in one place.

The Koi Power Animal can also help you when you feel like you need to make a change in your life but are unsure of what to do or how to do it.

Also, Koi can help if you may be lashing out at people, or when your emotions seem to be controlling you. They can represent a time of renewal and can help you move on with life and remember that you are a fighter and a survivor.

To summarize, you may call upon the Koi Fish Power Animal if you need help:

  • Finding your fighting spirit
  • Changing something in your life
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Renewing something in your life
  • Getting out of a rut or stop repeating patterns
  • Keep moving

The Koi Fish in Religion and Culture

Culturally, the Koi fish is important in many Eastern Asian countries. While other types of fish, or fish in general, are significant in many other parts of the world, we will focus on the Koi.

Far Eastern Symbolism of the Koi Fish

The Koi fish is culturally significant in Far Eastern cultures such as Japan and China. In Japan, the Koi represents good fortune, as well as strength to overcome adversity.

These fish are thought to signify abundance in life and perseverance to get you through difficult times you experience. However, the Koi is also linked to one’s strength of character and courage.

These fish are referred to as ‘living jewels’ or ‘swimming flowers’ in Japan, likely due to their beauty. Because these fish are generally very peaceful and will not fight one another, they are also thought to signify unity and harmony.

The Koi can travel up waterfalls to get to their destinations, much like salmon, and so are seen to be very persistent and courageous creatures. Their drive and focus are likened to the human soul, which needs to stay focused throughout its journey in life in order to reach enlightenment.

The nature of this fish encompasses very important ideals, and we can learn a lot from them, which is part of why they are so important in Eastern cultures.

Some of the Koi’s symbolic meanings in Eastern cultures include:

  • Adaptation
  • Harmony
  • Strength
  • Opulence
  • Beauty
  • Luck
  • Wealth
  • Victory
  • Inner stillness
  • Change
  • Peace

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What do Koi Fish Mean in Dreams?

The beautiful Koi fish can have many meanings in your dreams. Fish in general are said to be symbolic of water, as well and intuition and feelings, but this may not always be the case in your dreams.

If a Koi fish is swimming in your dream, it is there to remind you of love, friendship, and affection in your life. This animal may be trying to tell you that you need to put aside your ego and selfishness and act without your pride getting in the way.

You might be alienating the people around you with your behavior, and it will soon begin to show if you do not remedy the situation. Take a step back and evaluate how you treat others and how you come off to others.

The Koi fish is a lucky symbol in most dreams, and are there to tell you that good fortune will come your way. You might experience a lot of good luck in the near future. This fish is also a sign that it may be a good time for you to start something new in your life, like a project, or you will be successful in your current project.

Similarly, the Koi fish can be symbolic of good health and longevity. Since this fish is known to live to be over 100 years old, you too will live a long life. Your wellbeing and general health are likely to be good after dreaming of a Koi fish, and if you are struggling with a health issue, this dream may be a sign that it will soon improve.

Having a Koi fish dream whilst you are in good health can simply be a confirmation and that your health will continue to be good.

Dreaming of a Koi fish can also be symbolic of courage in your life. You may be going through a trying time, and this fish is there to remind you to be brave and have the courage to get through it.

The fish itself can thrive in various conditions, and often has to swim against the current to get to where it needs to be. You will have to do the same in order to achieve your goals. This dream will remind you that you are strong and have the power to get through your situation, you just need to have the courage to try.

The Koi fish dream can also be a reminder to be patient in life. It takes time for things to come together and work out, and you cannot expect everything to happen overnight. Every goal you have will require a lot of hard work, and on that road, you will need to have patience.

If you dream of a Koi fish, this could also be a sign that your love life will improve significantly. Any arguments and troubles you may be having with your partner will come to an end soon, and you will enjoy a period of peace and love.

A dream about a colorful Koi fish may symbolize that you need to pay more attention to your family. You may not spend enough time with them, or are neglecting them in some way.

The Koi will come to you to remind you that family is important, and time needs to be set aside for them before they are no longer with you.

Likewise, the Koi fish may appear to you in a dream to remind you of the importance of friends in your life. Like with family, you might be neglecting your friends in some way, and you need to remedy it.

Life can overwhelm you, but you always need to set aside time to be with them and be there for them when they may need you. Ignoring this message may result in losing friends, as you will appear to not be interested in their lives or care about them.

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You can interpret a Koi fish dream as a reminder to follow your dreams and remain ambitious. Something may have been holding you back from walking your path, but you need to overcome these obstacles and do what you were born to do.

There will never be the ‘perfect moment’ – life is what you make of it, and you need to take action. If you do not take action, you will never achieve your dreams and ambitions. The Koi fish will remind you to aim high and accomplish your dreams.

The Koi fish dream may also symbolize prosperity and material wealth. Many people keep Koi fish to attract wealth to them, and having a dream about these fish can mean the same thing. Soon, you may find yourself gaining finances, and if you have been struggling with money, you will soon have good luck.

The Koi Fish in Tattoos, Astrology and Spiritual Meanings

The Koi fish is primarily present in Eastern cultures, such as Japanese. Their meanings have spread across the world, but in many respects, they are not a big part of the culture, especially Western culture.

They are popular tattoos for those who enjoy the Japanese style tattoo, and they have string spiritual meanings, but there is little about them in astrology.

The closest thing to the Koi fish in astrology is the Zodiac Pisces.


Koi fish tattoos can have a number of meanings – these may depend on the color of the fish as well as what they are doing.

Generally, however, these fish represent fortune, success, good luck, transformation, perseverance, and strength.

These tattoos are culturally significant in places like Japan, where the Koi fish is an important part of life. However, Koi tattoos have gained popularity over the years all around the world.

  • A black Koi fish is symbolic of you overcoming the obstacles in life and the transformation you go through when you are successful.
  • A dragon Koi represents transformation. According to the legends, this dragon Koi had the ability to leave the water and turn into a dragon. This transformation happened because of the Koi’s determination and perseverance.
  • A red Koi fish can be symbolic of passion and live, but also are seen to channel strong energy
  • A blue Koi fish can symbolize your acceptance of your past, including the problems you have faced and all the difficulties you have overcome. These blue Koi can also signify masculine energy
  • A Koi swimming down is symbolic of the wearer being successful when handing problems they encounter
  • A Koi swimming up is known to symbolize that the wearer is currently overcoming a big problem in their life
  • A tattoo of two Koi fish often represents yin and yang. These fish are usually placed with one swimming up and one down to create the symbol. This tattoo represents the balance in life, as well as acceptance of the various ups and downs that you will go through in life

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The Koi fish can be linked to the Pisces Zodiac, as they are not really mentioned anywhere else. Within the Zodiac, the fish, in this case, the Koi fish, represents a number of things, including endurance, serenity, and intelligence.

The symbol of the Pisces Zodiac is two fish swimming in opposite directions.

This symbol is thought to represent that ever-going division that those with the Zodiac experience when it comes to their attention between the real and fantasy world.

Those born with the Pisces Zodiac are frequently psychic and have unmatched compassion and empathy compared to other Astrology signs.


The Koi fish symbolizes opportunities, rejuvenation, and peace. However, they can also be seen as a sign of luck and courage, as well as uniqueness, tenacity, and wealth.

Spiritually, the color of the Koi fish can also have a meaning.

  • Gold Koi fish – this fish represents prosperity, gold, riches and wealth
  • Yellow Koi fish – if this fish has black on it too, it represents true love
  • Blue Koi fish – this fish is a symbol of peace and tranquility. Shimmering blue represents calmness and childhood
  • Silver Koi fish – this fish symbolizes monetary fulfillment via success in business
  • White and Red Koi fish – this fish symbolizes success in your career. If the fish’s markings look like it has lipstick on, the fish represents long-lasting relationships and love
  • Red Koi fish – this fish is a symbol of femininity, care, strength and motherhood
  • Black and White Koi fish – this fish symbolizes the challenges in the future
  • Black Koi fish – this fish represents strength, perseverance, masculinity and fatherhood
  • Pink Koi fish – this fish is a symbol of females, especially daughters

An Overview of the Koi Fish Symbolism and Meanings

The Koi fish is symbolic of many things, all of which are important and have an element of beauty to them. They are thought to bring good fortune in love, relationships, finances, health and overall luck, but also remind us of the essential things in life. If you feel like you have a connection to the Koi, find out more and learn all you can about them. These fish are powerful and strong, but also beacons of community and friendships. You never know when you may need the help of this beautiful fish in the future.

Some of the most important things that Koi fish symbolize are as follows:

  • Abundance
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Deeper awareness of the unconsciousness or higher self
  • Determination
  • Endurance
  • Feelings
  • Fertility
  • Good luck
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Intelligence
  • Love
  • Rebirth
  • Relationships
  • Serenity
  • Strength
  • Transformation
  • Wealth

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