Lobster: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Many of us are more used to seeing a lobster displayed on the menu rather than exploring the ocean floor.

The delicious sea creature is typically associated with affluence, although it was once a dish mostly enjoyed by the poor.

Found in many parts of the world, the lobster is an animal with a rich symbolism.


Large claws and a hard body have led the lobster to symbolize a tight hold on emotions. It is also persistent, and dedicated to its path.

Those with a lobster spirit animal may take some time to get to know, but they’re loyal and protective once they open up.

If you’re feeling a connection to the lobster, this guide can help you to learn what that means, and how you can work together.

Read on to find out how to interact with your lobster spirit, totem, and power animal, and how to interpret dreams. 

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Symbolism & Meaning

The most defining feature of the lobster are those great big pincers. Its claws are used to symbolize perseverance and persistence, as well as holding onto something and not letting go.

This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The lobster can symbolize reaching out for new opportunities. But they’re also a sign of holding onto past negativity.

A water symbol, it means regeneration and growth. Lobsters shed their shell annually, and can regenerate lost limbs.

They’re also a symbol of emotion. Lobster people tend to feel a lot, but don’t always let it show. 

Spirit Animal

You might not realize at first when a lobster is making its way into your life. They can be secretive creatures, moving along the depths of ocean floors, and hiding away in their shells.

But once it has gotten hold of you, it won’t let go!

When the lobster spirit animal has come to you, it’s time to come out of your shell. If you like to keep yourself hidden, and rarely speak up, then it can guide you.

Use the bold emotion from your connection to the water element to help you.

The lobster spirit animal can guide you through emotional growth, as you shake off old habits and become a stronger person.

The lobster has to adapt regularly, shedding its outer shell almost every year.

But if you’re struggling with this growth, this spirit animal can help you to let go of negative energies.

Those with this spirit animal have a tendency to cling to unhealthy people and situations. With the it, you can learn to be free of these influences.

Totem Animal

A lobster totem animal is a sign of a person who is a good leader, and has a strong sense of character.

If you feel a connection to the it, then you typically know what you’re good at, and feel confident in yourself.

With that said, you also have a strong moral character, and understand restraint. Lobster totem animals can guide you through personal growth, helping you become more assured in yourself.

The lobster is good at finding food on the murky ocean floor, and those with the lobster totem animal can find solutions others can’t.

You are good at solving your own problems, and helping friends in tricky situations.

You probably have an intense focus, which helps you to see things in clear and simple terms.

The lobster has a hard outer shell, and those with the lobster totem can sometimes struggle to open up emotionally. When you feel threatened, you may prefer to retreat, rather than face things head on.

Although this emotional reticence can be a negative, the lobster is all about growth.

When you’re ready, you’ll throw off the armor of the past, and move forward stronger.

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Power Animal

With a hard outer shell and big claws, there are many times when we may wish to call on the lobster power animal. 

Strong emotions can leave us feeling untethered and stressed. Turn to your power animal to help harden you against these forces, and regain your focus.

But be careful not to become closed off. It’s important to find restraint without having to shut down emotion entirely.


If you feel your soul and your spiritual journey isn’t being nurtured, the lobster can help you find new paths. As a water creature, it is about emotion and creativity.

It is also used to searching in unusual places. Take guidance from the it when you feel lost on your spiritual journey, or within yourself.

With the lobster power animal by your side, you can gain greater emotional awareness. 

What about those powerful lobster claws? Think of the lobster power animal when you need help holding onto something in your life.

Whether it’s a person or an opportunity, the lobster can ensure you don’t lose your grip on something significant.

Native American Symbolism

Lobster was a hugely important part of the diet for several Native American tribes, and the abundant lobster would be cooked in sandpits.

It would also be used to fertilize crops, and bait fish hooks. Lobsters were so common, they are thought to have been served at the first Thanksgiving.

In South America, the lobster was depicted in the art of the Moche people. These talented craftspeople drew inspiration from the natural world, and were thought to have used their pottery to teach.

The abundance of the lobster meant it was associated with sustenance.

Like insects and crayfish, they may have sometimes been used to indicate meekness in stories. 

Christianity Symbolism

In the Old Testament, the lobster is mentioned as an unclean animal, not for human consumption.

This isn’t necessarily because it was viewed as dirty, but because it was believed God sent the lobster to clean the ocean floors.

Although it was important that the lobsters kept the earth clean, it did mean they weren’t meant to be consumed. In the Jewish faith, lobsters aren’t considered kosher.

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Dream Symbolism

A lobster appearing in your dreams is typically a sign that you need to hold your ground. Don’t back down, and stay persistent.

If you feel like giving up on something difficult, it is a sign to keep working through. Eventually, your hard work will pay off. 

Lobsters are often seen as classy foods, enjoyed in high-end restaurants. If you dream of the it, it can sometimes be a symbol of riches coming your way.

Have you been dreaming of koi as well? These are another sea creature associated with wealth. 

These two meanings can often come together. Seeing a lobster can mean your hard work and perseverance will soon come to fruition.

But don’t waste your sudden abundance, and never forget the effort it took.

Dreaming of eating a lobster can be a sign that success is coming your way, or something you thought lost is returning to your life.


Blue lobsters are rare and precious. If you dream of it, it means that you’re holding yourself back. This is a sign to communicate better.

A lobster dream is typically an indication that something good is coming your way, but you may need to work for it.

Far Eastern Lobster Symbolism

The lobster is a rare sight in the mythology of the Far East. In Japan, the Umibozu was said to be a sea monster, with the mouth of a crocodile, the body of a fish, and the tail of a lobster.

These large and horrible creatures would appear in calm seas, to make the waters wild. 

Tattoo Meaning

If you feel a special connection to the lobster, a tattoo can represent that bond. It is such an unusual creature that it can make for some fascinating tattoo designs.

A lobster tattoo may be a way of expressing your rich emotional life. It may hide beneath its shell, but underneath there’s a creature with deep emotions.

Also, it can represent your connection to your inner self, and your tendency to stay guarded.

Strong and persistent, a lobster tattoo can be a symbol of perseverance. With the claws or tail raised, it can show how you worked hard to achieve your goals.

The lobster is typically associated with riches. A lobster tattoo can be a way to show you enjoy the finer things in life (while also recognizing the effort it took to attain them). 

And if you feel a deep connection to the sea, then you may choose a lobster tattoo to honor the water element.

Spiritual Meaning

When we consider the spiritual meaning of the lobster, it’s important to look at lobster itself.

The hard shell and sharp claws can lead you to think of the it as a simple animal, closed off from the world around it.

But it sheds its outer shell almost every year, as it grows and matures. It can guide you to growth, and to shed off the old habits that were holding you back.

Rather than hiding beneath the hard shell, you have to move forward. Your new shell can give you strength, and you’ll have learned from the lessons of the past.

Lobsters clean the ocean floor with their pincers and sharp senses. In the bible, it was seen as unclean because of how it hunted.

By doing this task, it shows perception, and an ability to find great things in unusual places. Thus, we can apply this lesson to our own spiritual growth.

The spiritual meaning of it doesn’t have to be tricky to find. You just have to look past their outer shell, and into the creature below.

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Lobster in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

It’s no surprise that in astrology the lobster is most closely linked to Cancer. Although Cancer is typically portrayed as the crab, it sometimes has distinctly lobster-like features.

According to the Greek myth, a crab pinched Heracles as he fought the hydra. Heracles then crushed the crab under his foot.

Hera, Heracles’ enemy, placed the crab in the sky as a reward. In some variations of the story, it’s a lobster, not a crab, that pinched Heracles. 

Those born under the sign of Cancer are known for being emotional, intuitive, and loyal. They care deeply, but some can find this to be intense.

It can be difficult to get to know a Cancer,  but well worth the effort. You’ll be rewarded with a devoted and protective friend.

Hawaiian, African & Greek Myth & Symbolic Meaning

For the Ancient Greeks, the lobster was associated with strength, and the sea. Also, the mythic Ichthyocentaurs were sea gods similar to centaurs.

They had the bodies and heads of men, the lower legs of the horse, and tails like the fish. On their heads were lobster-claw horns.

Two of these sea gods were named Aphros and Bythos. They are depicted as being helpful, wise, and kind.

Lobster claws were also seen on the head of Pontus, an ancient Greek sea god and primordial deity. He was depicted as the father of all the sea.

Lobsters were an obvious symbol of the sea to the Ancient Greeks. The use of its claws on the head shows the Greeks recognized it as a symbol for strength.

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Symbolic Meaning

  • Persistence
  • Loyalty
  • Abundance
  • Regeneration
  • Growth
  • Communication
  • Intuition
  • Hard work
  • Water

Watch as the lobster scurries into sight, and then quickly moves away. Hidden beneath the waves and that impenetrable outer shell, it is a tricky creature to get to know.


If you feel a special connection to the lobster, then it’s worth the effort of figuring them out. It can help you to mature, grow, and get what you want.

A spirit animal is there to guide you and help you through life.

Those who feel a connection to the lobster are typically hard workers, and the symbol of it can show good things are coming your way.

Let go of negativity, and hold on to the good things in your life.

With the lobster spirit guide, you can build a future to look forward to.

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