The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Your favorite color can tell a lot about you and your personality.

In fact, each color has its own unique energy and power, meaning that it is linked to certain traits and abilities.

For example, some colors connect better to the chakra in your heart, while others are better at improving confidence – but which color is best at what?

If you want to know more about the meanings behind each color and how you can use them to your advantage, then keep on reading – we are going to dive into 15 different colors and explain how you can work with them to improve certain aspects of your life! 

So, let’s begin!

The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Black is the new black – in fashion, it is considered to be one of the best colors for everyone to wear.

This is because it is very flattering and slimming, plus it matches very well with other colors. This makes it very versatile – but its abilities go beyond just fashion and appearances. 

Black is a very solid color that is used as a color of protection. Some may see it as a depressive color when it actually acts as a refuge for those experiencing depressive thoughts.

It helps with grounding an individual during emotional times, provides a sense of safety and helps build barriers to shield those who need them. 

Black stones and crystals like onyx and obsidian are renowned for their protective powers so they are often used in jewelry and as worry stones to help promote feelings of safety and calm. 

So, if you feel the need for help when it comes to grounding you after experiencing emotional turmoil, black is the color for you. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

On the opposite end of the color spectrum is white. It is seen as a very pure color, often associated with weddings and christenings. This is because many associate white with peace, purity, and truth. 

Many use white as an aura balancing color, whether it’s wearing it as clothing or featuring white stones in their jewelry, as it acts as a cleanser against negative energy.

Some may find white to be too sterile of a color and prefer something softer, but white is one of the best colors to use when needing to cleanse your chakras and banish negativity from your home and soul. 

White also promotes truth, so it can be used to help make communication clearer and more honest, helping resolve conflicts and improve relationships.

This is why white is often associated with peace and tranquility as it can soothe disputes and end quarrels. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

The color of love and passion has long been decided to be red. It is bright, warm and feisty, giving it strong connections to both the fire element and the root chakra. 

It is a color that promotes warm energy, inspiring courage and passion that can be used in many different ways.

Whether it is channeling inspiration for a project you hold very dearly, or wanting to spice up a relationship with someone close, red is often used as the color for seduction and confidence. 

Red is used to banish anxieties and fear, hence its strong association with the root chakra.

This chakra also provides safety and security by helping emit an aura of strong power and confidence to repel negative energies.

This can be boosted by wearing red clothing or gemstones like rubies or garnets, both of which are very intimidating yet passionate gemstones that perfectly capture the hidden meanings behind this enriching color! 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Blue is viewed by many to be their favorite color and it’s very easy to see why.

Blue is often associated with calm and tranquil atmospheres, which can promote healing in both the physical and emotional sense. 

However, blue is also the color that connects the most strongly to the throat chakra and can help unblock it.

This is why many people wear blue around their neck in the form of blue gemstones like sapphires, turquoise, or aquamarine. 

An unblocked throat chakra can be used to promote clear communication, which can help strengthen relationships and do away with misunderstandings.

True thoughts and feelings can flow through like water, so many use the color blue as a source of inspiration during those tough conversations. 

So, because of this, the color blue can be used to help build relationships but also lead to better situations. You can use it to ask for a raise, to speak up against injustice, or take the lead in projects. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Yellow is a vibrant color that perfectly captures the joy and warmth that sunshine can bring in the middle of summer.

Because of its positive and optimistic energy, many use yellow as a source of happiness and pleasure such as with yellow stones and crystals like yellow topaz, citrine, and yellow jasper.

These precious stones are used by many to help build confidence and uplift moods. This is because yellow is the color most strongly connected to the solar plexus chakra. 

The solar plexus chakra can be found below your chest and represents self-confidence, enjoyment and will power.

So, using yellow can help strengthen this chakra and fight against issues like low self-esteem and anxieties that can break down your happiness and spirit. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

The color of nature and natural healing is green, due to its abundant presence in our natural world! Leaves, moss, grass, stems, stalks – they all share this same calming and nurturing color. 

Because of this, green is seen as a very relaxing color that promotes fertility and growth.

It’s connection to the earth and nature makes it a go-to color when you want to manifest wealth, whether it is material wealth or emotional wealth.

Green is used to strengthen relationships and even self-love due to its association with the heart chakra. 

The heart chakra is the key to feeling and expressing love. While red is a far more sexual and passionate color associated with love, green is the color of a love that is more personal and deep.

It is also connected to the love you feel for yourself, so wearing green clothing or green gemstones like emeralds, jade or peridot can help improve your own self-confidence.

This can inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and build yourself up out of the depths of depression.


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Many people associate orange with a sense of homely warmth as it resembles a calm fire, which can provide the heat and energy needed for us to thrive and survive. 

However, there is more to orange than meets the eye. It is actually closely connected to the sacral chakra, the chakra found below the naval that represents sexual energy.

This means that by wearing orange gemstones or holding orange crystals like orange jasper, carnelian and orange agate can inspire and arose your own sexual energy. 

So, if you feel that you need your mojo back, holding onto some orange gemstones may just do the trick. 

Orange is also deeply connected to creativity so for all those artists and poets who are stuck behind a block, orange is the color to use to help overcome that so your passions and love for your hobbies and work can flow freely. 

So basically, orange is often underestimated when in reality, it can provide a lot of confidence and energy to help people overcome the blocks they face in life. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Purple is the color most often associated with royalty and wealth. It symbolizes power and divinity as well as independence and wisdom. 

Because of this, purple is the color that is most closely connected to the crown chakra, which is situated at the top of the head.

This chakra is the one that best represents the connection to the divine and is related to deep thinking and wise decision-making.

Strengthening the crown chakra can lead to being more open-minded and having a stronger connection to one’s spirit, making it one of the most important chakras to keep unblocked and strong. 

Purple gemstones or crystals like amethyst or iolite are great for this purpose so they are often worn as jewelry or included in altars for meditation.

Once they work  their magic and strengthen your crown chakra, making tough decisions becomes easier and you will be filled with a mystical sense of wisdom that can help guide you through difficult situations. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Indigo is often overlooked but it is also the color most associated with the third eye chakra, so it is great for helping you get a view of the bigger picture. 

This color is very soothing and calming which is why it is often used in meditation, but its close connection to the third eye chakra makes it the go-to color when you are faced with tough situations. 

By helping your third eye chakra to unblock and work at its full potential, you will be able to solve and overcome problems with ease.

Your intuition will improve, allowing you to see different paths you can take and unorthodox solutions to your problems. 

Because of this, indigo has become the color of spiritual wisdom and intuition, making it an ideal color for those who work a lot with problem-solving and in leadership positions. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Pink is a very soft and gentle color that acts as a more emotional alternative to red.

Like we said earlier, red is very bold and passionate while pink represents the more nurturing and subtle side to relationships. 

After all, romantic relationships are not all about big gestures and steamy kissing sessions – the smaller things like a peck on the cheek and asking your partner about their day are what helps build a relationship up into something more emotional and everlasting. 

Pink is the color that represents this best as it is strongly connected with nurturing relationships instead of ‘toughening them up’.

Traditionally, it is also seen as a very feminine color but its effects and energy works just as well on men as it does women. 

So, overall, pink is the color to choose when you are feeling romantic but in a gentle, more emotional way.

It can also be used to inspire self-love and confidence, promoting harmony within yourself and with others, and acts like the perfect blend between red and white energies.


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Like with black, brown is a color that is deeply protective and grounding.

It is closely connected to the earth due to its color being similar to the color of the ground, hence why it can help strengthen one’s connection to the earth and allow us to feel the ground beneath our feet in emotional, stressful situations. 

It’s a very natural color  that is closely associated with nature and natural emotions, so brown is used by many to feel a sense of comfort and protection.

While black is a more confident and assertive color, brown is used to also provide a gentle sense of safety and eases out negativity from your roots. 

Wearing brown in the form of clothing or crystals can help you maintain a closeness to nature while still channeling the same protective energies colors like black emit.

It’s a great alternative to those who find black too strong and intimidating but still wish to experience the same impenetrable shield it puts up to repel negativity. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Gold is one of the most valuable materials on this earth and so, it has become a symbol of wealth and fortune.

Many use golden charms or amulets to inspire good luck and fortune, as well as good health and success. 

However, gold also has a strong connection to the sun and it radiates a kind of warm energy that is closely related to sunlight.

This makes working with gold feel like you are bathing yourself in sunshine, allowing it to illuminate your life and bless you with riches and fortune. 

Although this all may sound very materialistic, gold is not something to be dismissed.

You can use it as the metal to hold your precious stones for jewelry, allowing you to keep it close to your skin and soak in its good luck. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Silver is very similar to gold as it is also a very precious metal that is used to symbolize wealth and status.

However, it is also a lot more mystical and related to dreams and meditation, making it the ideal precious metal for those more concerned about their spiritual fortune and health. 

Where gold is related to the sun, silver is related to the moon and all of its mysterious properties.

Using it to hold your precious stones for jewelry purposes helps you to clear your energies and strengthen your own musical powers.

Silver can also be used to help calm the mind (which is great for meditation) and for soother sleeping sessions. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

Lilac is a softer version of purple that still promotes the same kind of positive spiritual energy but without the kind of intimidating power that a lot of people prefer to avoid.

This more gentle version of purple is perfect for those who want to maintain a close divine relationship and strengthen their spiritual self without going overboard day in and day out. 

This means that lilac is a great color to choose when you just want a little pick-me-up after a tough challenging time as it is also very nurturing and soothing.

It is also closely related to themes of dreams and magic, making it a perfect color pick for the bedroom so you can fall into a deeper sleep every night. 


The Magical Meanings Of 15 Different Colors And How To Work With Them

And finally, we have gray. 

Gray is often overlooked or associated with boredom. However, gray also has its own perks such as its ability to remove distractions, allowing you to concentrate more on the task at hand.

It’s a very professional color that balances both the sophistication of black and the tranquility of white, although it lacks the same kind of mystical properties as silver. 

Because of this, gray is the color to choose when you want to emit an aura of sophistication and professionalism.

It can also help you concentrate better so you can complete tasks and finish jobs with great efficiency. 


So, it’s clear that every color has its own unique properties and energy that can help you out in many different ways. 

Depending on your needs – whether it be more confidence or a way to communicate more clearly – there is bound to be a color that is right for you.

To channel that energy and power, try wearing that color or holding precious gemstones and crystals that are also the same color that you desire to use.

You can also decorate certain rooms with the color of your choice to help create an aura that channels that power too. 

So, take a look and decide which color is best for you!

Gloria White

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