Mockingbird: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The Mockingbird is popular in the avian world for being a mimic and is known for being capable of learning over 200 songs in their lifetime.

Despite them being quite dull in how they look, their traits and qualities set them apart. This article looks at the mockingbird and dives deeper into what the birds could symbolize.

Mockingbird Symbolism and Meaning

As we just mentioned, mockingbirds are known for mimicking abilities, meaning the spirit of the animal is symbolic of imitation and lacks authenticity and originality.

However, the mockingbird also symbolizes innocence, loyalty, protection, and music. Their cultural depiction is deep-rooted in the Native Americans, who have a special place for them in their everyday practices.

The message of the bird is that when you start to take note of the minutest details, beautiful things in your life will start to happen.

If a mockingbird visits you, it also tells you to tap into your intuition and your subconscious is trying to tell you something important.

The mockingbird urges you to interact with others and a visit tells you social interaction could make you happier.

If you recently had a conversation that did not go well, a visit from a mockingbird tells you to rethink how you handle similar communications in the future.

It also signals to trust and love someone with your whole heart. Finally, if you see this bird, it encourages you to stop taking life so seriously, and urges you to relax, and enjoy life a little more.

The spirit animal asks you to protect and fight for those you hold dear and asks you to speak the truth without fear.

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a key literary piece to understanding mockingbird symbolism.

The book highlights how the mockingbird is a truly innocent soul and apart from copying other birds, they are harmless.

They mostly feed on fruit and insects and raise their fledglings alongside other parasitic birds. They also devote their lives to making music.

For this reason, they are considered innocent and as the book suggests, it is a sin to kill them.


Although mockingbirds are part of the mimid family, they are similar to the corvids. They share the corvids’ knack for intelligence and are great mimics.

They might even be considered better than crows. Despite this seeming like a skill, it can also be a disadvantage when it comes to their symbolism.

As the bird is one of the best mimics in the avian world, their spirit is therefore lacking originality and authenticity. In spiritualism, this means they have no voice, as they often mimic other sounds.


Although mockingbirds are known for being sweet and innocent, when they need to defend their family, the birds can become aggressive quickly.

Rather than being over-protective, they are more territorial and they can be fierce defenders. This shows how much they love their family and what lengths they will go to, to keep their family safe from harm.

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Mockingbird Spirit Animal

Having a mockingbird as your spirit animal carries several different messages. The most important being you can find your voice and the music that inspires your soul.

The words of your ‘song’ ring out with intent and you sing these words as loud and as powerful as you can.

Another mockingbird lesson is the utility of imitation. Imitation can be a form of flattery such as children imitating parents in respectfulness, behavior, and social structures.

This means the mockingbird encourages you to make sure you are a good role model for others and that you are modeling the behaviors you see in others that you respect.

The mockingbird encourages you to adopt positive traits from those with who you surround yourself.

Mockingbirds also appear to people whose nests are being attacked. No matter the cause, a mockingbird gives you the courage to protect your space and the courage to ask those to leave who cause negativity and arguments in your life.

The mockingbird teaches us to be curious and learn from our experiences. Every sound a mockingbird makes comes from discovery. They hear it, seek it out, and then replicate it.

This can be compared to life lessons as when you acquire the knowledge, you then have to put it into practice for personal progress.

Mockingbird Totem Animal

The mockingbird totem symbolizes higher intelligence. Those who have this spirit animal are usually good listeners, quick learners, and great communicators.

They also have a retentive memory and if you know someone who can speak multiple languages, they might have the mockingbird as their totem.

Those with this animal as their totem can also easily learn from situations and move on. You don’t let people in life fool you and you like to keep it real.

People who have the right notes are people you harmonize with and others simply become background noise.

When you walk with a mockingbird, there is also an underlying fearlessness in your soul, where no one dares to become a predator against you or your loved ones.

This spirit applies to people who can’t defend themselves or who find themselves caught in another web of deception without any allies.

Those with a mockingbird totem also love music and might gravitate towards music careers.

Their limitation however is that they might not be wholly creative themselves, and they constantly need ideas and actions from others, from which to choose, for self-definition.

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Mockingbird Power Animal

The mockingbird as a power animal is called upon when someone needs aid. When you are seeking your truth, the mockingbird gives you support in discovering your inner voice and your song.

The bird also helps you to understand the music of your soul. When you have found your voice, it can then identify what brings your soul bliss.

When it comes to defending convictions, the mockingbird inspires self-confidence and greater strength.

The mockingbird helps you to uncover the true intentions of others and helps you to inspire honesty in those around you, supporting you when the truth falls into question.

The mockingbird as a power animal also relates to the bird’s power of mimicry, as since the birds mimic other birds and animals, working with them as an ally can help you learn a language or expand your knowledge based on hands-on learning and experience.

The birds’ influence helps you with immersive learning techniques by mimicking the sounds and pronunciations of words as you practice the language.

The creature’s mimicking abilities also support you in speaking a language others can understand as it becomes easier for you to get your point across.

This means if you are looking to become a public speaker, the energetic influence of the mockingbird can provide support.

Mockingbird Dream Interpretation

If you dream of a singing mockingbird, this represents a positive outcome, as long as you trust your intuition and not the advice of well-intentioned friends.

Mockingbirds stand for following your own sound and your song, strengthening your individuality. If you dream of a mockingbird flying at you angrily, this means you have become arrogant, or disrespectful and have overstepped in some way.

You now need to focus on reining yourself in and calming down, getting to grips with who you are again.

If you dream of a quiet mockingbird, this symbolizes positive self-images and there is no need for external approval. You know who you are.

If you dream of a mockingbird nesting away in another yard or building, this means you are have been taking credit for all the hard work, someone else has been doing.

If the mockingbird starts to tweet from behind the bushes or leaves, this implies you are particularly nervous about a social situation you might have coming up.

It also suggests you’re uncertain about the signals you are receiving.

If you dream of a mockingbird feeding its chicks, this reminds you of taking care of the family. This dream might also suggest you need to start nurturing young or new things in your life.

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Mockingbird Tattoo Meaning

The word mockingbird means ‘many tongues mimic’ in Latin. When it comes to tattoo meanings, it comes to the top of the list in association with the ‘Art of Deception’.

Being able to mimic sounds in nature is a great way to survive and is a valuable skill to have in life to help you fool bad people.

Since the mockingbird is associated with intelligence and memory, the tattoo also symbolizes a remembrance of specific people and important places.

Moreover, the animal is a value of raw talent and using sound to your advantage. Since mockingbirds are not afraid to attack when threatened, the tattoo is also associated with fearlessness and courage. They symbolize flushing away and exposing negative influences around us.

Mockingbird Spiritual Meaning

The mockingbird is an important symbolic totem in cultures of Asia and Europe and in both cultures, the bird symbolizes lyrics and poetry.

For the celts, the birds were also a symbolic totem that signified sharing and friendship, becoming the totem bird of sociability and friends.

The mockingbird has the spiritual meaning of friendship, determination, sharing, life, activity, and agility and the wren reminds us that it is not the material elements we earn.

What is important in our lives, is the quality of relationships with others. This is the path that enriches our lives.

The mockingbird as we have mentioned enjoys singing all through the day and night, and it is the only species of bird that sings throughout the night.

Its melody has been the inspiration for many poets in Greek, Roman, China, and Celtic Europe.

Its varied and powerful music melody can even be heard in the dead of night and since they only sing when they are free, if they are caged, they become so sad they can’t sing anymore.

The spiritual meaning of the mockingbird is therefore also life and freedom.

The mockingbird song symbolizes joy and is the most beautiful of many different birds.

The bards were inspired by its lyrics after hearing the trills of the songbird, and the mockingbird became a famous symbol of art, song, and poetry.

Mockingbird Celtic Symbolism

The Celts were integrated into nature and liked to observe the animals in their natural environment. They observed how the mockingbird acted in the rearing of its chicks.

The Celts assigned the mockingbird to the symbolism of sharing as the male and female species participate in caring for their young.

Sharing household chores and non-restricting gender roles is what the mockingbird encourages. ?Therefore, mockingbirds also have the gift of fidelity.

As they are migratory birds, they go back to Europe in the springtime and Africa when Autumn hits. In Europe, they mate and meet the same old couple in the agreed place.

They have a faithful nature and the mockingbird’s family and romantic spirit is an example to follow when we have lost these values.

As the mockingbird is an active bird, the Celtic spiritual meaning also includes activity, vitality, alertness, and efficiency.

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Mockingbird Astrology and Zodiac Signs

When it comes to astrology and zodiac signs, the Gemini and the mockingbird are closely related. Gemini’s are usually outgoing people and thrive off being around other people.

They prefer others to surround them than be on their own and this relates to the bird’s symbolism of sociability and friends.

Gemini’s are also intelligent. They love to learn and compensate for their short attention span and bad memory by being incredibly intelligent and possessing the ability to think on their feet.

This relates to the bird being a totem to symbolize higher intelligence.

Geminis are also curious creatures, enthusiastic in life, and thirsty for knowledge.

Their clever and curious minds, along with their excellent social skills, therefore, make them a matching spirit animal for Geminis.

Mockingbird Symbolic Meanings

  • Communication
  • Family Unity
  • Innocence
  • Inventiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Boundaries
  • Protection
  • Playfulness
  • Security
  • Safety

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have learned a lot more about the spiritual meaning of the mockingbird, from the power, totem, and spirit animal, to the dream interpretation and tattoo meaning.

Mockingbirds are a powerful symbol of life and freedom and can guide you to seek your inner truth. As innocent birds, it is a sin to kill one. Thus, people should treat them as harmless, gentle birds.

Don’t be afraid to follow what the mockingbird tells you, whether that is in the form of a dream or a spirit animal, they are there to be by your side whenever you need them.

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