Monkey: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Seeing a monkey is different from seeing a lot of other creatures. They are not fearsome predators, like lions or tigers, who will hunt, kill, or maim you if the need arises. Nor are they docile herbivores, like cows or sheep, who spend their day aimlessly grazing.

There are many different creatures that fit somewhere along this spectrum, though with differing places for each. Maybe a fearsome herbivore or a docile predator. But, most have some relation to their place in the ecosystem they live in.

Of course, monkeys have a place in this ecosystem as well. It’s just it is not the only thing that defines a monkey. They are a creature that has a true personality. They have depth understanding about the world that others either don’t have or choose to ignore.

A monkey’s appearance is often a sign and meaning can be derived from their presence. While other creatures may have wandered into the path you took, a monkey decided to appear in front of you.

Whether that be as a guide, friend, a trickster, or simply just a passing interest is hard to say. But one thing is for certain when dealing with monkeys: to consider them lesser than you is foolish. To underestimate their intelligence is asking for trouble. These intrepid little relatives of ours are a lot wiser than we give them credit for.

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Monkey: Symbolism and Meaning

Being one of our closest living relatives, monkeys and humans have always known about each and interacted in various ways.

Monkeys have always made their presence known in the human settlements close to their natural habitat. As such, a lot of lore and folktales have sprung up about them. The symbols and meanings we use to define them are vast. But, the most significant ones are joy, compassion, creativity, and purity.

Many of us know their playful nature. But they are well aware of the evils of the world. They have seen many fall prey to corruption throughout their lives.

Although monkeys regularly live in dangerous environments, they always take time out of their days to enjoy life. Especially in the simplest pleasures that it offers. Even if a troop is marching for pastures new, they will actively deviate from their chosen path. Even just to investigate an interesting fruiting tree, at least for a while.

This joy in life is good for the soul as well. As constantly working can tax the mind. Monkeys know well that success is meaningless if you do not enjoy it.

Monkeys live in huge groups and have a profound sense of community and compassion that rivals our own. They have deep bonds within their communities and communicate regularly with each other. While also mourning their loss once a troop member is gone. This empathy and openness is something that can lead to lasting trust, even in our own lives.

Creative thinking and problem-solving is indicative of monkeys. They have long created little games amongst themselves and have fascinating solutions to life’s problems.

Some monkeys use sticks to catch grubs. Some live a high-octane life in the city streets. Others still have taken to bathing in hot springs throughout the cold winter months. All are solutions to concerns life threw at them. Each group came up with something new and creative to deal with it.

Finally, monkeys are seen as pure creatures. They may be mischievous, but none of their actions are malicious.

They understand that compassion is incredibly important and seek to guide people away from the evils of the world. Evils they have seen all too well in their lives. Their intellect and intuition allow them to see past facades and peek at something’s true nature.

Where a human might fall for a corrupting influence, a monkey will be aware of the danger before it has a chance to manifest.

Monkey: Spirit Animal

To put it bluntly, if you have a monkey as a spirit animal, you probably weren’t expecting it. Others attach themselves to people as spirit animals. This may make them fierce, protective, noble, mysterious, and so on, but always coming to you in full visibility.

A monkey may just appear out of the blue and knock you over in pure excitement. They are unpredictable spirit animals but can be one of the best, especially when it comes to emotional health.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut or feel life slipping from your fingers with no idea how to fix it. Then a monkey might appear to snap you out of your rut and that train of thought. They will always try to include you in the joke and make you laugh. Even if a lot of ploys for attention are through surprises or pranks,

Realizing that humor is important and laughter can help you heal is a lesson the monkey will wish to impart. Still, it is a very perceptive creature and will caution against rash decisions that may turn on you in time.

The monkey will also encourage you to reach out to your own community – friends, and family. it recognizes that loyalty and friendship are some of the most essential things in our lives. Even though it is a naturally adventurous creature.

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Monkey: Totem Animal

People who bear the monkey totem are some of the best people to have around. They always love jokes, but never in a way that no one would be hurt by them. Everyone feels included when a person with the monkey totem starts a conversation, and they are welcoming to all.

They are uplifting people who are constantly on the go, while others drag their feet about decisions, monkey people are quick to decide what course to take and many are considered especially adventurous, even in the face of danger.

A monkey person will not feel content just to sit back and watch the world move forward, they love to explore and see exciting new places and sights.

Whether it be the urban jungle or the actual jungle, these people have an innate love of the new and a passion for new experiences that only others can provide them.

This constant movement may harden others, but for those of the monkey totem it serves as nothing, but a reminder of life’s joys and a smile never leaves their face as long as they are moving forward.

Monkey: Power Animal

For those who are creative, innovators, or struggling socially, the monkey is the perfect power animal. Invoking the monkey is calling upon our most human qualities to aid us in our time of need, and the monkey is happy to oblige.

They will seek to gain us acceptance and warmth into our relationships, especially those with our families, but not at our own expense.

If a monkey considers the relationship around us toxic, then it may encourage you to forge a path away from this community and find one that accepts you. They will question what you want and try to push you to your own conclusions, even if it is something that is hard to accept.

The monkey can provide creative solutions to difficulties you encounter, especially lateral solutions you may not have thought of before.

Oft-times, the monkey will encourage our own free time without the guilt that society puts on us to continue working, its playful nature and innocent humor will remind us that the burdens of life are not all we should think about, and sometimes it’s better to have fun or do nothing than try to fix everything ourselves.

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Far Eastern Monkey Symbolic Meaning

There is a lot of imagery surrounding the monkey in far eastern cultures. With the monkey being a native animal to most countries of the far east, it is no surprise that they have become important to the cultural mythos of the area.

In China, monkeys play a significant role in most stories and are oft-times used as metaphors for people or behaviors. Their presence in ancient stories and lore either defines them with a benevolent, transcendent nature or a foolish, greedy facade, both being extremes of humanity’s nature.

In Japan, this is taken a step further with the view of monkeys changing depending on the century the opinion was written, with early stories painting the monkey as a mediator for opposing parties and later stories showing it as a malicious trickster who will do anything to get ahead.

One of the most prominent stories about spiritual monkeys is that of the three wise monkeys that do not associate with evil at all.

Monkey: Dreams

Monkeys that appear in dreams tend to be very expressive and are trying to communicate something important to the dreamer.

When the monkey or monkeys are screaming in a deafening chorus of chatter and sound, it is a clear warning that someone is trying to smooth talk you, but in reality, this flattering has sinister ulterior motives behind it.

If the monkey in your dream is searching through rugged environments like a forest or a jungle, it shows that you need to think outside the box and find a better or more creative solution to the problem at hand, but the monkey is telling you to trust your instincts above all other things for a solution.

If the monkey in your dream is dancing and generally expressing joy in life, then good times are ahead. It symbolizes a need for relaxation and the potential to have it with friends and family in the future, devote your time to making it a reality and joy will be in your future.

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Monkey: Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos of the monkey hold as much meaning and symbolism as the literature written about them. The primary intent of a monkey tattoo is to convey playfulness.

People who get this tattoo tend to like good-natured trickery that harms neither the victim nor the joker, or fun practical jokes that everyone can enjoy.

However, that is not the only meaning behind a monkey tattoo. Monkeys are gifted socially and are compassionate creatures, as such a person with a monkey tattoo may hold a lot of loyalty to those they love and have a deep sense of community and empathy.

Finally, a monkey tattoo could be referencing intellect, given that monkeys are incredibly intelligent creatures who are regularly used as metaphors in stories it would only be natural for us to equate them with diplomacy, intelligence, and wit when relating them to ourselves. Or even good luck charms that can help us see through trickery thanks to their intellect.

Monkey: Spiritual Meaning

The monkey is as diverse in meaning and action as humanity is, the only difference is that monkeys tend to fill the extremes that we rarely see in ourselves, most of the time for positive results.

Being touched by the aura of the monkey will help immensely with social issues that you may have, it will help you to be more perceptive of the actions of those around you, and help you to enjoy life more.

In effect, the monkey is a symbol that helps you to realize that there is not just one way to do things, plenty of creative solutions exist, and you never have to do it alone.

Community exists to help one another in times of need and to enjoy life, which is something the monkey will always try to convey to you.

Also, the monkey may act foolish and inappropriate at times, but be wary of thinking that is all the monkey is, they are intelligent creatures who are underestimated by many around them, but you should not make this mistake, as disregarding their advice is the most foolish action of all.

Monkey in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Monkey is the 9th of the 12 Chinese zodiacs and people born in this year are thought of as confident and curious people, who wish to know everything and have a natural affinity for almost any subject as long as they keep working at it.

In the zodiac story, the monkey works together with the rooster and sheep to get across the river, and this ability to work with people is carried on to those born under this sign.

Monkey people are thought of as charming and charismatic people, who have a fantastic sense of humor that is intellect as it is dark. Thanks to these social skills, they are presumed to have a great affinity for language learning and are endlessly creative in their problem-solving.

However, this can have a downside, as even though Monkeys are social they tend to have few close attachments, instead floating between groups.

They can also be distrustful, arrogant, and manipulative, playing people off against each other in a bid to be the center of attention. Yet, should a Monkey come to trust and consider you a true friend, they will be completely steadfast and faithful, never wavering in the slightest.

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Monkey: Symbolic Meanings

  • Joy and playfulness.
  • Community and compassion.
  • Creativity and curiosity.
  • Innocence and purity.
  • Intellect and wisdom.

Final Thoughts

The Monkey can be seen to truly act as a conscience for humanity as, though they have some negative attributes, most of their lessons and statements are positive and try to lead us away from bad paths.

Their empathy, creativity, and curiosity are some of the most human traits of any animal, yet they also bring a sense of joy and wonder that sometimes we lose in our lives, something we should all seek to capture once more.

If you find yourself communing with a monkey spirit, don’t ignore it because you are too busy for games, there may be a lesson in those games that could bring the happiness back into your life.

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