Orchid Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

Orchids are an extremely beautiful flower that will blossom in many different colors. They all have their own different meanings which are based upon the color that grows.

Normally Orchids will mean a celebration of something, maybe a wedding or a special birthday. Their uniqueness is quite unmatched.

The most favored Orchids such as Dendrobium or the Cymbidium will come in colors such as white, green, orange, yellow and even purple. Not only will they look incredibly aesthetically pleasing but they will have a specific meaning behind the color of it and what it can mean when they are on display.

Today we will be going through the colors and what they mean to give you a better understanding of what they mean. Whether that be a spiritual meaning or just what it can mean if you receive an Orchid as a gift from somebody.

An interesting fact about Orchids is that you have to manually cross pollinate Orchids because they have been cross bred so much to get different designs.

These really are a celebratory flower but the individual colors of them will have their own specific meaning so as to ensure that you’re celebrating with the right colored Orchid let’s begin.

Blue Orchids

The blue Orchid is one of the more unique orchids to blossom. The most apparent thing that it means is when you give it to somebody you are telling them that they are beautiful in a completely unique way. Whether that be their personality or perhaps what you find aesthetically beautiful about them. It is a symbol of beauty that is natural.

This particular Orchid is normally given to people that you hold incredibly close to you. Other than symbolising the beauty you find in somebody a blue Orchid can also mean the rareness you find in that person too.

It will also symbolise spirituality, so if a person you have in your life is a spiritual person then a blue Orchid can be a perfect gift for them.

Red Orchids

Like in many cultures and traditions the color Red will symbolise something that is powerful. An interesting fact about the Red orchid is that ancient civilizations used to drink a mixture of Red Orchids and chocolate to provide themselves with strength and power.

Red Orchids will also be a signal of determination. This can make it a great gift for someone who is on a difficult journey in life and remind them to stay as determined as possible. It can also represent courage.

Whether that be a big step in someone’s personal life or in their work life a Red Orchid can show how courageous they are.

Red Orchids can also be a symbol of desire or passion like in many other cultures that symbolize the color red with love and lust.

This is a great gift for a person that you hold in the highest regard. This particular color Orchid has a number of different meanings behind it but all of them are layered throughout other traditions and cultures’ opinions on the color red. 

Yellow Orchids

Like the color Yellow alone often being attributed to happiness this is also the case with Yellow Orchids. They represent all of the happier side of life.

They are often seen as something you would give to your friend as a gift, to emphasise how happy their friendship makes you. They also represent new beginnings in life so make it a great gift for a person who has perhaps found a new job that they are very excited for.

Yellow Orchids can also mean joy, they are often used for a person to spread joy around their loved ones by sending them as a gift.

They are perfect for those friendships that are more long distance to remind them of you and how happy they make you in life. Think of Yellow Orchids in the same way that you think of the Yellow in the rainbow.

It is in general a light and joyful color that really can put a smile on someone’s face when they receive it. It is full of warmth.

Pink Orchids

Pink is a much more subtle color in terms of Orchids, it is a lot less bolder than Red Orchids. A Pink Orchid means grace. As in gratefulness.

This can be a lovely gift to give to somebody who you feel handles life’s difficulties with an element of grace. It can also symbolise gentleness. This can be a lovely and subtle addition to someone’s garden or in their home as a gift. 

Like Red Orchids the color of Pink Orchids have a few different meanings too. Another meaning is happiness. This can be used if somebody has lost someone they are close to to remind them of the happiness they can still experience in life.

One of the most common uses for Pink Orchids is giving it to somebody who is trying to grow a family as it will also mean fertility and playfulness.

It is often used as a decorational flower at events such as baby showers or baptisms and in some cases at some people’s weddings. This is a flower of celebration and the pink really does bring that out in people.

White Orchids

White Orchids are an example of someone’s pure nature. They are often decorated around places of worship to also emphasise how they can represent faith.

Having faith is an incredibly important thing to religious followers and the White Orchid can fill them with a sense of that. It can also mean elegance, many people have White Orchids around their home to symbolise this and to be appreciated. 

 Another meaning for White Orchids is innocence and beauty. These can go hand in hand in many cases as something you find quite innocent you can normally find beautiful in their own right. This gain can be a great gift for somebody who has just had a child or as a gift to a loved one. 

Green Orchid

In Some Asian cultures it is said that if you decorate your home or your workplace with Green Orchids then you are bringing upon good luck. Green Orchids are for the luckier people in life, or people you feel need to experience luck or some good fortune whatever that may be.

They are great for friends or family that could do with some good luck turning up in their life and when that happens they will have you to thank. 

Also, they are an example of longevity or good health. They are really great to send to someone that is perhaps recovering from a sickness or maybe that just had a child as a signal of hoping that everything went okay and will also be okay.

The luck that they can bring a person can really settle some people who feel that life always throws its hardest battle towards them.

Purple Orchids

A time gone by would use the specific Orchids to represent the upper class part of society. Today they are used to represent authority and dignity. This can be a great gift for someone who is an authority figure in your life, whether that be a teacher or a parent on their birthday.

This will show them the respect that you have for them and will also show the admiration that you have for them too. They are an incredibly beautiful flower and will be greatly appreciated by many.

Orange Orchids

This again is another extremely beautiful flower that can be a representation of how creative you find a person. Or even to get your own creative juices flowing.

Having a block of creativity is normal for most people who consider themselves as a creative person and this specific flower can really get those juices flowing.

Another example of what they can mean is excitement. If someone that you are close to has an exciting event coming such as a wedding or a big birthday then sending them some Orange Orchids can be a great way of showing how excited you are for them.

They can also mean success. Whether that be in either a personal sense like they have achieved a goal they’ve been striving for or in a work sense, for example if they have recently got a promotion these can be a great way of showing your appreciation of that and celebrating it with them.

Orange Orchids can also embody enthusiasm. This can be a great way of showing someone that you are enthusiastic about something that is coming up in life. 

 They will also be a great representation of pride, if someone you hold dearly is an incredibly prideful person then these can also make a great gift for them also somebody who is bold as the Orange Orchid represents boldness.

There are lots of different meanings to Orange Orchids but will be a perfect decoration for someone you consider to possess some of the traits that belong to the Orange Orchid.

Religious Meanings Of Orchids

In a Christian sense it is stated that the spots that appear on an Orchid are to be believed as the blood of Christ. So they will often be used as part of people’s Christmas decorations. 

In a spiritual sense it is said that Orchids are representative of many different things, such as love, sexuality, luxury and uniqueness, as they are so symmetrical they are said to produce fascination and even a form of adoration by many people regardless of who they are and what part of the world they are from.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology it is said that Orchids are linked with Aphrodite.who was the God of love. One of the most common Orchids is the Paphiopedilum. This is a word that is derived from Paphos. Paphos was the temple in which Aphrodite was worshipped. 

Dream Meaning Of Orchids

It is said that when you dream of Orchids it is because a situation in your life may need a lot of care and attention. This may also be relevant about a relationship that is dear to you that may need some attention and care. Dreams can be a warning or an alert depending on how you heed them. 

 When you dream of a field or just multiple Orchids it can also mean that you are going to come into some kind of wealth. Whether that be financially speaking or just wealth in a sense that you have an abundance of something.

Dreams are only interpreted however and are not something that you can rest all of your hopes on so if you have had a dream of a very rich and luscious field of Orchids do not rush and quit your job in the hope of coming into great financial gain. 

There are lots of different meanings behind Orchids and a lot of that is dependent on the color of them. Different colored Orchids will mean lots of different things. Orchids are brilliant gifts to receive and are often used to celebrate things happening in people’s lives.

Depending on the color Orchid can often state what is being celebrated by that specific person. They have also meant different things to many different civilizations over time. As stated earlier ancient civilizations used to drink a mixture of Orchids and Chocolate to bring them strength when they needed to feel it.

In Conclusion

In religious meanings Orchids have often been attributed to the blood of Christ in the sense that the spots that appear on an Orchid is that. Often people will decorate their homes with Orchids around the Christmas period to represent that.

They are also linked with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and where she was worshipped in her temple. If an Orchid appears in your dream then it can mean that there is something in your life that needs attention.

That may be a relationship that is fading. If you see a field of Orchids means you are going to experience wealth.


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