Owl: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

You may find that the owl has been reoccurring throughout your life and wonder what this means. Then, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the owl’s symbolism. Its spiritual and dream meanings and much more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to identify what role the owl plays in your life. 

Owl Symbolism And Meaning

Owls are animals that are deeply spiritual thanks to their intuitive nature and their high level of intelligence.

This makes them the subject of a lot of spiritual research. This is due to ancient and modern cultures displaying plenty of interest in what owls symbolize. More so, their spiritual and dream meanings.

Some of the traits commonly associated with owls include courage, independence, intuitive, observant, and wisdom to name a few.

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Image by Bernd-Rainer Karl from Pixabay

Knowing what traits of the owl you have or want to have is important. You can then use them to make positive changes in your life. If you identify any of these traits then it’s important to think about how you can use them. Use them improve your life and develop your confidence.

The owl is a deeply complex animal and is a great source of inspiration. Especially, for those wanting to understand the spiritual meanings and symbolism. 

Owl Spirit Animal

The owl spirit animal is incredibly powerful because owl have skills that even humans don’t have making them incredibly intuitive. This means that they have the power to draw in spirituality. They also help guide you through life which can be helpful if you are going through difficult times.

It’s important to make sure that you pay attention to what the owl is trying to convey to you through the interaction. Try to apply the message positively in your own life. 

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Owl Totem Animal

The owl totem animal provides plenty of protection and wisdom to those who are fortunate enough to gain the attributes.

Not only does the owl totem give you the intelligence and intuition needed in difficult situations. But, they can help provide you with plenty of confidence and independence. Meanwhile, they also ensure you get the insight from spending time alone. Such insights enable you to then better the relationships you have with others. 

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Owl Power Animal

The owl power animal can help provide you with plenty of inspiration thanks to their array of traits. It is ideal for those wanting to summon change and wisdom into their life. The owl power animal encourages you to think logically and intelligently. At the same time, they are ensuring that you have the wisdom to positively instigate change in your life.

The owl can also help to improve your intuition and the confidence in yourself. This will enable you to learn how to trust your own ability to make choices that benefit your life and the lives of others. 

Owl Dreams

You may have found that owls are a recurring feature in your dreams. Then, you may want to figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you. This depends on what the owl is doing in the dream and your reaction and responses towards the owl.

For example, some owls may try to convey a message on situations providing you with lots of anxiety or fear. They are trying to give you the wisdom needed to fight through it.

This is because owls are representative of getting in touch with your mind and intuition so it is important to think about what events are happening in your life that could be bringing you fear and anxiety. The owl is trying to get you to analyze the situation and help you to come up with solutions. 

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Owl Spiritual Meaning

The owl’s spiritual meaning is all about guiding you through life by teaching you what your purpose is so you can have a fulfilling life that is full of meaningful relationships.

They also ensure that you have the intuition and intelligence to make the right decisions at the right time.

The owl’s complexity ensures that you will be able to take many of the positive traits from the animal and apply them to your own life so you can make changes that are beneficial to you and your family and friends. 

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Owl In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

The owl is a Native American zodiac sign and is the symbol for those who were born between 22nd November and 21st December in the Northern Hemisphere or between the 21st May and 20th June in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you are born under this sign then plenty of purpose and determination fills you. Moreover, you are also capable of making intelligent and insightful decisions thanks to the owl’s wise nature.

The owl is an independent owl that has a naturally curious nature which means that those who are born under the owl zodiac sign are always eager to learn new things.

On the other hand, their tenacious nature makes owls stubborn. So, make sure that you are open to trying new things. 

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Getting a tattoo is always going to be a personal experience and the meanings of which are going to change depending on the tattoo recipient. However, if you want to get a tattoo that has a positive meaning then an owl tattoo is the right choice for you.

This is because owls are representative of reflecting on your actions and the way that you use your intuition and intelligence to analyze situations in order to make the best decisions. Your owl tattoo will help you to stay connected to that intuition and inspire you to have confidence in yourself.

Whether you want to channel the traits of the owl or naturally display them anyway, getting an owl tattoo is a wonderful way to pay tribute to this beautiful animal and the incredibly insights it provides. 

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Owl Symbolic Meanings

As mentioned before in this article, there are many symbolic meanings attributed to owls thanks to the many unique traits that they have.

If you feel a spiritual connection with the owl, then it’s worth thinking about what their traits are and how you can draw from them in your own life to benefit your life and others. independence, intuitive, observant, and wisdom.

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The first trait that should be noted when it comes to owls is their courage. This is because owls protect their young fiercely. They find their own territory in order to build a home which ensures that they can provide plenty of protection, especially against other birds of prey.

The courage that the owl has should not be underrated as they will even fight against wolves by diving against them if they enter its territory. They do not like to put themselves in vulnerable situations but they know how to fight if they are. 


One symbolic meaning that the owl is known for is their independence. If you are going through a tough time and need to develop more confidence in your own abilities, then drawing from the owl’s independence can help guide you through.

Owls are capable of thriving by themselves because of their independence and, similar to their courage, they can ward of any potential attacks singularly thanks to their ability to mark their territory.

The owl’s freethinking abilities also ensure that they can make an array of different decisions by themselves which means that they can be incredibly creative when difficult situations arise.

If you are in a situation where you are wanting to instigate change in your life then the owl’s independence can ensure that you are able to come up with solutions independently and rely on yourself. 


Following on from the owl’s independence, they are incredibly intuitive thanks to their deeply insightful nature. This means that they are aware of things that other animals, and sometimes even humans, are not which marks them as a source of inspiration for those wanting to rely on themselves more.

Their intuition ensures that they are creative, practical, and capable of thinking on the spot in difficult or threatening situations. When they are born, owlets are not taught by their parents how to fly and simply use their intuition to do so.

When dealing with situations of conflict, owls are capable of using the world around them to their advantage and rely on creating obstacles for any prey that may be hunting them.

Their intuitive nature means that they have heightened senses and can tap into a higher level of consciousness which is something that can inspire a lot of people to find their own enlightenment.

Being able to draw inspiration from the world around you may help you to uncover any problems you may be experiencing and help you to come up with solutions. 


Owls are incredibly observant and impeccable listeners thanks to their acute hearing which only sharpens with age.

Their hearing is so strong that they can hunt prey that is hiding under the snow as they have become evolved to to listen for the slightest sound.

Drawing from the owl’s observant listening skills doesn’t mean that you are expected to hear noises beneath the snow, but trying to take in what others are saying when they talk to you.

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You may already be a natural listener whether you are attuned to hearing particular instruments during an orchestral music piece, or perhaps you have a great ear for languages.

However, listening doesn’t just mean being able to hear specific sounds and tones, but also being able to gain insight from what you are listening to and delving beneath the surface so you can draw many interpretations that other people may not notice. 

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Lastly, one of the owl’s most iconic symbolic meaning is wisdom due to their keen eyesight. It is the wisdom of the owl that sets them apart from other animals as they are able to analyze situations and come up with efficient solutions quickly.

If you find that you are great at problem solving or are often the go-to person for those who have issues going in their life, then you will no doubt identify with the owl.

Owls are thought to have deep psychic abilities thanks to their wise nature that allows them to see in the dark and avoid obstacles with ease when hunting at night.

In the arts and literature, the owl is the symbolic animal of the night and are often viewed as wise figures that have deep insight and knowledge that makes them a hub of wisdom for those around them.

Their ability to benefit themselves and the environment that surrounds them only highlights this and their fierce ability to protect their young with no problem only displays their high level of intelligence and wisdom. 


There is no one answer for the owl’s spiritual meaning as they are deeply complex creatures that require a lot of research and attention.

Try to think how you can allow the owl to influence your life and what traits you can learn from it in order to better the way you think as well as allowing you to get in touch with your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can become more enlightened and confident in yourself.

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