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The Fifth Element Life is an ode to the aether; the unknown force that binds us into existence.
A brand that infuses spirituality + creativity + philanthropy and incorporates sacred symbolism, text, and meaning in every product.
Using mandalas as the intentional focal point of the label, Creative Director and Designer, Sarah Wilder, asks each mandala symbol and talisman she creates to act as a physical prompt to bring its meaning to the consciousness of the seeker who wears it, serving as a potential manifesting aid. These treasures transcend trend and take the owner on a journey within themselves, creating a fellowship of conscious consumers in their wake.
Sarah believes that everything carries an energy and life force, including words, symbols, and physical objects. Combining these three elements, she invites her kindred community to bring more of their spiritual power into all they do, say, and feel and to use her creations as a gateway to further motivate, inspire, and manifest desires.
Through her work, we are invited to concentrate on what is important to us and to help us embody that which we advocate for.  Her wish is for people to always choose meaning over the mundane, and to always follow the magick in that meaning.
The official TFEL tribe and customer base, ‘The Kindred Sisterhood', is made up of thousands of women spanning across over 50 countries worldwide, who are all connected by their desire to bring more meaning into their sacred lives. Our tribe feel deeply attached to their chosen talismans, for they reflect a part of their journey and these incredibly inspiring women are united forever by their stories, challenges, triumphs, and conscious decision to grow and connect to their truth.
When you see a fellow kindred sister wearing her talisman, you instantly feel connected, which is the core reason for the birth of this brand - to unite us physically, mentally, and energetically, and to remind us we are never truly alone.
Since its inception in 2012, TFEL has since expanded its offerings to include a range of spiritual self-explorative tools like oracle cards, mandala stones, guided meditations, and colouring book.  All these items incorporate Sarah's passion for art, sacred geometry, rituals, symbolism, animism, and her intuitive and zoomancy gifts.
the fifth element life mandala rings milk bath
The TFEL team is made up of Sarah, and her twin flame, bestie, and Operations Manager, Danique, as well as a small handful of other conscious freelancers and businesses. They also work closely with a beautiful team of artisans in Bali, Indonesia who help bring Sarah's talisman visions to life (watch our video here).
Making conscious business choices is very important to Sarah and Danique, and they pride themselves on their ability to check in with their ethics and values when making and implementing all business decisions. They choose local suppliers, printers, and small businesses where possible and try to create minimal waste and high-quality products that will stand the test of time.
When they aren't picking, packing, and shipping your orders or designing and developing free content for their loyal following, Sarah and Danique enjoy harmonising (terribly) to the 'Lemonade' album, taking photos of their adorable pets, Bambi and Olive, and sending each other memes while sitting next to one another.
sarah and danique at the fifth element life

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