Parrot: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The parrot is a creature filled with a beautiful range of colors that promise to catch anyone’s eye. Not only do they possess such beauty, but parrot symbolism invokes hope and promise, and one look at the creature will tell you why.

The parrot teaches us to be mindful and can help us understand the power of the spoken word. This article takes a closer look at the bird and looks at how the parrot as a totem animal, spirit animal, or power animal can support, guide, and encourage you in life. 

Symbolism and Meaning

Parrots are social animals and very colorful. This has made them appealing to humans for years making them inspire thoughts through history.

Whilst people think of parrots simply as talking birds, they also sing and can reproduce sounds. Parrots can learn up to a hundred words along with sounds just like an alarm clock. The mimicry of the bird ties in with communication and whimsy.

The necessity of mindfulness is associated with how the parrot blurts out the word without any sense of time or appropriateness. A parrot repeats what they hear for bane and boon and this means you should always watch your words when you are around them.

The parrot asks us to stay alert. New ideas can bring about new growth and a new direction is imminent for those who have encountered the parrot.

The parrot also insists you pay attention as there will be signs and omens all around you. With the spirit animal on your side, everything becomes possible and it’s the time you should reach out and chase the dreams you once thought were impossible. 

Parrot symbolism has also been linked to learning new language skills and it could be that your self-talk has become more negative than positive. It might be time to re-evaluate what you are saying to yourself and how you motivate and encourage yourself.

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Spirit Animal

When a parrot comes into your life as a spirit animal, you should be on the lookout for fresh ideas and signals that can indicate a new direction for your work, spiritual pursuits, and relationships. The parrot often speaks using omens and repeated signs.

Parrots sometimes appear to us when people are working on communication skills and their medicine can help you through the process. If your words have been negative, their presence ensures you start to think before you speak.

If you have lost sight of your dreams and inspirations, the parrot comes along as a spirit animal to put a splash of color back into your life.

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They remind you that your hope is not lost and there is still a chance to achieve every aspiration. Repeat the steps you took so many years ago but with the skills and wisdom you have acquired over the years and you will find your way again.

The parrot can also appear as a spirit animal if you are in a physically dark place. Their color reminds you to address the issue and bring in color to your home to uplift your mood and take you to a happy place.

The parrot suggests you recapture the magic of life and start living again. If you feel uninspired or unmotivated after a big loss and the parrot appears, you should focus on getting back on your feet and dusting yourself off. Do not let this little obstacle stand between you and greatness.

If your spirit animal is a parrot, you should also be aware of when you need to voice out your thoughts and feelings, as well as know when to remain silent. This applies no matter how good or bad the situation is. 

Totem Animal 

Those born under the parrot totem focus on their goals with confidence and know their limitations as much as they know their talents. They use this knowledge to fuel their success. The parrot’s feathers are unique, but so is the person with a parrot totem. 

You are also a very positive person and find joy in every moment. Your smile is contagious and touches everyone around you. You see even the tiniest details of a grander Universe filled with beauty and wonder and you love to share these insights with those you hold dearest.

You are also a bit of a risk-taker. When you see an opportunity, you usually jump on it without any forethought. This does not mean all the risks work out well, but whenever you fail, you learn and grow from the experience. 

Those with a parrot totem also have a great memory and so do not change your facts if you are ever near a parrot person. They can relay the whole scene frame-by-frame, but they do not do this in a judgmental way, simply as a matter of record.

Power Animal

You should reach out to a parrot as your power animal when you are searching for clear insights and perspectives.

The parrot is an intelligent animal with a sharp mind and the creature corresponds with the air element, which helps you note the tiniest of details in every situation. This empowers you with the knowledge you need for making decisions.

Call on the parrot when you have become reclusive and you need to undo unhealthy behaviors you have developed.

The parrot can support you in becoming more open and sociable and helps you find the right words to start a conversation. It also helps you with artistic creativity and teaches you how to express yourself.

If you need to be more observant, call on the parrot. Since they vocalize by tuning into their surroundings, it can help you learn skills of active listening.

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Native American Symbolism

Native Americans were already aware of parrots when the Pilgrims arrived. The tribes edged towards the most colorful varieties but they were not the only ones. In the travels of Christopher Columbus, he brought Amazon Parrots all the way from South America when returning from Europe, and both of them were given as a gift to Queen Isabelle.

Parrots however were not native to North America, but in South American Tribes, they appear in various tales.

Parrot feathers were part of a Native trade throughout Central America and into the Plains Indians’ territory. The birds were seen as luxury pets, particularly among the Anasazi People.

The Hope has a Parrot Kachina Spirit that is associated with the Southern Cardinal Direction and the Pueblo Tribes say the Parrot represents fertility.

There are also parrots in the clan animals such as the Zuni and Pueblos and some have a tribal Parrot Dance.

Petroglyphs say that the Macaw Parrot represented the rainbow, and their feathers were a part of Corn Mother fetishes, symbolizing the different colors in corn.

The plumage became part of prayer sticks and in South America, the Bororo Tribe considers the bird as a messenger to the Gods and Ancestors.

Dream Interpretation

The parrot’s ability to fly and bring them closer to the heavens encases the bird in a range of symbolism, especially when it comes to dreams.

Their mastery of mimicry implies loneliness and gossip and for the number of parrots you dream of, that is the same number of people that are trying to spread rumors about you.

Moreover, the colors you might see in your dream might greatly affect its meaning. Whereas yellow can be interpreted as positive energy and happiness, green indicates healing, and red means instinctive.

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If you dream of a talking parrot, this could indicate a reconciliation is about to take place between you and someone close to you.

If you dream of killing a parrot, this shows your affinity to argue and that you struggle to understand the positive side of constructive communication. While it shows your intolerance towards others, the dream reminds us to change our attitude, before it’s too late.

If you dream of a colorful parrot, this is an indication of your need to express your creativity and imagination. You should try to release your thoughts, no matter your chosen field.

If you dream of a parrot entering your home, this warns you of people you are allowing into your life. Be more watchful about what you say as people might start to take advantage of you being too open.

Far Eastern Symbolic Meanings

Parrots represent many things in China. Seeing a parrot migrate to breeding grounds meant that it was the right time to plant crops. Parrots in flight however signaled rain was coming.

During the Tang Dynasty, the parrot was declared a Divine Bird loved by Emperors. They represented long life and freedom. Two parrots became an emblem of devotion and love. Having the image of a Parrot on your roof was auspicious and protective, which encouraged positive Chi.

Tattoo Meaning

Parrots are a popular tattoo design since they have such an abundant color and their images on the body recall their origins from the tropics.

A parrot tattoo gives the wearer a chance to show off their uniqueness and secretive side in a colorful way. People from different cultures around the world respect the symbolic birds and their symbolism is as diverse as the colors on their feathers.

For some wearers of the tattoo, the parrot can represent wanting to fly away whilst others it will be an appreciation for their beautiful song and sound. Parrot tattoos can also represent human compassion, communication, and freedom of adventure.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the parrot is the wise teacher of the power of your word, whether this is spoken or not. This applies to even the silent words of your mind driving you forward in life and having control over your choices and any other path you take.

The parrot reflects the great power of our inner minds and as they share their wisdom, you should take care in the words you speak from now on, as well as the secret thoughts you carry.

The colorful bird’s ability to draw attention means it is natural for those who have them as a spiritual guide to be noticeable. However, being noticed should not be a way of seeking attention, but they can help you uncover your modesty and innate charisma.

The parrots are known to be able to develop our love for a living and make us more positive, creative, and open-minded individuals.

The animal as a spiritual guide serves as a reminder about how essential balance in life is. They can remind us of what it means to step back and relax, and that having fun is all part of our spiritual development and you should try to indulge in all of life’s pleasures.

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Astrology and Zodiac Signs

As a spirit animal that protects and guides highly intelligent people, the parrot is the perfect spirit animal for the Gemini sign. The parrot is highly adaptable, and so are Gemini’s. They are perfectly matched to each other and they both symbolize communication.

The spirit animal guides them through every communication the Gemini sign ever encounters. This applies to both how they communicate with others or within themselves. 

The parrot urges Geminis to reflect on their lives and encourages them to be true to themselves. To analyze their dark thoughts, they should listen to the parrot as their spirit animal and learn how to transmute any negative thoughts into positive actions. 

The Gemini is also a sociable sign and they love learning through others. This is one of the reasons Geminis have issues with forming an identity. They do not understand who they are and what they are capable of without the help of others.

Those born under the primal zodiac sign of the parrot are likely to be very straight to the point. They might be quite blunt to a fault, and like the animal, they sometimes speak, without really knowing what they are saying.

Those with a parrot sign are not rude, but they are observant, honest, and straightforward. They usually end up saying whatever is on their mind, without ever considering the repercussions.

Some can embrace their nature and can incorporate their cutting observances into their good sense of humor. However, some learn to keep their strong opinions to themselves.

Hawaiian, African & Greek Myth & Symbolic Meanings

Alexander the Great brought the parakeets to Greece and there is a breed of parakeets named after him. The Greeks and Romans enjoyed keeping parrots as pets, especially in noble families. They had cages made of precious stone and metal and it was the servants’ job to take care of the parrot.

Symbolic Meanings

  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Intelligence
  • Forgiveness
  • Mimicry
  • Growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Voice
  • Words
  • Sound

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have learned a little more about the symbolic meanings of the parrot and how they can help you in life either as a spirit animal, a birth totem, or a power animal.

Their unique range of different colored feathers help to bring back a splash of color to your life if you’ve been feeling down or unmotivated and their ability to reproduce sounds and vocalize using their surroundings mean they are excellent at helping those who are trying to improve their communication skills.

If you need help thinking clearly, the parrot can help you do so and help you with your artistic expression in the world. Never underestimate the power of the parrot and always take advantage of the joy the animal can bring into your life.

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