Pigeon: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Some animals are at the forefront of our minds when we think of symbolic encounters. One of it is the humble pigeon overlooked in terms of its meaning and spiritual significance.

Pigeons have a varied meaning. Though many mainly considered them to share many of the same symbolic traits as the dove.

For those who feel a strong connection to the outer universe and our animal brethren, one can attribute meaning and significance to all elements of life.

The pigeon is a bird that can survive any number of harsh adversities. From the tranquil lives of wood pigeons to the dangerous existence of city pigeons. They can triumph over whatever comes their way, and thrive regardless of their situation.

The pigeon, therefore, represents triumph over adversity, persistence, prosperity, luck, and transformation.

Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

According to many Shamans, pigeons also share a lot of the same traits as doves. The pigeon symbolize mercy, forgiveness, harmony, and freedom.

Pigeons are one of the most common birds. Thus, this can lead to people overlooking the signs and meanings an encounter may hold.

But this tenacious bird can be an interesting symbol. That, if you are willing to learn more about what your encounters may mean.

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Pigeon Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal or spirit guide, pigeons can be wayward. It may be hard to decipher what their true meaning is when you first encounter pigeons as a spirit guide.

Try to relate them to your own personal life trials to fully understand what they may be trying to show.

As a spirit animal, the pigeon often refers to how you relate and interact with other people.

They will help you understand why others have made decisions. In addition, they’ll help you know how this could affect you, depending on how you choose to react.

If you are a naturally empathic person and want to treat everyone with love and affection, the pigeon can often guide you. They’ll guide you making hard decisions you would struggle to make yourself in regards to your relationships with others.

If you are struggling to relate to others and their decisions, the pigeon as a spirit animal can guide you to understanding their actions and having forgiveness and respect for them.

Pigeon Totem Animal

As a totem, you can sometimes see pigeons when you are losing faith in yourself. More so losing faith in others’ ability to see your worth.

You may be putting in all your love and energy into something and someone. Yet, you feel like they are not reciprocating or acknowledging your energy and talents. Then, the pigeon will be there to restore your faith in others. In addition, it will restore their ability to see your worth for all your attributes.

Image by Abdou Moussaoui from Pixabay

The pigeon can come to you when you are at your lowest. Especially, when you are feeling like you are giving so much love and receiving only suffering and pain in return.

Their purpose is to restore your faith. Also to let you take on your trials with a renewed sense of focus and motivation.

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Pigeon Power Animal

When you are desperately searching for love and inner peace, seek out the pigeon power animal within you.

Your pigeon power animal will stand for one of two things, or perhaps a combination of both.

Pigeon power animal may grant you the strength to deal with relationships. Deal with a forgiving and open heart. It will also give you willing to challenge your perceptions of things and be open to other perspectives and feelings.

It may also, or conversely, grant you the power to begin to understand what tasks you will need to undertake. Tasks to feel greater satisfaction from your work and love life. Not to mention find a more harmonious flow in your life where you feel appreciated and valued.

Native American Symbolism

Pigeons are clan animals for the Pueblo and Mojave tribes. Such tribe perform Cherokee Pigeon Dance as a symbol of the end of an evening’s activities or rituals.

Celtic Symbolism

As pigeons are incredibly common in Britain and across Europe, the land of the Celts, pigeons have ascribed numerous meanings.

Pigeons are carriers to other planes of existence. For example, if someone died and a relative or friend heard the cooing of a pigeon, it would symbolize a peaceful passing of the dead.

German folklore and paintings always depicted the Celtic Goddess Nantosuelta surrounded by birds, nature, pigeons, and crows. She is the goddess of fertility, the natural world, and abundance.

Pigeons are also sign of abundance and spiritual wealth. If a pigeon lands near your home often, it is a sign your crops and livelihood are successful and abundance is at hand.

Christianity Symbolism

Christianity often sees pigeon as a common bird. If you can provide love and service to a common animal, you can also provide it to any human being. Whether or not you are more wealthy or ‘important’ than them.

Christianity and its saints were often critical of those who could not love and cherish all of God’s creatures, and pigeons are no exception.

Though we may see them as lowly animals due to how often we see them, pigeons are just as deserving of kindness as any other animal.

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Pigeons also signifies a coming of the Holy Spirit, and as a divine messenger from God.

Alternatively, people used pigeons as sacrificial offerings up to God. Such to show devotion or used as a symbol of the tenacity of the human spirit.

In Hindu temples, pigeons are often fed well and looked after, as treating animals, even pigeons, badly is seen as unnecessary bad karma and they are greatly revered, and Hindu practice instead instills the notion that all creatures are deserving of respect.

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Greek Myth And Symbolic Meaning

Pigeons have been used since ancient times as messengers across great nations and swathes of land, always finding their mark and being relied upon to carry out important tasks.

This meaning and symbolism still live on, the messages of pigeons should be heeded as they can be harbingers of war or of peace.

Much like a dove, pigeons are ancient symbols of peace. Where birds are happy and content, they will flock and not be frightened.

Pigeon Dreams

If you are being visited by pigeons in your dreams, they could mean a variety of things.

As they are seen as messenger birds and harbingers of news, they could be sent to foreshadow other visits from symbolic animals to come, and other life journeys that may be in front of you.

Pigeons were often used in World Wars and beyond to carry messengers to troops behind enemy lines and they are seen as very perceptive birds able to find their way back to their homes.

Image by Tapio Hirvikorpi from Pixabay

They may also be a sign that you should have greater compassion for those around you, trying to see things from their perspective, even if you feel people are not treating you with the respect you deserve, doesn’t mean you should retaliate as they behave.

Pigeons may however be a sign for you to fly the coop and realize when enough is enough.

What long journey will you need to go on for self-acceptance if you are not finding it from those who currently surround you?

As with all animal messengers and visits, go deep into your mind and figure out what parts of your life your pigeon visitor may be referring to and how you should interpret it.

Pigeon Tattoo Meaning

A pigeon tattoo can have any personal meaning you ascribe to it. They are messengers of truth and inner peace, showing us to be patient with others and respect ourselves in the process.

Pigeons are also common animals and yet they are magnificent and content regardless. A pigeon tattoo therefore can be inspired by our greatness, even amongst a large flock.

Pigeons will always find their way home, connected and rooted to their past, but always willing to go the distance and undertake the long journey to their destination.

A pigeon tattoo in this regard can symbolize the willingness to undergo self-actualization and take the long journey of self-discovery, whilst always knowing your roots and humble beginnings and to here they have been trained and nurtured.

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Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

The pigeon can be seen as a spiritual messenger.

Either you can view them as carriers of messages between the realms of the living and the dead, or as messengers that foreshadow future visits from other animals of spiritual significance.

The spiritual significance of pigeons can vary from culture to culture, with some ancient cultures believing the mournful coos of the pigeon and doves to be symbolic of hidden and difficult emotions.

The appearance of a pigeon could have spiritual significance and show that you should examine your home life and reevaluate if you are getting the love and reciprocation from your relationships that you require to thrive.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

They can also be bringers of love, compassion, and understanding to our fellow man, as other members of our flock, and see them in relation to our own struggles and trials.

The pigeon may be a common animal but it is happy and fruitful amongst its large flock, living peacefully and at one with those around it.

The pigeon can be a spiritual sign to connect with those around us and live a less selfish or self-serving life.

Some believe pigeons and doves are interchangeable, but others argue their difference is marked.

Whilst a dove symbolizes purity and is a symbol of blessing and peacefulness, pigeons are often seen as pests or as dirty and common.

The pigeon however is determined and shows strength, even in the face of adversity, and can still thrive regardless of the challenges presented to it.

Pigeons In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

It is said that birds have the power to read the future and see beyond our realm.

Therefore, it is suggested to care for the birds in order to gain insight and messages from them regarding our place in the universe and clues as to our future path.

Further, it is recommended to feed birds, especially pigeons as an offering of goodwill and they will then be bound to relay answers to your spiritual questions.

Another astrological reason for feeding the birds is for universal karma- the more good deeds and positive energy you radiate into the world, the more you open yourself up for receiving bountiful blessings and propel your future transformation into your higher self.

When feeding pigeons and other birds, however, do so without thinking about reducing your karmic debt, but purely as a good deed that needs no reward.

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Pigeon Symbolic Meaning

  • Messengers between life and death
  • Bringers of messages
  • Foreshadowing future visits from other spirit animals
  • Tenacity and strength in volatile situations
  • Finding the inner strength to find your path and follow it to freedom
  • Forgiveness for those that may torment us
  • Compassion for those who do not see things the same way we do
  • Safety and comfort amongst a flock
  • Thriving in adversity
  • Reexamining your surroundings to be sure you are valued
  • Reliability
  • Inner peace
  • Spiritual wealth and abundance
  • Finding your path home and tether to safety

Final Thoughts

Pigeons are easy to ignore as they are common and vast in numbers. But do not ignore their signs and visits. Look deep into your life to discover what their signs may mean to you.

Are you filled with self-doubt and struggling to feel appreciated currently?

Perhaps the pigeons’ message is to see things from others’ perspectives and reevaluate how your actions may affect their responses to you, or a sign to have the strength to find somewhere where you can call home and feel more respected.

If you see a pigeon in your dreams or often see them around you, they may be a sign that you are about to be visited by other spiritual animal signs, so be aware of what the universe may be trying to tell you in the upcoming days.

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