Possum: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Possums are small creatures but inhabit huge areas of our planet. We can find them mostly in the Western Hemisphere. Further, since they visit our gardens and lawns, people are familiar with them.

As a result of this, however, many sees them as pests and the possum’s symbolism has a few negative connotations.


This article looks into this negative symbolism. However, this article also explores how the possum can be more positive than you may think. And maybe you’ll see it can help you solve complicated problems whilst renewing and resurrecting your spirit! 

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Symbolism And Meaning

The animal is known as a ‘possum’ in North America. However, it is actually called an opossum which can make it quite confusing!

Native American Wahunsenachawh (Powhatan) people named them and their name was more like ‘apassem’, which eventually became opossum.

On the other hand, there are many other marsupials known as possums and they live in Australia. They were given their name simply because they looked like their distant relatives in America.  

Possums generally cause more damage than they do good. They enjoy digging into gardens and destroying plants or other vegetables and though they do this to survive, they can become a little bit of an annoying pest.

Possums however are very resourceful and can find food in even the toughest environments. Stepping into a human’s area to get food when they can’t find it in nature is something a possum is brave enough to do.

They are also cunning creatures and can roll over and play dead when predators are approaching.

This allows them to trick larger animals to make them think they are dead before attacking or avoiding them after they have given up the hunt.

This helps possums to survive in dangerous living conditions in the wild and means it has symbolic ties with strategic planning and projecting the image you want people to see.

Though the possum can be cunning by playing dead, they are also scared and sweet little creatures that have an automatic shut-off switch in their nervous system.

When fear gets too much, the possum lapses into a catatonic state and this means the possum often symbolizes tricksterish behaviors, deception, protective measures, illusions, and problem-solving. 

Given that they have negative symbolism, they carry symbols of hiding, death, lies, and secrets.

However, this is not what we should focus on and it is important to understand that possums are also strong-willed and determined creatures who were born to be leaders.

People who are born with the totem of a possum carry a strong aura with them that may be dark, but it is also powerful.

They enjoy mystical and forbidden things in life but there is always something to be afraid of. 

Spirit Animal

When a possum shows up as a spirit animal, you should ask yourself if you are on the right path for your goals, or if you have wandered slightly off-track.

If the latter is true, the possum refers to his technique of lying back and playing dead.

You should use this time to think of alternatives and assess the matters of your circumstances. Do not forget to use distraction or surprise as aids supported by the possum. 

If the possum is your spirit animal, you might be near an opportunity to go traveling.

However, as a guide, the possum tells you how some options might leave you overexposed and vulnerable, whilst others might also take you away from cherished goals.

When you are considering whether or not to engage in a new adventure, you should examine your support systems first.

As possum spirit animals also encourage you to evaluate the people and situations you surround yourself with.

It might be time to consider what is worth fighting for and what is not, as well as if it might be the best way forward to rid yourself of obstacles and negative energy.

The possum taps into your psychic sense and helps you make the right choices. They offer protection whilst you meditate and tell you to work out what is missing in your life and what you should get rid of.

The possum is a survivor and you are likely to get through anything with this spirit animal by your side.

They will make you aware of your hidden fears and traumas and will always support you in every endeavor.

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Totem Animal

People born with a possum totem are masters of blending into society. You are not accessible until you can trust the person, place, and situation.

The distance from circumstances gives you time to think and plan about how to manifest your goals.

Possum Totem Animal

Those with the totem are intellectual and depend on their minds over muscle. Whilst others use energy in the fight, you wait until the right time to make your move.

This means you have great patience and will be successful if you listen to the possum’s guidance of staying realistic and grounded.

You will likely also be involved in children’s welfare as a momma possum will do all they can for their children and will carry fifteen more babies on their back.

Whether this is your children or others from around the world, you will likely be a positive influence on lots of children’s lives.

Power Animal

Since the possum effectively ‘dies’ and comes back to life, this makes them great power animals. You should call on their energy when you need to come back to life after an overwhelming event.

You should also call on the animal when you are stuck with a perplexing problem. They are secretive animals and they can support you whilst you work behind the scenes to find a solution.

They can give you the power to multitask and adapt to various life roles whilst staying true to yourself.

Native American Symbolism

Native Americans depict the possum as a trickster who plays dead to avoid danger. In Mexican tribes, women carry possum charms in the hope of safe birth.

Like many other trickster spirits, there are also folk tales of the possum bringing the element of fire to humankind.

Some Native American Warriors looked to the possum as a role model.

When they are in danger, warriors take tips from possums on how to play dead until the attacker is close enough for them to strike back.

With a war cry, the shock effect gave the warriors an advantage in battle.

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Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a possum teaches you how to survive in stressful situations. They will come to you in a dream to tell you to prepare a strategy to become successful in life or a matter of love.

The meaning of the possum is to help you understand and comprehend the work of your guardian angels and the wider universe.

These guardian angels will help you in maintaining positive mental health and help you handle obstacles and challenges you face in life.

The animal will also come to you in a dream to help you get closer to your target.

The animal is asking you to practice patience and this will enable you to work out intelligent strategies with the help of which you can use to overcome difficult situations you face in life.

Dreaming of possums suggests the animal is going to become your life partner to help you work out the best strategies to keep moving forward.

The animal reminds you to keep a positive attitude and this will give you an advantage in life. It also reminds you of the great power and strength you possess to tackle any situation.

Dreaming of a possum also tells you to develop a powerful mechanism in life and get rid of any bad memories preventing you from moving forward.

Doing this will allow you to focus on what matters and give you the courage to stand for your rights.

Tattoo Meaning

Possum tattoo meanings are full of life. Possums have an excellent immune system and this makes them a symbol of good health, especially matched with their ability to ‘play dead’ to protect themselves from predators. 

This also however makes them a symbol of faking death or deceiving one’s enemies to get an upper hand when in confrontation with others. 

A small possum tattoo can therefore symbolize a way of defying death.

The larger tattoos are known for carrying diseases and can be used as a warning or to boast about the ability to survive through tough situations others might not have been able to.

If the possum tattoo is seen to have an open mouth, this is a symbol of strength and defiance as it would be displaying defensive weaponry to an opponent. 

Large possum tattoos are seen as defiant and can show adaptability to change to different situations in life.

The tattoo is also seen on those who may have struggled with drug addiction due to the bold nature and ‘un-killable’ quality.

There is a connection between the animal’s resilience and the ability to overcome an addiction. 

Finally, the possum is the state marsupial of Virginia in the US and so is sometimes associated with wearers from that region. 

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Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the possum is that it might help you to overcome negative spiritual beliefs about the animal.

You should be objective when you are aiming for something that inclines into your life.

Nothing on this earth can divert your attention and the possum reminds you of this and that you should not focus on something different until you have given yourself complete permission.

Whilst you might not want to possum as a pest in your home, you should try to understand the positive impacts it can have on your life.


The spiritual meaning of the animal also reminds you to choose your battles wisely. The possum is not an aggressive animal and they would rather avoid conflict and confrontation.

If the possum shows up, you should avoid confrontation in your life to find inner peace again. Your spiritual growth and wellbeing require you to find peace from within.

You can achieve this peace by choosing carefully who you keep in your life and who is worth fighting for.

If you are already facing conflict, you can call on the totem or spirit animal to create conflict resolution and greater peace.

As the animal also symbolizes psychic sense, based on its instinct used to survive, it signifies an ability to understand the spiritual meanings and lessons behind every event in your life.

The possum can help you strengthen your instincts and can help you suspect when someone is deceitful or not who they say they are.

The possum also can restore energy and healing. In Native America and Australian Aboriginals, the possum represents healing powers and power restoration.

You should search for the power of the possum and its spiritual energy for mental and physical healing through life and if you feel dead inside, they can restore energy, balance, and clarity.

They can bring you back from the brink of figurative death.

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Astrology And Zodiac Signs

In Australian astrology, the month of the possum is January. If you were born in this month, you are a determined, hands-on individualist and you have keen instincts.

You take your time and exercise patience whilst planning. You are great in business and know exactly what to do in large-scale events.

Those born under the possum sign are great leaders. They are both adaptable and flexible and you always have a backup plan if things were to go wrong.

You do have an intense personality and can be enigmatic according to loved ones.

For a long-term relationship, you need someone who has an intellect that matches you and you will both benefit from immersing all your ways of communication in candor and honesty.

Symbolic Meanings

  • Awareness
  • Illusion
  • Problem Solving
  • Curiosity
  • Instinct
  • Psychic Skills
  • Surprises
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Sacred Geometry

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you now understand that the possum is not wholly negative when it comes to its symbolism but can have a rather positive effect on your life.

The possum encourages strategic planning and their ability to ‘play dead’ is cunning but clever.

They will always push you to be the best version of yourself and will use their psychic sense to develop your instincts.

The possum is small but can help you achieve great things and urge you to be the leader of your own life.

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