The Power Of Color Magic (With Images)

Color magic is the practice by witches, where they use rituals to cast spells and help them to manifest certain things they want to happen in life. This practice uses the power of colors and energies to provoke a magical response.

Overall, color magic should be used only for positive reasons, with no intention of any harm to be caused. 

To perform color magic, you need to have a deep knowledge of the different color magic meanings. You also need to be aware of the significance of using color magic when it comes to casting spells. 

As a result, different colors have different meanings when it comes to color magic. In this article, we intend to explain all the different color magic meanings. 

Color Magic Meanings

History Of Color Magic

The history of color magic goes back to ancient times, where people believed that there are many spirits living in our world. These spirits were called “elementals” or “nature spirits”.

The elementals were responsible for everything that happened on earth. They created the sun, moon, stars, and even the planets. They also made the plants grow and gave us food. 

However, these spirits were not happy about the way humans treated nature. So, they decided to leave the planet and go into another dimension. But before leaving, they left their energy behind, which was known as “color”.

Today, color magic is a practice used by witches that uses this energy which is contained in colors. Color magic can be performed through spell casting, meditation or a ritual.

The aim is to release the energy in the magical color. This will then open a door which connects the physical and spiritual world together.

You use the energy from any singular color. You can do this by surrounding yourself with this color from items in your home or your outfits that you choose to wear.

We all have our own favorite colors that work well for us. Whether it suits your style better or just suits our skin tone better as well. However, you can also incorporate color magic in your style as well. 

However, selecting the correct color of call when practicing your spells is just as important. Having the right color of candle, will allow you to generate different types of energies.

However, you need to make sure that they can smoothly cover and create a core and balance while you perform your ritual. 

Witches harness their power from the different colors that they surround themselves with. To be able to perform color magic, you need to understand the meanings of the different colors which are used.

It is critical to understand the diverse meanings each color has and their intentions. This then helps make your rituals a lot more specific.

Although, the most significant thing is you when it comes to casting color magic spells. You must be clear on the spell you want to cast and find the right colors that are more suited to you. 

Below is a guide on the different colors that you will see and use in color magic. 

Color Magic: Red

Red is the color that most people think of when they think of love, passion, lust. However, it is also the color of anger, and danger. It is also the color that is associated with the root chakra.

Color Magic: Red

Yet, when it comes to color magic, red colors are mostly used to perform spells that are centered around seduction or love. 

You may want someone to fall in love with you, or you want to fall in love. There is something about your love life that you want to change and shake up, this is where you would use red in your color magic. 

On the other hand, as red isn’t only to do with seduction and love, we cannot ignore its association with danger.

You may use the color red in your color magic when you want to gain a deeper spiritual insight or understanding of the events that are happening around you. 

Color Magic: Orange

Orange is a bold and vibrant color, which is associated with success. When using this color, you are seeking to bring a sudden change to your life. You may want an opportunity or to bring some more excitement and happiness into your life. 

Color Magic: Orange

Alongside this, orange is known to help boost your creativity. It can also be used as a good luck charm. A lot of people have recommended that you should surround yourself with this color, if you find yourself in a roadblock in your career.

The color orange will help you find new job opportunities or help you deal with any writer’s block you may have. 

The orange color is associated with the sacral chakra. This allows us to connect with our emotions and even deal with emotional healing, whilst also overcoming any addictions you may be facing. 

Color Magic: Yellow

When you think of yellow, you will think of happiness. Yellow usually represents the bright sun. It is a very lighthearted and happy color. It should be used when performing spells or rituals that need very subtle persuasion. 

Color Magic: Yellow

Yellow is connected to the third chakra. As a result, the color yellow can be used to help improve your mental balance.

Some people who have a well-developed solar plexus chakra, are known to be more likely to be confident, strong-willed and disciplined. 

Color Magic: Gold

Gold is a very expensive cooler, which is associated with success and wealth. If you burn gold colored candles that also contain essential oils, then you open up your spiritual awareness. It really helps in an aid to financial gain in your life. 

Color Magic: Gold

Gold items in your home will help you find financial gain. Yet, if it is justice that you are seeking, using gold colors to help you cast your spells or wearing gold shoes will help you find justice. 

Color Magic: Pink

Not everyone can connect with the color of red. Therefore, pink may be a color that you can connect with better. Pink is generally a color that we associate with love in a much purer and simpler form. Also, pink is all about affection and nurturing.

Color Magic: Pink

Therefore, if you want to strengthen friendships or family bonds, then using pink candles can help you with that. Likewise, if you want to reconnect with a loved one, the color pink, I’ll be able to help you. 

Although, you want to use pink colors to perform color magic for goodwill. You can do this, by burning pink candles, or you can surround yourself with pink flowers and objects. 

Color Magic: Purple

Purple is a very rich color that has huge connections to royalty. Thus is a color of power. So, if you seek power, success, or ambition then using purple colors will be the way to go. 

Color Magic: Purple

The color of purple represented the crown chakra. This means that it should be used by someone who is seeking to have a direct connection to the spiritual realm. As the purple color will smooth the opening to the spiritual world.

Although, you still need to prepare, as you need to find that balance between the spiritual and physical world. This is because it can be very overwhelming to have a direct connection to the spirits. 

Color Magic: Green

Green is the color of fertility, vegetation, and richness. This color is used a lot by witches, as it is often used in rituals surrounding healing or any kind of mental, spiritual or physical growth. It is also associated with the heart chakra. 

Color Magic: Green

It is known that if you surround yourself with the color green, you can develop and improve your ability to forgive, love and even develop a better sense of empathy.

The color green will help you to reconnect with your inner self much more than any other color. You will then be able to create a better balance and develop a better sense of compassion.

All of these things are needed to live a very stress-free, happy, healthy and peaceful life. 

Also, the color green can be used not only for color magic, but you can use it for plants and free magic too. 

Color Magic: Blue

There are lots of different shades, hues, and tones of blue, all of which are important to color magic. Yet generally, blue symbolizes water and the sea. As it represents water, it is seen as a very calming and peaceful energy.

Color Magic: Blue

However, it can be very unforgiving if you tamper too much with it. As a result, the color blue is associated with the throat chakra.

With this chakra, when it is very developed, it can allow the individual to be very open, fair, and truthful. 

Dark blue is linked with the brow chakra. If your brow chakra is developed, then this will improve your psychic abilities. This then also helps you to gain a better understanding of your own emotional strength. 

Dark blue can be used in rituals or in spells where you can expand your move any emotional baggage you may have. Alongside that, you may want to expand your knowledge and feel more balanced and lighter. 

Compared with the light blue color which symbolizes wisdom, protection, healing, patience, and understanding.

This is why you create a blue shawl or cardigan for a newborn baby, as you are promoting good health and healing for this new life. 

Color Magic: Black

Black may be thought of as an evil color, yet black is a color used by witches to ward off harm or negative energy from yourself or someone that you care about.

Color Magic: Black

A black candle can be burnt to get rid of any envy, anger, or hate that someone may have against you. This then removes those feelings, and you block any hateful energy from your life.

So, you will typically surround yourself with black colors when casting a protection spell. Or for shape-shifting purposes. 

Color Magic: White

White is a very pure color and is known for its truth. It is important to note that white is a very powerful color, as it contains a lot of energy.

Color Magic: White

This is because white contains every color on the spectrum, so this is why it is one of the most powerful colors to use when performing color magic. 

A white candle will be burnt when no other colored candles are available.

As mentioned above, as white contains all the colors on the spectrum, if you can’t find the right color candle then a white candle will still be able to give you your desired outcome. 

However, white is typically used in spells and rituals that are centered around truth, unity, purity, and peace. It can be simply used to create a connection to a spirit.

Color Magic: Silver

The color silver is used to represent lunar energy, dreams, telepathy and intuition. Thus, by using silver in color magic means that you are seeking truth and clarity. 

Color Magic: Silver

All you have to do is burn a silver candle and make your intention clearly known. Then a connection between the spiritual and physical world will open up your mind.

It will open your mind to any ambiguities that are bothering you and help you to clarify anything that was confusing you in your life. 

Color Magic: Brown

Color Magic: Brown

The color brown represents earth. The earth is seen as balanced and solid, and so any spells that use a brown item are seeking balance. You can burn a brown candle or put actual earth in your pockets, which will help you to connect with nature. 

Also, brown can influence and improve friendships and family bonds. As these are the ties that matter most to you and happen in the world. 


Color magic is a very powerful practice, as there is a lot of energy within every color that you use. As you can see, each color has its own intentions when it comes to completely spells and rituals. 

Thus, by using the right colors, you will be able to feel more connected to your ritual and get more clarity on the answers that you seek. Also, color magic will help you gain a deeper understanding and connection between the physical and spiritual world.

Gloria White

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