Praying Mantis: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The common name for the praying mantis fits perfectly for this insect. Thanks to the slightly peculiar shape of the animal.

Mantis comes from the Greek word for prophet. Moreover, its front legs bend in such a way that it appears to be praying.

praying mantis

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This connection to the heavens means that a praying mantis landing on you is a blessing from above. Further, many cultures believe that praying mantises are representative of good luck.

One of the more infamous aspects of the praying mantis’ life is their mating practices. The male’s opening dances are elegant and intended to impress any prospective mates. If his dance is successful and he manages to mate with a female, he may be eaten by his partner. 

This practice could be considered barbaric but it is important to remember that Mother Nature always has a reason. There is some evidence to suggest that females who eat their partner produce a greater abundance of healthy eggs.

This is because a single male praying mantis will account for over half of her needed food for the whole mating season.

Female praying mantises are therefore not eating their mates to be cruel. But, they are eating to survive and maximize the chance of healthy offspring. Their cannibalism is a response to the environment around them and is not a spontaneous or wholly unexpected act. 

Keep in mind that some of the praying mantis’ meanings come from their unique appearance. Unlike other insects, they have two forward-facing eyes with three smaller eyes in the center of their head. Thus, this gives them an unparalleled depth perception capability.

These eyes allow them to easily focus on prey that is near to them. Though their peripheral vision is more blurred, these insects can process images at hyper speed and have super fast reflexes. 

Remember that the praying mantis has five eyes. From an esoteric perspective, the number five has strong connections to higher awareness and mysticism. This may be why this insect is sometimes seen to possess powers of clairvoyance or clairsentience. 

Spirit Animal

A praying mantis appearing to you may be a suggestion that you need to engage with prayer more readily in your life.

However, this does not mean that you need to always clasp your hands together and drop to your knees. Unless you want to. If traditional prayer is not for you, focus on what helps you feel connected to the Divine. Also, try to incorporate it more in your day-to-day life. 

The presence of a praying mantis can also serve as a reminder for people to find stillness. Moving through life quickly can be gratifying but can often mean that you miss a good deal. When the praying mantis stops, it stops.

They take as much time as is necessary to observe and assess their surroundings. Often, They’re waiting until what they need comes to them. Take inspiration from this insect to improve your meditation practices to harness the power of silence and stillness. 

Taking a moment to think like the praying mantis is incredibly important if you have something important. Especially, thoughts at the forefront of your mind that is taking away focus from other avenues of your life.

The praying mantis is the pinnacle of intent. So, draw from their restrained energies and use your thoughts to manifest in reality. Narrow thought pathways to concentrate on a single thing. 

Honing your thoughts will make it easier for you to think about your personal fulfillment. The message from your spirit praying mantis will be one of mindfulness. Also, it is a reminder to find your calling by searching inwards and upwards. 

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Totem Animal

Those who are fortunate enough to be born under the totem of the praying mantis are not ones to be rushed into anything. They are intrinsically drawn to the value of a paced lifestyle with careful consideration before every move they make.

As such, the praying mantis influences these people. Thus, they are able to stay calm even in the middle of the most chaotic and treacherous of storms.

The contemplative nature of the praying mantis totem guarantees some form of spirituality in daily living. Mysticism, geomancy, meditation, and ghosts will not be too far from the praying mantis totem.

Some may even be able to harness these powers. Harness in such a way to nurture prophetic abilities that do need to be carefully developed.

Remember that the praying mantis in you knows how to concentrate and focus. Falling into your own world when reading is easy. Those around you may find it rude or odd. But, this is not the case and you are just fully absorbed by what you’re doing.

If you feel self-conscious about this trait, touchback with your totem animal. The praying mantis must remain focused and not strike too soon.

If it does move too early then it won’t have anything to eat. Remember that this mirrors your own spirit to an extent.

Allow your praying mantis totem to foster a gentle and quiet life. Frantic scurrying is not for you and your soul will feel far better in a settled, warm, welcoming environment. Keep chaos to a minimum to thrive and find your best self.

Power Animal

Harness the power of the praying mantis when you need to move on from life partners. Former lovers are going to hold you back a little, no matter how friendly your parting terms were.

Emotional drains from previous lovers are not going to allow your spirit to prosper. So, acknowledge and thank them for their impact on a previous you and step forward to the next stage.

You can call on the praying mantis to help guide you to finding new people in your life. These could be romantic partners or the limited few that will become dependable, lifelong friends.

Ask praying mantis for help when you fear that you are unable to focus on your life dreams. The meditative powers of the praying mantis will help you streamline and focus on what you want. Getting rid of background noise will help you work out what is needed to get what you want.

When you feel that the truth or your perception of the truth is inaccurate, misconstrued, or deliberately misrepresented, remember the single-minded focus on the praying mantis. Use the praying mantis as a power animal to pause and think about the situation. 

praying mantis

Taking stock of the circumstances you find yourself in will allow you to strengthen your bond with the Divine – whatever that means and however it manifests to you. This will help provide you with greater clarity in your life, your life’s plan, and work on your general contentment. This will always be beneficial to your spirit.

Remember that a deeper connection with the Divine is going to help develop any new divinatory skills you attempt. 

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If a praying mantis appears to you in a dream, you will find it beneficial to force yourself to be still in your daily life. Use this stillness to practice awareness, both of yourself and what is around you, and to practice patience.

A praying mantis in a dream is often a signal that you need to stop wasting time, effort, and energy on causes that you know are futile.

If your subconscious mind dreams up an ornate praying mantis then your soul is warning you that you are exposed to someone who has a predatory character.

It would be wise to take a few steps back away from them and use the praying mantis’ camouflage abilities to blend into the background until danger passes.

A dream with a praying mantis that is attacking prey suggests that you are yourself feeling hunted or stalked. It could also mean that you feel that you are being forced to complete a task that is insurmountable. Remember that you cannot allow fear and negativity to win.

Instead, take inspiration from the meditative qualities of the praying mantis and reassess to find your next step.

You are likely to dream of being bitten by a praying mantis if you feel like you have taken on too many responsibilities. Now is a good time for you to discover the power of delegation.

Allowing others to momentarily relieve you of some tasks affords a good opportunity for you to mull over the next steps and how you intend to proceed. 

praying mantis

Tattoo Meaning

The praying mantis is certainly a unique-looking animal. This uniqueness makes it a popular tattoo choice as the imagery can easily be adapted to create a striking design. 

A tattoo of a praying mantis can symbolize bravery, cunning, and cruelty. Remember that many believe aggression and ruthlessness to be the nature of the praying mantis as they are excellent hunters that easily blend into their surroundings.

Keep in mind that hunting is an act of deliberate intention on a spiritual level, meaning the praying mantis’ intelligence and prowess as a predator is beyond comprehension in this realm.

Choosing a tattoo of a praying mantis can represent your own hunt for spiritual knowledge, in the same way that the insect is driven to hunt for food.

As part of their hunt, the praying mantis is not afraid to remain motionless to avoid detection. Having this tattooed on yourself may serve as a helpful reminder to find calmness and stillness wherever possible. Tattoos of this kind can also serve you.

Many believe that the praying mantis is a symbol of good luck and having the insect inked in your skin will invoke some of their mysterious abilities. This can be applied to the broader theme of elegance that the praying mantis inherently possesses, especially in their mating rituals.

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Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

From a purely spiritual perspective, the praying mantis represents introspection, meditation, and investigation into your higher self.

These key spiritual symbolisms are going to help you find your purpose, hence the praying mantis’ other meanings of clear knowledge, clear sight, and any influence over what shapes your reality.

Should a praying mantis appear in your life, you may need to pause and step away from the myriad of distractions that creep up on you.

Without the distractions of day-to-day life, you will be able to look inward and connect with your intuitive self. This connection with the deepest layers of your soul will bring peace to your spirit.

Meditating whilst channeling the spirit of the praying mantis will help you achieve these goals of inner realization. You will also find it easier to find balance in your life if you dedicate a few minutes of regular practice to contemplative thought.

Do not be alarmed if meditation brings with it sudden realizations or a jolt of creative inspiration. This is normal and is part of the spirit of the praying mantis – they hunt by remaining still and then suddenly capturing what they need. 

Finding pure stillness from the praying mantis will allow you to tune into your own stream of inner wisdom and reveal aspects of yourself that you otherwise would not have found. This is an essential moment in your journey towards your spiritual ascension and finding your highest truth. 

The eyes of the praying mantis will let you know that the universe will keep the right pathway for you open – all you need to do is find your own intuition and have faith in your soul to get you where you need to be. 

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Praying Mantis In Astrology And Zodiac Signs

Anyone born under the Capricorn star sign is fortunate enough to have the praying mantis as their ruling insect.

For a Capricorn, the praying mantis brings wisdom, diligence, and as it is the ruling insect for the star sign, a higher degree of spiritual power and awareness. This is fantastic for any Capricorn as you are already famed for your spiritual authority and awareness amongst those who know you.

If you are a Capricorn, remember that the praying mantis does not make a move until it has calculated all the risks. Your patience will serve you well here but do not make any decisions until you are sure that you will succeed. Use the spiritual influence of the praying mantis to set your intentions and select your battles wisely.

Under the primal zodiac, the praying mantis is a symbol of manipulation. If you were born under this primal zodiac sign then you are a good manipulator and find it easy to get those around you to do what you think they should.

If this is you, remember that your charm, charisma, and energy are endearing and others enjoy being around you. Be sure not to abuse the privilege of their friendship by wielding your persuasive powers too readily and be careful that you use your spiritual abilities to help those around you, not just to get you to meet your own needs.

Praying Mantis Symbolic Meaning

The hunting abilities of the praying mantis symbolize:

  • Awareness
  • Camouflage
  • Cunning
  • Disguise
  • Prophecy
  • Survival
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience and empathy
  • Mysticism

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