Popular Purple Gemstones That You Need To Add To Your Collection

Purple gemstones are undeniably gorgeous. They often feature a rich shade of purple that is instantly eye-catching and desirable – and for good reason!

Not only do purple gemstones look amazing, the color itself is frequently associated with themes of royalty and wealth. They convey both luxury and power with just a touch of magic too. 

However, purple gemstones are very rare, and it can be difficult to get your hands on some.

However, if you are just dying to have your own purple, spiritual gemstone and feature it in your jewelry, then here are some of the best purple gemstones available. 

Popular Purple Gemstones That You Need To Add To Your Collection

Each gemstone is unique, and no two stones are alike. They vary in hue and shade, ranging from light lilac to deep and intense purples, so think about which shade of purple you like best.

So, if you are just as passionate about purple gemstones as we are, then here are just a few of our favorites to wear! 

Before Buying 

Before you rush out to buy a purple gemstone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Yes, it must look beautiful and meet your personal taste, but there are other factors to consider too.  

One such factor is hardness. Gemstones are measured using the Mohs scale which is used to compare the strength of each stone in comparison to one another.

Some purple gemstones are harder than others and thus, more durable and less prone to chipping or breaking. 

If you want a purple gemstone for a heavy-duty piece of jewelry like a ring, then the harder the  stone the better. More fragile gemstones are better off worn as earrings.

You should also consider what carat size you would like as this affects the weight of the gemstone but also the price.

Gemstones can vary dramatically in price from as little as $10 to literally thousands of dollars. Consider what you are going to wear the gemstones as and what your budget is before you buy. 

The cut of the gemstone is also important as some are far more common than others.

Purple gemstones are most commonly found in oval cuts because this evenly distributes the weight of the stone while still allowing it to remain brilliant – you may want to keep this shape, or switch it to something more your style.

However, there are consequences for this including impacting the color of the gem itself. 

Also, consider what metal you are going to use to display the stone.

Personally, we prefer light metals white gold or silver when displaying purple gemstones as the two colors complement each other well and the paleness of the metal also highlights the gemstone’s brilliance.

The grade of the metal is also important but often overlooked. A tougher, more durable metal is always the best choice, but visually you also want it to suit your purple gemstone. 

Our personal favorite metal to suit purple gemstones is 925 sterling silver – but this might not meet your needs. Ultimately, the choice is yours 

Purple Diamond

The most regal and famous of all purple gemstones is the purple diamond. 

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Diamonds are famous enough on their own and are frequently used as symbols of wealth and status.

In fact, engagement rings traditionally use diamonds because not only are stunning but signifies expensive taste and high class. 

Not all diamonds are clear and some of the rarest ones come in a light lavender shade of purple.

Purple diamonds only enhance the luxuriousness of diamonds themselves, so they are some of the most sought out after gemstones out there. 

Purple diamonds are pretty rare, but they are most commonly found in Australia, Russia and Canada.

The reason purple diamonds exist is that when a diamond has a lot of hydrogen present in its formation.

This high concentration of hydrogen also is what makes a diamond incredibly tough so purple diamonds are also some of the most durable diamonds available.

So – not only are they beautiful to look at, purple diamonds are also sturdy and strong. 

Purple diamonds also come in lots of various shades. The deeper the purple color, the more valued the diamond is and so it is often associated with a pretty hefty price tag.

These various shades of purple diamonds also come with their own names including Lilac, Orchid, Grape, and Lavender. 

As for the price tags, the average price of a purple diamond can range between $2,000 to amounts as high as $25,000 per carat. 

Purple Spinel 

Spinels are underappreciated gems and often lose out on the limelight to gemstones like diamonds, but they are still incredibly beautiful.

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Purple spinels are among our favorites as not only are they available in a range of different shades, but they are also super affordable! 

For this reason, purple spinels are more commonly found in every-day jewelry because they can be easily replaced even though they are still a very rare gem.

This is because purple spinel is the most common color of spinel, as it gets its color from the natural occurrence of beryllium in its formation. You can also purchase lab-grown purple spinels for a more affordable price. 

However, naturally occurring purple spinels are found in Sri Lanka and Myanmar where their shades can vary from a deep mauve to a lighter lilac. Some even have a more magenta tone which balances purple with pink perfectly. 

Purple Chalcedony 

We love quartz stones due to their range in color and translucency, so purple chalcedony was sure to find a spot on our list.

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It is one of the most versatile gemstones here as it not only ranges in shades of purple from deeper hues to lighter lavenders and lilacs, but also in translucency.

Some stones of purple chalcedony can be completely opaque while others more translucent, and some stones can even balance the both wonderfully.

This makes them not only incredibly charming and mystical, but highly sought out for it’s amazing properties. 

Purple chalcedony is also a very easy to maintain gem as it is also very durable, measuring between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

This makes it great for everyday wear as it is not particularly dazzling or flashy, but still brings a tasteful amount of color. 

And the best thing about purple chalcedony? 

The price! It only costs between $10 to $500 depending on it’s color, but this makes it some of the most affordable gemstones on our list. 

Overall, we love purple chalcedony as it’s a great way to incorporate purple gemstones into your daily wear for such a low price. 


If you are looking for a gemstone that leans a little more towards the blue side of purple, then iolite is the stone for you. Its name comes from the Greek word for violet – ‘ios’ – which perfectly describes the color of iolite. 

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This gemstone is dazzling yet inexpensive, only costing between $9 and $50 depending on each stone’s individual brilliance.

This makes it a great choice to choose if you want an affordable splash of purple gemstones to your outfit, especially because it looks far more expensive than it actually is. 

However, the low price tag is for a reason as iolite is prone to chipping.

Although it measures between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is still susceptible to breaking and chipping, which means it won’t be too long before you will have to fix or replace it. 

For this reason, we recommend you use iolite on jewelry pieces that are not too heavy duty – like earrings or necklaces that stay out of harm’s way. Using iolite on a ring is bound to cause chipping in no time. 

Despite this, iolite is still a very popular choice due to its beautiful hues of violet and visual similarity to gemstones like sapphire and tanzanite. 

Purple Fluorite 

Sticking with the trend of brilliance, purple fluorite is the ideal gemstone when you want to bring a brilliant splash of purple to your outfit.

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It is often found in deep shades of purple that is sometimes confused with amethyst gemstones, but purple fluorite is far more abundant and can be found in lots of different countries easily.

Such countries include Peru, Brazil, China, Norway, the US and the UK. 

But its abundance is not the only reason why purple fluorite is so affordable. Unfortunately, purple fluorite is very easy to chip and break.

It measures a measly 4 on the Mohs scale so if you do opt for this gemstone, remember to use it in low impact jewelry pieces like earrings.

This way, you can sport purple fluorite for longer before the gemstones are damaged. 

However, we love the beautifully intense shades of purple sound in purple fluorite – and it is even bright fluorescent in ultraviolet light!

This just makes this gemstone even more lovable and precious, which is why we included it here on our list. 

Purple Tourmaline 

Purple is a color that can come in all different hues and shades. You most commonly find it in lighter shades like lilac and lavender, but they don’t always suit everyone’s tastes. 

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If you are someone who prefers dark tones and deep, intense colors than the purple gemstone for you is purple tourmaline. 

Tourmaline is one of the most common gemstones that is easily found in multiple different colors. One such color is purple but not in dainty shades of lavender and lilac.

No, purple tourmaline is far richer and deeper, closely resembling shades of magenta. 

This gemstone gives off an air of seductive brilliance, an indulgence that reminds us of coffee dark chocolate.

It perfectly encapsulates the luxuriousness and power of the color purple, conveying all that majesty in just one single gem. 

Durable and found all over the world, purple tourmaline is a wonderful purple gemstone, but there is something important to note.

If you prefer your gemstones pure and untreated, make sure that you discuss with your jeweler if the purple tourmaline you are purchasing has been treated.

Sometimes, purple tourmaline is subjected to heat treatment in order for it to become more brilliant or even intensify its color, but not everyone likes their gemstones to be tampered with. 

Check with your jeweler first before you can enjoy this gorgeously powerful purple gemstone. 

Purple Kunzite

On the other end of the scale, if you prefer your purple gemstones to be light and clear, then purple kunzite is the one for you. 

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This purple gemstone is a relatively new find as it was discovered back in 1902 by a gemologist from Tiffany and Co.

It is famous for two things: one is its pleochroism which means it can display two colors and comes in shades of purple and pink, but also its unique phosphorescence.

This means that this gem can emit light without needing combustion, so it is very similar to diamonds. 

However, despite it’s light shades and high clarity, purple kunzite still features vivid color which means that the shade of lilac is instantly noticeable. 

Purple kunzite lacks toughness as it only rates around 6.5 on the Mohs scale and so can be found for prices as low as $10-$20.

This makes it ideal for everyday jewelry as it can be easily replaced. In fact, there are plenty of large deposits of this gem found all around the world from California to places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


This gemstone might be unfamiliar to you as it is rarely worn outside of Asia, making it one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

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In fact, its name might sound unappealing, but one look at this gemstone will quickly change your mind. 

It is also a new gemstone and was first found by the Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi back in 1944. Now, there are sugilite deposits found all around the world including Japan, India, and Canada.

Despite this, sugilite has yet to make its way through mainstream jewelry which is a shame because it is beautiful.

This gemstone is so vivid and bright, with a distinctive coloration that can vary from opaque to translucent just like quartz stones.

It can also be found in shades of purple that lean heavy on shades of pink, making it a wonderful merge between the two. 

Sugilite is not a very strong gemstone, but it also does not need a lot of enhancement. Jewelers mostly just facet them, and they are generally warm in their natural form.   

We personally love this quirky little gemstone as it is very similar to purple chalcedony but more bright and vibrant with its purple coloration. 


You didn’t think we would make a list of purple gemstones and leave out amethyst, did you?

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Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone, period. It is widely known and sought after, making it just as desirable as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires!

In the past they were far rarer, but large deposits of amethysts were found in Brazil, flooding the market with this gorgeous precious stone. 

It is a captivating gemstone that is also the birthstone for those born in February, which is part of the reason there is always a high demand for jewelry featuring this stone.

The other main reason is because it is just so beautiful. 

It encapsulates everything desired in a purple gemstone – power, beauty, and mystery.

Amethyst can come in all kinds of shades of purple, from light to dark, but long exposure to sunlight will eventually pale this gemstone and its color will fade. 

However, it is iconic and a must-have gem in your collection as it is luxurious and stunningly eye-catching.

With a Mohs rating of 7, it is pretty durable, but it is still a wise decision to use Amethyst for earrings or precious necklaces instead of more heavy-duty jewelry like bracelets. 

Overall, if you ever flirt with the idea of purchasing a purple gemstone for your collection – amethyst will always be a safe option due to its beauty and amazing reputation.

We truly cannot praise this gemstone enough. 


Purple gemstones are stunning, there is no question about that – so it makes sense that you will want to add some purple gemstone jewelry to your collection.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options to choose from each with their own benefits and disadvantages so there is bound to be a purple gemstone out there for you that suits all of your needs. 

If you are looking to purchase a purple gemstone, then how easily you can get your hands on one all comes down to which gemstone you select.

Pretty much every jeweler will have an amethyst for you, but some gemstones like sugilite or purple diamonds might be a little trickier to find. 

The online market is always a go to where you are sure to find many of the rare gemstones, but buying your gemstones from reputable places is a far more recommended way to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Plus, these stores are easier to find information on where they source their gemstones and if they use practices like child labor or slavery to mine their gemstones. 

But once you have found your purple gemstone, you are sure to love it and never take it off.

Gloria White

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