Raccoon: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

Raccoon is an animal that has so many potential meaning attached to it. They seem to be able to fit any particular symbol a person can find in them, depending on the context.

That’s actually one of the meanings that raccoons have come to embody the best: Adaptability. They are wild animals at heart, at home in woodlands and rivers.

But when the time and place calls for it, they can just as easily find a place on a farm, a small town, or even a big city.

Whatever place they find themselves in, Raccoons will somehow find a way to carve out a niche for themselves.

Another thing Raccoons are known for, which is tied to their adaptability, is their intelligence. Its their ability to learn new things.

Whilst we might find the antics of this little animal, this ‘trash panda’ annoying, take a moment to consider how strange a lot of our human objects and amenities are, especially to an animal like a raccoon.

Look at a trash can, for example. It’s a cylinder with a movable top to it. There really isn’t anything like that in nature.

For a wild animal to not only even come close to understanding how they are used, or what they are used for, has to take a seriously sharp mind for an animal to not only understand but use for their own purposes.

The raccoon is an animal that is not only sharp but is prepared to learn how to be sharp. And that’s an incredible combination.

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Raccoon – Spirit Animal

So, you want to look to the Raccoon spirit for guidance more in your life? Well, for starters, you clearly understand that there is wisdom found in places where perhaps others might not look.

But when it comes to seeking out wisdom from the Raccoon as a spirit animal, it isn’t so much a case of you finding it for your guidance.

In the raccoon’s case, it’s more likely that it and its wisdom will find you.
That might not make a lot of sense. But, you have to keep in mind that the raccoon is, by its very nature, a very elusive animal.

Slyness is its forte. If a raccoon has appeared to you in your life, then it means that there are some vital skills for you to learn in the coming days, and the raccoon is the best equipped for your needs.

Raccoons, as part of their appearance and their behavior, are experts when it comes to understanding not just being crafty, but also being able to see past people’s masks.

The mask is a classic part of raccoon iconography. The dark fur around their eyes is part of their charm. But the raccoon teaches us that masks aren’t just physical.

We all wear masks of some kind throughout our day-to-day life. Even the most honest of us, who wear our emotions on our sleeves, will change a part of ourselves to fit a specific task or meet certain people.

That’s just a part of being an adult in the world today. The spirit raccoon helps us pierce through this veil we and others create, to see them for who they are, helping us find a greater truth to them.

Raccoon – Totem Animal

Your totem animal is the Raccoon? You’re probably something of a smarty-pants. Or at the very least, you’re a curious soul.

Always looking for the new piece of information that you stumble on that gets your mind racing. There’s so much to learn out there, and you understand that you know so little.

But that doesn’t scare you. If anything, that just makes you even more curious, ready to start learning about the fascinating things that surround you daily.

This natural curiosity is probably where your spirit shines its brightest. When you’re finding out new things.

Have you ever wondered why people seem to really love being with you once they get to know you? Well, perhaps that might be because you were born with the raccoon as your totem animal.

If you are born with this totem animal, then you should count your lucky stars: You’ve got a personality that people love to be around. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a people person.

You might not be the biggest fan of large crowds of people. But your charisma really shows through when you are in a smaller group, where the pressure of needing to be heard is a little less difficult.

It all comes out in those smaller social events. A few friends at the movies. A small table at a restaurant. A few people at a friend’s home.

In those situations, once people get to know you a little, your personality really shows through. All the humor, that lightning-fast wit, that affection for other people, especially your dearest and closest.

These are the times when you really shine around others.

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Raccoon – Power Animal

We’ve already talked a little about the Raccoon’s knack for adaptability, and this is one of the reasons you may want to draw on the raccoon for spiritual and mental strength.

If you think that you’re just not fitting in somewhere, and you feel that it is vital that you do, then you should draw on the strength of the raccoon’s spirit to do just that.

The raccoon is a master of finding a way to make a place for itself, wherever it goes.

If you need help reflecting that somewhere in your own life, perhaps at a new job you are struggling to find your place in it, then you could seriously benefit from consulting the spirit raccoon.

You may also wish to draw on this power animal if you find yourself in a rut, creatively speaking.

Not only are raccoons great symbols of adaptability, but they are also famous for their creative resourcefulness.

If you feel that there is a negative miasma hanging over you, and you feel like banging your head against something out of frustration, then the raccoon spirit is just the answer you need to purge that creative block from your mind and your body.

There is always a way to draw creativity out from within you, even if the way to do that is by being just a little unconventional.

Raccoon – Dream

There’s a lot to unpack if you find your dreams visited by a raccoon. Being a symbol of trickery and thieves in many regards, the appearance of one is very rarely totally positive.

A raccoon in your dreams could mean that you feel that something has been taken from you. What that could mean will vary on what is currently going on in your day-to-day life.

If you feel that something is stressing you out, it could symbolize the calm energy that you use to enjoy being stolen from you.

If a tragedy has happened in your inner circle, the loss of a loved one or treasured item, then the raccoon can come to represent the memories you have been taken from you, or otherwise tainted with sadness.

However, you mustn’t forget that the raccoon is also a symbol of masking, and of hiding one’s true intentions.

If one appears to you in your dreams, it may mean that you aren’t being honest with yourself. Perhaps there is an aspect of your life that you are neglecting somewhat, and the consequences of that happening are just starting to show.

Or perhaps, there is a part of you that you aren’t just neglecting, but are actively trying to push aside because you feel that it is a bad quality you have.

Once again, the raccoon could be appearing to remind you that the outcome for doing this may have serious repercussions to it.

Rather than pushing it down, you need to come to terms with that part of yourself that you do not hate, lest you let focusing on that one aspect of yourself consume you and every waking moment you have.

Even if it is a quality that you hate or would affect others, it is better to try and face it now than to let it destroy you.

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Raccoon – Tattoo

A raccoon tattoo will mean something different to anyone who chooses to have this little critter printed onto their body.

Because of its importance in Native American Iconography and folklore, many people of Native descent may choose to have the raccoon tattooed onto their body, as a way of connecting with their heritage.

Alternatively, a person may decide to have a tattoo of a raccoon if they are something of a prankster.

As symbols of cunning and trickery, the raccoon is very much drawn from that roguish archetype that so many famous tricksters and outlaws seem to embody themselves.

A tattoo of this animal is a great way of representing that mischievous side a person may love about themselves or those around them.

The raccoon mask is also a symbol for those who wish to conceal their true identity and intent from others.

This makes them popular representatives for bandits, but also of actors and performers as well.

Their ability to hide and mold themselves into a role is very much in line with raccoon sensibilities as well, making this an ideal tattoo for those that have a more dramatic side to them.

Raccoon – Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the raccoon can mean a whole range of things, depending on where you are in the world.

However, a few common features and traits emerge when we start to look a little closer.

Raccoon - Spiritual Meaning

For one, raccoons, and their equivalents across the world, have all come to embody the spirit of mischievousness in physical form.

They are creatures who play tricks on others. Some as a defense from the encroaching world of humans.

Others do so simply as a form of play, a way to have fun in an otherwise difficult world to survive.

For those animals and people that live in the face of the ever-expanding world of modern human life, resourcefulness and adaptability are often other cornerstones of the spiritual aspects of the raccoon and those who like it.

Their ability to find a way to carve out a niche for themselves in a world that would otherwise completely overrun them might make them pests and something to try and get rid of for others.

But for those that can see the raccoon for what it is, it is as much something to be admired.

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Raccoon – Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Born in the sign of Sagittarius and during the year of the ox in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.

Those that are born during this time come to embody the spirit of the raccoon, according to Primal Astrology.

Those born with this particular combination of signs are exactly as clever, resourceful, and ready to find the next thing that interests them as the animal themselves.

The word scrappy comes to mind, but don’t take that in a bad way. You know what you need to do to face the hardships of life, whatever they may look like to you.

They’re a crafty combination of hoping for the best outcome in any given situation, practically minded, and having the ambition and means to get there in the first place.

Other people outside your nearest and dearest might say that you’ve got some pretty good luck on your side, but you know that you need to make that good fortune as much with your own two hands, as you do letting lady fate take the wheel of any moment in your life.

That’s probably why other people are often drawn to you in some way or other. Find a way to rise to the occasion, no matter how tough things get for you.

Raccoon – Native American Mythology

As we’ve already mentioned, the raccoon holds a special place in traditional Native American folklore.

They symbolize not only the mischievous and trickster nature that we regularly see them as today, but nimbleness, as well as the ability and will to survive when their situation gets tough.

Because of their often adorable features, they are also popular in stories and tales for children. The trickster is a popular symbol for children to love across the world, and the raccoon is no exception here.

Tales such as Raccoon’s Last Race and The Raccoon and the Bee Tree are full of entertainment and lessons for younger people.

The raccoon mask is an important symbol amongst many Native American tribes, too.

They are used to help symbolize the spiritual power that the raccoon has amongst the Sioux Nation, and are a key part of rituals and rites for those that wish to communicate with the spirits.
There is even a powerful deity/spirit in Native American folklore that takes the form of a raccoon.

Called the Azeban (pronounce ah-zuh-bahn), it is a trickster god, unsurprisingly for the animal at this point, of the Abenaki and Penobscot tribes. Many of Azeban’s most famous tales are of him attempting to trick or in a game against another creature or being, and losing in the process.

Often Azeban will learn a lesson during this contest, making him a great morality tale to share with others.

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Raccoon – Eastern Mythology

Although Raccoons are only found in the Americas, their equivalents across the world have many similar tales to them.

The tanuki from Japan is probably the best-known counterpart, with it both looking very similar to the raccoon, even being called ‘raccoon dogs’, due to being canines, whilst sharing a lot of features in common with raccoons.

Along with this appearance, it has come to represent many similar traits in folklore, too.

For one, the yokai (a supernatural spirit) known as the Bake-danuki is often tied closely to the tanuki and is an avid trickster, loving to cause mischief for humans for thousands of years.

Not only that but they are also known to be able to shape-shift into other objects and animals.

Not only that, but they were said to be able to turn into human beings, and even possess them in some regions of Japan.

Because of this, they are usually treated with great respect by most people historically. It isn’t uncommon to find old statues of tanuki around temples or next to shrines.

Raccoon – Symbolic Meanings

Here are just a few of the things we have learned Raccoons symbolize in this guide.

  • Inquisitive
  • Intimate charisma
  • Perceptive of others
  • Creative thinking
  • Intelligence
  • Honesty
  • Thievery
  • Trickery
  • Blending in
  • Learning


So, whilst opinions on raccoons and their ilk might be a little split depending on who you talk to, there’s no doubt that raccoons hold an important role in both the world and in spirit form too.

Their ingenuity and resourcefulness are something to be admired and to be learned from when possible.

They can teach us so much about carrying ourselves in the world, and staying true to our own spirit when we can.

We hope this guide has helped you learn a thing or two about them, too!

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