Salamander: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The cold-blooded salamander is an amphibian that lives between land and sea.

Their slim bodies and long tails are often covered in smooth, slick skin, sometimes decorated with wild patterns.

Frequently small, but in some instances growing to great lengths, the salamander has caught the eye of mystics and poets for many years.

Sometimes known as a creature of fire, the salamander represents change and rebirth. In nature, we can see it adapt to their surroundings, using intuition to guide them.

Found in many areas across the globe, it is a creature of diversity. Because of this, many cultural interpretations sprung.

A spiritual connection with the symbol of the salamander will frequently appear at a time of great change.

To learn more about what this incredible creature might mean for you, read this guide to the spiritual and symbolic meaning of the salamander.

Salamanders are positive creatures, and you should greet this connection with joy.

Symbolism & Meaning

When you see symbols of the salamander, you might be surprised that flames often cover them.

Don’t worry — this isn’t a sign of anything bad. Instead, it represents the strength of the salamanders. People thought this animal was resistant to flame, or able to put out fires with just the cold of their body.

Because of these associations, the salamander typically symbolizes transformation. They can represent the ability to go through something difficult and come out even stronger.

Salamanders are creatures of the water, the earth, and the fire.

They symbolize the need to find balance in our lives, sometimes through change. A salamander represents positive growth, being able to move forward even after bad circumstances.

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Spirit Animals

If a salamander is your spirit animal, it will often come to you when you’re about to undergo a transformation.

It is an emblem of change and evolution. They learn to adapt to different environments, and thrive in these circumstances.

Maybe you’ve started to notice the its image surrounding you, or they’ve been coming to you in dreams.

Or possibly you’ve just started to feel a connection to this animal. It is making itself known as your spirit animal. So prepare for some changes.

With a salamander spirit animal, you can adapt and change to new circumstances, even if they seem scary.

It can also help you find balance in your life. If you’re focusing your energy in the wrong place, or you’re letting time get away, it symbolizes finding a better balance.

Sometimes, it will be sending a message that you need to detox your life. Look out for negative energies that may be throwing off your balance, or preventing you from growing.

Totem Animals

Those with the salamander totem typically have a close connection to the environment.

It spends a lot of time in the water, but it also acts as a bridge between the elements. Many salamanders live their life both on land and in water.

Because of this connection, those with this totem will care deeply for nature.

They’ll understand the dangers of excess, and do what they can to help the land. If you have a this totem and you feel out of balance, you may need to spend more time with nature.

People with this totem are sensitive and caring. You have the ability to transform and adapt, but you can also help others do the same.

But be aware of making yourself vulnerable. Those with this totem will often sacrifice their own needs for others.

Some may take advantage of that. With the salamander totem to support you, stay alert for those who might cause you harm.

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Power Animals

When the salamander is your power animal, you can call upon it for guidance during difficult times.

The salamander power animal can help you find a clear perspective. They can help you to better understand your surroundings, especially if you’re undergoing a change.

Salamanders are nocturnal and can see in the dark. But, some salamanders adapt for a life in pitch black caves. This can help you find the way in even the darkest of times.

As well as providing a new perspective, this power animal can also give you comfort.

Kind and sensitive, this power animal offers support. Sometimes, that can be all we need to get us through.

If you’re struggling to find a spiritual connection, then this power animal can provide guidance. Particularly if you’re hoping to connect with memories from a past life.

Native American Symbolism

The salamander didn’t play a large role in North American culture. They recognize them as poisonous, and Native Americans preferred to keep their distance from the dangerous creatures.

In Central America, it had a different reputation for many.

Specifically, the underwater salamander is known as the axolotl.

The axolotl was considered to be one of the two-spirit animal forms of the Aztec god Xolotl.

The axolotl was actually named after the god. They also bore a resemblance to the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl.

Celtic Symbolism

The Bretons, the Celtic people of France, feared the salamander. It would sometimes symbolize fire but more associated with poison.

Many thought that salamander was immensely toxic and capable of poisoning water by falling into a well. They said that simply climbing a tree could poison the fruit it produced.

They also thought the breath of the salamander was highly poisonous. In fact, they believed that the only way to kill it was to lock it up and let it poison itself with its own breath.

Christianity Symbolism

In medieval times, Christian depictions of the salamander were sometimes fanciful beasts.

They were quite different from the actual animals themselves, with the imagery having grown from Classical ideas of the salamander as an animal that could withstand fire.

But because of this association, many believed it symbolize righteous people.

Medieval Bestiaries would describe the salamander withstanding fire, and passing through the flames, as to how trust in God saved believers from the furnace in the Book of Daniel.

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Has a salamander come to you in your dream?

This is frequently a sign that change is coming. Seeing it should remind you that you’re equipped to deal with change, but that you may need to prepare.

This change might be big, or it might be tiny, but you will get through it.

The adaptable salamander will appear in dreams to remind you that you’re strong enough to deal with adversity.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, the salamander might appear to reassure you that no matter how bad things will seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

A salamander may also appear to remind you to restore the balance in your environment.

This might be because there is someone around you causing negativity, or it might be as simple as you need to spend more time with nature.

Reflect on your emotional state in your dream.

Understanding the salamander isn’t always easy, and they often call for some introspection. Consider the surrounding energies and the attitude you’re putting into the world.

Far Eastern Symbolic Meaning

When we picture salamanders, we tend to imagine them as small creatures.

But the Chinese giant salamander is one of the largest amphibians in the world, reaching up to 5.9 feet in length. The only amphibian any bigger is the South China giant salamander.

Traditional Chinese Medicine frequently used these salamanders. Further, many considered the giant salamander to have a range of health benefits and revered it.

However, over time, the image of the giant salamander changed. It went from being respected to rejected. Many later saw it as a dirty animal, and a bringer of bad luck.

When early travelers first came to China, they were presented with robes supposedly woven of salamander hair.

These robes were said to be impervious to flames, and could only be cleaned with fire.

Tattoo Meaning

There are many unique patterns and forms for the salamander, meaning you can create wonderful tattoo designs.

A salamander was known classically as a creature that was impervious to fire.

Because of this, it is seen as a strong creature that can pass through difficulties and come out stronger. A salamander tattoo can be used to indicate that you’ve seen adversity and persevered.

Many salamanders possess the ability to regenerate — when they lose a limb, it can grow back.

It can represent this healing ability. It shows rebirth and renewal, the ability to build yourself back up in difficult times.

Salamanders also represent a connection to the environment. Those who love nature may use a salamander tattoo to symbolize this connection.

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Spiritual Meaning

For many cultures, the salamander has represented strength through adversity. Classical myths saw it as being impervious to fire. Some even saw it as being a creature of fire.

Because the salamander could pass through the flames and emerge unharmed, it was seen to represent the strength of spirit.

In the Christian tradition, this was related to the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Book of the Daniel.

Their strength and righteousness protected them from the furnace. The salamander represented this same strength of spirit.

The salamander was seen as an animal that could survive in water, on land, and in fire. Because of this, the salamander can represent balance.

We must find a balance between ourselves, and our environment. By growing and adapting, we can continuously find this balance.

Salamander In Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The Chinese giant salamander lives in the water and could be the inspiration for the Chinese zodiac sign of the dragon.

The Chinese dragon represents power and skill and was frequently associated with royalty.

Chinese dragons often live near waterfalls, and could sometimes control the weather. In many ways, they resemble the Chinese giant salamander, with long bodies and four legs.

As a symbol of balance and rebirth, those who feel a strong connection to the salamander may find it evens out other elements from their sign.

Hawaiian, African & Greek Myths & Symbolic Meaning

The salamander was well known to the people of Ancient Greece, and they’re mentioned in many texts from the time. They were thought to have medicinal properties, but also to be creatures of fire.

Pliny the Elder wrote that the salamander could extinguish fires with just the cold of its body, although he was skeptical of the idea.

The salamander was still heavily associated with fire and was sometimes used to symbolize a blacksmith’s shop.

Some Ancient Greeks also believed that the salamander could be ground up and used as an aphrodisiac.

However, they also recognized that the salamander could be poisonous. Some believed that when the salamander climbed a tree, it could poison the fruits.

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Salamander In Cuban & African Folklore

In some early attempted translations of Egyptian hieroglyphics, known as the Hieroglyphica by Horpollo, a salamander was meant to represent a man who had burned to death.

Other translations see it as meaning a man who has died from the cold. Unfortunately, these translations are considered to be wrong and based only on Greek ideas.

Salamander Symbolic Meanings

  • Transformation.
  • Adaptation.
  • Growth.
  • Balance.
  • Rebirth.
  • Vision.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Awareness.
  • The Environment.


Although a salamander can’t actually survive fires, they’ve come to be a symbol of strength in the face of adversity.

When a salamander presents itself to you, it might be indicating to you that change is coming and that you’re ready to face it. With the salamander by your side, you can be prepared for anything.

This strength and adaptability come from balance and understanding.

A salamander making itself known will often require a moment of introspection.

Don’t ignore this incredible animal. Instead, take the chance to reflect on yourself. Now is the time to find your own strength.

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